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Hello! Went to the NY gift fair yesterday, it was, as always lots of fun (but a bit of a letdown after having been at the French show last week) Now I am spoiled:) There weren’t a lot of new and innovative booths but some companies that I already know, who I thought looked good with some fresh takes on old ideas. I started snapping away until my camera’s battery died…that figures! But you get the flavor of what was there so here are a few highlights. First I start this post with highlights from the show and then, as promised, is part II of Timothy Corrigan’s fabulous body of work.?

Always attracted to the blue and white! Here a pretty display by Tozai Home

Loved this line of pillows by Callisto Home ( Love the monogrammed pillow
Zodax, you can always count on them for fun, creative and fresh displays
Loved the lively pop of color, orange….so happy and cheerful
More blue and white objects by Tozai Home

The embroidery on these pillows (done in India) is just fabulous…by Callisto

The powdery blue collection and the natural collection were so pretty (Callisto)
A beautiful and tailored bed by Legacy Home

I got inspired to do a guest room based upon this beautiful pillow (Callisto)

These stunning pillows also by Callisto would be beautiful in a outdoor setting, thinking for my outdoor porch…big palms, over sized creamy sofas, lots of blue and white pillows, two gorgeous lanterns, a big overhead dark wood fan….I can see it now?

Meet Audrey, a very talented artist based out of Nantucket who paints fabulous murals based on coastal living…check her website…….she is a doll

Her booth at the NY gift show
Beautiful mural by Audrey….
Audrey Sterk mural

Loved this collection of botanical prints by Trowbridge

Beautiful antique reproduction prints of flowers on an antique mirrored frame by pretty for a master bedroom or dressing area

Julian Chinchester always has some interesting pieces

I love high backed settees

This was an interesting set of trays, pony hair covered very over sized trays….very “Ralph Lauren”

Another view

These were cute signs that could be fun from Spicher and Company

?? ? ? ? ? ? Hope you enjoyed this quick glimpse of the NY gift show. Now as promised, more of Timothy Corrigan’s magnificent and timeless rooms….do you have a favorite? ?Below are some of his fabulous dining rooms and bedrooms… how beautiful they all are! Hard to believe that he did not have formal training and was a big ad exec before he found his calling…design! I would say he made the right career switch. You can learn more about this uber talented designer at his website You ?know I always love to know if you have a favorite…

A bedroom fit for a princess

This is so warm and inviting….love the abundant seating

A guest room in his own home…the colors are so elegant and the fabrics so luxurious

A view of his master bedroom….dreamy
Another dreamy bedroom from Timothy’s home (like how we are now on a first named basis)

Love ?lots of seating in a bedroom, which he seems to use a lot of

A cozy seating area in a beautiful monochromatic room

A beautiful room with its own little living room!

Attractive canopied bed…love the painting above the fireplace

Very opulent sitting area of an enormous master suite

A sunny yellow kids room

He uses this color combination a lot….very effectively

Dark woods make this a captivating room

Blue and white….always such an elegant touch in any room

Very elegant dining room….I love seeing art hung in a dining room, do you?

A more rustic warm colored dining room opens to a terrace, love the warmth and rustic feeling of the room
Timothy Corrigans own dining room…splendid!

Beautiful green paneling in this formal dining room

This is such a beautiful room, the floors, the mirror, the tapestries, just perfect.

Wow…this is stunning!

Beautiful mural adds so much to this spectacular high ceiling?dining room

I know for many this might be “too much” but I personally love it

Not a huge red person but must admit this is quite beautiful

A dining room fit for a king…(and it does so happen to belong to a middle eastern sheik)
I hope you enjoyed these pictures..I continue to get a lot of inspiration from his work. Hope you have a wonderful day…and for those who are enduring yet another snowstorm, stay safe and remember spring is only 2 months away!


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classic • casual • home on

Hey…I was an ad exec. too before decorating 🙂 Beautiful rooms. The Paris gift show had to be “Le Top.”
Mary Ann

Susan on

Thanks for sharing – I love the blue & white from Tozai Home (I’ve never heard of them, but I will be visiting their site as soon as I leave this comment). I love the blue & white pillows you featured.

All of those rooms you featured are gorgeous – it’s too hard to pick a favorite, although of course, the ones with blue & white porcelain called my name.

We have been hit with a little snow here in Fort Worth, so it’s a snow day for my son, so I’m working from home today. Not nearly as much snow as you’re getting in your neck of the woods, but as they don’t really have much snow removal equipment around here, the roads stay treacherous for a longer period of time.

Keep warm!

Amanda on

Yes Timothy Corrigan is a genius…his work is spectacular though formal and very grand. I love the pictures from the fair, especially loved that line of pillows, so pretty. Also will check out Audrey’s site, am looking for someone to paint a mural in my new office at home. I am in MA so who knows! Thanks for another great post.

Nicole C on

hello!! thanks for stopping by my blog, i really do like yours too!! I would to have one of those monogrammed pillows above for my bed! Ill be a follower of yours now so that im updated!! follow mine too if you like xx

maureen @ The Inglenook Decor on

ahhh, all so gorgeous! I didn’t get to go to NYIGF this year but so happy that u shared this pics. Thanks for sending me a little note & good luck on your journey on building that dream home 🙂

[email protected] on

All of those beautiful pillows…just reminded me why I’m so addicted to buying new pillows.

The Buzz on

We’re huge fans of Tozai and Zodax and use their containers for our florals. Thanks for the nice comment on Hamptontoes and am so glad Lisa told me about you.

Sheri @ Design Pop Interiors on

I agree – I like the green wallpaper room. Every house needs a room, one jewelbox room like that – even if it’s a bathroom.
Very nice to meet you!

Acquired Objects on

I’m taking a guess here but you liked the Callisto pillows? They are beautiful and I love that high back settee! Love Timothy’s bedroom, very clean and calm. As for the dining rooms while they are all beautiful they’re all a bit too much, elegant for my taste I prefer a more relaxed atmosphere.

Over a foot down, Dylan isn’t happy now but Dad made it home from the city and will fixed it so Mom doesn’t have to go out in the snow….yipppeeee!

Stay warm~!

pretty pink tulips on

Oh, I want to go to the French show, too! I was at NYIGF on Sunday, 1st time. What a treat!

Love all your pics…I’ll post some tomorrow.

xo Elizabeth

Splendid Market on

I have a few friends at the gift show — now I don’t feel so left out. I have half of my house devoted to blue and white so I truly appreciate seeing the lovely Callisto pillows, thank you!

I love the “over-the-top” dining room too — the green wallpaper is exquisite!

Thank you for stopping by the market. I’ll be back for more wonderful images!

Kathi on

Hi Thank you for your comment on my blog this afternoon. And thank you for linking!

Dean Farris on

We all three love opulence and classicism.

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. on

Love your new look. So Fresh! Looks like a good time at the show and yes indeed those are some inspiring dining rooms. It’s hard to pick a favorite!

Brunch at Saks on

Wow- adore every single thing about this post! Everything is perfection- especially love those monogram pillows!

black tag diaries on

i love, love, love the orange and white display from zodax… and all of the monogramed linen pillows are simply to-die-for. thanks for sharing!

Sue Giannotta on

I miss the gift shows. Never made it to the one in Paris but it sound like a dream and a spoiler for all the rest.

Love all the rooms you featured and can not pick a favorite….love them all.


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