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Hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend! We are headed to a friends for a bbq, but the rumbles of thunder and ominous gray clouds are telling me we might not be having our bbq party al fresco as she planned…..

When I first started blogging in January, I did a post entitled “pictures that strike an emotion” on random pictures that just send me to another place. I am amazed at the ability of how pictures and images can truly transport us to another place even if only for  a few minutes. Sometimes at the end of a very hectic day(lately very often), I need those little visuals to allow me to “decompress” and they are great aids in really helping me unwind. Since I had very few followers at that time, it is likely most followers didn’t get to see that post,  but it remains today one of my Mom’s all time favorites, so I decided to bring back round two of that post and include some of those images as well as a few new additions, all things that really strike an emotion with me. I just love each and every one! Inspiration comes in so many forms, small things like certain foods  and big things like fabulous buildings and landmarks. Creative things like incredible art or a movie that moves us to tears. Then awe inspring things like nature.  Do pictures have power over you like that too? Are you a very visual person? Please take a look and I would love to know what you think and as always if you have a favorite! Mom….this ones for you!

What’s more inspirational than our beautiful American flag?

A table for two with the surf at your feet……sounds awfully nice!

Relaxation overlooking the ocean on a perfect calm humid free day with not a care in the world.
A table for two in this most splendid courtyard brimming with white flowers in full bloom!
Napa Valley….this is my personal ultimate heaven.
Can’t imagine waking up to a grander more beautiful room Christmas morning!
Whats more beautiful than seeing a bride and groom……..seeing them on a beach!
Tomatoes right off the vine out of your garden, still warm from the sun…yummy!
Watching an elegant horse show
How about the magic of seeing a snow covered tunnel of trees on a unplowed road with the sun just barely filtering through?
A glass of chilled white wine, freshly picked grapes sitting al fresco
Dinner for two on a remote beach…sounds great to me!
Whats prettier than seeing a magnificent horse grazing at pasture at a beautiful horse farm?
How about the majesty of seeing a beautiful yacht race? 
A rustic table set for two in a vineyard! I am so there!
Is there anything as breathtaking as the lavender fields in Provence in full bloom?
Need I say more?
A beautiful farm in the country at sunset
Magnificent Rio De Janeiro…..that is one inspirational city!
Walking through a beautiful spot like this during the peak of fall foliage
Checking into your oceanfront Caribbean hotel suite for a week…BLISS!!
Pumpkins and hay…signaling that fall has arrived!
Arriving to Capri for a week of relaxation via your private motor yacht?
A big old fashioned country wedding!!!!!
Magnificent coast dotted wtih all the fabulous Newport mansions in Newport, Rhode Island
A serene boathouse on a lake, like this one at Blackberry Farm
Loire Valley in France… a place that literally takes your breath away!
Sitting at a chic bistro in Paris people watching…ahhh fun!
The quintessential ski town of Aspen at dusk……like a little jewel
Gorgeous Hawaii…pure paradise!
Visiting a farmers market and choosing from the colorful fresh picks of the day!
An evening “stroll” in Venice
A walk in solitude with mans best friend along a canopy of huge towering trees…..
Visiting a favorite musuem and taking in the splendor
You are never too old to enjoy an old fashioned Popsicle….its quintessential summer!
Spectacular suns rays streaming through the canopy of moss covered trees in the Deep South
Ahhh….Paris in the springtime, I hear the accordions playing my song
This is perfection right here. All that’s missing is a book, a stack of magazines, a cool tropical mojito, a few tidbits to snack on and silence!
Well, hope you found some inspiration here of your own. Did one picture really do it for you? Would love to know which! Wishing you a wonderful Memorial day!


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mwaxter on

Happy Memorial day to you too..sunny skies here but
yesterday we had some rain. This post was incredible. One inspiring picture after another. Beach shots were my personal favorites, as I love the beach and water and sun!
But that popsicle picture brought me back to being a 9 year old girl during the summer in Maine with my cousins:-)

mwaxter on

PS and that last picture, agree that is perfection. I would like to be there right now!

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms on

I’m so glad you re-posted this one, it deserves more comments – the snow covered trees are pure magic. I actually love winter, and sunny morning when the sun make everything sparkle, oh….

Luciane at on

I love the picture of Rio de Janeiro. I was born in Brazil and our natural beauty makes me proud. πŸ™‚

Gorgeous images, Tina.

Have a Happy week!


Luciane at

christine {bijouandboheme} on

For some reason the yacht in Capris stood out for me- not sure what it was about that one but it just seemed so serene/luxurious. This whole collection is lovely- also adored the snow shot and the walled garden- so pretty.

Suburban Princess on

Since it has been raining here for 25 days, anything but rain looks amazing! I love the yacht with the hot tub!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle on

So many of those images also struck a chord with me. Napa is one of my favorite places on earth, my husband and I renewed our wedding vows on the beach in a ceremony he secretly planned and surprised me with…Loved this post.

Portuguese Prepster on

I love this post! All the pictures are stunning. I can’t even pick a favorite! I am very image oriented-I save all my favorites on my computer and go back and look through them from time to time.

Amy @MaisonDecor on

Beauty in so many different forms. I loved the first home and the paris street cafe and the tremendous castle in the Loire Valley and the air shot of Sugar Loaf in Rio (I lived there as a kid). Thanks for taking us on a world wind tour of beauty.

