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Thank goodness its Friday……who got up at 4am? Not me, I will confess though I did get up at my usual 6am and its been fun seeing all the royal festivities go down, I cannot lie. No one and I mean no one has the pomp and circumstance down pat like the British…..Kate makes a beautiful bride (but I cannot lie that the ultimate princess was Diana and that dress that Diana wore…oh my gosh that dress..don’t get me started, was that the dreamiest concoction you have ever laid your eyes on, I mean yes I know it didn’t look very comfortable with the football fields of dupioni silk and crinoline but my lord was it spectacular!!!??I truly hope Kate and William will have a lifetime ?of laughter, happiness and mostly friendship, and that they will grow old together. They look genuinely in love and that’s a beautiful thing.
I promised a mini house update….its not a major one, but some exciting things are happening as in bathrooms, yes the very ones that have kept me up at nights, had me drinking that extra glass (or two) of wine, you get the picture but you know what? SO worth it! So here are some recent pics from the house front:
Breakfast room bay woodworking underway!
The beams are quite an undertaking!
Family room has turned into a makeshift wood makers shop
Another view
Some of the elevations for family room
Samples of the plaster moldings for dining room, we are down to the decision making stage
Close up
Sample of a very dusty parquet square
Finished beams ready for the finishing stage
Guest bath, very dusty…but its white marble and ming green..
Basketweave, a timeless classic
A closeup
Sons bathroom…they finished the herringbone, we are waiting for the rest of the border
Almost done!
Final stages……..
The long awaited hubby’s bath…LOVE it!
Close up….
The workmanship is amazing (New Ravenna)
And not to be outdone….the floor I have been waiting for has now arrived!!
My bathroom room floor
Awaits installation…can hardly wait!
I love scalloping……this is Calacutta gold….isn’t it pretty?
The boxes await the installer……

