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Good morning! 
Don’t get me wrong..I like white kitchens, no make that..I LOVE white kitchens. But I will not lie when I say I am a little tired (yawn) of seeing them coming and going….white cabinets, white marble, silver hardware and faucets, its all quite played out and pretty predictable. My own ‘inspiration folder” is bulging with pictures of white kitchens, all beautiful, and I appreciate a beautifully done white kitchen as much as you do. Nothing feels more inviting, elegant or crisp than to walk into a really well done kitchen in all its white glory. I think its safe to say this is way beyond a trend and white kitchens have not only made their mark in the kitchen world but have permanently carved out a big niche and are staying awhile BUT it does not mean that other kitchens should get left in the dust!

That said, I have an immense appreciation for kitchens that think “outside the box” dare to go beyond the white that we see everywhere, gracing every magazine page, every kitchen advertisement,etc…….I am personally for my own kitchen,  going with a creamy glazed cabinet color with a lot of black accents (long black island and possibly black or very dark stained butlers pantry),its very French and I am excited about how things are unfolding. Today I salute all those kitchens out there feeling like they aren’t part of the “popular crowd” anymore because they have been ousted by their  white counterparts. These pictures prove how GORGEOUS kitchens can be in many different colors, textures and using many different combinations of woods and finishes. Hope you enjoy….let me know what your thoughts are…you know I love to hear! Have a wonderful Friday…..

Beautiful, deep rich colors make this beautiful kitchen look timeless, modern and elegant, Summerour Architects
Beautiful mix of colors and materials creates an elegant old world feeling kitchen in this stunning Atlanta home
Warm and classic kitchen done with a twist, it get its inspiration from bamboo, and the rich warm woods are accented with a blue island… by Rinfret
Beautiful green washed kitchen with creamy accents on the island and beautiful limestone hood from Francois and Co.
Design Galleria designed this gorgeous rich space…love the beautiful furniture like cabinets flanking the entrance as this allows the hood to be a focal point….beautiful colors
Beautiful subdued rich greens and natural tans against the brick wall make this a picture
 perfect kitchen!
Tina Muller from Drury Kitchen design  designed this beautiful sleek dark wood kitchen..check out that glass island top…so different.
Matthew Quinn from Design Galleria, designed this beautiful kitchen, mixing a gray green painted cabinet with other textures like the wood topped islands and the pretty pewter hood
This pretty green glazed kitchen works beautifully with its graceful design and beautiful sculpted wood floors with low sheen, a nice touch..also love how they did the paneling in the same color, very pretty
A rich dark charcoal, not quite black looks stunning in this kitchen
A stunner, and one of my personal all time favorites, from Jack Arnold. Love the mix of woods and of course the big black island is the real masterpiece along with the big stone range hood
This creamy colored kitchen gets drama from the dark wood beams, countertop and window trim from One Posh Place
Wm Ohs successfully paired several finishes, including a taupey glazed cabinet with a gray green distressed island…love those floors in a herringbone pattern!
Here is the yellow kitchen that made Clive Christian they mixed it with a large pine refrigerator hutch and a beautiful hearth in pine for the range
Warm rich tones create a cheerful European feeling kitchen,love the diamond patterned backsplash…makes it rustic and inviting, Traditional Home
This pretty gray/blue kitchen by Habersham gets a heavy “distressed feel” from the rubbing process used and gets warmed up with the countertops and rich wood floors, Habersham
The limestone hood is a beautiful focal point in this pretty warm colored kitchen, love the peaked beams, makes it feel really open and airy
This large industrial inspired (and sized) kitchen blends many woods for a rustic and very
 grand effect, Fresh home
Great and successful mix of colors of woods and materials here…lots of rich warm woods, a big stone hearth, beautiful exposed beams, limestone floors all come together by Rinfret
Big black island enhances the dark glazing on the dark cabinetry to create a formal but inviting kitchen, love the painted coiffured ceiling…. by Renaissance Cabinets
Habersham created this washed black kitchen…to look very old world and grand, its a bit heavy looking, I prefer black with a mix of creamy cabinets and other woods
Christians designed this rich looking walnut colored kitchen, its a timeless look
Clive Christian designed this creamy yellow kitchen, the pine hutch cabinet gives it a lot of warmth as does the dark teak countertop
This black cabinetry is accented with gray heavily distressed island and reclaimed looking wood floors to create an old world look, Habersham
Christian’s designed this pine kitchen with a contrasting pale blue island
Had this picture for a while, but always loved how the green accents plays on the dramatic black and white here
Soft buttery yellow always looks so elegant and warm from Main Street Design
This beautifully heavily glazed kitchen gets a lot of pop from the black and white diamond patterned floor….Traditional Home
The grays are used to perfection in this pretty space by John Jacob
Tucker and Marks created this dramatic red Asian influenced cabinetry in this eclectic space
Beautiful rich warm woods are aglow in this gorgeous space
A more country look with the medium golden hues in the wood, but very warm
An all black kitchen with pops of color, think the glass cabinets are a good idea to lighten
 things up
Yes, yes I know there is some white cabinetry here…BUT the real showstoppers here are the rich warm island the gorgeous black range and hood…the white kind of take a back seat here
Beautiful stained blue cabinetry with the rich woods is quite pretty…love the volume of this space….beautiful exposed beams and gorgeous window
Again a mix of textures and materials is so successful here….LOVE the island that doubles as a table, these types of unconventional pieces really make a kitchen feel custom and unique
How rich! Dark navy glossy butlers pantry is quite elegant and dramatic
Mix of rusty woods with limestone counter tops and hood, very French and country like.
A chefs own kitchen, such an interesting shape that opens to the next room..kind of like an open air kitchen! Architectural Digest
Rich play of colors here make this a dramatic kitchen, I like the banquette seating
Interesting mix of the reclaimed woods, exposed beams and bright yellow..who would have thought to put this together but it works!
A simple classic pecan colored kitchen, very symmetrical and sleek looking
Lots of rich warm woods used here, love the pizza oven and storage for wood underneath, you could have some fun pizza parties in this kitchen!
I like the mix of the dark blue island, the golden colors against the white, makes it interesting
The floor is really what catches your eye here, but love the dove gray island color
I am all for non connected free standing pieces in a in point here, this lovely white and gray separate unit housed for the sink and dishwasher, something very old world feeling.
Buttery yellow Christopher Peacock kitchen, love the diamond shaped glass front cabinets
A super dark brown stain makes for a beautiful and rich looking kitchen…..check out that back splash with the stone hood!
You know I love to hear from you…do you have a favorite? What is your feeling about the above kitchens over their white counterpart? Curious to know your thoughts! Have an enchanting day!


