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Good morning! A lot of you have asked about the house….going today to take some update pictures and will update and share tomorrow. Ever since I saw the remake of The Parent Trap, shot in Napa Valley and featuring the then innocent and adorable, Lindsay Lohan, I have been in love with Napa Valley and all things having to do with wine country.  Looking back that is probably where my desire to live there one day started. I admit I fantasize about living there one day, buying a small farm/vineyard, having my own “farm to table” movement restaurant right in the middle of the vineyard and leading “the life” that I envision is all about Napa laid back living. The crisp mornings with the dew still on the grapes gives way to perfect blue skies, low humidity bright sunny days, and chilly, cricket chirping nights…..whats not to love? 

Being surrounded by vineyards, both small boutique ones and larger commercial ones, the topography of the land is breathtaking. I was lucky enough to be there last year and absolutely cannot wait to get back.  Surrounded by a cultured community that is not driven by money, the make and model of your car, how prestigious yours kids school is or what club you belong to, things there are less complicated.  At least in my mind, life there is simpler, a throwback to how things used to be. Then you throw in oodles of amazing restaurants run by renowned celebrity chefs, chic roadside gourmet grocers and you have what I  would venture to say is a near perfect setup. In my own sometimes overactive imagination I will never lose sight of this “picture” of how it must be to live in Napa and Sonoma valley.

 Even if Napa and Sonoma have fallen prey to all the vanities and trappings of their more suburban counterparts, I don’t want to hear about it. I have always, as a result of this fascination been drawn to the homes, interiors and lifestyles of those that are lucky enough to reside there. So today I pay tribute to the Napa lifestyle. Here are some exquisite homes and interiors from homes in wine country. Let me set the tone…its a perfectly crisp, zero humidity day, and its later afternoon with the sun just starting to set and give way to a starry filled night….. I can almost feel the breeze, hear the jazz band playing at the local vineyard, and smell the aromatic scent of fresh grapes getting crushed for the next seasons harvest.

Howard Backen designed this beautiful understated Napa residence
Just love how the outdoors is brought in
With a setting like that I would be eating all day
Just love the walls of glass to take full advantage of the vistas
Rich warm colors work so well with the Napa Valleys natural beauty
Another gorgeous Napa bedroom…the views are amazing
Poolside in Napa…sounds mighty good right about now!
Jacques Saint Dizier designed this beautiful and warm living room in Napa
Gorgeous sumptuous bedroom takes full advantage of the weather and views
I would like to be invited to this incredible setting for just one dinner…..
Stunning master bedroom with a completely open wall to take advantage of cool evening breezes
Picture perfect setting for candlelit wine tasting dinners
Almost looks too perfect to be real!
If this isn’t the essence of Napa Valley at its finest..don’t know what is….
J E Caldwell designed this fabulous rustic stone home
One of my all time favorite backyards….perfection!
Of course this residence is lucky enough to have a separate “art studio” in its own cozy cottage!
Elegant and understated living room in all its earthy neutral glory
Cozy dinners by the wood burning fireplace
Stunning mountainside retreat by Howard Backen
Beautiful backyard pool set high up to take advantage of the spectacular views
Even this bathroom is what I would envision my Napa bathroom to look like, in all its earthiness both in color and feeling……beautiful
This beautiful Napa compound is reminiscent of something you would see in Tuscany
Gorgeous entrance with breathtaking the rich, warm colors
And this is where my wine tasting dinners for 20 would all come together!
Howard Backen designed this stunning Napa residence
High up in the mountain, this spectacular neutral toned living room relies heavily on the great outdoors for maximum impact
Light colored dining area….love those floor to ceiling glass walls…this is perfect!
This is the ultimate dream dining room for me in my future Napa home, my Bossa Nova soundtrack is ready to get cranking….
Breakfast is served in this sunny breakfast room
Beautiful soft toned master bedroom takes full advantage of the great outdoors
Beautiful creamy colored living room…so cozy and inviting, Suzanne Tucker
Love the stone floors and how the bath opens onto a private patio…only in Napa!
Grand stone fireplace adds so much character to this room, Suzanne Tucker
I could get used to eating breakfast outside everyday on this patio overlooking the vineyards
Perfect entertaining space for those cool valley nights, Howard Backen
Fabulous home, love the blue gray accented trim
Grand, glorious but so cozy living room….colors are gorgeous!
A picture perfect setting, a foutain just beyond the foyer doors…..glorious!
Distressed cabinets adds to the rustic elegance of this Napa home, Tucker and Marks
Beautiful and elegant bedroom, love the stone fireplace, Suzanne Tucker
Breathtaking views at every turn
The large open, airy spaces are just amazing
After a hard day of working in the vineyard, you get to relax with a glass of Cab right here…..
My guess is either: 
A. you are in awe of my incredibly overactive imagination and give me credit for dreaming or 
B. that you are reaching for a glass of wine as we speak as this has gotten you in a Napa Valley frame of mind!
 Hope you enjoyed it…..I so enjoyed putting it together and cannot wait to go back to this incredible place. Its bad enough I have already told  asked my three boys that one of them has to  should consider getting married there one day! Hope you have an enchanting day!