Moving onto today’s post……..So, what do you think about plaid? Well, put all your plaid prejudices aside and keep an open mind. I have to admit I have not always been a huge fan. I mean I have seen them work successfully, but aside from seeing them look picture perfect in Ralph Lauren showrooms and ads, I am not much of a plaid aficionado, lets just say. However in the many hours I spend pouring through my mini bookstore of decorating books and magazines, and of course the vast endless web resources…I have actually discovered that plaid has come a long long way from its country roots and has made its way into some pretty sophisticated glamorous spaces. Plaid is used on walls, floors, draperies, beds, headboards, pillows and accents of every kind you can imagine….and in virtually in every color you can think of. Plaid is really growing on me and can actually be an interesting print in a room. So without further ado, here is my argument for plaid…would love to know, as always what you think! Would you, could you or do you use plaid?
This makes one heck of a strong argument for plaid! Kathleen Rivers
Love the soft gold plaid silk here…very sophisticated, Diane Burns
Michael S Smith works patterns so well as evidenced here, by using plaid panels with many patterns in this elegant drawing?room
This bedroom gets a ?masculine touch from the dark plaid, Elle Decor?
A simple plaid chair gives a lot of punch to an otherwise very traditional room, Traditional Home
Plaid is added to enhance a pretty traditional powder room, Veranda
Michael S. Smith successfully chose what I would think of as a county-ish looking plaid for a very sophisticated looking living room and it works beautifully
Somehow the wild mix of plaids, colors and prints works well here, in a country kind of way Country Living
Plaid walls and plaid drapes give “Ralph’s” study a rich and masculine vibe
The bold plaid pillows here are the main source of pattern in this media room, Sherill Canet
Plaid in a wood floor? Why not! Ned Marshall
I like the punch of color and patten that the royal blue plaid on the headboard and chair gives this room, Country Living
Even on something as simple as a shower can be that little something extra! Fern Santini
Jeff Lincoln mixes a floral from Scalamndre and a lively green plaid
Gorgeous, crisp and clean, Tom Stringer
Elegant rustic country chic plaid, love this space Rinfret Designs
Nancy Boszhardt slipcovered these pretty chairs in this elegant dining room with a red plaid, I like the scalloped bottom detailing….
Proof that plaid is not just a traditional thing! Colin and Justin
This neutral living room gets a pair of bold plaid chairs for contrast, David Mitchell
An assortment of soft plaid pillows adds a little extra punch to this neutral setting, House to home
What a mix! The aqua plaid chairs with?the botanical leaf wallpaper..but it works! Sarah Richardson
I like the idea of mixing plaids with other prints for outside, to keep it fresh and lively
Love how the plaid rug anchors the room here, Sherill Canet
Fern Santini shows how sophisticated plaid can be with these gorgeous silk plaid drapes
Is there any name more synonymous with plaid than Ralph Lauren? I don’t think so.
Love the plaid accent for this fun and cozy sleeping nook, Kristin Panitch
Love the accent that the plaid navy and white loveseat gives this beautiful space, Marshall Watson
Anne Miller chose to add blue plaid shades to this elegant kitchen for extra charm
This sweet styled Swedish bedroom is mad for plaid, Katrin Cargill and Carol Glasser
Tobi Farley used handsome plaid duvets on these beds in this masculine feeling bedroom
Love this room! Paolo Moschino used a plaid linen in a neutral fabric for these beautiful European looking chairs in this beautiful dining room
A soft neutral plaid was chosen for this light filled home office, Better home and gardens
Love how Diane Burns so beautifully used plaid and a solid in this gorgeous bedroom
A modern twist on an old classic, soft colors make this soft and serene
Sarah Richardson mixed plaid upholstery pieces with solids to make a beautiful room
Windsor Smith used handsome plaid panels here for this cozy dining nook
How about using stone to create plaid floors in a kitchen! Kind of fun!
Ellen O’Neil designed this country guest room in plaids using red and white…cozy!
I like the way this lively plaid rug lives up this bright cheery sunroom, T. Keller Donovan
Love the soft muted colors in Thibaut’s plaid wallpaper
Somehow plaid always looks awfully cozy next to a fire….Southern Living
Gideon Mindelson shows how to mix plaids and florals successfully as shown here
Samantha Pynn chose a bold black and white plaid for this fun dressing room
HGTV went warm and toasty in this head to toe plaid guest room!
An old world mix of toiles and plaid work beautifully here in this darling guest room
Sometimes a small accent of plaid is just enough, Elle Decor
Victoria Hagan went understated in this room except for a open fielded plaid rug….adds a little pattern to an otherwise simple room
Well…..what do you think about plaid? Do you have it now in your own home? If not is it something you would or could see yourself using? I am not so sure for myself if I will be using plaid ?on more than just accent pillows and an ottoman or two, (and I love plaids on those) and maybe a loveseat in a library or family room…..who knows! Would love to know what your thoughts are! Happy Friday!


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Blithely Unaware on

Your house is going to be breathtaking.. I literally can’t WAIT to see it.

The wedding was on here over dinner so I’ve been eating lamb roast and drinking champagne, loving it!!!

christine {bijouandboheme} on

Your hubby’s bathroom floor is amazing and I love the pretty scallop on yours too- your house is just beyond…a true fairytale.
Love plaid- to me it’s kind of ugly pretty, which I love.

under spanish moss on

The elevation of the family room is breathtaking. Those beams, the mantel…oh my gracious!!! Have a fabulous day!


My mouth is hanging open in awe from those pictures. Your home is over the top A M A Z I N G!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!
Don’t know what to say…you have impeccable taste. I cannot wait to see more, a new reader to your blog as of a week ago and so anticipate seeing your house updates.
As far as plaid, I don’t have any but am not adverse to using small bits of it here and there as an accent. It can be fun!

Town and Country Mom on

Love all that plaid! In fact, I’m bookmarking this page for future inspiration! Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here on

Hi Tina, The drawing of the family room is spectacular…such a gorgeous room! I love the tile for both baths and the parquet floors. I have red and white plaid fabric now that will be made into a bench cushion. I like plaid as long as it looks clean and crisp.

