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Last call warehouse sale - round 1
07.18.2019 08:33
Hi there, as we make room for several huge shipments coming in, our warehouse has never been more organized thanks to a massive cleanup/clean out which is still in progress!  Today's sale is all about what we only have one or two left of. A great opportunity to get ...
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Random musings as seen through my iPhone
07.16.2019 03:24
Good morning, as you know I periodically post my life happenings via these random musings post. It's like a recap via pictures of what's been going on, mostly the good, pretty and inspring:) Who wants to see the not so great things and yes,  plenty of that happens too, but this blog likes to focus ...
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Seven on Sunday
07.14.2019 07:31
Good Sunday to you! Hope you are having a wonderful and relaxing summer weekend. A little crazy that July 4th is now behind us and it's full steam ahead into the second half of summer. We are in East Hampton this weekend with lots going on,  and banking on great weather and some summer fun with ...
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A favorite alfresco table......
07.13.2019 07:54
Hello and happy Saturday!! Hope your weekend is going well, here it's a busy busy one. We had a photo shoot at East Hampton Gardens yesterday for something fun (stay tuned) and tonight is a cocktail party, if by chance you are in the Hampton, come by!! ...
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The blue and white club meeting is on!
07.11.2019 06:02
Hi,  to all my blue and white loving friends out there! Welcome to our "virtual meeting" where every few weeks we talk about our insatiable love of all things blue and white. This timeless classic spills over so beautifully into literally almost everything and pairs so beautifully with almost ...
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