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First I just want to say I was so profoundly touched by all of the many messages that I received yesterday about Teddy. Thank you so very much for your concern and kind words, you have no idea how comforting they were and how much they meant to me. Blogland is indeed a special place filled with many kindred souls. Teddy, who is on restriction thanks you as well!

Who didn’t?fantasize just a little after seeing the movie, ” Under the Tuscan sun” about escaping to the hills of Tuscany, scouring the land for an abandoned ramshackle old villa just waiting to be resuscitated and taking it on as a summer long project? I know I did and in fact still do! ?If I were to take on such an ambitious project, I know just how I would want the interiors to look, not too contrived, casual but elegant, using a lot of natural materials readily available from the land and neighboring community, stone, rich old and antiqued woods, old stone floors?for flooring, simple materials but built to last for generations to come. Rich and vibrant colors…….. I would want lots of warm colors, yellows, golds, apricots, oranges, do you see it? Of course the outdoor spaces would be equally important, with the views and vistas that the hills of Tuscany affords, you must take advantage of the opportunity to wine and dine outside as often as possible. I get excited just thinking about the possibilities!! So for all my fellow dreamers out there, this is for you! What would you do with your Under the Tuscan sun dream? Besides grow your own little garden and vineyard and happily feast on the very fruits of your labors……..what a dream it would be! So, here is a glimpse into how my life might play out over in the hills in Tuscany. Welcome to my little enchanted villa………welcome to “Villa La?Tina”.

With a setting like this, I will have all my meals right here, thank you very much! Arch Digest
Love the stone against all the greenery…..picture perfect!
This epitomizes the Tuscan kitchen to me, everything at the ready for plenty of cooking!
Mark Long Fletcher used lots of rich colors and gold walls to create the warm Tuscan feel
Mark Long Fletcher kept the stone walls to keep the authenticity of the Italian villa
A big beautiful open room such as this one with muted colors and soft wheat colored plaster walls make this a room to live in and enjoy, Joe Nye
This wonderful old monastery table might be what you would find in my kitchen just waiting for a wonderfully prepared meal to be served!
The warm colors of this pretty Tuscan kitchen is what I envision for my kitchen, Art-decoration
You might find large open stone hallways like this one, House Beautiful
This is THE perfect setting to entertain my guests and visiting neighbors for those perfect al fresco evenings, and of course you have to have the roaming neighborhood dogs! (Teddy’s new buds)
You might find an old somewhat worn looking bath like this one, but there is something charming about it…..(as long as I have my trusty bottle of Lysol with me)
Jacques Saint Dizier created this large, warm cozy seating area in the colors of the Tuscan sunset
This bathroom with its drapers table converted to a sink base provides lots of storage
And since I am dreaming..lets go all the way! How about this peaked stone wall for a bedroom!
Wouldn’t it be neat for your large Tuscan kitchen to look like this one! Wow what an entertainers dream! I can see the food and wine flowing now, hands flailing into all hours of the night!
Gorgeous antique piece in the kitchen, awaits your daily picks from the garden! Michel Arnaud
There would be plenty of open spaces such as shown here for easy access….Art-decoration
Of course I must have a pool when in Tuscany right? And this will do just fine! Elle Decor
The must have apricot drapes to allow in that unmistakable Tuscan sun come sunset are a must have!
The Tuscan looking bath would feature lots of rich warm woods, Country Living
A table for two..what a view! I would have my morning coffee in this spot……..
This is the most updated your Tuscan home might look, they kept?however the wide planked floors and the raw beams and doors, Montaluce Estate
The kitchens in Tuscany are not necessarily big and fancy but can be small and very charming, Art-Decoration
My humble little backyard with a view worthy of a postcard, Teddy would love running around here…….
A typical Tuscan kitchen awaits a big bowl of freshly made pasta and lively conversation!
A dressed up Tuscan bedroom, love the painting, the fabulous chair….I will take it! Boutique-Italy
Could also see a bedroom like this with the over sized stone mantle for those cool evenings and the tall ceilings and aged timbers being part of my Tuscan vision, Country Living
I promise the first night you come, I will set up outside just like this (wine included)
A Tuscan kitchen suitable for any cook….ready for your guests! Montaluce Estate
This will be me after a tough day of gardening and minding the grapes! (If only my Tuscan bathroom would look like that)?
Pure perfection without touching a thing….
The copper pots will see plenty of use, and check out that view, could result in a few burned dishes…wil have to be very careful!
Jacques Saint Dizier added patio furniture to take full advantage of this incredible setting…….
An old fashioned bathroom like this one brightened up with lots of white would be a great way to add some light to a Tuscan bathroom, Country Living
Jacques Saint Dizier used warm earth tones for this bedroom to take maximum advantage of the magnificent vistas…..
This table is meant for long meals and lively conversation!
This wonderful little spot is a great corner to grab a book and read, love the rich colors! Arch Digest
This bedroom with its apricot walls and worn Persian rug exudes a Tuscan vibe,Kari McIntosh
Paolo Mariotti designed this fabulous Italian villa in the hills of Tuscany
This rustic Tuscan feeling bathroom has a charm that is low key but practical, Decorpad
Mark Long Fletcher kept this new home looking old and authentic
This adorable little setting is perfect for our lunches of fresh pasta and basil from the garden!
This stone villa is what I might imagine my little Tuscan villa to look like… me a dreamer
Kurt Woerner designed this simple pared down living room….love that fireplace!
Ilaria Ferragamo designed this elegant foyer
Ilaria Ferragamo brought the outdoors in with these large open doors
Kurt Woerner kept the villa in its original state and added new furnishings meant to look old
I would leave this as is….picture perfect!
With a view this good…I might never leave
This my friends, really IS as good as it gets!
Goodbye from under the Tuscan sun
I owe you a sincere apology, I know this was a cruel post. Those last three pictures were particularly harsh. I know they probably evoked strong pangs of wanting to book the next flight to Italy. Hey, at least I spared you pictures of the food from Italy. Now that would have been truly barbaric. Believe me putting this post together?made me feel that way the entire time! Isn’t it just magically delicious? What a dream to go and spend a summer there! OK, I will take a month. How much fun would it be to go and really immerse yourself into the culture by moving to a small village and living in a home in the hills of Tuscany and growing your own little garden and surviving off the fruits of your labor? Invite your new neighbors over to taste your newly sprouting basil and they invite you, to taste their newest wine. Your biggest worry is what time to call it a day after gardening, reading, your afternoon nap, cooking, washing the days picks from the garden, maybe a trip to town every few days, receiving guests every now and then. That’s about it. Ugh……..I did say dream, didn’t I ? Hope you enjoyed this post……what do you think? Does spending some time in Tuscany sound good to you? Hope you have a wonderful day!


