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Its my day to rant and rave about what I am loving today, and this week my list is long. Too many pretty things catching my eye. Plus with the house decisions in full swing, I am getting stimulation overload from all the visits to stores, showrooms, wallpaper stores,etc and we have not even factored in the internet and how much you can find online….so without further ado here is what I am loving this Thursday! Let me know if anything here appeals to you too or if there is something you are loving this week that you want to share!

DOG PORTRAITS.I fell in love when I spotted one of these outrageous originals at someones home. For all you dog lovers out there……let me introduce the “Dutch Touch”…the amazingly cute, whimsical, beautiful, elegant dog portraits! Inspired by the masters, artist Valerie Leonard will replace a splendid “period dog painting’s face with your  Blue Boy, Skip or Bruiser (or whatever you call your beloved four legged friend)  with your dog’s face! These are just too cute for words and make an amazing gift as well. Not to mention no one will have the same painting. Great gift for those dog lovers out there……………Teddy, get ready for your closeup!
 Visit Valerie at

Now this guy here looks uncannily like Teddy…by golly, it could be one of his ancestors! Does this mean Teddy has royal blood running through his veins?

POLISHED NICKEL HARDWARE. Love the look of polished nickel and am using it in every single bathroom except two powder rooms. Also putting polished nickel sconces in every bathroom.  The finish is gorgeous and reminds me of a fine European hotel. Perrin and Rohl make some of my favorites faucets, all modeled after classic English/European faucet’s. Just classic, simple and understated beauty.

WALLPAPER. True, I am a long ways away from having to put up wallpaper but its a great starting point in designing a room because it allows you to follow a theme/color scheme/feeling and can make other selections a lot easier. So below are some of the wallpapers I currently have samples of that I really like for various areas in the house. I love the soft pale blues/grays as you can see, but love the ones with soft gold patinas too and the chocolate brown is gorgeous as well. Any favorites? What room could you see it in?
Would be pretty in a ladies closet or dressing room or small bathroom with soft painted creamy cabinets with maybe a subtle blue glazing?

Don’t know for where, just think its so pretty!

I like this potentially for my sons room, handsome and timeless
This would be drop dead gorgeous in a dining room

Soft sweet pattern…love the base color

This could be gorgeous just about the rich brown!

Love this for a pretty, feminine dressing area or bathroom

Gold foiled, whats not to love?

Another beautiful paper…love the pale aqua and rich!
DESIGN BOOKS. I was given this AMAZING book by a dear friend as a belated birthday gift, and I must say it has my name all over it. Have you ever been so inspired by something so beautiful that it takes your breath away and literally brings tears to your eyes….well this book did that for me. I think part of it is the sheer beauty of the French interiors which are so beautifully photographed for this book, in my eyes there is no equal for French decor. Then the other part of it, was it brought back a strong rush of wonderful memories from having just been there and very much wanting to be back. So, if you are like me and love home decor and architecture books I highly suggest you get this one, its so heavy it doubles as a free weight! Love it!
PLANTERS. I have always loved, loved loved these charming, uber elegant French planters from Provence planters. They are just spectacular looking and so authentic. What do you think? Though I would personally go for white, black or possibly green….I do love all the fun colors they are available in! Visit them at 
LOVE this setting with the orange trees….visual perfection!

All the pretty colors! 
Gorgeous green in this metal 19th century planter with masks
ENAMELED RANGES. Love me a European enameled range…thankfully today there are cheaper alternatives to the famed Le Cornue (and more user friendly too) If I could use a 48′ range I would go with this Bertazonni, borrowing its look from its European counterpart, Le has the good looks, but the added feature of being user friendly and is about half the price! I also love the Ilve, wihch I am nearly positive I am going with but go back and forth betweent hat and the La Canche, an equally beautiful and well reupted range. They are all great looking and you can’t go wrong, lets be honest here. I love the rich enameled colors with the brass and silver trims…..beautiful!
The Le Cornue in white

The Le Cornue in black
Here is the Italian, Ilve in a 48 inch, black with brass
And finally here is the La Canche.
LIMESTONE HOODS. I am using a limestone hood for my range. I love them, they are old world add instant warmth and authenticity to a kitchen and do add a bit of grandeur as well since they were used hundred of years ago. Here are a few examples from Francois and Co.

