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Good morning! Don’t?know about where you are, but we have been experiencing a heat wave, the temperatures in the high nineties wtih humidity that could turn even the straightest hair curly. Today we are supposed to get relief…..finally!?

Venturing a little?off course today, but we have to spice things up in life, right? I occasionally am tempted ?to venture off the course of design and decor every now and then so hope you understand. Change is fun and good! I realized the other day when I was watching someone ignorantly make me a sandwich in a deli WITH NO GLOVES that my list of pet peeves is extensive and growing fast!! It got me ?thinking about all my hangups, many I think I share with others but some I wonder if its just me who is too picky, discerning or detail oriented or if its a legitimate gripe. So I decided to list my current list of pet peeves, I am sure there are a few that I left out and that can change hour to hour but for the?most part these are the things for now that really bug me. In fact this could easily become an ongoing series with how many I am adding to my collection on a seemingly daily basis…lol. ?Would love to know what you think! Whats your biggest pet peeve?


And now I present to you my ?ever growing list of pet peeves, ?I know some of these ?will make you smile and you will nod your head with having had the same feeling………at one time or another!

1.When you are at a place of business, need a pen to sign your credit card receipt and they take it from behind their ear (yuck) and hand it to you…gross!

2.People who stick their cell phones automatically on the table FIRST while you are supposed to have a leisurely lunch (sometimes they even do this before they say hi to you, supposedly the person they are there to see) and the said phone does not move from table.

3.People who talk while they are chewing their food.

4.Cashiers, while ringing you up, ?who suspend the item?in mid air,?which?they are supposed to be scanning, while they hold a conversation about their weekend plans with a fellow cashier. (this always happens of course when you are rushing to be somewhere).Then they slowly start to scan the item, UNTIL the other cashier comes back with a question to your cashier, in which case the “suspension of your items in midair” happens all over again-and if you dare say something, you get the evil eye (of course this always happens when you REALLY need to get out of there! ?They CANNOT?obviously talk and scan at the same time…personally I think it should be mandatory from now?on when hiring cashiers, do the?”scan and talk test”.

5.Someone next to you?talking on the phone with let’s?say a mutual acquaintance?and then saying “insert YOUR NAME, is dying to talk to you, hold on” (to get themselves out of having to talk)?and then proceeds to hand you the phone while you are wondering how she got the impression you want to talk to the person in the first place

6.People who work in a food related business?who are handling food (that you are?going to eat)?who don’t ?use gloves, typically ?the same person who after having a pen or pencil behind their greasy ear all day hand you the same said object to sign a receipt with…YUCK!

7.Being in a hotel room, ANY hotel room and seeing kids play around and wrestle on the gross carpet or even grosser bed comforters..seeing their mouths/faces touch those are sooooooooooooooo gross ( and with 3 boys suffice to say I have seen A LOT of these wrestling matches)

8.Being at a stop light, casually looking over at the car next to you and seeing? someone going to town picking their nose (happened yesterday and let’s just say it was not pretty)

9.Seeing a ?50 plus woman squeeze herself into a velour “name brand” ?sweatsuit and Ugg or furry?boots….sad is the only word that comes to mind, sorry but seriously act and dress your age.

10. Chivalry is not dead. A man who doesn’t do the basic things like hold a door for a lady, or seeing a man sitting down while a lady is standing, and not offering his seat, etc….maybe being brought up with an exceptionally chivalrous father and being married to an equally gracious man has my alert on full blast but this is a definite peeve of mine.

11.A really bratty kid…….not attractive no matter how cute the kid might be.

12. Driving in the fast lane behind someone who is doing 30 when the speed limit is 50 and then to finally be able to pass them only to see them on their cell phones oblivious to the world around them

13.Slow people(as in slow thinking people),? for example….you give them a phone number, and when you are done?saying the seven digits, as an example (eight,two,four, sixty one, thirty three) and? are moving on the next topic to find out?they are still processing the second digit of the number~!

