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Beauty files
03.21.2018 15:39
Hi there, hope everyone is having a great week. Here, it is officially spring yet we are in the throes of a major snowstorm! Yes hard to believe but we have a lot on the ground and more to come tonight. There was even talk about some more light snow on Sunday. Looks like a trip to my ...
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Mini silver lamps, new planters and more!!
03.20.2018 07:56
****THE SILVER SALE IS NOW OVER AS OF 3/22, ALL ITEMS WILL BE AVAILABLE ONLINE WITHIN ABOUT 1 WEEK SO PLEASE CHECK THE SHOP AROUND 3/28****   Hello, FINALLY! Today is the long anticipated sale on something many of you have been waiting on, ...
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Seven on Sunday
03.18.2018 07:23
Hello and happy Sunday!  First want to announce the winner of the pierced dish giveaway. Congratulations goes to- # 50 MARGE K Please email info@enchantedhome with your shipping info so this ...
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Which would you choose and Decor Market rug giveaway!
03.17.2018 07:43
Hi and Happy St. Patricks day friends, hope everyone is doing well. So happy it's the weekend, it's been a long extremely busy week and I am looking forward to a some free time and  to just chill! Have a few fun exciting design projects i am working on and really really enjoying working on ...
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The porcelain container arrival sale is on plus a giveaway!!
03.14.2018 13:58
****THE PORCELAIN ARRIVAL SALE IS NOW OVER. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TREMENDOUS RESPONSE, ALL ITEMS THAT ARE IN STOCK WILL BE ADDED TO THE SHOP SITE BY MONDAY****     Hello to my fellow blue and white loving friends. You are in for a treat, a BIG treat. We are posting ...
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