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Good morning and a warning- you are in for a serious treat and design overload. Think your senses can handle it? I first found out about this award winning duo, quite by chance,  looking thorough a house magazine and fell in love on paper with a house that Fairfax and Sammons designed. I marveled at the exquisite architecture which to my untrained eye was so spot on and architecturally correct. The house looked like it had been there forever, the way it was perched so perfectly on that hill surrounded by an elegant and mature landscape. I had to read to confirm that it was in fact new construction…I was very impressed. This had me intrigued as we too had just started building and it was our goal to create a home that would make you ponder whether it was new or had been there awhile. I looked them up and in fact fell in love with their entire body of work. Traditional for the most part and just brilliant. Anne Fairfax and Richard Sammons head the namesake firm along with thirty employees which opened its doors in 1992.  Incidentally Anne and Richard are married which I think is so neat!

I would choose this boutique firm in a heartbeat as their style appeals to me a great deal and represents fine and classical architecture for today’s living. They have offices in both New York and Palm Beach but their work has taken them all over the globe. Their work has been published, as you can imagine in just about every important design magazine and publication. You can see from this post that their impressive body of work runs the gamut from English arts and crafts, Revival and Palladian to a British colonial seaside residence. They are well versed in so many fabulous styles, which is just one reason I think their firm truly sets them apart. They are full service meaning they are there from the first moment pen is set to paper to create your dream/vision all the way to the crowning touches in the interior design.

I was very fortunate to have been able to interview this uber talented duo and it was such an immense pleasure! I am inspired even more by their philosophy regarding design and now that I have gotten to know them a bit, know they are very deserving of the many awards that they have been bestowed upon them.  On top of getting this wonderful interview they have also graciously donated a signed copy of their incredibly popular design book, American Houses!  If you don’t already own this book you are in for a serious treat and a feast for the eyes! So without further ado here is the interview…..

To be eligible to win the book, all you have to do is leave a comment here stating what your favorite home or interior space is from this post. That’s it! I will announce the winner on Thursdays post! Enjoy…

Thank you Anne and Richard for this wonderful interview and fantastic giveaway!

What is the earliest inspiration that each of you can remember that sparked your interest in architecture? Anne: I went to high school in Honolulu in a David Adler designed villa based on one of Florence called La Pietra. It profoundly affected me to be exposed to great architecture at an early age. Richard: going to undergraduate school in Granville, Ohio exposed me to Greek Revival architecture- its charm and simplicity, achieved with very modest materials, really struck a chord with me.