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Agnes on

This is incredible. Makes me want to go there right now. I have only been once and agree it IS such a beautiful and peaceful place. We went for my in laws anniversary, they took the entire clan and it was a blast. Visiting the wineries was such fun and the bike riding was a blast. I love the vibe of the place, and you captured it so well, here what a place to live!

The Preppy Princess on

You may now order a chopper to extract me from the midwest and drop me anywhere (*anywhere*) near the Napa Valley. I’m not choosy, very easy to please actually, just kerplunk, set me down and I’m a happy girl.

The Suzanne Tucker fireplace is more-than-sumptuous, and many of the Howard Backen rooms look lovely, seriously so. I was not familiar with his work and appreciate the introduction to his obvious talents.

Great post for this Tuesday!

Kathleen Mullaney on

Hi there
Beautiful homes!

meenal @ maison marigold on

this is unreal..way too much gorgeousness..i am not picking any favourites as that would be an impossible task…absolutely amazing we are on the topic of check out my post on a most beautiful destination!! xx meenal

Mona Thompson on

A little early for that glass of wine. Maybe I’ll come back at 5:00 and re-visit. Actually, I’m sure that I would really enjoy scrolling slowly through these while enjoying a little sip at the end of the day. I may just do that. Have a great day. Mona

[email protected] on

Ooh… I just went on vacation in my mind. Thank you for that! Hoping to get there for real someday. Just need to find someone to watch these boys for me. Gorgeous photos, as usual!

Divine Theatre on

While scrolling through your lovely post it occurred to me that our children would never be naughty if we had a gaping gargoyle fireplace in our living rooms!
Another exquisite and thoughtful post, my friend!


Daphne (Flip Flops and Pearls) on

Awesome post as always!!

I can’t wait til you can link up your beautiful home on my home tour!!

To answer your question, you just compose the post & link at the bottm under Mr Linky 🙂

Have a great day and thanks for your compliments!

Melissa @ Veranda Interiors on

I am actually in the process of recovering form a ‘Nappa State of Mind’ that occurred last night with some new tastings…bring on the coffee! I do know that the recovery process would be easier if I was in one of the home designed by Howard Backen!!

David Toms on

These are all stunningly gorgeous! Thankyou for visiting my blog. I am now an ardent follower of yours!

Brandon @ Southgate on

Oh…be still my heart. I have been lucky enough to visit the wine country a few times…and as you can no doubt relate, there is just a feeling that washes over you when you are there that can’t even be explained. I’m overdue a trip back!

Designs By Pinky on

OMGoodness, each picture was better than the last! I have never been to Ca. but it is now on my “bucket list”!!!!! My heart is singing over these images! Thank you so much for sharing all this loveliness!!!!! XO, Pinky

classic • casual • home on

The views are amazing…and the abundance of windows in the photos are taking advantage of them. Really lovely. I want a weekend getaway there now!

Linda in AZ * on

**** As the saying aptly goes: “YOU… DEFINITELY… HAD… ME… AT…”HELLO”!!!

We all have certain “requirements” to make us feel like we’ve died & gone to “heaven… on earth”… THESE MET MINE (!)~~~ I’ll never be the same again!!! (Uh, maybe that’s a “good thing”?!?!?! Smiles!!!)…

SINCERE THANKS for finding & sharing all this dreamed-about beauty & comfort~~~ you certainly “MADE MY DAY”!!!

Linda in AZ *
[email protected]

Linda in AZ * on

(P.S… I’ll have to choose both “A” annnnd “B” on your “choices”!… Warmest, Linda *)

Acquired Objects on

I would have to choose both A and B since I love wine and your imagination. Those images are amazingly beautiful and who wouldn’t want to live in wine country? I can’t wait to go back!

travelkate on

I had the pleasure of visiting Napa for the first time last October! What a dream-it is so gorgeous! You captured it so stunningly in this post!