Anonymous on

Your home is a dream home. I love the marble selections, really gorgeous and that great room belongs in your “wow room post”. I am not big on plaids but you have my changing my mind a bit after seeing this post……

Sizzle and Zoom on

Your home looks like it is going to be magnificent. I like a tiny bit of plaid. Like in the blue and white and yellow living room.

Designs By Pinky on

Your home takes my breath away. It is such a magnificent home! Love your marble selections, hubby’s bath and yours! I do like plaid in some settings. LOved all of your images, especially the subtle ones. XO, Pinky

Jessie on

I love the look of the plaid wallpaper in the modern white bedroom. The room is very beautiful and refreshing. I also the the red plaid tablecloth in one of the pictures above.

Your home looks breathtaking! Those soaring high ceilings and tiles are perfection! Can’t wait to see when it’s all finished!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Lily on

Your breakfast room looks stunning and all the bathroom floors are some of the prettiest I have seen !!


'LUSH' on

OH My, OH MY……without being repetative……the gasps come and then the words flow–beautiful, amazing, magnificent, etc! And, that’s without even seeing the finished product! LOL! Now, in reference to plaid…….I LOVE plaid. I love a serious Scottish plaid in the winter, and a pastel madras plaid come spring and summer! However, I only allow myself pillow accents and coverlets. I have been tempted in my son’s bedrooms to experiment with one upholstered piece perhaps! Nevertheless, I indulged in ALL the plaid photos!

Ispirato Design on

Funny- I found myself thinking about your home this week- wondering what was being done. Stunning elevation of the dining room- suitable for your own royal dinners!
I like plaid in small doses, I especially like the ones that are monochromatic. Have a great weekend.

travelkate on

The high ceilings of your breakfast room is breathtaking! All those marble floors in the intricate patterns are leaving me swooning!

Emily on

I couldn’t agree with you more about Diana’s Dress being the ultimate fairytale wedding dress, like a puffy cloud, and ONLY SHE could pull that off. I think Catherine’s dress was beautiful and lovely on her. Love all your new materials for your home, the marble is awesome. Thanks for all the plaid pics, I love plaid. My dining room drapes are plaid, and the backs of my chair cushions in my kitchen and sofa pillows backs. I would love any of these rooms. Hope you have a great weekend. I just saw President Obama leaving our town after touring tornado damage. After his plane took off from the airport it came over our neighborhood. We dodged a bullet here, many not so fortunate across town. Thanks for your delightful post……..

The French Hutch on

Everybody do the Queen Wave!
Love the scalloped marble for your bathroom! So elegant. The Diane Burns bedroom is dreamy and fit for a palace as well.

Kathysue on

Oh my goodness where to begin…. First, your new home is definitley going to be enchanting, love love love all teh flooring and architectural details. Second, no one does it better than RL he is a master of pattern mixing in an unexpected way!! I am a check girl and I borrowed one of your picts for my files!!! Great post and inspirational images, Have a wonderful weekend. If you have a chance come by my blog to see my interview on Karen’s blog, Strictly Simple Style!! KS

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

Wow! Your house is going to be over-the-top gorgeous! Can’t wait to see it when finished. The tiles are gorgeous and I love the wood.
Yes I love plaid. I love plaid with stripes, solids, checks, florals, you name it. I love to mix them. I always have plaid.
I hope that you have a restful and fun weekend, Tina.

quintessence on

The bathroom are looking great – love the tile work, especially your beautiful scallops. And I just adore plaid. I think my favorites are the Michael Smith, Ralph Lauren and the David Netto bathroom!! Have a great weekend.!

Chic Coastal Living on

O-M-G and by ‘G’ I mean Gosh!!!! Those bathrooms are going to be spectacular!! are you tricking us? Is this Kate Middleton’s blog about her new castle? I mean really…..everything looks so enchanted and regal….You have beautiful taste Tina!! Thnak you for sharing this wonderful journey of yours with us! It’s so much fun to see it all coming together!

Chic Coastal Living on

Oh and by the way….I do love plaid especially tartan for Christmas.

Sundresses and Smiles on

2 Things..
1. Are you planning to have a housewarming party for all of your blog friends? Hehe, I’m so impressed by all the progress on your dream home!