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these photos are absolutely breathtaking. i love every single one. and yes, you’re right… now i will be daydreaming about hopping on a plane to italy all day.

i just read your post from yesterday… so, so, so grateful you found teddy and he is safe and sound in your home now… i can’t even imagine.

This is such a lovely post.
I have been to Europe a few times but never Italy.
It is at the top of our travel list though so maybe someday soon!
Gorgeous images. Wow.
Those kitchens and outdoor table settings are magical, yes!
Thanks for putting this together.

You have convinced me, Tuscany is my next trip. My husband will not thank you though since he wants Hawaii! Oh my is this post ever amazing. Wow, the views, the colors, the feeling of the land is just other worldly. You really captured it so well……those last three pictures have me floating on a cloud. Thank you 🙂

Dreamy indeed! Let’s meet for a lovely long lunch. I’ll bring a few bottles of Chianti. Sound like a plan?
Thanks for a little Tuscan sun on a gray Seattle Tuesday…

what an amazing post! We stopped in Tuscany during a Mediterranean cruise a couple of years ago and I knew that one day I would have to go back and really take it in – thanks for the reminder! xo

OMG Tina!!! I could look over and over again to these gorgeous pictures!! Oh yes it would be sooooooooooo nice to spend some days in Italy!!! Maybe we should organize a blogger meeting one day there!!!
Wonderful post Tina! Thank you so much for sharing all these amazing images!!

I missed the whole Teddy missing story yesterday – so sorry to hear you and yours had to experience that, but here’s to happy endings.

These Tuscany-style photos make me swoon! Having just visited Italy last fall, I am now fully in love with all things Tuscan and these pictures don’t help with my love sickness 🙂

I loved it all! I really liked that upstairs hallway early on…so romantic and “European” to the max. 🙂 All I really want to know is, when am I invited for a big bowl of pasta and a dip in the pool? I’ll bring the wine! 🙂 I will be there a month from tomorrow so I’ll scout out some more great pics for you. 🙂

I love all the bathrooms in this post! I went to Tuscany with my fiance in the middle of winter last year and it was still breath taking! The pace of life is so relaxed (the driving not so much), we lived off prosecco and pasta for a week, it was bliss!