 Did your upbringings, family homes, or environments have any influence on your ideas and in shaping your thoughts regarding architecture?
Anne: We moved around quite a bit when I was young, and lived in many different sorts of houses – Colonial Revival, Mid-Century Modern, etc. and ended up in Honolulu where the lines between inside and outside are decidedly blurred.
Richard: I worked as a stage carpenter in college, building sets for plays. We would build a perfect 18th century house set in a few weeks time and it opened my eyes to the magic you can create through design. I also discovered architectural proportioning systems in architecture school, which is the key to everything.
 In what part of the country do you do most of your work and how are the architectural wish lists different between, let?s say, the north and the south?
Most of our work is in the Northeast, with Florida running a close second but we’ve designed houses from California to Hong Kong, there is really no limit. Each owner and locale is unique, so it?s hard to say what the differences are.
 How would you best describe your firm?s design philosophy and does your firm have a “signature style”?
If I were to say, what sets us apart is the passion and excellence that Richard and I bring to the design process as well as being sure that our clients know that they come first. For instance, we have an owner who is generally only available on weekends and major holidays and we always accommodate meeting with him, whether it?s Thanksgiving or whatever. We’ve never taken our success, or our clients, for granted.
 What are three basic principles of architecture that are non-negotiable in your eyes?
Well, there are those Vitruvian principles of firmness, commodity and delight… which still hold true today. Firmness defines sturdiness and construction integrity, commodity ensures that the structure fits the needs of the owner and delight provides for pride of ownership, whether it?s for the present owner or the next.
 Do each of you have a personal favorite style?
Who would be a dream client? A dream style home to design? And finally, a dream location on which to build this dream home?
Anne: I’m a tropical climate lover, so my personal favorite would be a client who wants to build a house with natural ventilation and has an intimate relationship with the natural environment. I also love to use water in design, so a pool or a series of pools that are integrated with the design of the house is also desirous.
 What has significantly changed in architecture in the last 20 years? As an example, it seems kitchens have become serious focal points as have master baths. You hear about the increasing popularity of his and her baths; have you seen this or other significant trends in your own firm?
Stylistically, I think there is more of an acceptance and expectation that residential design will be based on traditional models. When we were in architecture school in the 1980’s, our professors told us we would never be able to have a career in traditional house design…… and that has proven false. Houses have, of course, gotten bigger, and we don’t necessarily think this is a good trend.
What is one major trend you are seeing in residential architecture today?
Owners are more sophisticated about what they are asking for when they come to us. Increased travel and exposure to architecture and design has educated all of us in the past 20 years.
 Is Frank Lloyd Wright overrated?
Anne: Hah, that’s funny. FLW was essentially an architect who owed a lot to the arts and crafts movement but gained a reputation for the Prairie Style. The American post- war suburb has been blighted with this style as it trickled down to the developer level. In contrast, the housing stock of the Colonial Revival era is much more aesthetically pleasing, at least to my eye.
 How has the current economy affected or impacted the architectural world, particularly the higher end of the industry?
Anne: We’ve seen pricing come down in the construction industry, both in construction
and the subcontract sectors such as millwork. Many builders are just barely hanging on, and are working at very low margins, which is neither healthy nor sustainable over time. The market for high-end design services has not abated as those with the means to do so, will continue to want uncompromising design.
 Have you ever traveled out of the country specifically to visit a specific architectural wonder because you were so inspired by it?
Anne: Richard and I were blessed with a sound architectural history component to our education, and we share a passion for historic architecture. We spent our youth visiting old colonial houses in Virginia while we were in school at the University there, and we continue to make architecture a focus of our leisure travel. For instance, we went to Rajasthan and saw the Taj Mahal – it reminds you of the power of design that can speak through the time.
 Anne, this is for you – Why do you think there are so few women architects?
Anne: My architecture class was made up of 50% women, so it is a bit of a mystery to me why there are so few women in the field. My thought is that women are not as visible in the industry because they are not heading up their own firms right now, however I do see a trend in many firms, such as Robert Stern’s office, in promoting younger women to partner level. I think it?s an excellent career choice for women, you have to be super organized and it helps if you can multitask easily, which I think comes easily to women. Women are natural team players and aren’t necessarily looking to ?own? a project but instead take pleasure in being a good team member. It?s inevitable that there will be a steady trend of more women in the profession in the future, but it will take time.
What is the average-sized home that your firm designs? Does your firm also do renovations or just new construction?
Anne: We like all sorts of projects in the office, and all sorts of sizes. We design both new residences as well as renovations and additions. We are also very good urban designers, which a lot of people don’t know about. We designed a crescent in Poundbury, Prince Charles’s new town in Dorset,, England for instance.
 What project management services does your firm provide? Is it full service? Anne: We are a full-service firm, taking the project from the initial schematic design to
final punchlist and post-construction completion. 
 How long is the process from start to finish on average for a residential
Anne: That’s a bit hard to generalize, but it is best thought of as a year to a multi-year
endeavor. There are ways to speed it up, but keeping in mind the three variables – time, quality and cost – if you compress the process, you will be compromising at least one. If you want to substantially speed it up, you can keep the time and quality, but it will cost more.
 Is your firm getting involved with green or sustainable design? If so, do you foresee this becoming the big trend that some are saying it is destined to become?
Not to blow our own horn too much, but the greatest approach an owner and architect can take to the art of building is to build with good, durable materials, in a time-honored way.
 How important is finding the property and studying that land prior to designing the home on which it will be built?
The saddest thing for us is to visit a site, after an owner has purchased it, and discover that it has some fatal flaws. This has happened on numerous occasions, such as a site that’s sited towards the north in the northeast, or if there is a large mountain that shades the site starting in the early afternoon, being too close to a noisy highway, or near train tracks; there is only so much one can do to mitigate the negative impact of these factors on a site. 
What are one or two of the biggest mistakes you see in today’s residential architectural practices? How much time do you have? All kidding aside, and setting aside the issues we have with the developer-driven housing market, the key issue we have with other architects? work is the lack of literacy in standard traditional design, and that extends into the simple detailing of materials. For example, one architect, whose work we respect, set stone columns directly onto a stone terrace without taking into consideration how that stone would interact with water on the terrace. Less than a year after completion, water was wicking up the column, and creating deterioration in the stone. The traditional method is to create a stone stooling out of a more durable stone, such as Istrian stone, that resists water absorption. If you have a passion for classical architecture, it?s not always about the sheer aesthetics; that passion must extend into the details. Unfortunately the education of an architect today does not cover these issues, and it?s left up to the individual to continuously observe and learn throughout one’s lifetime.
 Do you have a favorite material that you like to see in construction, say…brick, stone, clapboard or another material?
We prefer the time-tested materials, used in ways that enhance their beauty and durability.
 What country in your opinion has the most magnificent and inspirational
We haven’t been to them all, but Italy has to be up there in the major Pantheon of best countries for architecture. It?s all there.
 Will we ever see periods of architectural splendor as we did during the Renaissance, Beaux-Arts, Gothic, and Baroque periods, or does the prohibitive costs of materials, labor and scarcity of land make this impossible to recreate ever again on that same grand scale?
That’s a good question… and one that’s difficult to speculate upon. It takes a perfect combination of an educated and sophisticated client to create the demand, coupled with a sizable budget as well as the right talent to create and execute; I wouldn’t rule it out. Certainly, in the Dark Ages the Renaissance couldn’t have been predicted!
 What is in your opinion, the single most treasured architectural wonder of the world?
Great questions! The Taj Mahal comes rather close.