2. I like plaid, but am very particular about it. I actually have a friend whose house has lovely golish/yellow silk plaid drapes like those you pictured and I’m a big fan. I also like the pops of plaid like the chairs you showed, especially the red plaid dining room chairs!

anita on

I can’t decide which bathroom floor I like better!!
Can’t WAIT to see them finished.
Please keep pictures coming of all your updates to the house (big and small!!)

Terry on

Thanks so much for the work in progress pictures. I may have to hire an assistant to look at all your pictures. Best wishes.

Kristine - A Graceful Home on

Love your bathroom floors! Amazing! All of your choices are divine! I also love a little plaid. I have plaid taffeta curtains in our dining room. It’s such a classic and it’s fun to pair it with modern patterns! I liked the media room with the large scale plaid pillows!

Carlin Camp on

I am somewhat if a plaid aficionado,Love plaid in clothing, used sparingly!
What a stunningly beautiful JOB (it is) you are doing on your new home. I suggest CHAMPAGNE! & lots. Lord, the thought you are putting (well worth effort & fun) in your exquisite home, needs some bubbly. Use a straw heete, I would:)

Interior Design Musings on

The plaid feels so campy and fun, but more importantly, you hubby’s bathroom – LOVE LOVE. Your bathroom (to be) I die!!! choking at the pictures. It is going to be over the top!! M.

Amy @MaisonDecor on

Your marble floors are amazing to watch unfold. I have never seen a scalloped tile like your gorgeous marble ones. (wiping off drool)…um, and yes RL is the king of tasteful plaid. You know, an editor for Romantic Country just asked if she could submit a photo of a plaid drape I had made for an upcoming feature on…PLAID!

Lori @ Projects Plenty on

Wow,I am again picking my jaw up off the floor. The beams in your great room are beautiful and from the look of the drawing, that room is going to be spectacular. I can’t wait to see which plaster moulding you go with in your dining room, both are beautiful, especially the one on the right. The marble floorings you have chosen are all gorgeous. I, like Amy above, have never seen a scalloped marble tile like what you are putting in your master bath. It is so much fun looking at your house update post… thanks!!!

Jennifer @ Belclaire House on

Your bathroom floors had my mouth watering. I love every single pattern you picked out. Someday when I build my dream house, I’m going to refer to your blog and tell my contractor, “do that.”

Thank you for this plaid post as well! I plan on incorporating the family tartan into my son’s room when he gets older and this will give me great inspiration!

classic • casual • home on

Your tile choices are exquisite! I love the small windows in the family room. Such great architecture…this IS an enchanted home. You will never want to leave. Think of the parties you will have! The pampering in the gorgeous bath room! This is so fun to see the progress.

Seaside Style on

The tile to quote Mary Ann “is exquisite”.! This home is just amazing! Plaid….always classic and timeless.

Jo on

I don’t know where to begin … it’s just amazing! To think I was overwhelmed with a {small} kitchen renovation 🙂 Your home is going to be so beautiful ~ I can’t wait to see the finished photos. There is just something about plaid that offers warmth and a cozy feel. I love to pull it out during the autumn drop in temps and decorate with it during the holidays.

Have a great weekend ~

Mona Thompson on

I’m still picking my jaw up off the floor after looking at your bathroom floors. Incredible. there is just no other word. Your home is going to be magnificent!

Karen on

Your marble floors are exquisite! I just loved them. Perfectly done!

for the love of a house on

I love the checks/ two-tones, but I’m not a fan of the three, or more color plaids… go figure!

Your home progress is wonderful, I adore your marble choices. You home is truly amazing!!


A Casa da Vá on

Tina I have been wanting to write about your house updates since I first saw it in my mail box (see I get your newsletter!) but I guess I wanted to really absorb all in and try to translate in words how exquisite your taste is! I think your breakfast room came straight from heaven… and your choice of tiles is just impeccable. That is it, your house is becoming the most beautiful house ever!!

Hugs & kisses from Rio!

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