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RenΓ©e Finberg on

what a post!!!
you must have humongous files.

anyway i love the kitchen with the green cabinetry
and the black and white floors.
there was a pop of red in the room as well.
i would happily cook and hang out in that one!

Gerrard on

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Simona on

that’s exactly my favourite kitchen island too.

Acquired Objects on

Funny, I thought a white or black kitchen would be nice but now that I see a lot of kitchens here a mix is way better!I used to think I wanted a gray kitchen but I think any kitchen needs more then one color. We went with gray and lots of warm woods in different tones. I also think the warm woods keep the stainless steal from jumping out at you. Great post Tina! I can’t wait to see your island, the only thing I wanted in my new kitchen was a big island but no room for it.

Hamptontoes on

I am a lover of an all white kitchen, but I’m also a huge fan of all kitchens that are designed to be functional and have great appeal! We have two homes and one has an all white/gray kitchen, while the other doesn’t…love them both! I love that kitchen with the wood burning oven…oh, how much fun that would be to have one of those!

Australienne Home on

I must admit the white kitchen still stands out to me the most!

Rhiannan xxx

mwaxter on

GREAT POST. It is very timely because we have just started the planning of our new kitchen. I do not want white, agreed its very played out. I like creamy yellow but love some of the blue and gray kitchens above, this is a really inspriational post and I know I will be coming back often to get inspired. You really did your homework. Thanks.

Brandon @ Southgate on

I would love ruining a meal in any one of those! (Cooking is unfortunately NOT my forte, though I’m getting better.) I think my favorite would have to be the Design Galleria one though, just love the axis of the space and the cabinetry that you enter through.