And now the icing on the cake…..may I present the fabulous work of Fairfax and Sammons!

This fabulous British Colonial is positively regal!
Love this hallway and that floor!!
Love the colors and tones in this fabulous library
Love banquette seating, don’t you? The red gives it such a lively pop.
Fabulous and decadent dining
Stunning in its soft tones…love the floor
Creamy splendor!
Gorgeous country kitchen, picture perfect
How beautiful is this dining room?
This is a bedroom after my own heart……
Fabulous high in the sky two story library
Love and appreciate the details here on the moldings and paneling
Stunning transitional space
Beautiful brick wall detailing
This is a Gothic Revival restoration….fabulous
Beautiful family room/great room…gorgeous detailing
Stately Federal house style home
A room with a view indeed! Love the way that window is cased
Palladian style home built in Hong Kong
Georgian style residence
Its all in the details…..
Magnificent poolhouse….
What a vision!
English Arts and Crafts
Indoor pool…..
Love this space!
A gorgeous Georgian Revival addition
The old is made to look new again….beautiful!
What a gracious entry….love the door and the chinoiserie!
This is what I would refer to as a breathtaking room
Elegance abounds
Absolutely sumptuous master suite
Fit for a king…..decadent master bathroom
Spectacular new Jeffersonian residence, so stately!
Arts and Crafts stone cottage
The materials used give this room such integrity, don’t you agree?
Such a refined residence, an elegant Georgian Arts and Crafts home
Love this fabulous and elegant kitchen
This is such a rich looking dining room, love the dark green paneling
Fabulous pool house
Charming shingle style renovation
Such a grand but welcoming foyer
What perfection…..a vision in white
Love these windows and the volume of this beautiful space
What a picture perfect setting
The grandeur of this room is spellbinding!
Talk about knowing how to situate a home!
This is classic architecture at its finest
This is one magnificent loggia
This space is absolutely dreamy!!!! I am in love with everything about this room
How grand is this!
All I can say is “wow”
Love the electric mix of styles here
Always loved the character a washed brick interior wall gives a home
That is a mighty impressive body of work! Many thanks again Anne and Richard. Your work is truly awe inspiring. To be eligible to win the signed book giveaway, just leave a comment here stating your favorite image above. I will announce the winner on Thurs.morning. Have a wonderful day!


