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Good morning! I first want to answer a question which many of you have asked about my house and if there was a previous home on the property. Yes, there was….a charming one at that, and one we had originally intended to keep, work around and renovate. However after six long long months at the drawing board it was not proving to be cost or design effective so down it went. The good news is that the property, was already very mature with a beautiful understated mature landscape so fingers crossed that when our home is finally done, it will look like its been there a while!

Green……..I absolutely love green, enjoy occasionally wearing green, have touches of green in my home, love cooking with green vegetables and basically try to “go green” when I can but must honestly admit there is room for improvement on that front:) That said, one area I love seeing green in, is the home…..I love green rooms, green furniture, greenery, green wallpaper, green paint…you get the picture! I personally lean towards a paler, grayer green but very much appreciate different shades of green when done well. ?So today I pay ?special tribute to all the glorious greens, of which there are so many shades, from the palest celadon to the darkest jade green almost black, each with its own character and style…… green can be used successfully in just about any decor from the most opulent traditional homes to modern and transitional to fabulous outdoor space. Green is here to stay and is a gorgeous accent color…..let me know what you think, if you too like green and you know I always love to know if you have a personal favorite!

A gorgeous room by Ken Tate. features soft pale green walls…notice the darker green paneling on top of the tall works beautifully!
A fabulous green dining room in a soft sage color makes for a beautiful and serene feel by Ken Tate
Molly Frey used this antiqued green piece to add a subtle punch of color to this sun washed dining?room and pick up the color from lamp shade and art work
Thornton Designs chose this stunning bright green chinoiserie to give a bright light to this dining room….I happen to love it
Alexa Hampton designed this cozy and intimate study/den in a pea green color and carried it all the way to the built in wood color and upholstery
Pretty green and gold wallpaper in a bathroom by Thornton Designs
Rinfret designs chose to glaze this tub surround and cabinetry in a silvery green, quite pretty!
Alexa Hampton went with green paint and green window treatments to make a strong green statement in this dining room
Opulent chinoiserie in a rich dark green creates a lot of drama in this very decadent room
Meg Braff chose a pretty green slipcover for this chaise lounge
Stunning painted green French chest, taken at the Maison and Objet show in Paris
Love velvet…these chairs and loveseat get upholstered in rich moss green velvet, Arch Digest
Diamond Baratta designs painted the paneling in this room a cheery mint green to add a punch to the red and green room….lively!
Stunning patio decked out in green, Veranda Magazine
A dark loden green is used in this very traditional room beautifully
Beautiful Mint green chinoisiere by Paul Montgomery
Tobi Fairley successfully chose kelly green accents to give this beautiful room some life
Diamond Baratta used a bright green for this cheery dining room

This pretty mint green painted bedroom wall gives a fresh welcoming feel by Thornton Designs

Alexandra Ray chose a pretty pale green paper to add subtle color to this pretty sunlit bathroom
This pretty room in all its green glory, by House and Home, chooses the sofa wall to display a collection of botanical prints…love how it warms up the space
Beautiful old world paneling gets painted green in this elegant French dining room
Pretty green and white grid print paper gets accented with a pretty shade of pink
Samantha Pynn chose this pretty geometric in crisp kelly green and white to give a traditionally feeling chair a fresh take
This beautiful green and white vanity done in treillage is gorgeous by Diamond Baratta
Kathyrn Boyd went bold with these bright green walls and tiger print rug..but it works!
This seafoam green dining room gets a punch of color with the coral red chairs, by Ashley Whitlaker
Suzanne Tucker designed this elegant soft hued green room with?touches of soft gold
This traditional room gets accented with lime green accents by Eileen Kathryn Boyle
Pretty gray green painted paneled walls gives this elegant space a warm glow
A darker green kitchen gets lightened up with a stripped oak table used as an island
Gray green dining room by Amelia Handegan
Gorgeous glazed and painted pale painted green kitchen
Plain and Fancy kitchen went with a pale milky mint green in this formal feeling kitchen, I like the contrast of the black range
Pretty soft and tranquil feel in this living room of pale greens and cream by Decor pad
Kim Coleman designed this elegant space using a pale pea green against taupe and cream
Sherill Canet went bold in this dramatic living room….its quirky but it works!
Very pale green kitchen cabinets with a hint of gray by Style De View
Thornton Designs blends beautiful soft shades of aqua greens with neutrals…
Soft silvery greens are used in this pretty setting
Beautiful front hall gets touches of green and blue in just the right places…love the ikat pillows and the pretty objects placed on the center table

Beautiful crisp greens add pops of color to this sunfilled sunroom with white couches

Phoebe Howard went all green in the upholstered furniture in this causal sitting area
The Wiseman group painted this beautiful dining room a pale milky pistachio green…..
Soft hued green and white toile bedroom
Always loved this bed with the elegant green and white fabric inviting but rich and elegant at the same time
Beautiful wood paneling gets painted green in this traditional dining room
This opulent and formal dining room lets the focus be the fabulous bright green chinoiserie and keep everything else in the room quite understated
A dramatic large scaled room done primarily in green is sunny, cheerful and elegant
Beautiful green glazed cabinets are traditional and old world looking…the limestone floors and pine wood piece are beautiful accents here by Rinfret
So that sums up the green collection for today, lots of “eye candy”. What do you think? Do you like green rooms or just green accents? Do you have a favorite? Would love to know!


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BonjourRomance on

I love that library with the green velvet setees, very elegant. The correct shade of green can be very calming.
Bonne chance!