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

These a re beautiful images. I am lost on my favorites now. I will tell you if there was snow I’m in. So beautiful.
Have a nice Memorial day at your friend’s home.

Barbara@HausDesign on

So glad you posted these again since I hadn’t yet discovered your blog at that time! I love how you covered the different seasons – every one has its own beauty and you captured it beautifully! I think the second picture is in Thailand and my husband and I often dined like that in the evenings while there on our honeymoon, so it brought back wonderful memories! Thanks Tina!

AB HOME Interiors on

Have a wondeful weekend! Wonderful photos!

Conspicuous Style Design Blog on

Tina, these are beautiful. I was so intrigued by how the images ranged from everything from popsicles and fruit to luxurious vacations to shots of nature. It would be terribly difficult to pick a favorite, but the first one really hit me with emotion, being memorial Day. Thanks for such a wonderful post!

Kathysue on

Tina, beautiful images, The ocean and the fresh produce struck a cord with me. The ocean is no surprise but the produce surprised me. I guess I am hungry for some fresh tomatoes!!! Lovely post as always, have a wonderful memorial day, KS

Heather@SatisfyingSpaces on

What wonderful images to look at on such an important day to remember how lucky we all are to have freedom to enjoy the beautiful things in life. Nice!

I hope you are able to enjoy the bbq!

NanaDiana on

Tina- I studied every single picture- How beautiful-each and every one. However, I am ALWAYS drawn to the ocean picutres because that is where my heart lies! xxoo Diana

Sizzle and Zoom on

Lovely images! But my favorite is the fields of lavender. I would want to be there to photograph that magnificent site and take in the scents. Happy Day!

Carlin Camp on

Lucky to have experience most EXCEPT Rio De Janeiro & chomping at bit to go. You have made the perfect excuse ( a trip through visual magical wonderland), allowing for me to partake of ONE of my tip top fav. things……a ~Memorial Day weekend NAP:)~!Forgoing a few bbqs (Ill not be missed, ton of folks)
Had kids grad party yesterday, was exactly as I envisioned & Momma is whipped.
HAPPY HAPPY Memorial Day weekend to you Mrs. Enchanting!

Emily on

You absolutely have beautiful images for us today, breathtaking scenes. So many of those locations I’ve been fortunate to visit. One image near and dear to my heart, the tomatoes. My daddy loved growing tomatoes and he knew how to do it. We always enjoyed a snack of a warm tomato right off the vine. Brings some happy memories to the surface for a day of remembrance. My daddy served our country in WW11 along with so many others.
Hope you al fresco dining wasn’t spoiled by rain today…..

The French Hutch

Anonymous on

Popcicles, a country wedding, dinner for two on the beach, watching a yacht race (looks like Sydney Harbor), fresh tomatos off the vine, a farmers market, snow topped trees,Hawaii, Aspen, France,the moss covered trees,wine in Napa….. this is almost too much intoxicating beauty for one post. Almost. I will come back again and again for a visual feast for my eyes. LOVED THIS!

Anonymous on

This is one AmaZing post! Thank you so much for making this beautiful post. πŸ™‚

Regards Malena from Hello hello Baby

Acquired Objects on

Fabulous images but right now the chilled glass of white wine with freshly picked grapes is my favorite after a long weekend of working outside. I hope you enjoy your BBQ Tina and happy holiday!

pretty pink tulips on

I missed the first post, so I’m thrilled you did an encore presentation!!

I honestly love every image, as it transported me to different countries and various seasons. I’m a big believer in “bloon where you’re planted” and enjoy each moment, so I think I would be happy in any one of those pictures.

The sun is out on this side of LI Sound…so I’m thinking you’ll get to enjoy that al fresco dinner.

xoxo Elizabeth

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. on

Beautiful images of all types evoke lot’s of emotion in me. that’s probably the reason that i blog. I can’t stand the thought of missing any of it. Some wonderful imagery here. Hope you have wonderful time at your friends. Mona

Sundresses and Smiles on

These images really did strike some emotion in me!! I absolutely adore that American flag decor! I also saved the country wedding image to my computer so I won’t forget it down the (very long) road when I am getting married!

quintessence on

Don’t know that I have a favorite among these beautiful shots. So much beautiful inspiration!! Hoping you had a wonderful holiday weekend!

Kristin on

An evening stroll in Vencie for me! I got to do that last Summer and that experience stays with me forever! Romantic Venice!! πŸ™‚ What a beautiful post, Tina!

Kristin xx

'LUSH' on

As much as I am ALL ABOUT the glamorous life, and taking in the beauty of this world, there is something that touches me so deep with the simplicity of an American home dawning the flag and the popsicles! Nevertheless, I enjoyed taking in every single image!

Chic Coastal Living on

Thank you so much for these beautiful images!! I’m inspired!!

Mariela on

This is SO BEAUTIFUL. It took my breath away.
I love your blog!!!! So much eye candy, this was
the best post I have seen yet. The images of
the beach, the farm, Rio, the country wedding,
the walk and the trees in the south are incredible.
Excellent job!

Simplicity on


This post really striked me…

Especially the snowy picture…

It´s from my home town Leksand here in Sweden. I drove trough the birch avenue today on my way to the library…

Tonette on

Very beautiful images… you’re right they touch emotions… loved that table for two in a vineyard… it just carried me away. Thank you for this blog. Keep up :=)

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