14.Someone who always seems to have a blackberry emergency, hence answering every text or call that comes their way during a lunch or dinner no matter who is there (we all know people who fit this description)

15.Someone who tells the waiter upon immediately sitting down for a meal in a restaurant, to hold the bread at the table without consulting the others, and tells him to put all dressings on the side, making sure?you feel like an utter pig if you ask for bread or dressing on your salad (though normally that doesn’t stop me…lol)
16,PeOpLe WhO tYpE LiKe ThIs

17.People who talk overly loud (on their cell phone) in public places, like we care what they are doing Friday night or how their eight year old Junior “broke up” with his girlfriend and is having a “rough time” or how they hate their new manicurist…WE DO NOT CARE!!!!

18.People who constantly break plans or forget you had them in the first place (buying them an organizer or date book is a subtle but helpful hint)

19.People who are consistently 15-20 minutes late and have the worlds greatest excuse EVERY TIME!?

20.When you are talking on the phone with a friend and one of her kids comes on the other line while you are talking and begins an entire conversation with said child totally ignoring the fact that you are still very much on the phone….sometimes carrying on about plans that the child has, or sports schedules, which often develops into a full blown conversation between mom and child while you sit there as though you have nothing better to do.I have NO patience for this.

21.When you ask someone how they like your new haircut or color or look and they reply “Well if you like it, then?I like it” (Now tell me how you really feel)

22.Parents who are overly aggressive at sporting events for kids, constantly shouting in your ear at their child, the coach or entire team

23.You enjoy a dish that a friend has served, ask for the recipe and then she changes it ever so slightly as to make sure?yours can’t possibly come out as good as hers

24.Table hopping at restaurants, (aka those that cannot stay in their seats for an entire course) but feel they need to “spread the love” and stop by to talk to everyone they know, ?these are the same people who enjoy spending all day Saturday in a hair salon, station hopping, seeing to be seen

25.Your?kids friends who don’t say thank you when you have taken them out for lunch, dinner, movies or bought them something………..drives me mad! (often the same kids who think nothing of opening your refrigerator, cabinets, making themselves a sandwich and barging into your bedroom while you are dressing) Thankfully my son no longer hangs out with that kid!

26.Friends who think its OK to?acknowledge a gift?you have carefully chosen and put much thought into, ?by? “thanking you”? in an email or text message, is a 1 minute conversation or voice message to SAY thanks asking too much?

27. Being in a supermarket, rushing as always, only to watch the person in front of you,?watch?the cashier ring up each and every item, all the while they are piling up at the end of the belt…THEN when she is finally done only then does it dawn on her to pull out her wallet and search for her credit card or cash, and only THEN does she proceed to watch the cashier frantically load up all the groceries, not lifting a hand to help out, she just watches and occasionally might interrupt to let the cashier know that she is making them too heavy. This is normally the same person who after said process, will then slowly move her cart away only to pause and remember to put her credit card back in her wallet….UGH!!!!!!!!

27.Social climbers……UGH!! Can’t stand them and unfortunaely we all know them, this goes hand in hand with number 32. Be yourself, trust me the people who will like you and seek your company for WHO you really are, are the kind that will make good friends in the long run. I avoid them like the plague personally!

28, People who break or change plans in a text or email, pick up the darn phone!

29. People are adore their own kids just a little too much, hence the mom whose son picks up a insect and examines it only to hear the mother claim” Junior has what it takes to be a vet when he gets older” or their little darling who picks at a scab is destined to be the next great plastic surgeon…give me a break!

30.We all have friends who think they are the end all-be all in the food/wine dept. I have enjoyed thoroughly serving a very average priced bottle of wine to my “wine aficionado friends” who naturally thinking I would serve them nothing than a very good bottle, hold up the glass, while going through the wine tasting protocol, claiming that this is “the good stuff”…..I still smile when I think of their reaction after breaking the news that it was a 29.00 bottle of cheap wine for the local store… much for their “extensive knowledge”., in a desperate rush to make a quick dessert for unexpected friends whom consider themselves “foodies” I quickly put together a Duncan Hines cake mix, threw it in the oven and took it out about 10 min early, to get the “molten chocolate” effect (translation-gooey chocolate in the middle) Not only was it inhaled but it was hailed as and I quote “the best molten chocolate cake they had ever eaten”…..(No, I never told them my secret for I am still considered to be the queen of molten chocolate cake and being a non cook really enjoy the credit, sorry Duncan Hines!) And there is no way I am giving up that title!

