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Happy Sunday! Its Oscar day….love watching the Academy awards and am making a wonderful dinner for the occasion! I am in an “arugula state of mind” hence my menu of  Spaghetti with arugula and lemon, a small flank steak marinated in arugula oil and a fresh baby arugula salad with a spritz of lemon and olive oil. I have made them all before and they are each AMAZING in a simple, fresh kind of way. 
 Normally we go out on Sunday night but there is no way I am missing a minute of the fun pre shows, watching all the glamorous and sometimes not so glamorous fashions make their grand entrance onto the famed red carpet. I am personally rooting for The Kings speech, such a wonderful film and I am always thrilled when I see a movie “of real substance”  honored and recognized by being given an esteemed award like an Oscar, which I personally think its very deserving of. Just in case you too, are in for the day or just having a lazy morning…you might enjoy this quick run through of open house Sunday. Three entirely different locales…and three very different homes. All so beautiful, each with its own distinct personality. Do you have a favorite? Enjoy your day!

First stop is in Palm Beach,Florida and to this gorgeous Mediterranean..I am normally not a big fan of Mediterranean homes but when done right, they are truly magnificent. Case in point is this fabulous newly constructed home with vistas and views out of this world! I appreciate the attention to detail shown throughout the house from the main hallways and their softly glazed gray walls to the stunning covered porch. The house also has so much natural sunlight…..everything just glows. I think this house does Addison Mizner proud!

Then we are off to Houston, Texas….. an area certainly no stranger to beautiful grand homes. This French inspired home is beautifully done in soft neutrals throughout and though formal it is still very much a family home. Love the lush green foliage and old world feeling that the home, though newer has maintained. It is so important when building a new home to pay close attention to the landscape, the setting and to do ones best to preserve the integrity of the land on which the home is built. I think they did an outstanding job here.

Last we go back to East Coast, to the famous quintessential New England vacation island, none other than wonderful Nantucket …here is a beautiful understated wood shingle home decorated by Victoria Hagan. Love the crisp, fresh decor…very cohesive, elegant without feeling stuffy and breathtaking at every turn. Definitely the ultimate beach house in my book!

Wow! Those are some beautiful homes indeed. Do you have a favorite? I would have to pick a few spaces from each home to make the ultimate home……each of them are so well done. Enjoy your Sunday, hope its relaxing!

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Renée Finberg on

good morning
i don’t really know which is my favorite.
there are rooms a didn’t love…
but for the most part…
i was blown away. gorgeous.
i did get jolted a little when i saw
the orange traditional chairs.
i loved the color.
i have been wanting to use the color in my work
and there it was reminding me.
fantastic post!!

Divine Theatre on

Once again, I am in awe of all the work you put into your posts!
Though these homes are extraordinarily lovely I wouldn’t trade them for my own! I am, however, inspired by every last one!
Thank you!

Hamptontoes on

I could look for hours at your posts! The round up of beautiful images keeps me exploring each one in depth.

Ideezine on


Happy Sunday! And the “Oscar” goes to “The Enchanted Home” Blog of Substance by Tina! For best collection of homes, best photo’s, best narrating by compare and contrast, knowledge behind her passion of design and designers. (Loud applause, more applause) what a wonderful day…lol!

I’m with you on the Oscars, and dinner sounds lovely…yum. I’m excited for the King’s Speech also. Enjoy all the glitter and glam of special event attire, make-up, and personalities.

Today’s showcase is breathtaking and I enjoyed all of them and never tire of seeing lovely homes that came together in a great effort of collaboration. For exteriors and interiors between designers, trade talent, experience, and clients who select and trust them.

Toast to all the magic real and imagined.


Brandon @ Southgate on

I’m glad Im not the only one with Oscars on the mind today! My usual routine is to pile up on the sofa with a bottle of wine and watch them, but this year we’re going to the Junior Leagues annual Oscar ball so I have to get all glamorous myself.

These are all beautiful! Love that quilted wall behind the bed in the first one, and the casual elegance of the dining room in the second. But the Nantucket house…oh my goodness…is perfection through and through.

Karen At Home on

Hi there, stopping by from Flip Flops and Peals. Congrats on building your dream home, it is stunning! Can’t wait to see more!


Carla@DesignintheWoods on

I scrolled through the photos first before I read your copy and my first thought was that the last one looked like a Victoria Hagan house. I LOVE her work. That’s my favorite by far. Tailored, crisp, and clean. The others are beautiful, but a bit over the top. I do like the his and hers master baths though in the Houston house. Great concept!

Acquired Objects on

They’re all beautiful homes but I pick as my favorite the New England house, love it with its crisp clean unfussy interior. Your dinner sounds wonderful, what time shall I arrive? Enjoy your evening!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. on

Some amazing ideas in all of these homes. You do a fabulous job rounding all of these up each Sunday and I look forward to it. Have a lovely dinner tonight, it sounds divine and enjoy the Oscars! Mona

The Preppy Princess on

This is like you are putting on “Sunday’s finest,”it is that lovely. The New England house is my fave, just so crisp and put-together, not that the others aren’t, as they surely are, but this one held the most appeal. (Any house on the water is almost sure to trump those inland for ous!)

Enjoy the Oscars tonight!

PS: I am more-than-flattered to be on your blogroll, you are also on mine!

Town and Country Mom on

Stunning, all, but New York is where I’d rather be!

quintessence on

Of course I love the Nantucket house – I met her the other night – she’s lovely!!

mwaxter on

Too many pretty rooms..I will take the backyard and kitchen from the 1st, the foyer and the breakfast room and front yard from the 2nd and the living room and master bath from the 3rd (and you can throw in the view too) wow all so very beautiful, another great post:)

kerrie of sea cottage on

Looking forward to the Oscars and am rooting for The Kings Speech also. The Nantucket home is my fav…but then I just don’t think I would know how to live in such a BIG luxerous home…I prefer the gardeners cottage! I’m a tiny cottage kind of girl. ox

carolyn bradford on

A fun Oscar night indeed!! Chicken Piccata was our menu of choice!!! I agree with you on not always loving Mediterrenean but this one was incredible…however…East Coast always wins for me!!! Love the shingles, love the ocean, love it all!! Great post! Very inspiring! Can’t wait to keep seeing what you put up!!! Its all so very beautiful!!! Thank You!!!!

idratherbeshopping on

STUNNING!!! they’re all so gorgeous…i have to say mine is the last home in nantucket…looks dreamy 🙂

happy oscar sunday! thanks for your sweet comments…really made my day!!


Karen T. on

I like the Mediterranean & French-inspired homes best, but not so much the decorating. What I like are the interior & exterior architectural details, the grounds and the views, and that fabulous kitchen of the Mediterranean home.

Greet on

Beautiful beautiful beautiful homes!! Oh my I could look over and over at this post!! Thank you for sharing!!

The Zhush on

Gorgeous homes…Nantucket and Palm Beach! sigh….

Anonymous on

Please may I have more information on the Houston home? It is what my dreams are made of! Where did you find the pictures? Who designed and decorated it etc? ITS my perfect dream and I thank you so much for posting what I have been seeing in my mind for so very long!


Cameron (House Sale) on

I always wonder if when would I get a chance to own a house like this. Maybe just in my dreams. But my dream would come true even if I’ll just be in a tour inside this house.

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