For some reason, your blog will not open on my PC (I can access it through my iphone and ipad, but it’s cumbersome to leave a comment that way), so I’m sad that I don’t get to read it every day, except when I can sneak a little time in during my work day.

I love all the images – especially all of the exterior shots! My husband has never been to Europe – I’ve told him that the one place he has to visit before he dies is Italy. We’re talking about going there for our 25th anniversary (which is in a little over two years from now).

*** … and THAT’S what one MUST CALL “HEAVEN on EARTH”!!!

Since we lived in Europe for 18 years, MANNNNNY warm memories came flooding back… the “problem” is that I really want to rent a villa and stay a whole summer!!! (“Problem” because my husband could NEVER go that long without playing golf at least 5 days a week! Oh, POOP!)…

Lovely Tina, just lovely! THANK YOU!
Linda in AZ *
[email protected]

the thing i do love about ‘tuscan design style’…
is the texture,texture,texture.

and the italian late sun is the most beautiful golden orange-
which a few of your images have captured.
thank you for the very short vacation.

No doubt that your posts feed my “unique home, lovely home, gotta have it home, can’t be anymore beautiful home” addiction! I am breathless! I…I….I….I can’t describe the euphoria I feel from the LUSCIOUS Tuscan images! Thank you, Tina!

Love the pictures! I never knew what style I was decorating my house in, but it must be Tuscan. I love all the photos.

You can see very similar amazing mountain views along the California Central Coast – you don’t really have to go to Tuscany 🙂

Oooh, dear Tina, I would come and visit you right away! Lovely pictures! And if you tempt me to go to Tuscany, yeeeees….I was there for the first time in my life in October and Tuscany stole my heart! I so loved it! What an enchanting and beautiful place and the food and wine – I don’t even have words!! Thanks for taking me with you on this trip! Have a lovely day!

xx Kristin

I love love loooove that movie and ever since I watched it I can totally imagine myself immersed in a small village – sounds like a dream! Oh never been in Italy, you making me crave even more…

ps; thank you for your lovely comment, you are always so cute!

Hugs & kisses from Rio!

No! I do NOT want to go to Italy….because I might never come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! These pictures took me there and then some, what DREAMY images! I doubt I will ever get there so thank you for this virtual little trip! XO, Pinky

OMG Tina I was gone all day yesterday so didn’t read your post about Teddy being missing until just now. Thank goodness he was rescued! I know what you must have gone through I would have been a basket case if Dylan ever disappeared. I’m so glad Teddy’s back home safe and sound.

I briefly looked at your post today because I kept thinking about your Teddy so I’ll have to go back later and read, the pictures looked amazing!

Tina, you can plan my Tuscan get away any ‘ole day!!!! This is really giving me pangs of agony as our summer vacation has been planned…and the boys won out. Atlantis!

xo Elizabeth

First, I don’t know what’s up with Teddy. I am so sorry. I have been a little absent with following my blog friends these past days because I have been completely covered up. Really, I’m just trying to keep it together. and this post…probably one of my favorites. I’ll have to come back when I have more time and save many images. I absolutely love every one. I am so drawn to this look. I love rustic elegance with warm colors and neutrals. I just hate the way the entire “Tuscan ” look has been ruined by all of the cheap fakes and imports and heavily textured orange walls. I’m sure you know what I mean. The real thing is anything but that. These pictures are the proof.

I like that villa la Tina! I need a villa la Desiree! Loved that movie so much…I think I’ll watch it again! These photos are so awesome….I can imagine drinking Italian wine and dipping Italian bread in olive oil while I watch the boys play football with the vineyard in the background…..ahhhhh.

Wow! I usually can’t choose one favorite amongst your many gorgeous images, but for this post, my favorite is hands down the top image! I plan to someday go to Italy! I had hoped to do a January term abroad at some point, but alas, the time got away from me!

Oh my God Teddy!!!! So, so glad he is back with you. Our dog went missing a few months ago and I literally could not breath I was so distressed. She was back in our arms around 6 hours later. I hope it never, ever happens again.

These photos are stunning and I want to be in Tuscany now, it’s freezing here. Tuscany looks like a much better option.


Yes! Ever since I saw “Under the Tuscan Sun”, this experience, along with France, has been on my bucket list. I love everything about the scenery, the villas, the style…Someday….!

I absolutely love the rustic pot rack! Any idea on where to purchase this or find one similar?

Absolutely love the pictures….. would have loved to visit each of those places. Love Italy….. wish for a home in Tuscany before it is too late to enjoy it.

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