31.Getting a automated recording at whatever company you are calling (and these days its ALL companies) they ask you for your account number, then last four digits of social and sometimes even your phone number, after your fingers are exhausted from all the inputting, you finally hit the jackpot and get a live person and then they ask you for…..your account number, your social and your phone number!!!! ?I always want to ask and what was point in my spending 4 minutes putting into the “automated system”? But then I am afraid they won’t appreciate my attitude, after all I am only the measly customer and they might hang up on you! (Ever catch yourself yelling at the phone? Yep, me too)!

32.People who play to their audience……remember no matter who you try to “reinvent” yourself to be, not everyone’s going to like you anyway….so you might as well be yourself and that way you won’t have to keep track of the person you are pretending to be!?

33. PLEASE do not be offended by this, but word verification on comment boxes in blogs, sorry its just a pet peeve of mine. I fail to really “get” why they are there again no offense and it most certainly does not stop me from visiting many of my favorites!

34. Obnoxious patrons in a restaurant who talk down to those serving them. I have NO patience for this!!

35. No manners or bad manners, maybe because I grew up in a household that really stressed good manners, and having a mother who is a truly graceful lady, I just have no tolerance for anyone who doesn’t have proper manners, doesn’ know when to say thank you, please, and lacks proper but basic etiquette. A huge pet peeve of mine.

36. Name droppers (typically of the same ilk as the social climber) These are the people that have to name any remotely famous person they saw or met, cannot tell you they are going to drop off their car for service, its dropping off the Mercedes for service, not having to alter a new dress, its altering “the Oscar” ,?its not going to a hotel for the weekend, its going to “The Pierre”, or not that they lost their glasses, its that they lost “their Chanels“, we get it you like your brands and they define you.

So……….. how many of these were you nodding your head to? Unfortuanely I seem to have a lot of pet peeves aka hangups. And if I had more time I guarantee I could easily come up wtih another dozen or so. But seriously I am sure you have to agree many of these are very legitimate! ?Would love to know and if you have any to add!!


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Oh I love this! Don’t worry you are not alone,
I have and share almost every one of these!
My biggest are name droppers, arghh! And
the many violations of cell phone use. I cannot
stand those that are attached to the hip to their
cell phones, drives me CRAZY!
I am saving this and passing it on……

I have many pet peeves too!
Hate the whole cell phone thing, so rude! To
me they should be for emergencies only when
you are with others. And the first one, hilarious
and so very true.
Vicky (have to sign in with anonymous still!0

Oh dearest, I was nodding my head starting at the first one. I know people extremely close to me that do these things and THANK YOU for posting this as a reminder to ME to not do this! THE TEXT MESSAGING THING GETS ME. My husband is a university professor. Some of his students really adore him and want to come over to chat or dine with us. Fine. But when they whip out their cell phones to text message their friends while they are in my home is getting really irritating! One way to remedy most of these violations I think, is to be an ACTIVE LISTENER. I guess that is important to me since I am a teacher, but our society is quickly loosing interest and the SKILL to listen. Just sayin’!

Fondly, Anita

Oh yes, I so get all of these. Most of it comes down to consideration, kindness and good manners. It seems that has been lost in a lot of places.

Thanks for the reminders to consider others, while being ourselves! 🙂
xoxo Elizabeth

LOVE your list and have almost all in common!!! Yesterday, I called about an auth for a patient to have a test…the whole automated numbers, etc over and over I could have strangled the person (when I finally got to them)! One thing I’m guilty of…I have to keep my cell with me at all times, as I’m on 24 hour call for my patients. I feel SO bad when I put it on table at lunch or answer in places, and I get the dirtiest looks…until I say, “ok, give him nitro for his chest pain, oxygen…” and then they get the point. But I do feel horrible and hate getting the looks when I’m really helping someone in distress and it IS an emergency. Just a thought…I guess another pet peeve of mine! haha! Have a great day!

I do number 23 :O) But usually it’s people who have never thought to have me over for dinner but want MY recipes, MY creations, MY dishes to serve other people and then they want to take credit for it. Perhaps if they were inviting me over…ever then I wouldnt be so protective of my meals.