I think the red chinoiserie one might actually just be a home office! I think I spy a drafting board. I might not mind working from home so much if I had that space!

designchic on

What a gorgeous portfolio, but I have to say the Matthew Quinn kitchen is perfection…the color, the lighting, the double islands with the wood top, the stools…I love every inch!! Happy weekend ~

The Devoted Classicist on

As much as I love white kitchens, sometimes there is a better choice. I recently finished a penthouse apartment in Tulsa that was inspired by the hilltop palazzos of Rome. The mahogany of a fantastically panelled Dining Room in the late seventeenth century style continues into a Bar and the cabinetry of a Serving Pantry into a huge owner-friendly Kitchen.


I’m a kitchen junkie too—my favorite is the first photo. Love the cool grey and heft of the island-mixed with nickel accents- so elegant! Have a fab weekend! Barbara

I Dream Of on

I’m with you, I love (and have) a white kitchen, but long for something a little different — something that makes it unique and not just another of the same old same old. This is a gorgeous collection of kitchens… I especially love the ones that have vintage table or piece that adds something special and different to the room — we are on the search for the perfect table to add to ours, hopefully one day we’ll find it! Jeanne

Barbara@HausDesign on

I love many styles of kitchens, but I find white kitchens a bit too stark for my taste. Practically speaking I always think they are too hard to keep clean too! I prefer the warmer colors of some of the other kitchens you have her. Oh, and I LOVE that hidden pantry shot – I have seen it before and I think it’s SO clever!

Anonymous on

This is by far one of my most favorite blogs. You have such an eye for all things beautiful. All of the kitchens are so wonderful, it is hard to put my finger on just one. They are all special in their own way because they are so elegant and tastefully done. But, if I had to choose one, it would be one of the French inspired designs.

Amy Vermillion on

I love a white kitchen but tend to agree they are EVERYWHERE. The bamboo kitchen made me swoon and I have the same Matthew Quinn photo in my file!

quintessence on

Many lovely examples but when they get too big or too elaborate with too much going on you lose me. My favorites are the a-list kitchen from the magazine spread (but would change those dreadful hanging lanterns and the Miles Redd navy pantry.

Divine Theatre on

Our kitchen is grey and weathered teal. I am not a trend follower although the all white kitchen, when done correctly is classic.

The Preppy Princess on

You almost made a believer of me in terms of a more colorful kitchen, what stunning examples you found! You make a great case for something other than white, but I think we shall always be “mostly white kitchen” people!

Thank you for making the week so much nicer with all of your lovely posts!

Anonymous on

I’m with quintessence about too big, too elaborate kitchens. But I love the blue gray Habersham room, though without any windows it looks to me like a butler’s pantry rather than the actual kitchen, and also the one with the long wooden table — I can actually imagine cooking (and cleaning up!) in there!


Erica on

Hands down the most impressive kitchen post I’ve ever seen. Loving your blog, following! Wishing you a happy friday. πŸ™‚

aLena on

I am still a huge fan of white kitchens, but definintely love it when another color like chocolate, gray, or something crazy is mixed in! I would LOVE to have a huge antique wood island in my new kitchen, but it’s too small and definintely wasn’t an option for us.

It’s weird in my opinion, but where I live white kitchens are definintely not popular at all … all of our friends and family actually thought we were a little crazy when we told them that we were having a white kitchen … most people we know either have light or dark wood cabinets with some shade of brown granite countertops … I don’t even know a single person with marble in their kitchen … so as popular as it is in magazines and in the blogging world, it strangely hasn’t made an appearance in my neck of the woods lol

Thanks for sharing all of your gorgeous inspirations and can’t wait to see what your actual kitchen turns out like!!!

LuLu on

Bravo for featuring gorgeous kitchens that are not white! Like you adore white but it’s so refeshing to see just as fabulous kitchen that are not white…so happy i just discovered your blog~ i look foward to many more visits!!

Simple Dwellings on

Amazing kitchens! Thanks for the beautiful eye candy! My favorite is Matthew Quinn’s design. I love the two islands! Gorgeous spaces.

Ideezine on


I appreciate all the time you devote to your blog and additionally taking time to comment on mine and others we visit in common..It’s very rewarding.

Blogs are like pen pals we write and publish our post, look forward to the creative and wonderful comments. It’s amazing how many hats many of us wear that we never share. I believe that in addition to comments, it’s your passion for “all looks and angles in design” that make your blog exciting to visit every time and every post.

Your selected kitchen choices, “going with a creamy glazed cabinet color with a lot of black accents (long black island and possibly black or very dark stained butlers pantry), its very French” sounds heavenly and you’ve narrowed it down which is half the battle… Superb!