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pve design on

Talk about sensory overload. My husband would call those homes “big shoe shines!” Wow, what a portfolio! Great give-away!

Val on

I love the architectural detail on the exteriors and interiors! The proportions and symmetry are fabulous. Very difficult to select a favourite, it’s like a box of chocolates – so many lovely ones to choose from!

Thanks for such a “detailed” post!

Jane and Lance Hattatt on

Hello Tina:
Well, this is certainly not an easy choice to make. On balance, we should probably settle for the Georgian style elegance for the apparent simplicity of the design, the symmetry, the clean lines and the relative compactness of the house. We also much admire the parterre which appears, judging from the pictures, to link the main building with the pool house.

But, of course, you show so many startlingly wonderful images that in all probability if we were to look again in an hour, we should change our minds!!

Poundbury, of course we know, but were not aware that Anne and Richard had worked there too. How positively splendid.

Anonymous on

Nearly impossible to pick a favorite! They are amazing at maximizing natural light in a home. The woodwork is amazing! Reminds me of a home someone is building 🙂 I love the Brittish Colonial! Wendy (Twist of Lime)

Luciane at on

I’m debating about this post. I don’t know what I love more, the post itself or the giveaway. I guess, both are equally fantastic!

the interview got my attention, the interiors made me dream and the giveaway is making me excited! Wow! Many great emotions here! 🙂

Have a wonderful day, Tina!

Luciane at

Susan R. on

Having a husband as an architect makes me more intune to design, scale and good balance. I am familiar with them as
I know someone who commissioned them for a renovation, the end result was truly spectacular, and as you said their work does not reflect the “newness” that you see with so
much new construction. There is much integrity in their work. I think the British Colonial would be my favorite exterior and that peach room thats very grand towards the bottom just took my breath away, Since I own the book I will refrain from being part of the giveaway but whoever wins will surely enjoy it. Delightful post.

Susan R. on

PS LOVED the interview with them, fantastic questions and equally engaging answers!

Interior Design Musings on

First, what an amazing coo for you. The interview was fantastic. As for it being easy to enter your giveaway by stating your favorite of their work – I could not disagree more! Please don’t make me choose – The entire portfolio is stunning! M.

Susan on

It is impossible to choose a favorite from these magnificent homes and interiors. I think I can relate to the beautiful blue bedroom and hall with the slightly wore oriental rug and antique cane chairs. I know I could spend hours up in that bedroom just looking at the their book. Between the houses, the landscaping, the mouldings and the flower do you say heaven!

Laura on

These are all so amazing! If absolutely forced to choose, I’d go with the brick detailing exterior or the kitchen area you deemed ‘dreamy’. That’s as far as I could possibly narrow it. 🙂 This is one talented couple. J’adore!

Portuguese Prepster on

wow what an amazing interview!!!!! I love the creamy splendor living room-so classic and elegant.

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ on

I’ll take the first British Colonial on the gulf coast of Florida, please. Put my name in the hat for the book. Thanks.

pretty pink tulips on

WOW….these two are incredible talents! I love everything they’ve designed but my favorite image is the Jeffersonian residence. I love symmetry and dream of a pool and grounds just like that!!

xoxo Elizabeth

Greet on

Oh Tina, you have treated us today!! I want to look over and over at all these wonderful houses and rooms!! I love all of the interiors and as you I am in love with the same room as you are! Wonderful floor, wonderful steel windows, beams!! OOhhh you made us dreaming today!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle on

I can only choose one favorite? I really love several with interesting detail on the ceiling but the living room with the floor to ceiling fireplace is most “me”.