So now that you have 36 negative things to think/bitch about….how about 37 awesome and positive things to dwell upon and change attitudes?

Thanks for giving me my laugh of the day wtih #30!!!!
That is hysterical and yes I know a few who fashion themselves as serious wine and food snobs. I will
have to try that Duncan Hines trick-haha.

Such a great post, and I have to agree with pretty pink tulips. kindness, consideration and good manners… that pretty much says it all, whether it is with your friends, acquaintances, or the man who pumps the gas. They all deserve it. We are where we are by good fortune. The fact that we are even able to have time to spend on the computer enjoying our favorite blogs… luck. There are many who have worked just as hard, cared just as much, and things have not gone as well… hmmmm I’m thinking you can guess which my pet peeve is!!!
Thank you again, Tina, for a fun diversion from your usual beauty.

Oh, you really made me laugh this morning! I was agreeing with so many of them!

Can’t stand rude kids, that’s why I try MY BEST with mine. Not an easy task, as you know. But I keep trying! 🙂

This was so fun! Thank you for this!


Luciane at

These were great and I can agree on all of them! The kids rolling around on the hotel floor and bedspread got me! When my boys were younger I was so grossed about about this hotel I literally had all three of them sleeping on me! Yuck! Never again did I stay at a place like that…it was my MIL idea and my husband and I were young and I said no more!

Tina, you made me laugh out loud this morning. I was thinking of my brother, sitting next to a woman at the airport who was rudely shouting into her cellphone, annoying everyone around her. My brother finally looked at her and said, “Would you shut up!” Of course, she was completely offended, but the other travelers applauded him 🙂

When I was a new driver, I backed into my neighbor’s Mercedes. I went to tell her what had happened, and she cried, “You hit my baby!” She then wrote her info on the back of her son’s picture and gave it to me.

I avoid phony social climbers. I love people who are real, and I think self-deprecating humor is the best! Oh, and I consider $29 a good bottle of wine 🙂

Thanks for the laugh! Have a great day 🙂

o my god this made me laugh so hard!!! I agree with every single one. Another one of mine is people who decide to use the library as a place to cuddle/flirt with their significant other. get a room, I’m trying to study here!!

As you can probably tell from the comments, this one hit a nerve! (Or a number of them.) Almost all are things that truly irk, they clearly resonate with each person reading your excellent post! Ultimately I think it comes down to most of us not liking pretension, poor manners or inconsiderate friends/neighbors/co-workers, nor do we care for *anyone’s* misbehaving children!

A *fabulous* list!

I agree with them all….but as the mom of a 3 year old and an 8 month old….the occasional grocery store outburst is unfortunately unavoidable. My daughter was loosing it after ballet the other day and wouldn’t sit down in the cart….I needed to get out of there but had a few more items to pick up or we wouldn’t have dinner…..I was trying to discipline her w/o making a scene but the sneer of the “my kid would never do that” middle aged lady in her tennis skirt really bugged me. Almost made me want to let Maddie take it up a notch just to annoy her further. Needless to say Maddie was dealt with once we left but I felt making a further scene in the store was fruitless.

Texting in general annoys me…..

What a great list! I like genuine people with or without their faults. Sometimes I feel we live in a society that has forgotten manners, etiquette and stopping for a just a moment to enjoy what they are actually doing at that moment. I somewhat feel empathy for rude kids, as I often feel that it is a reflection of their parents and not them. If their parents weren’t yapping on the cell phone and communicating with their children instead, I feel that you would see a child/ren behaving differently. I remember eating lunch with my daughter one day at a simple spot. A mother sat down next to us with her daughter (about 4/5 yrs old) and the woman never said a single word to the little girl (it broke my heart, she spoke on the phone the entire time while eating and her child sitting there!) I am sure she is the same mother who told everyone she had lunch with her daughter that day. So, yes cell phone usage when out and about is rude, especially in front of your company. When in Paris I did not see a single person on a cell phone anywhere, I found that refreshing and a reminder to do the same. Great to start the day with a vent (wink,wink!)

Yes, it is good to vent indeed! I have done it a couple of times on my blog.

