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Good morning! Hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable weekend!! I cannot believe I have 502 followers!! This is big news for me as I remember when I reached 75 and wanted to run through the tulips… this is really something. THANK YOU for following, for supporting me and for your always much appreciated comments and emails…keep ’em coming, I absolutely love them and they make my day~?

I must admit I have a vision and a fantasy (call me a daydreamer, because that is what I am) about what it must be like to escape to the picturesque English countryside in all its proper gentility to the perfect and quintessential English country home. I think of idyllic thatched roofed country homes, grand tall imposing country homes, laden with ancient stone floors, beautiful furnishings that have been handed down from one generation to the next, walls lined with centuries old oils and antique Persians covering the grand sized rooms floors. Young ones taking off in the morning on their bicycles?to fetch the daily baked breads from the neighboring?bakeries. Gardens overflowing with?the earths goodness, being tended to lovingly by the lady of the house, by choice of course. House guests?coming from near and far on weekends while week days are spent anticipating their arrival and stay. There will be lots of boardgames, gardening, riding, and quality time spent together after all this is the country! ?Yes, I realize this is probably not much more than a fantasy and if such a thing exists it probably does with only a handful of people (at least I want to believe that). But its fun to dream and as I always say, ?dreams are what keep you doing, wanting, and wishing (at least for me) So today is a post all about “my interpretation” of life in the country, but not any country, the glorious and picturesque English country. So come on and please join me as my weekend house guest..and let me show you around!

Its just our little country “cottage”…
My living room though formal and quintessential English is still very inviting, Mario Buatta
This fabulous but incredibly cozy living room might fit in quite well into the English country house look, Suzanne Kasler
This dreamy bedroom would be a beautifully understated “country” bedroom, Suzanne Kasler
My charming breakfast room will have a long wall full of shelves to display my wonderful collection of transferware?and will be painted the perfect shade of milky green
The main “stair hall” might resemble this pretty space, photo by John Martinelli
Yet another lovely bedroom awaiting my next guest, by Mario Buatta
The back entry might look something like this, muted colors, but highly refined Colefax and Fowler
And this lovely little spot is where you might catch me writing my thanks you and letters….
I will spend a lot of time tending to my manicured garden
This might be one of my beautifully appointed but old world feeling bathrooms
For lunch we might gather in this charming small courtyard to nibble on finger sandwiches
Driving up to my English “humble abode” might look something like this
If I am incredibly lucky, I may even have a basement wine cellar that is as sumptuous as this one!
Ooooh, I can’t wait to show you my rose garden!
Love the warm glow of this library…where we will gather for a nightcap!
One of my guest rooms may look like this, bathed in creamy splendor! John Fowler
I will spend time reading and putting on my riding boots in this lovely green room, Jill Morris
My English home might be covered head to toe in English ivy……
My kitchen and butlers pantry might look something like this
And when you need fresh linens, please visit the “linen room” photo by John Martinelli
A sitting room meant for idle chat and tea, Mario Buatta
One of the kids will get this wonderful little bedroom suite! Nicky Haslam
When I need some down time, I will escape to my little “home office” Mario Buatta
The back garden might resemble this beautiful scene, Arch Digest
Our early dinners will be had in this cozy paneled dining room, Heather G Wells
In the morning we can meet for crumpets and scones in this quaint little spot to discuss the days plan
The elegant front entry ?is beautiful in a old, worn sort of way, the prequisite riding boots and various sized hard hats sprinkled about are a given! John Fowler
You will find me many afternoons in my cutting room trimming the newest pick from the garden, photo by John Martinelli
What a wonderful spot for our afternoon high tea, Heather G Wells
This might be one of my guest baths, old fashioned but elegant!
Of course there will be plenty of riding!
My stable of show “ponies” eagerly await your arrival!
The tack room is at the ready!
In honor of your visit, we have built this lovely pool pavilion! Photo by John?
Here is another guest room which might suit you…..Janie Petkus
For the cool summer evenings, we will all gather here to play board games and regale each other?with our days adventures…..
So here is a recap of the weekend at my English country home (like you need any convincing to join me) using a very fun mosaic resource I learned about from the beautiful blog,
?The French Tangerine?(definitely visit her blog, lots of eye candy) and might I say I had a lot of fun doing this, so here is a forewarning- until I get this out of my system you might start seeing a lot of these “recaps” 🙂
So what do you say? Think you would enjoy being my house guest for a weekend? Would the accommodations be up to snuff? I sure hope so…looks mighty good to me! I must run along and carry on….do hope you enjoy a wonderful day.?


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Hello Tina,

Yet another thing we have in common…. I’m also a dreamer and I truly think its a good quality. Can you imagine a life without dreams? Oh, I just cannot! 🙂

You made me dream in this morning… lovely, Tina!

Thank you for preparing this delightful post for us.

Wishing you a very blessed week!


Luciane at

What a milestone to have over 500 Followers! I hope to achieve that some day!

The Mario Buatta-decorated house you have shown is in Tulsa. I have just recently completed a project there that overlooks this beautiful garden designed by Connecticut landscape architect Peter Cummin.

We would love to visit your guest house any time. Such beautiful spaces! Adore the breakfast room and all of the outdoor spaces. The stable is over the top! Just put us in either of the bedrooms.

Well what made my heart skip a beat was the linen room and the pantry! So I’d like to book a visit to come and stay for a week~congrats on 500, it will be 1000 soon!