AMAZING HARDWARE FROM SHERLE WAGNER. Well, let me clarify…anything, anything at all from Sherle Wagner. The ultra luxe brand that was originally famous for their amazing reproduction hardware that unfortunately for me, has branched out into lighting as well. Love these bird sconces. Here are a few gorgeous faucets, a beautiful marble console and a bird sconces…that I wouldn’t mind having!

MARBLE. One of the oldest materials on earth…whats not to love? Its gorgeous and looks beautiful well, just about anywhere. I have almost for sure decided that I will go with a simple subway tile, possibly beveled in Calacutta Gold to match the counter tops, I want it be very subtle and to just blend… how the subtle warm and cool colored veining looks against the crisp white…by far my favorite marble for a bath or kitchen!

WOOD FLOORING. Yes, I am in the throes of selecting a lot of different floorings right now, wood, stone, marble, bathrooms,etc….one of the ones I was most excited about was selecting Parquet Versailles for our living and dining room….stunning!

These are reclaimed floors….fabulous!

Unfinished…but stunning!
MONOGRAMS. I love monograms, always have…maybe its the Southern in me but they are just so classic and make, well anything personal. In fact, never met a monogram I didn’t like!  I am always on the lookout for beautiful monogramming companies and I recently found one!  Monogram Inc. will help you create a custom monogram based upon your personal style and color preference. Their work is really exquisite. Below are a few samples, if you want to visit them go to

OK, I could go on and on but these are some of my top favorites….enough dreaming for one day. Let me know if you have a favorite or if there is something that you are loving this  week…and hope you enjoy the day!

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Divine Theatre on

*sigh* Nothing more. Just *sigh*.
Happy Thursday!

Ever - The red house by the lake on

I just adore your blog. I know I’ve said it before, bu it is such a refreshing and inspiring place because the style you show is so different from the usual white + shabby + french that is all the rage right not.

Those wallpapers are really to die for.

Is there any historic post about how you came to build(?)/renovate(?) such a big house? It looks enormous. Will it be just for living or are you planning on a hotel or so?

Susan on

I love the portrait of the german shepherd!

I’ve never had wallpaper in a house I’ve owned (okay, so I’ve only owned 3 houses and one condo), but I really love the peacock and bird cage one. The monograms are all gorgeous; my favorite is the pale blue & white one at the end.

The Preppy Princess on

What a delightful conglomeration of goodies you shared today, I love all of it. Seeing wallpaper is always a plus, we both like it, and wish it were used more frequently. The marble and flooring are divine, but the real treat is seeing the dog portraits, too fun!

With hopes you enjoy a terrific day,

mwaxter on

Wow so many pretty things. I am in awe of all the beauty. LOVE those dog prints. LOVE the wallpapers especially the first one and the one you said for the dressing room, and LOVE the flooring. Oh my you have exquisite taste. So many wonderful chioces. Happy Thursday to you.

Amy Vermillion on

Beautiful blog! I love the flooring choices and the monogrammed linens.
I will be following you…Amy

Priscila Peters on

Oh my! Those dog’s photos are amazing! They made my day.

[email protected] on

I loved the monograms! I am going to check it out as I have been searching one to use for professional uses including the blog…thanks for the tip! All of the french inspired stuff made me think of my post a while back about urns – you might enjoy it. Take a look if you have a minute!

quintessence on

Love many of your Thursday picks. As you know, I had a Lacanche Sully range in my last house. I loved it, especially because there was one electric oven, good for baking, and one gas, better for cooking. Also, because it is 55″ wide, both ovens are full size – a HUGE advantage. Also, I have done a lot of work with Caroline at Monogram Inc. and profiled her on the blog last October. She is delightful to work with, extremely talented and professional and her finished product is impeccable – a huge thumbs up!!

eclecticrevisited on

I would monogram everything in my house if I the linens with the monograms…a woman I know had her undies made bespoke, from linen, then had them all thinking of doing the same…what fun..

idratherbeshopping on

oh my! those wood floors are to die for! but you have so much goodness packed into one post…love it!

glad i discovered your blog today — cannot wait to see your dream home reno take shape. i dream about space and square footage like that in san francisco!


