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Happy Thursday. Before I get started on all the wonderful things I am loving this week,, for those of you who didn’t come by yesterday, I am having the most marvelous giveaway! How amazing are these lamps…..the giveaway is next Friday, March 11th and will be selected using If you are a follower or subscriber you are automatically enrolled to win!

Be sure to visit them..they have the most beautiful things!

Thank you Swank lighting!

Hand blown glass lamps from Murano Italy, made exclusively for Swank Lighting. ?These lamps are designed after a popular, classic Barovier & Toso lamp from the 1940’s. ?They stand 24 inches tall to the top of the socket. ?The glass is hand blown and loaded with 24kt gold flake with vertical ribs and controlled bubbles. ?The hardware is top quality solid brass. They retail for $2700.00

OK onto things I am loving this Thursday………(besides those gorgeous lamps up there)

MARBLE. I have not made it a secret how obsessed I am with white marble. It adds instant panache to any room, kitchen or bath. Nothing is as luxurious and gorgeously timeless as white?marble in my humble opinion. My personal favorite is Calacutta Gold, which has both the gray and the pale gold veining running through its white slab. Then there are about six different Calacutta gold varieties…does the decision making ever get easy? So below are a few beautiful are they? They each have their own personality for sure… Do you like the heavier or darker veining more than the lighter? Do you like it with more gold or less? Love to know what all you experts think!

LIGHTING. I have been looking at a lot of lighting lately as well. Right now we are just trying to make decisions on the absolute essentials, some sconces for the bathrooms, the hallways, and the exterior lighting. I have found some beautiful things….here are some of my top picks this week, too many gorgeous things to narrow it down..have a favorite?




MAGAZINES.My definite cheap thrill of the week, Southern Accents. My absolute favorite magazine, which I know many of you coveted as well. Sadly, it ?is no more so I greatly enjoy with new fervor going through my old issues and have actually been buying more online. Ironically many things I love now can be found in issues, 10 and 12 years ago! Goes to prove that classic interiors never ever go out of style. I just bought a lot of 22 issues….and am having a field day, ripping things out fast and furious…the papers are flying! To me, there is just nothing that compares to the consistent fabulous elegant traditional interiors that graced Southern Accents every issue…its sorely missed. This was my cheapest thrill yet all week!

WALLPAPER AND PAINT. As I start to seriously scour the showrooms for wallpaper and paint inspirations my wish list continues to grow. I found more wonderful wallpaper and really like the new paint colors by Stark. I spoke with the showroom manager who just painted several rooms in her house with Stark paint and she said she could not believe how beautifully it went on with just a single coat, that there was virtually no smell and it went on so much easier than another brand that shall remain nameless but one well know quite well. Some of their colors are just gorgeous. So here are my weekly wallpaper inspirations and a few of the paint colors i really like.?

This is going to the library powder room, am having a custom floor of a gold marble with brown and rust accents to match….when I get sample will post, its going to be tres jolie!

I just thought this is so pretty for a ladies bathroom…very soft powdery pale gray/blue/green

This is a classic from Stark, also great for a dressing area or ladies bathroom

BLACK ISLANDS. OK, if you have been coming here for any length of time you know by now that I have a “thing” for black cabinetry. So I have been obsessing over just the right black with just the right shine, etc….thankfully there are oodles and oodles of online inspiration and forget about the massive mounting towering collection of magazines and books that is taking over my side of the bed….all in the pursuit of good design! So here are a few “black inspirations”, its easy to see why I am so drawn to it right? So elegant and old world……

MARBLE TILES. I have been very busy planning out the bathrooms….and finally am somewhat breathing a sigh of relief having picked out most of what we are doing. I have spoken often of how much I love New Ravenna’s line, they truly in my humble opinion produce some of the most spectacular marble flooring I have ever seen..the sky is the limit, I am amazed by what they can do. I am going with more subdued looks in both color and pattern compared to what they are capable of doing….but they are scrumptious nonetheless. Take a look…..

My bathroom tile
A gorgeous border

Thinking of this as a border

Love this..what a work of art!
BLUE AND WHITE. Love blue and white and nothing beats walking into a crisp room done in all navy and white. I want to have a room solely in blue and white, so am thinking a guest room. Here are some inspirations…Mom and Dad hope you approve! I know they will because my very talented mother has a spectacular blue and white guest room herself that is exquisite, will have to include a picture here one day…its that pretty. Don’t you agree…there is something so elegantly understated and classic about a room done in navy and white.