Hooper Patterson on

Oh what fun eye candy! I love them. So hard to choose. I do love the one with the green accents and glazed hood. They are all amazing!

Love of the Sea on

Im with you. I love white kitchens but not for me. I went for winter sky blue cabinets…and I love them. I had to have the white carrara marble with silver veining though for the counters and I love it. No granite for me.

Cristin @ Simplified Bee on

thanks for dropping by… this is quite the post! Love all these kitchens, but all-white w black or accents are my personal fav.


Jo on

What a fabulous kitchen display. There are so many great ideas that I could pull from in those photos. We are in the throws of redoing our kitchen as I type. It’s messy now but within a few weeks it will be up and running and I’ll be thrilled.


Town and Country Mom on

All of them are great! I love the second photo and the green glazed kitchen, and really several more caught my eye, but I kind of lost count. I do favor a “bright” kitchen over a dark one, but I like contrast, too. My last kitchen had brick floor, cream cabinets and island with honed black granite counters. I painted the window muntins black to look like iron, and it turned out great. I’m still missing that kitchen and trying to figure out what to do with the one I have now . . .

carolyn bradford on

This is absolutely incredible!! Can’t wait to get home from dinner and study it at leisure!!! My son is a builder and is in the process of re-doing his kitchen as well! Will definitely share this with him! Many thanks!

Karen on

The next major project in my home is a kitchen redo, and I was going to go all white but now you’ve got me reconsidering this choice. There is an element of each kitchen that I like, and some I like much better than others. My favorites, however, are the Jack Arnold kitchen (I believe I have that same photo in my files) & the Clive Christian ones. Great post! Thanks!
P.S.-Thanks for sharing the sources for the “things you’re loving” post from yesterday.

Susan on

My kitchen is dark cabinetry (similar in color to the Tina Muller one in the 7th picture), with dark complementary granite counter tops. I love the dark woods, after having lived with lighter woods for the previous 18 years. I think white kitchens have their place (for example, in coastal cottages), but here in north Texas, I think a darker wood makes more sense.

I also love the kitchen with the “secret door” – I’ve always wanted a secret room πŸ™‚

LiveLikeYou on

Yes…now I have to tear my kitchen out!!

Kellie Collis on

Now, I believe nobody will contest when I say these kitchens are glorious! Wait, I have to choose just one? Well, I’d have to choose the one with the secret door. Love the mystery! Have a wonderful day, Kellie xx

Carla@DesignintheWoods on

Beautiful, beautiful kitchens! The two things they all have in common is they have used quality materials and have gorgeous cabinetry. So important in designing a new kitchen. I’m so glad to see someone celebrating unique styles. I love a white kitchen too, but a homeowner’s personality can really shine through with a custom space that includes things they love.

Stacey on

I love the industrial feel of the one designed by Matthew Quinn. However, you featured quite an eclectic collection which was great to see! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! XX

Jason at Seductively French on

I enjoy your creative thoughts on design; what works. I would love to share a photo of a past project – magazine cover – for a Silicon Valley .com’r who we used black cabinets complimented with deep dark brown cabinets (the black and brown was almost the same, however slightly different) with a piano finish from Yamaha (the piano company). Black honed granite, stainless and appliances worthy of mention anywhere. As he didn’t cook… he did not have a refrigerator; only two full size wine chillers. Unique, modern, classical and a complete wow factor on every level. I am sure you would appreciate – went completely against the “white on white” theme. Looking forward to seeing your own selections!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. on

I’m with you. I have a file full of all white kitchens that I think are very pretty, but not for me. for one thing flow is very important to me and it would not go with the rest of my furnishings. I’m all about warm colors. In my new kitchen I have beautiful green aged finished cabinets mixed with a dark stained and also aged beverage bar. Two of the walls are rock and I also have open shelving on the rock wall on either side of the sink window. Probably sounds a little mixed up but it’s quite fabulous. I’ll send you a picture. Mona

De tout, de rien on

Love, love, love all the diversity you’ve shown here. I am in the process of completing a new kitchen and I too bucked the white trend, opting instead for freesia cupboards and a dark island, with dark granite. (You can see it in progress on my blog) I do love a white kitchen, but I didn’t think I could live with it.

Thank you for showing that there’s other options out there!