Sydney on

I know I am in for a treat everytime I pop in here…wish I could visit more often. I LOVE the wallpaper selections, especially the ones that have the blue and green cast to them, they are just to die for. I love all the french stoves but have to settle for a Wolf:) The floorings are all beautiful and I am like you have a real thing for all things polished nickel. Beauitful.

Stacey on

I’m smitten with your wallpaper picks and of course i am a huge fan of hardwood floors. Great post! Happy Thursday! XX

Nita {ModVintageLife} on

So much here I love..where to start? Dog portraits are fantastic. I need one of these of my Violet because she is the “Mean Queen”. Love the faucets you are considering. In my can’t beat chrome for a faucet…it’s timeless. No oil rubbed bronze for me…ever! I see my friends switching out their brass for oil rubbed bronze and I want to say….”But in 10 years…you’ll want to switch that out!” “go with chrome and it looks timeless”.

Love all those samples of wallpaper.

And oh….the European ranges….love them. I want a vintage range from the 40’s or 50’s but when I happened upon Bertazonni….I was hooked…yes I want one of those. I didn’t know about the other brands…I’ll check them out too.

Marble subway tile…yes…you know I love that. Want that.

And those floors…are beyond gorgeous!!!! I can’t wait to see all the finishes start to come together in your new home.

Acquired Objects on

Are the doggie portraits going in Teddy’s room? Loving the planters since I’ll be needing some hopefully soon. Those Le Cornue stoves are amazing some friends just bought one and I love it. You always have so many fabulous choices and I always look forward to Thursdays to see what else you have found.

Boxwood Terrace on

Wondeful choices. I’d take one of everything! The dogs portraits are so whimsical. I wonder if the artist does cat portraits too..?

aLena on

wow that’s quite a list!

The dog portraits totally made my day … only for people with a great sense of humor πŸ˜‰

Love your wall paper selection and will definintely be having wall paper in my house too, but haven’t decided on anything specific yet! Ohh and the monograms … yes please!

Love the subway marble tile selection … but I may be a little biased since that’s what I went with in my master bath too πŸ™‚

Mandi Smith T on

OK the Le Cornues are amazing, and those floors are to dye for! sigh. Now, you have me all dreamy eyed and misty. I would love to have those floors in my house! M.

Karen T. on

Oh my! Oh my! What a post! 1)Teddy’s portrait will look great in your library/study (or anywhere). 2)Yes to the polished nickel hardware & sconces. 3)The wallpaper you like for the dining room would definitely be gorgeous, but I also like the “bird & birdcage” one for the dining room. I can see it on the top part of the wall & a neutral color below (for the wainscoting, etc.) 4)I recently read that one should use “coffee table” books with a dust jacket/spine color that coordinates with their room decor. I tried it & it really did work very well, but as these books tend to be expensive I did also make sure that the subject matter appealed to me. 5)The planters would look good on the terrace/outdoor living room and/or around the pool area. I like the 19th c. one with the masks, but I suppose if you’ll be using quite a few of them you might like the plain ones better. 6)I like the high end ranges you’ve shown, especially those with red knobs. 7)Love the limestone hood! 8)Yes to the amazing Sherle Wagner hardware & to the use of marble in the kitchen & baths (thanks for not choosing granite). 9)The Parquet Versailles wood flooring is magnificent! For which room(s) did you choose it? 10)Monogram(s) on towels, shower curtains, throws, shams, blankets, your son’s upholstered/slipcovered headboard or club chair in his room (or in the den), and on & on! Whew! That’s my 2 cents, although you certainly don’t need it. You have exquisite taste & your choices thus far are right on the mark!

Ideezine on


We do have a lot in common with design preferences. I adore your selections and have lots of photo files of my expanding tastes also. Love the Teddy pose so sweet! Polished nickel finishes, wallpaper, planters, ranges, limestone hood for kitchen and for fireplaces too. Kitchen hardware, wood flooring, monograms everything everywhere and on stationery too!
I hope you have a great computer program of databases to keep all your great photo’s and designer selections close at hand. You could probably publish a great coffee table book of your own by now entitled “Tina’s Visions in Design”. Because Historic Houses of Paris is a single volume and you could top that I’m sure.


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