CHIPPENDALE MIRROR. What is more stately and regal looking than a Chippendale mirror The one pictured happens to be an antique, but I would like to buy one,new or old and have it in the main hallway off the foyer under a beautiful chest. That way its in a highly visible place for all to see….they are beautiful and so elegant.
AN AMAZING MOVIE. Who doesn’t like a great captivating, sit on the edge of your seats movie? Well, look no more..if you have even a tiny little droplet of interest in art, you will be completely taken with this documentary that is based upon the story of eccentric Dr.Alfred Barnes and his astonishing billion dollar art collection known to be the most valuable in the entire world, that he acquired at a time when the art he was collecting?was not coveted as it was today. He was a true visionary in every sense.This story reveals the outrageous and stomach turning events on how the highest political, social and cultural establishments worked in a tangled greedy corrupt web to take it away and call their own. I promise you this is one amazing story…I have seen it four times and counting. Its THAT good. Netflix now carries it….anything that made me immediately look up when the next demonstration was in Philadelphia to see if I could be a part of it, you know it has to be powerful ( Case in point….I have never participated in a demonstration in my life, ?but would make an exception for this)
Well, folks that’s about it for today. Gives me enough to smile about. Hope you have an enchanting day…and do share if any thing here struck a chord with you or if there is something that you’re particularly excited about this week!


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pretty pink tulips on

Well, that is quite a lot to be happy about…and I can understand why! Marble – love it. Have it in my kitchen. Lighting…totally makes a space. And, oh, Southern Accents. I totally agree that I can still flip through old issues and still find things I love.

And, those lamps. Amazing! Gorgeous. Would love them. Now, that’s a give away!

The day has just begun…so i hope it’s wonderful for you!
xo Elizabeth

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

Wow! This is one beautiful post.
I love marble too, and the fixtures are gorgeous.
These kitchens are absolutely stunning. I love black, and I love the way that the bottom and top cabinets are being treated separately.
Thank you for sharing.

Dean Farris on

Great post Tina! I like the top pic of marble slab. Like all of your choices very much. Keep it up!

Dean Farris

carolyn bradford on

There isn’t anything on here that I don’t like! I love the top piece of marble and I LOVE the marble for your bathroom!! Gorgeous!! I totally agree about missing Southern Accents…I probably have at least 20 years worth of them and I still scour them for inspiration…you are very right about their classic and timeless appeal! It’s the same thing that I said on my blog about the timelessness of Creamware. There are just some things that NEVER lose their beauty or their appeal! Great post! Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!

The Preppy Princess on

Things you are liking is such a fun way to greet Thursdays! The marble tiling you are showing has an elegant look I love, especially the last batch of photos. Really, really attractive.

We loved Art of the Steal, and felt ignorant not having been aware of that whole saga, what an astonishing tale.

Enjoy your Thursday!

Mona Thompson on

Lovely post. The tile and marble you have picked out is awesome. Love, love all of those black cabinets in the kitchens. I’ve poured over that Jack Arnold kitchen for a long time. Really like the way he mixed things up. Mona

Sheila I on

Love, Love, Love the marble, the black cabinetry, the light fixtures, tile for your bathrooms, everything! I can’t wait to see your house when it is finished. I know that it will be a breathtaking sight to see!

Anonymous on

Love, love the blue and white. I’m a big fan and collector. It is classic! Brenda

I Dream Of on

Oh! You and I love so many of the same things. I am obsessed with blue and white. And I need to snap a photo of our powder room floor and email it too you, I think you would love it–it’s the most gorgeous marble mosaic…it’s one of my favorite things we did when we remodeled our home.
I hope your Thursday is full of more of your favorite things!

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms on

Every post is packed with inspiration over here! First of all, those lamps a GORgeous – what a wonderful giveaway. I love the paper and tile you have chosen for your powder room and bath, classic with a twist. And as a fellow black cabinetry lover, those kitchens provided some lovely eye candy. Great post!

Greet on

Dear Tina,
You have such a good eye!!! I love all the things you posted!!
That marble is so beautiful and the lighting fixtures are fabulous!!

idratherbeshopping on

that marble tile is DIVINE! eek, can’t wait to see it all put together!


Acquired Objects on

You always have the most beautiful choices Tina but I’m wondering, how do you do this blog and keep your head around what you’re choosing for your new home? I can’t wait to see your new home all come together. And I’m with you about Southern Accents magazine, perhaps we should start a campaign to try and get them to start up again.

Ok, those lamps you’re giving away are to die for and how very generous of you and Swank lighting…..stunning!

Party Resources on

I love them all too! Especially the blue bedroom – swoon! xx

quintessence on

All lovely – I think my favorite is your ode to blue and white – one of my all time favorite combinations – my guest room is that colorway. With you on the white marble and marble tile as well.

The Devoted Classicist on

As for black cabinets, I find it a very satisfactory solution in some situations, especially for furniture cabinetry. For furniture, I like either a “piano” black, or a worn, rubbed black, depending on the general decor. For built-ins, I prefer an ebonized finish with the grain of the wood evident, if black is wanted.

Holly Austin on

The cream/white tile (last pic of tile) is stunning!

[email protected] on

LOVE the tile you are looking at, Love Love!!!

