Own a treasure from the past..and authentic antique dough bowl! No two are alike! These fabulous vintage bowls are approximately 50-100 years and are hand hewn from a single piece of poplar tree. No two are alike and sizes vary. A truly beautiful addition to any kitchen! 

The European countryside is scoured for these special bowls and once found, they are cleaned and rewaxed to sell in the U.S. market! I deal with two vendors. One we get from every

 6-8 weeks and the other is about 4 times a year.

 If you need a specific size, please specify or inquire first. With regard to size, they vary between 22"- 48". The pricing is for the sm/med. 

We do on occasion get shipments of unique sizes, smaller ones around 18-21" and round ones. Feel free to inquire if you are interested. If you want one over 30" contact us for availability and pricing.

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