I have a friend who checks her texts all the time when we’re out dining with our husbands. It’s Saturday night! There’s no working at that moment!

May I add to the list that I hate loud gum chewers? When I see someone who chews gum like a cow chews her cud, I glare at them, but they are generally too self-absorbed to notice…

And I can’t stand people who talk loudly in restaurants, the kind where you can’t hear yourself talk they are so loud. And they’re almost always the big mouth know-it-all type!

Lastly, to Laur, who I assume is a doctor, is quite forgiven for having her cell phone on the table for emergencies! I would want my own doctor to be available if this was me.

Good post, Tina!

Ditto and Bravo!!! I so agree with all of the above. I found it interesting that a lot of your list involved cell phone etiquette, which from my observation has not been taught. I thought maybe it was my baby boomer’s generation that got annoyed because we knew of a time without cell phones, where we wrote letters and made phone calls as our primary source of contact. I realize it is universal from your post.
Basically it all involves just good Old, Good Manners and be conscious of others around you.
You are spot-on!! with all of your peeves!! I am in your club too!!! xo Kathysue

I had a wonderful laugh at this post today! Some of those pet peeves are mine too. To add to the list is people who never RSVP to any event and people who itch the inside of their ear with their keys! Seen it happen!

LOVE THIS! I am in agreement with every last one of these – all 36. This could be a mini-etiquette guide to what NOT to do.

I’m laughing, loved the post! I have a lot of the same pet peeves and because of them I don’t own, carry or ask to borrow the husbands cell phone. I know they have their uses but when I leave the house I really don’t want to be bothered by a ringing phone. Number 33 the word verification is to prevent SPAM! A computer can’t type in a word. I have one other pet peeve that happened last night…..

When out to dinner try to go to the restroom before, after or in-between courses. People don’t seem to understand that others shouldn’t be eating while the whole party isn’t present meaning our food is getting cold waiting for you. Besides it’s odd to have someone jumping up right in the middle of dinner.

I think #35 sums them all up – they all seem to be about rudeness, and I’m with you on every one. I CAN one-up you on the cashier situation though. Just yesterday I was in a store when the cashier stopped ringing me up as her manager walked by to ask who was coming in to take over at 4:00. They then had a discussion about this, because neither knew, while I stood there mid-transaction. Then the cashier went on the say how tired she was, wanted to go home, HATED HER JOB, etc. When the girl who was replacing her got there right on time a moment later, the first cashier was entirely rude to this poor young thing (maybe 17?) saying “it was about time,” etc. I was horrified. But telling the manager would do no good since he witnessed it all and said nothing. But, it WAS Home Goods, not Barney’s, so maybe it comes with the job. Although today I got a cashier at Dunkin Donuts who SMILED and called me “Stacy” when handing back my debit card. Shockingly pleasant. I think I’ll call now to tell them how great she is 🙂 As a parent I know that praise is a better form of discipline that complaining/punishing.

I’m tired of judgmental, score-keeping people.

Everyone is human. Give people a little room to have faults. Maybe they’ll return the favor.

A few years ago, my cousin flew from out of state to visit me because I just had a baby. I appreciated her kind gesture but I got a little annoyed when we both started chatting and she had to keep on texting her boyfriend non-stop for the next few hours. I didn’t say anything but I felt it was a little inconsiderate on her part. I think texting is best done when you are alone, not when you are in a company. It makes me feel like I am not worthy of her time and attention. I agree with many of your lists. Good one!


Haha I love these! MY mother-in-law loves to pass the phone around to everyone no matter who she’s talking to. It drives everyone crazy! I hate having to do word verification but I was starting to get a lot of spam comments. I’m totally trying your Duncan Hines cake recipe. My mom makes Au Gratin potatoes with Velveeta Cheese and all of our fancy friends request it at dinner parties… if they only knew …

Your funny! I agree with you on the cell phone and cashier peeves. I think Kathysue is right, that comes down to having cell phone etiquette. (Still there are those who need to be on call 24 hrs for their jobs.) Manners should also be part of the cashiers job description.