Laura Bradley on

So much fun…as usual! I love this post,one of many, the best…as it has the color that I have been looking for on the walls. I have shared it with so many people..THIS is what I mean…its a very hard color to come with..its either too peachy or too orangy or too pink…or too rust…its a mixture of all. Thanks for the try for the book. I do so love to get your postings each and every day. Its what I do when I drink my coffee in the morning! Peace to your heart, Laura
Can I post a picture? I will try…

under spanish moss on

The architectural detailing in fabulous. So many beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces. Thanks for the introduction to Annie and Richard. So many it’s hard to choose a fav. We love the soft colors in the British Colonial.

Katharine H. on

My favorite is the Palladian-style home in Hong Kong. Wowza!

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

How are we supposed to choose? Every single room is perfection.
I love the cream living room and the cream dining.
This is a post full of gorgeous rooms. Wow.
Have a nice day, Tina.

Karena on

The image of that Georgian Pool house and the gardens is breathtaking!!

Tina have a great week.

Art by Karena

I have a New, very fashionable Giveaway on my site! Come and enter!


that was probably one of the best interviews I’ve ever read! Kudos! I love their work! Thank you for introducing them to me! Hope I win!

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

TINA….I am on overload INDEED!!! WOW…you really know how to REEL us in to luxury! MY FAVORITE SCENE is that family room with the beams and the antlers! PLEASE INCLUDE ME IN YOUR GIVEAWAY! I am a follower, for sure!!!! Anita

Carla@DesignintheWoods on

What a remarkable body of work. Great interview too. Thanks for the introduction. You do such a thorough job. My favorite image is the white living/dining room with the round windows above the arched ones. Such a magnificent space. I’m a follower!

Anonymous on

I absolutely love the blue and white bedroom. As you said, it is a bedroom after my own heart. I think I have found a new project to keep me busy after my daughter heads back to school!

D. Lynn

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Fabulous interview and of course, SOOOO much gorgeous. Loved this collection of architectural elegance.

ennistbp on

I have also admired their work for several years. Thank you for the interview. My favorite pic on this post is the gracious wallpapered entry.


While all the houses are stunning…I will inmediatelly move in to the English Colonial, the regal one, you know…thank you!! OMG!, they’re all to die for and maybe in my next life, I must believe in reencarnation for this! Thank you for sharing and for the interview, do hope I win that fabulous book, at least to drool over and enjoy. In case I win, I have an American address as well. Have a great day! Fabby from: FABBY’S LIVING.

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What a wonderful post. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Love the cream living room. How fabulous it must be to create such beauty.

The Preppy Princess on

Another stellar post, another fabulous giveaway! I think the fave room for me is the one near the top with the red/white banquette seating, it just looks cozy and elegant and fun, all at once.

Sending you a smile!

Sush on

Ohhh I would say the fabulous grand entrance foyer. It evokes such a welcome and stunning feeling all at once! Thank you for the posting and interview.

ruediger benedikt on

really very stylish spaces, it makes you feel at home, the interview really proves that both are very profesional, they know what they are doing, bringing lots of joy into the homes from these lucky homeowneres, fantastic post!

Kari on

What an incredible interview! Thank you for such a delightful post. You have made my day and I have so enjoyed each and every beautiful home. My favorite has to be the spectacular new Jeffersonian residence. The residence, architectural detail, landscaping, took my breath away. My new dream home. I would LOVE to win that fabulous book.

'LUSH' on

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Lauren on

I have to say that the banquette seating photo is my favorite. I’ve ALWAYS dreamed of one in my kitchen and our new home has the perfect spot for it (just not in the budget right now!). The curved look of this one is gorgeous, and I’m definitely tucking that away for when we do get a chance to put something like this in. Thanks for doing a giveaway!

Ideezine on

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Ideezine on


What a fun twist for summer an interview blog post. Love all the homes and learning about Ann & Richard’s wonderful body of work…amazing. Just for today I select photo’s #48 exterior and #49 interior ask me tomorrow and it would change. I love architecture, it’s styles, moods, and changes through time as history and great minds have created and left for us to discover.