Kate from Party Resources on

I adore green. I love all the images, but esp the green dining room with the blue china on the walls.

Acquired Objects on

I love green too, our living room and bedroom are both green but subtle green wiith a lot of gray, it really helps to bring the outdoors in. Lately though I’ve been eyeballing a nice celery green with a touch of gray. All these rooms are beautiful and I would have a tough time picking a favorite since I love green.

Divine Theatre on

I want to paint the 18ft tall walls in my family room teal. Everyone says “don’t do it”! Of course, it makes me want to do it all the more! LOL!

carolyn bradford on

I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that loves green! To me it brings the outside in and just makes me happy! Great post! Beautiful pictures!

Dean Farris on

Wow Tina!

A true tribute to the color!


Jennifer @ Belclaire House on

Wonderful images! I love greenish-bluish-grayish colors. It’s the ost calming. Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my mood board. I think we must have very similar taste!

Mona Thompson on

I do like greens, but they have to be just right. Not a real fan of the bright harsh greens in home decor. My kitchen cabinets are an antique green and I’m thinking about reupholstering a club chair and ottoman in my family room in a gorgeous velvet green. My windows and shutters on the outside of my house are a muddy olive green with limestone rock. I like it a lot. That’s why I chose to introduce some green in the interior as well.

Kathleen Mullaney on

Hi There
My favorite is Alexa’s study/den in green with the red desk. I think it’s a very elegant but comfortable room that would be easy to live in.

The Preppy Princess on

Okay, now it all makes sense, the great trees on the property had me thinking there was a structure there previously.

Like Mona I generally prefer a softer, more subtle look is using green, and that style is evident in many of the rooms you selected, they are simply lovely.

With hopes you enjoy a splendid Tuesday,

Greet on

I do love green! A lot of the images you showed here, I also had filed!! Especially the ones with the wood paneling!
My favorite green is the Versailles verdigris!! So charming and so much used in French castles!
Loved your post of today!!!

I Dream Of on

Gorgeous. I love green, too, but think there is more in my closet-green handbag, green shoes- than in my house. Just little bits here and there like the green and white bowl I picked up at the Paris flea, which sits on our entry table holding our keys! Happy March!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here on

I do have quite a bit of green in my home. The previous owners had painted some of the rooms a very dark khaki green. We repainted most of the rooms with a softer and lighter green.

Adrienne on


Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog this morning. What a pleasant surprise!

There are so many beautiful photos here…I think it would be fun to have the cherry, strawberry themed room.


Nita {ModVintageLife} on

I adore the way mirrors were used in that second dining room photo. hmmm that has me thinking about my own dining room.

Heather @ Satisfying Spaces on

I love green accents. Especially as spring approaches. It just feels right. Great images! Very inspiring.

Amy Vermillion on

The gray greens are my favorite. The bathtub image by Rinfret makes me crazy it’s so fabulous…right up my alley.
Thanks Tina!

idratherbeshopping on

SOOO much beautiful inspiration!

thank you so much for adding me to your blogroll — you are too kind and it means a LOT to me!! i just added you to mine b/c i love your posts and watching your home remodel! 😉


Amy Vermillion on

Tina…I forgot to tell you thank you so much for fixing my link on your blogroll…I surely appreciate it!

Ann-Marie on

I adore green. I have yet to find a color that doesn’t work with it. Just like in nature, everything goes with green. All the photos were gorgeous, but I was really drawn to the study designed by Alexa Hampton. The wallpaper is stunning and the red really pops against the green backdrop.

pretty pink tulips on

I used to think I didn’t like green, but then I realized it was all about the right shade. And, I am generally drawn to a paler green…and have it throughout my home via accents or accessories.

Now that i know you love green, I’ll be looking for it once we start to get peeks inside that gorgeous home you’re building!

xo Elizabeth

Jason at Seductively French on

I am assuming all, or at least most of your interiors have been selected and ordered – care to share? Looking forward to seeing them! And is this your first new build? Now is the fun part as they all start to go in! Congrats again. 🙂

[email protected] on

Gorgeous photos. My personal favourite green is a ‘chartreuse/pistachio/touch-of-lime’ green (if you can visualise it). Use it a lot in my textiles as it just lifts all other colours.

Ideezine on


Green is a balanced and healing color. If we don’t place some shade of green on the walls, in fabrics, carpets, furnishings, accent pieces, art or accessories we don’t obtain the benefits of nourishing a space. Nature fills in where we leave off even if there’s only a hint of green (live plants), in a room it makes a room feel complete.

Every shade of green is represented here and if you had to select just one it would be difficult mostly because all shades of green effect us in some small way. It’s all good too!


M.A.the2nd on

Tina … LOVE it all! I am a “Green” fan from the softest “Eau de Nil” to the strongest English “Hunting Green”. Green is elegant and conveys a coolness in the paler colours and a strength when it dives into the stronger palette. My favourite is the Diamond Baratta … love the combo of mint green and raspberry …. perfect! Also, I am thrilled that you have used my friend Alexandra Ray’s work …. her designs are gorgeous! Beautiful post and hope you are feeling better!
best wishes

Susan on

I’ve never considered green in my house, but these examples are gorgeous – I especially love the pink and green bedroom, and the Tobi Fairley living room, and while I would never consider actually using it – I thing the green living room with the cherry sofa and rug is pretty fun!

Catherine Crandall on

Green is beautiful! And the photographs you used are all sophisticated and gorgeous! I must say, those samples may be worth a try. They look so good. Once various shades of green are used, expect a room to look fresh and clean.

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