Penelope from Meyers Inc. on

Wow! Another great post….love all your finds! The wallpaper, all the white marbles and the mosaics are all so pretty. Love the one for your bathroom. And love a Chippendale mirror too….that ones a beauty.
Will have to check out the movie, my husband is an art buff and probably knows about it but it sounds great. Nice work here….expected nothing less:)

Ideezine on


Thursday’s are becoming my favorite day of the week here on your blog and I must address all you’ve shown/shared.

~ Giveaway: Hand blown glass lamps from Murano Italy look like glass tassels with gold beads as section separators. So spectacular and perfect in my living room as I’ve been looking for more gold to add. Fingers crossed for luck on this one.

~ Outdoor lighting: Love them all and the first one “speaks to me” the most.

~ Magazines: Sometime soon I’ll do a blog post on my love for those glossy cover to cover bits of magic. And I’ll share comments my four sisters have made about their sister “Bette” and her magazines. Sigh….

~ Stark Paint: I’m getting familiar with their line of paint colors. My newest client is thinking about using the color “Lady Char’s Lilac” for her master suite and using mirrored furniture and linen drapery. Oh my!

~ Wallpaper: we agree on all of them. Lovely!

~ Black Kitchen Islands: They ground the space and I love all four photo’s. This is too much kitchen excitement for sure.

~ Marble tiles: What more can I say except that it’s hard to select just one and one could lose many hours of sleep over the endless possibilities. Not good for your body or skin to postpone sleep…so don’t lol.

~ Blue and White: I will always have some in my home it’s lovely. I would love to see what your Mom and Dad have created to leave a lasting impression on you that you want to incorporate within your new home. (My husband is dutch, born in Holland) love the blue and white.

~Chippendale Mirror: Definitely a beautiful to greet guests and welcome eye candy in the home.

~ Movie, The Art of the Steal: I’ll watch it this weekend. It sounds dramatic and spellbinding. I’m passionate about so many things and art is a absolutely an emotional connector with me. While working on my art history degree our classes were held in museums, art studios, galleries, art shows and I just mentioned to my husband last night that we need to visit some up coming showings. Our favorites are “The Getty Museum and Getty Villa” at the moment. To be continued…..

All that we find we love enriches the colors on the canvas of our lives. Life is Good!


designchic on

So many great Thursday favorites…adore the lamps, white marble is my fav, and I pour over my old Southern Accents anytime I’m doing a room – the absolute best inspiration!! Have a great day, Tina ~

Love of the Sea on

I love the white marble too. I have statuary marble in my bathroom and carrara with silver veining in my kitchen countertops. I love it. I did not get the calacutta for my kitchen because the gold does not go with my cabinets. But I LOVED it. Can’t wait to see the marble you select!

Karen T. on

I so look forward to Thursdays to read your post about the things you love. You are always so on the mark with your choices! I love it all! I purchased the book you recommended last week & can’t wait to see The Art of the Steal. I can hardly wait until next Thursday!

Blue Fruit on

Your bathroom tile is quite extraordinary ~ really beautiful detailing.

As for the marble, in my personal (designer’s) opinion ~ the more patterning the more interesting it is. Especially so as the years roll forward, because you will find more lovely patterns and shapes in the markings with every glimpse.

My Interior Life on

Love all your selections and those Murano lamps are fabulous! Thanks for the giveaway. I”m already a follower!

Jennifer C. on

Those lamps are AMAZING!! I follow publicly via GFC! Thanks for the chance!

jennifercausby at hotmail dot com

[email protected] on

I love calacatta marble, the more gold the better. I also love blue and white and I’m so happy I have about 3-5 years of the last Southern Accents issues. I’ve perused them many times since they had to close. Have a wonderful Friday!

Emily on

OH WOW! I love your marble selections and so enjoy all the magazine pictures you post.I enjoy every step of the building project and I can’t wait to see your home completed. This is such fun watching you build your dream house. Thanks for sharing.

The French Hutch

Kellie Collis on

These are gorgeous! Those kitchens look fabulous! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

Ever - The red house by the lake on

I love those two first marble blocks. So nice!

Just a question though… do you think marble ages well? While I can totally understand why one loves new marble, I have seen so many run-down, old and shabby marble staircases and bathrooms that it has taken my liking for marble away…

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here on

Tina, How exciting for you to be building this gorgeous home and making all the design choices. I know your home will be absolutely beautiful! I love white marble and my parents built a house using lots of it. One of the baths in my childhood home had white marble floors, walls, counter tops and a wall to wall marble sunken tub. The kitchen also had white painted cabinets and marble counter tops. This was the late 1950’s and my mom’s sense of design was way ahead of the times. Thank you for the kind comment on my birthday post. I truly appreciate you visiting and the sweet comments you leave.
Thank You!

Susan on

Great post – lots of happy things! I *love* your bathroom tile! – absolutely stunning!

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