I loved my architectural history classes and history of garden classes which really is training your eyes through details until they become flash cards in you mental database. Learning to live as a detail-multi-task designer rewards you with extraordinary experiences. Ann & Richard are a treasure and I’m glad to read their answers to great questions. Would be very excited to add their book to my design library.


Heavenly Housewife on

What absolutely exquisite settings!!! When I see such beautiful rooms, I sometimes like to imagine myself inside of them 🙂
*kisses* HH

Emily on

You did a fabulous job with the interview, thanks for the introduction. The architectural differences are madding, I love some of all. Each home I loved a little more than the previous one. You always make it so impossible to choose so I’ll just say I love them all, but if you are going to give me a key I’ll choose the Georgian Arts and Crafts. I fell for the kitchen…….

The French Hutch

NanaDiana on

Tina- What an exquisite post! I LOVE everything about their work. One of my very favorites however, is the two story library followed closely by the dining room that follows it! lovely, lovely, lovely- xo Diana

Anonymous on

Oh my goodness! All of these images are stunning! I literally said “ummm” out loud when I saw the Georgian residence with the stunning boxwood garden in front – so that must be my favorite – but honestly there are so many amazing photos here.

Thank you for the opportunity to win!
Angee B. 123

Agnes on

How incredible it must be to have the gift to design
such fabulous homes and then to realize your different
visions over and over….I can imagine the thrill they must feel when a home they have designed is complete.
I really enjoyed the interview, great job!
Such an interesting couple and obviously ridiculously talented. The Jeffersonian home is hands down my
absolute favorite but I would happily take any one of them!
Thank you for creating this fantastic post.

Nita {ModVintageLife} on

Too many beautiful photos to pick just one but if I must. The brick porch with the dog sleeping on it. It’s not even styled….but I just want to sit on that porch with the dog. Loved this interview. A beautiful traditional home is always a beautiful home throughout the ages.

I LOVED your question about FLW! They politically correctly answered it. I totally get what FLW was bringing…and he created beautiful homes….but yes…it was the trickle down effect that was soooo bad. So many ugly little houses devoid of details is what his influence was on modern architecture for the masses unfortunately.

Traditional lines are traditional for a reason because they are pleasing to the eye. Even if a building is modern in style….the best looking ones employ traditional lines. I love a modern buildings built of very modern materials but built in a traditional shape. A peaked roof is always pretty…and it sheds the weather well. We have two big oil companies here both building new buildings currently. One is building the largest skyscraper in the southwest and ruining our skyline…it will dwarf all else in our city and is just a big glass tower. We have lots of land and no need to build up…it makes me mad to see such an ego driven building going up. But the other company has been building many buildings instead of one large building. The owner of that company is very interested in architecture and he wants to improve his community and enrich it rather than build a huge building in the middle of it that will destroy the neighborhood feeling. This company started out with several three story brick colonial type buildings. They are now doing larger….six to eight stories and they are a bit more modern with lots of big glass windows…but they have traditional lines and it is brick mixed with glass and white framing. He builds parks along with them…..landscapes all around that area of town. Builds pretty places for his employees to go. That company is building with keeping in mind what is good for the community…not just building a modern monster to show off. ….oops…got off topic….

The French Tangerine on

Hello there! What an intense post indeed! I love many images including the libraries… such warm colors! But my favorite is the living room with the arched beams in the cathedral ceiling… reminds me of my own, but much grander and cooler! Love it!
Thanks for this great post! And for your comments!!

Conspicuous Style Design Blog on

Tina, what am amazing duo, they are SO talented. Great post! Ps…I love the long, wide arched hallways done in creams and black accents.