I have to defend #13. Some people can’t help being slow and it’s not cause they’re stupid. They my have ADD/ADHD or Dyslexia. My sister is dyslexic and I have a slight dyslexic issue. I sometimes can write what’s being told to me and other times I fighting it. What I write is’nt what I just heard or read. My sister doesn’t even notice until she goes back and rereads. If we feel rushed or nervous, that just makes it worse. So when I’m dealing what a slow person I just use my manners and have patience cause I don’t know what their problems are. I’m not saying you don’t have manners. I believe you do that’s why it bothers you that other people don’t. 🙂

I have two big peeves though, food handlers who use gloves but never change them out. They wear them to handle everything. There is no anti-bacterial coating on them! Grrr…! People who pull out in front of you on the road and there is nobody behind you. Couldn’t wait for one more car! Grrr….!

My list is almost exactly like yours! I agree with almost all of these and could add some too. It does all come down to manners, politeness and parents teaching these things to their kids. I hope our generation is not the last generation of people with manners!!!!!!!! Cell phone ABUSERS are the worst! But I ahve a BIL who is horrible in a restaurant, rude to the servers, tries to get “comped” for the east little thing, it is SO embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!! he also tells other parents just what is wrong with their children and he HAS NO CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Drives me crazy. Thanks for letting me rant too! I do like the idea of a list of positive things now too!!!! XO, Pinky

Nodding my head? So much so that I may need to see the chiropractor! I can agree with each of these, and probably add to them as well. As to the name dropping social climbers…an old acquaintance of mine was well known among friends to be a very lucky bargain shopper–could always find the most interesting trinkets for almost nothing, and had a real knack for displaying them. When his home was photographed for a a local magazine, he boasted about his things as if they were priceless treasures–even showing the author a “Ming” vase (a darling, and utterly worthless copy of one that he bought for 3 dollars at an estate sale we went to together!) Sorry for my long-winded comment, my bells just went off when I read a few of these!

BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!! THIS WAS FABULOUS. I ate up every single word and could not agree with you more. To the person above who said to accept peoples faults, this is not about faults this is about common courtesy and manners, sadly something MANY in todays world are missing!!!!!!!!!!
LOVED this and will be passing it on to many others!

You are too funny…I love this idea and I totally agree with you on all the above, but must add to your no gloves. I loathe when they have ON gloves, and then they answer the phone, and use the cash register and then make your sandwich with the same gloves…ugh!!

Hah! Those are great! But only 36!!!! when the heat rises here in Michigan, I am afraid my list reaches over 100! Twas a good laugh though, with many a nod of “yes, me too”!

I think you just about covered ALL of MY pet peeves, too. And I’m glad you got them off of both of our chests! Well done, Tina! Now If I can just get my son to mail the thank you notes from his graduation presents!!! At least he has written most of them. OK, having to nag my kids is another pet peeve…why do I have to say something so many times? Have a great evening.

I’m a new blog subscriber, having seen the post on Pretty Pink Tulips which led me to your blog. Today was my second day of reading and I have to ask ” Is there anyone that you like, because it sure doesn’t seem that way from all of your pet peeves?” Was looking forward to your design posts, but not sure now if I will continue to subscribe after today’s post. Sorry…

What a hot topic. You had me laughing out loud. My daughter does #20 to me all the time. No one gives me a bad recipe ’cause I can’t cook that well. I think word verification is to keep scammers from scamming pat comments to blogs. I hate it, too but I think I have it. Sorry. My biggest pet peeve is graffiti. Probably because I live in So. Cal. and it’s everywhere.

What a list!! With “friends” like yours, who needs enemies??? LOL. I have one, how about when you are sitting in a quiet waiting room and someone decides to show off all of their toddlers tricks, “Where’s your nose? Where’s your ear?….” really loudly while you are trying to read a magazine! That happened to me today.

I just discovered your blog, love it. I had to laugh at your pet peeves. One of my huge pet peeves is when a child sitting at the table says they don’t like the food or “this is disgusting”. Swallow whats in your mouth and don’t eat the rest.You don’t have to say anything rude, we get it. Also, people who wake up, throw their clothes on and go to work. Come on people, show you care by putting a little effort into your look, we are not all natural beauties.

