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Seven on Sunday
09.23.2018 07:37
Hello!  First order of business is to announce the winner of the Scout tote. Congratulations goes to- #100 SHERRY B. Please take a look around the Scout Bag site (click ...
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Announcing a new Enchanted Home Love contest!
09.21.2018 13:07
Hello and happy Friday!  A few times a year, I hold a contest of some sort. These contests are such fun for me to hold and I just get such a thrill getting to peek into your beautiful homes and seeing our various products coming to life. So this contest is open to anyone who has purchased ...
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Which would you choose and a Scout tote giveaway!
09.20.2018 07:52
Hello hope your week has been a good one, not a bad way to end it with a giveaway!  Hard to believe it's the last week of summer!!Lets soak up that fresh air and those feel good sun rays while we can. Last week was a really full week, we had a photo session which I cannot wait to show you pictures ...
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The Blue and White Club meeting is on!
09.18.2018 07:46
Good Tuesday morning  to my fellow blue and white lovers and given what you see every time you open a magazine or go on Instagram, there are many of you out there! Once every several weeks, I hold a "virtual online meeting" to discuss our beloved favorite color combo in some way shape or ...
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Seven on Sunday
09.16.2018 07:50
Hello! Hope you are having a fantastic weekend. First off,  hope all of my readers in Florence's path are safe and well. The flooding I have seen pictures of is surreal and heartbreaking. There is no messing around with mother nature. So, by the time you are reading this I was supposed ...
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