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Designs By Pinky on

I have to choose ONE iamge??? How??? There are so many I love! But, I would love to have a loggia! I love to entertain and would have people here every weekend if I could! So that is my pick right now, in a littlew while it could certainly change! I ahve followed you for a long time now and am always delighted at your posts! Please enter me in the wonderful give away! XO, Pinky

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InspiredbyFrench on

Tina, all of the images are beautiful, therefore making it hard to narrow down to just one. But, my favorite has to be the beautiful two story library. It looks so inviting. I can see myself browsing my extensive book collection, choosing a book and curling up on one of the sofas to read until I fall asleep on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Sizzle and Zoom on

Beautiful stunning images of their work. They can do tropical and lots of pools for me. I love the room where you said WOW with the orange color and that magnificent chandelier. on

I can’t resist the stunning entrance in the Georgian Revival addition. The exquisite detailing in the door reflected in the ceiling rose–the chinoisserie wallpaper….all perfect and “attention to detail”! How can you not be happy in that house when you arrive through that door??

Have always lusted after their work–such a wonderful emphasis on craftsmanship!

The Devoted Classicist on

I like the poolhouse that is two pavilions linked by a pergola with an outdoor fireplace.

Kellie Collis on

These are gorgeous! What’s not to love? Enjoy the fabulous day, Kellie xx

Irma Murray on

Absolutely breathtaking! Incredibly gifted architects!

Ginger on

Reading your posts continues to be my daily pleasure. Again, thank you. I share your enthusiasm, but you continue to train my eye and refine my taste. This post is another great example of how you deepen my understanding of good design. Your blog is your gift to us!

I love so many of these photos, I don’t think I could select just one.

Best to you,

Irma Murray on

My favorite…..the Jeffersonian stately residence! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics!

Market Decor on

Wonderful post – love it! I adore the classic foyer and halls, molding, brickwork, so well done! Great job – Thank You!

Jill Balli on

Love so much the red and white banquette kitchen,
I would love to sit there and read books to my
grandchildren. Thanks for the lovely pictures.
You are now my favorite blogger, I recently just
discovered you.

Jill Balli

Jennifer @ Belclaire House on

Such wonderful work! I’ve loved that kitchen for awhile now and that grand pink room is amazing. I love their work and their attention to detail! What a great giveaway and great interview!!!

Mel@Georgica Pond on

Fascinating. I love the entrance with the beautiful chinoiserie wallpaper – so beautifully elegant.

Karen T. on

WOW, WOW, WOW!!! That’s about all I can manage to say right now! I love it all! My favorite, however, is the charming shingle style renovation!

Sharon (Roses and Rust) on

You have given us an impossible task! All the interiors and exteriors are stunning. What a talented team. But if I’m forced to choose – the living room with the vaulted ceiling, wooden beams and exposed brick fireplace. I couold spend all day, everyday, languishing there. Fantastic post! X Sharon

Things That Inspire on

Fairfax & Sammons have won several Shutze awards, and I have been a fan of their work for years. I believe the stately Federal style house in this post is one of their Shutze winners.

I love the picture that you noted as the gracious entry, with the beautiful sidelight windows.

Victoria on

These homes are all quite beautiful and elegant, but I love, love, love the Georgian house with the well executed parterres, complete with armillary sphere-topped fountain, facing a charming pool house. In fact, I would be happy with the pool house — more suitable to my lilliputian scale.

Thanks for sharing all these images.

mwaxter on

I just ordered two of these books! One for myself and one for my cousin who is in school to become an architect. Their work is just beyond. I am familiar with them and in fact sent this post to my husbands partner and his wife, as they just are now buying a beautiful piece of land in the Hudson Valley, to build a country home, and I think these architects could be perfect for what they are hoping to achieve. Such a treat to have seen so many specatacular homes in one place. Thank you-

Marianne {Style For Living} on

How on earth am I suppose to choose a favorite?! So much to love here. The Jeffersonian residence pool is pretty spectacular! Thanks for opportunity to win! xo

David on

I LOVE the two story wood paneled library with the spiral staircase, it’s fantastic!

Anonymous on

I LOVE the Photo of the Banquet Seating in the Kitchen.
Thanks for such a great post. Loved it!!!

Anonymous on

I LOVE the Photo of the Banquet Seating in the Kitchen.
Thanks for such a great post. Loved it!!!

Tiffany from HOLIDAY on

My absolute fav is the very first one – the white colonial. Great post, Tina! Happy 4th!