Tina- I liked you before, but now I LOVE you!! The list was great (and brave of you, so bravo!), though I realize we travel in different social circles (not said in a bad way) – in our house a $29 bottle of wine “is” a good bottle!! And, I do not know a single person who owns Channel anything, and am now a bit glad I don’t;) I agree with so many of your pet peeves. I have a secret desire to do a post on “design” pet peeves!! I totally agree with #33 and love you for spreading the word. I have had a blog for almost three years and rarely get spam comments (in almost three years I’ve had ‘maybe’ 15 spams. Most are caught by blogger.) I HATE word verification. I say take it off, and if you do have a problem (you won’t;) then, put it back!!
again… bravo!!


I’m with you on all but #13. Having a medical background, I understand that some people have a legitimate reason for being slow. Regarding #2, I think only doctors on call (and other professionals who would need to be reached immediately for emergency reasons only)) should have their phones on the table, be checking them periodically, etc. What ever did we do before everyone (and I do mean EVERYONE) had a cell phone. I remember when only such people as doctors & lawyers had mobile, cell, or “car phones” (yes the phone was actually mounted in the car!). In our self-centered, self-absorbed society we’ve convinced ourselves that we can’t be without our cells for one minute. I mean, what if someone should try to reach me?! As you mentioned in your #17, most of what we’re talking about is not “breaking news!!!” and can wait anyway. One’s time and attention should be given to the one they’re with.
Last, my all time biggest pet peeve is poor customer service. This may be because it seems so rampant these days (in retail stores, restaurants, on the phone, etc.). Recently my son and I were in a major retail store looking for a dress shirt. When we asked for help the conversation between the two salesmen in the department went something like this. The one: “Do we have any dress shirts?” The other: “Yeah. They’re over there.” The one: “Take them over there and show them where they are.” The other: “You can take them.” The one: “No, you can take them.” The other: “You can take them.” The one: I’m trying to make this sale” (I saw no other customer in the department unless they were in the dressing room.) Now, my son and I were looking on during this exchange between the two salesmen. I was more astonished than anything, and perhaps this is why I didn’t say anything. But, I knew right then that I would not be buying any thing from this store. My son and I followed the salesman that said he was trying to make a sale over to the dress shirts while this salesman just kind of stood there impatiently waiting for us to decide on what we wanted. If I had seen a shirt that we liked I would have bought it from another store location, but certainly not from this one. I guess customer service is a thing of the past.

I hope you didn’t experience this all in one day! 😉 Must be something in the air. I’ve had a doosie of a week with customer service. I have always remembered what my first boss once told me and that was that she didn’t want us “girls” to talk about our boyfriends when a customer was at the register. I’ve had people at the register not even acknowledge me during the entire transaction. Unbelievable to me. i could go on and on…. 🙂

I love this post! I agree with all 36

I hate the “ask her she’ll do it” when it comes to church, community or charity events, that expectation that its a done deal.

Also, all the wonderful mothers that say “we should have ….over for a playdate” but never set anything up but love to dump their child on me frequently!

I’m still learning that I can say “NO” but unfortunately I seem to be a slow learner!

Making me smile – Sarah

People who don’t use their turn signal, especially when you’re sitting at at stop sign and trying to make a left on a busy street! Happens most every day when I drive my boys to school and the gesture is so simple.

I was laughing the entire time. I have a friend who always says no bread meanwhile I LOVE bread! Its become a joke now but truth is it IS obnoxious! Ditto bratty kids, annoying cashiers, texters and serial cell phone users, DRIVES ME CRAZY! I loved the Duncan hines recipe, too funny. And yes we have a friend who thinks he is the expert of everything and though hes a nice guy, it gets really annoying so I may have to try that molten chocolate cake on him, haha. Thanks for the laughs.

Loved reading your peeves…only one thing, I am guilty of name dropping with you…Only I dont even know your name…as in “Oh, my blog friend, the one who is building this uber cool house just finished her husbands should see it…all hairingboned tile and everything..lovely…like I know you :).etc”…Im guilty! I love having you a “cyber friend”…even though I am very clear I dont know you at all! I live in Wisconsin…there are very few people any of us could name drop! You are “my friend” building this awesome house…and I use the term friend/thus ‘name dropping’ very loosely. Its kind of like feeling like I know Sandra Bullocks sister because I read her book “Confessions of a Mster Baker” we are buds..and I think I facebook ‘liked’ her bakery…so we are really tight?:) rThanks for the laughs this morning!