If we had to go to England together to choose a home I might think that we woulf fall in love with the same house!! What a gorgeous pictures! Me too I love the English countryside and the charming English country cottages!
That tea corner reminds me of you breakfast room, it has the same windows!
Great post my friend!
Greet (yes again anonymous!!)

I to am a daydreamer. Usually i’m dreaming of France, but I’ve had my share of English Countryside dreams. I am afraid the only real ones I’ve seen are glimpses from a train window through the English countryside. Beautiful rooms here, love the butler’s pantry and linen room. Wow, do I need those room…….Great Spaces!

The French Hutch

I would also love to come, although it appears you already have a waiting list! 🙂 Tina, I’m not surprised at all that you have over 500 followers – your warmth and love of beautiful spaces comes through in your gorgeous, thorough posts – you deserve every one of them – I’m glad I found you and your blog!

I would love to be your guest! Only problem is I may never ever want to leave, love your ideas of an English country house, an area I would love to go to also!
You really put this together beautifully and I copied your “recap’ its so beautiful. One can always dream 🙂

Gorgeous-Gorgeous-Gorgeous- Each room prettier than the last. I have a few of those cut out and saved into my inspiration file..that one with the pool pavillion has been in my files for about 5 or 6 years I think!

Ummm…when you hit 75 followers and were dreamiing of leaping through the tulips you WERE picturing yourself fully dressed, weren’t you?;>) Reminds me of the song Tiptoe Thru The Tulips and what the heck ever happened to Tiny Tim and Miss Vicky?

Hope your Monday is wonderful! xo Diana


I love all the life you’ve infused in this post. In my landscape drafting class (years ago) we had to pick a type of garden, research it, draft out the garden layout plan and complete a plant list and some photo’s as our final.

This post reminds me of the work and fun this was. Cottage gardens were known as working gardens which provided everything, food, flowers, herbs and it’s what we’re drawn to in our daydreaming adventures and I love it. Old world ideas with modern conveniences are such a great match.

I would be honored to come and spend some time in a daydream. I will test out the transportation by daydreaming into the huge picture over my fireplace in the livingroom (like Alice in wonderland) and will arrive instantly…lol

This is such a fun post for Monday and a lot of work with consistency in theme
I appreciate all the great photo’s…Thank You!


Tina, after seeing this post I think I need a linen room not a linen closet, can you imagine, oh my just lovely in every way possible, Kathysue

Tina, what a wonderfully sweet comment you left for me at Remodelaholic. I have to say, the thing that has surprised me the most about starting a blog is how NICE fellow bloggers can be. I have received so much support from you and others, when I actually expected it to be a little competitive (NOT my thing, so I am so pleasantly surprised). You are a true asset to the blogosphere, and I’m SO glad I “met” you early!!!
xo Stacy

You have definitely captured my attention and WOW do you have a vision. That tack room is just everything you would ever want in a tack room. I will have to save that photo for my equestrian daughter.
Your inspiration files must fill boxes and boxes – so many wonderful ideas and details. I hope you get everything you ever dream of and are enjoying the process of building your dream house.

My best- Diane

I’m all about that linen closet! Always, always love a rose garden! And, I’m daydreaming about that back garden………..yes, I can feel myself there, and it’s heaven!!!!

From a fellow “dreamer” I LOVE your idea of dreaming in the English countryside You certainly nailed the picture perfect idea of a home ” in the country” and I would be delighted to be a guest at such a grand home! The stables alone would be a treat to stay in:-)
The gardens, the bedrooms, that pantry and linen closet…..I would sleep in any of those rooms!
Beautiful, I know coming here I am always in for something so special, nice work Tina

Congratulations on the follower numbers, that is fantastic! I love your description of happy – ‘running through the tulips’ is a fabulous image, it makes me smile.

Much as I enjoy the exteriors of most English cottages, the interiors (by and large) are not for me. Too fussy and too many things, too much ‘stuff,’ it would make me insane. Having said that, the linen room you showed by John Martinelli is bliss on a monitor, I liked it a great deal.

Enjoy an outstanding week!

I really love the Suzanne Kasler rooms. What a gorgeous grouping of photos. I love the english style. It is so warm and comfy.
Have a wonderful Tuesday Tina!

The prince of chintz certainly does find himself at home in an English country manse – loved sharing your daydream and seeing all these lovely images!

Uhm Tina? How am I supposed to get any work done after this post? When Mario Buatta restrains himself, I see the real genius in his work. That guest room with the canopy is superb.

My bags are packed!! Your dream “cottage” is definitely similar to mine. Love the kitchen and butler’s pantry and the outdoor spaces are heavenly…is there anything more beautiful than a manicured garden, and the ivy…charm personified!!

Congrats on 500 followers–so exciting! I LOVE looking at pictures of English cottages! I love the living room and bedroom (pictures 2&3)–the wood, stone, and fireplaces look so cozy!

I will work in the butlers pantry for the weekend if I may please? The glowy bedroom with the drapes falls into my daydream believing mode full on! So stunning this.

Bags are packed and ready to join you for an English Weekend …
Each photo better than the one before – I can see why you have over 500 followers. I am now following you and thank you for finding me!

I can see that
you’ve really
thought this through!
I think that I could
crawl into that
picture of the “night-
cap” room and live
there forever : ) !!
What fun; I’ll be
right over….
xx Suzanne

Hi Tina! What a beautiful home you dreamed up! There is too much here to even begin to tell you everything I love… Love it all, but especially the floors on the butlers…I got to 100 followers last week and was over the moon :). Can’t wait to hit 500… Congrats, you deserve it

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