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Our incredible giftwrap, new velvet ribbon and a giveaway!
10.21.2019 17:48
Hello and happy Monday evening to you! I was like a kid in a candy shop on Friday, because we received part of our gift wrap order which had been air shipped. The rest is en route and due here within 3 weeks. I was almost doing cartwheels finally seeing them in person and must say,  hands down ...
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Seven on Sunday
10.20.2019 06:29
  Hello and happy Sunday, well over here in NY we are in the full swing of fabulous fall feather and I am in all my glory. This past week with our cooler temps, I have been so happy to take out all my sweaters, light jackets and scarves! It is official! We have a really big week coming up ...
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Now accepting pictures for our 2019 Fall Love Contest
10.19.2019 07:48
Hello friends, well my favorite season is well underway, fall of course!  And that means that the Fall Love contest is officially being announced and we are now accepting your entries! We have held this contest the last few years and always get so many incredibly beautiful pictures. Whether ...
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Random musings as seen through my iPhone
10.17.2019 06:59
Hello, hope you are doing well. Busy week over here, in fact I feel a little bit of the holiday frenzy creeping in believe it or not. We have many balls in the air and thankfully I am an early bird and get my best work done before 10am then it's full steam ahead. The next week is going to be ...
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The Entertaining Diaries Chapter 2
10.15.2019 07:01
Hello friends! Well, I penned my first installment of the Entertaining Diaries, and apparently it was something many of you wanted, as the response was fantastic,  so the series has officially begun. I had said then that with each post, I will ask you to ask me questions that many of you email me ...
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