Acquired Objects on

Great interview and lucky you to have met these two fabulous and talented designers. I think my favorite image would have to be that kitchen with stone floors and steel arched windows, that I could move into immediately. There really are to many stunning rooms to choose just one.

Danny Fisher on

“What a vision!”: somehow that might even be an understatement. I am unabashedly in love with the Georgian style residence’s poolhouse. It reminds me of a classical orangerie, but it playfully replaces the mass between the double columns that would typically house a more formal statue with glass that opens out in perfect symmetry with the Georgian main house (which I should add, has a beautiful brickwork pattern). Wth this formal architecture I completely agree with the decision to plant a geometrically rigid French garden. In the end I think the reason I like this particular image so much, is how much distinctive style it exudes with very few ornate details; but rather the appropriate proportions in column spacing, architrave, parterre of the site plan, and the colors of the knot gardens all collectively work together to comprise a unique whole that feels like home, not a temple.

Sidenote: the interview is most appreciated, please keep them coming!

Dumbwit Tellher on

Magnificent post Tina, a real thrill to see their work but also to read their marvelous interview. I was one of those women that set her sights of becoming an architect back in 1975 and gave up the dream to get married. One of my biggest regrets to abandoned that dream; however my youngest brother did chose to become one. Anne and Richards talents are astounding and so hard to choose just one image. I’m a huge sucker for pool houses and the one with the center fireplace with two small joining structures is enchanting. Thank you for the great read and the visual thrill today.

xx Deb

Brandon @ Southgate on

I can only pick one?? Oh my gosh…I’m going to go with the Jeffersonian residence because I know from my own work experience that doing a house that seemingly simple and pulling it off as successfully as they have is infinitely harder than doing a more complex house with an abundance of roof forms and ornamentation. And they really nailed that one!

Seaside Style on

Tina, really now? Do I have to choose one?LOL. Overload! Their work is beyond divine! How lucky were you to be able to talk with them? May I add an excellent interview.. Oprah has nothin on you! Okay if I have to pick one, The bedroom of the first house, and that insane master bath. Happy 4th!


classic • casual • home on

Such amazing talent. I recognized the red and white banquet that has influenced at least two of my friend’s kitchens. Oh I want this book! Such a delicious menu…my first inclination is “the vision in white.” Is that Palm Beach?

Anonymous on

Hands down the room that hits my senses has to be the “spellbinding” melon colored room with double chandelier and the 2 matching white chinoiserie mirrors. I can do with out the furniture as it does not enhance the room to the fullest for me. Oh what we could do decorating this, Tina.

I am without email and am suffering not getting my blogs from you regarding your building updates and “we” are getting so close for the decorating to start. I don’t want to miss one minute of that.

I loved when you found your wild peonies. The color is dazzling.

You have found a big fan in me. Continued success in all that you are doing.

Blessings, Melinda Bennett

travelkate on

A fabulous interview with interesting and well thought out questions…I was riveted! Especially with their work, so incredibly beautiful and impressive! Definitely sensory overload! I think I will have to say my favorite is the British Colonial!

Renae Moore on

OMGoodness, their work is stunning. I love the home that looks like it is on an island. What a beautiful spot. I would just love their book!

Anonymous on

Tough choice! I am going with English Arts and Crafts. Amazing homes.

Gail Peterson on

I love everything don’t you! I probably love the Jeffsonian estate with the pool it is simple but so chic!
Thank you so much for the beautiful post!
Happy 4th of July!

Carolyn@SweetChaos on

Really, Tina, I have to pick a favorite? I think having to follow 20 different people on FB and Twitter would be an easier way to enter the giveaway! There are just too many fabulous spaces! I would take any one of them, but I love the kitchen and 2 family rooms with the tall ceilings and wood beams.

What a talented duo! Thank you for sharing the great interview with them 🙂

Bahri on

I love “elegance abounds”
The chairs and table,
The design is stylish, simple and restful.but elegant.
The small paintings give a lively note, the bronzes just the right sizzle
The architectural model is a beauty.

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