I’m a day or two behind in reading my posts. Wow, great list! I do have some pet peeves in a totally other area these days. It’s in the blogging world. Just some things I’ve been struggling with. I sometimes wish one of the “super bloggers” with thousands of followers would do a post on blog etiquette. Anyway, lots to agree with! Thanks Tina!

I’m really late to this party, and agree with everything you said + more. We live in an age where courtesy is seriously lacking, thoughtlessness is prevalent in almost all service people, and people seem clueless to any form of “normal” good sense. I have a girlfriend who must think she is the most important person I know because when she calls me, the conversation is all about her. She never asks if I have time, blathers on about her work environment (forgive me, I don’t know any of the people she works with), and even stops talking and tells me to hang on when she encounters traffic problems. The word verification peeve is time consuming & I really don’t think people understand it can be eliminated. A good thing: women in the blogworld seem to take extra time to be NICE, which is one of the reasons I love coming here. Good for you, Tina…a post which was needed and much appreciated.

Haha this is great…you touched on some of my pet peeves I didn’t even realized I had. Many of mine have to do with me being a germophobe-the pencil behind the ear, yuck! One that definitely comes to mind is people not letting you in on the freeway when you are trying to get off at an exit, is it really going to get you somewhere faster when you are so rude, and make someone miss their exit!!


I wholeheartedly agree with all 36…and thought these comments we really good. I laughed and had tears because of the humor and anger peeves provoke.

We are living in a time when common sense and courtesy is in a coma. It’s refreshing to air our pet peeves because they matter to us and many others. We struggle to find an answer, a solution, or some salvation…yet there is none.

My list grows as I engage/encounter others increases. When I write my first
book it will be titled Why is common sense so uncommon? The behaviors that exist are shameful, disgusting, and blatantly stupid.

Couple of my epic peeves: entering a store (with no automatic doors) and the person entering just ahead of you, sees you, enters themselves, and DOES NOT hold the door for you and it slams right at your face. They saw you coming because they are parked next to you in the parking lot!!

Finally, coming back to your car to find carts leaning up against it I cannot understand why people DON’T RETURN CARTS to the cart stall…it’s simple just
do it!

Great post Tina! Thanks for sharing I think it’s a perfect way to share some more of how we think and feel when we converse without facial expressions to add to the humor of life.


#22 My husband had a basketball game last night. He’s 26 and it’s a men’s church league, and I almost took out a middle aged “father fan” in the stands. He yelled “instructions” at the team for every single play, tried to have a conversation with players in the middle of game play, loudly criticized every call the refs made, made calls the refs apparently “missed”, demoralized the players on the team he was cheering for and almost incited an altercation over supposed ref favoritism. Overall he displayed to me, a former women’s basketball coach, that he knew nothing about the game. I was fuming to the point of needing to relocate across the gym, and this is a church league!

Glad I’m late to reading this- I would have missed all of the comments! I agree with all of your peeves, I do a few of them occasionally, then I get peeved at myself! (I’ve really had to watch myself with the phone thing ever since I started my blog. It’s just so hard to keep up with the emails- wah-wah!)Mostly, I enjoyed your observations about people, thank you for being one of the real people!

Love ALL of it! I’m having issues with all the bratty kids in stores, restaurants, etc. lately – its like the parents are seriously medicated or something as they seem to be the only ones not noticing the bad behavior. I also wonder why parents of small children feel they have to speak loudly to them as if they are 90? Is it so we all can hear that they are talking to their child? I don’t get it. (YES! that IS a GOOD BOOK!)

Another pet peeve? People who complain about whatever bloggers post. Last time I checked, my “subscription” was free.

This was fantastic! I chuckled my way through each and every one of these!!!!!! Especially 15, 18 and 21 all of which I have experienced lately!! So glad you did this am going to forward to everyone on my email list, they will get a kick out of it. Thanks for doing this.

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