Rachel from Birch + Bird on

As a westcoaster myself, the mountains make me feel at home, the vistas beyond some of these home are truly incredible. I’d move there in a heartbeat and I would like to request the very first home, please. Stunning.

sharon on

These houses and interiors are all beautiful but it’s the scenery and countryside and the VIEWS, oh! the views, that do it for me. If I had views like those from my home I’d never get anything done, just sit and stare!

Party Resources on

I have been to Napa and Sonoma many times and just love it! These houses are TO DIE FOR…just love them. I need to plan another trip to sunny CA stat! xx

Natalie on

I think black in the butler’s pantry would be beautiful! I am so excited to see the end product! You are totally my inspiration! My husband and I moved into our first home several months ago. I cannot wait until we can someday build, or I can just someday customize the kitchen!!

Kori on

Wow I’ve never been there and have always wanted to take a trip. These are absolutely stunning photos. I hope you’re having a fabulous Tuesday honey! I posted twice today, so hopefully you can stop by! Kori xoxo

Kellie Collis on

What lovely houses! The rustic touches makes them even more charming! Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

pretty pink tulips on

My first year of marraige, we lived in San Fran, and so frequent trips to Napa on the weekends! There is such a warth and lusciousness to this area.

I’ll get the winery next door!

Auberge de Soleil at sunset – all time favorite Napa view.
xoxo Elizabeth

Trove Interiors on

Love it! I’m a Nappa addict so this post was a treat.

hey noni, noni on

Hi, I love your blog and ideas! I really liked the JE caldwell home and the outside living area of Howard Badan. I have never been there, but I am dying to go!

Ideezine on


Love all these spaces they do say “I’m Home” and “Come stay this weekend” colors are earthy and warm. When we resonate with a “spot” on earth everytime we are there or have an emotional response being there then it’s our “true home base”. Sounds like we found our “home” I’ve had this happen in a couple of places and it reduces me to tears when I spend time there and when it’s time to leave.

Answers for questions above are yes as I’m finishing a pasta dish and will be having a glass of cab as well! Love this post as always it speaks to me. Which means we speak the same language…cheers!


Jennifer @ Belclaire House on

Love Love Love this post! I was in Napa last summer and I cannot wait to go back. I think your idea of the good life in Napa is just perfect. I’m going to have to repost that one white bedroom with the gorgeous view and the bookshelves underneath the window. It’s too wonderful!!!

idratherbeshopping on

love these images! i was just pondering a trip up to wine country since we live close by…we take it for granted! wine country weddings are the best…i think one of your boys definitely should get hitched there!


designchic on

I’ll take A and B. So many beautiful images…Napa is one of my favorite places on earth!!

De tout, de rien on

Our friends and us have been to California twice, but with children, we never made it to Napa. We are saving it for an adult trip! Some day, we’d like to see wine country in France and Italy also. Meanwhile we are lucky to be living about 40 minutes from Niagara wine country and I dream of retiring there, it’s so beautiful! Something about wine country, no doubt.

under spanish moss on

Oh my…just love how the massive windows bring the outdoors in. It almost looks as if there aren’t any windows…a gorgeous uninhibited view. Would love to visit Napa one day. Putting is on our bucket list.

Splenderosa on

Tina, just found your blog. There are no words.
No words. I’m going to post about you on Thursday & use one of your dining table photos, linking back to you, of course. I’m following.

Blithely Unaware on

I literally sighed with joy looking at every single one of these photos.

No words, no words.

Thank you so much for posting these!

[email protected] on

So many gorgeous pictures. Each one was beautiful

Cameron (House Sale) on

All I can say is that it is simply amazing. I’m just so speechless.

Melissa Huntsman on

[email protected]
its one of my favorites too…
I love looking at the pictures and dreaming about the summer parties I could host.

serena at FarmHouseUrban on

Just clicked on your link to this post – a beautiful collection of homes! You’ve described wine country so well – I feel like getting in the car and driving over for lunch today! Thank you for this wonderful post!

ps – the last 8 photos (with the exception of the second to the last) is a house in my neighborhood in Marin. It’s spectacular in person – been on and off the market for years.

firefox stoves on

These pictures are really made for real appreciation.

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