Selina@CreativeJuicesDecor on

Great post! I love that you are sticking to what you KNOW you love and not just following what all the designers say is the “in” thing to do. (heaven forbid you do a wood stain! hee, hee) I like the idea of mixing the woods up. (painted and stained) Thanks for the great inspiration. Can’t wait to see the end result!

Chic Coastal Living on

I have to say it! I love these kitchens! The third one I believe is my favorite! Happy Friday! I will be taking the day off, as well.

designchic on

Tina, these rich, dark kitchens are fabulous – especially the first one with the gorgeous gray island. You know I love a white kitchen for their bright, happy feel, but these wonderful choices could almost make me change my mind. Hope you’ve had a great weekend!!

Anonymous on

Impressive blog, great post as well.

Sami Pat on

I see I came late to this post but I enjoyed the tour. The kitchen is probably done now but I want to comment. I liked the Matthew Quinn wood island tops, the gorgeous upholstered stools, stainless steel appliances and hood.
I got the deja vu at one point. I have staged a house that must have copied the Renaissance Cabinets photo. My favorite is the French inspired kitchen by Habersham with the distressed island and bleached wood floor.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

mackenzie on

Beautiful kitchens. I love how granite countertops make every room look so elegant. My favorite kitchens are the one with the secret door or the one with the glass top island. I really like that idea. Great post!

jesica on

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kitchen pantry cabinet on

What a cool house that you are staying in, never seen one like it. Have fun

amyo on

Of course they’re all beautiful….they are >100k kitchens!!
Where are real-life kitchens?

Bliss on

New follower here. Followed No Minimalist over to read her guest post and now I just gotta follow along so I can see you after your move.

Good timing for me to read this kitchen/cabinet post too reminding me that wood cabinets are ok too!


Anonymous on

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Eliza on

What fabulous kitchen inpspiration! I love the slate gray. on

What a great collection of kitchens! We are designing our kitchen right now and you hit the nail on the head with my feelings about white kitchens. I love them, but then again when I see pictures like these it makes me want to branch out and go with something more unique. Tough decision. That yellow island among the rustic wood is genius… that has to be my favorite

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jazz on

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vignette design on

Wow, thanks for all the kitchen eye candy! I loved perusing your collection while drinking my morning coffee! Such inspiration!

Granite Worktops on

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Sherman Unkefer on

Absolutely love the diverse assortment of kitchens you posted! Each is beautiful in their own way. Thank you for sharing.

Ruth on

I haven’t seen more beautiful kitchen designs. One of these designs gonna be mine soon.

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sulung74 on

Yeah, Great jobs! I like all those photos but mostly for #3. Thanks for useful sharing info in this blog.

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Rose Mayfield on

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Anonymous on

These are very beautiful kitchens, and I am hard pressed to say which is my favorite, perhaps the kitchen with the subdued rich greens and natural tans with the brick wall. Thank you for displaying them.

Kirstz on

Those are really beautiful kitchens, very organize and very neat. I am looking for this kind of kitchen for my home renovation hope I can get some design on it. Thanks.

Anonymous on

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Carl Patten on

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Alphonse Daigle on

These kitchen designs are indeed grand! These could really serve as your inspiration if you wish to come up with a beautiful kitchen as well. The dark navy glossy pantry is the best for me. There’s no other color than dark navy and the stainless steel handles and knobs stood out shining.

Peter Edenfeldt on

Great to have all the inspiration from these wonderful kitchens. A lot of nice designs of the kitchen “islands” Now, the most challenging phase begins to find anyone in Sweden with competence enough to build it for us.

ola on

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Easy Home Concepts on

Those kitchen showrooms are beautiful. If I was asked on the preferred colors for my kitchen, I would simply choose earth and neutral colors that brightens the room.

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Shelley @ Easy Home Concepts on

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Jennings on

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Lee and Beth on

White kitchens are some of my favorites. That being said, though, I found your post by doing a Google search:tired of all the white kitchens”! πŸ™‚
I think the thing I am tired of the most, though, is not the white kitchens themselves,per se, but everyone copying other people’s kitchens, not having their own style, going their own way. Come on people, have some imagination! Ha ha.
Thanks for this post. Lots of pretty kitchens, with personality.

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Neutrals are pleasant, but it is NOT THE ONLY THING OUT THERE! The white blight (+ neutrals) were taken to task recently in an issue of World of Interiors.

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