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Good morning! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Ours was actually quite nice, found some time to spend with good friends, got to take a long walk with Teddy, started reading a new book and of course there was plenty of “house biz” to contend with. Not to mention I was sitting on the edge of my seat with all this craziness happening in Washington! While there is so much I don’t agree with, I am VERY relieved that an agreement was reached as the alternative in my eyes would have been catastrophic for our country. I am sure the markets will show their appreciation today! Now onto the fun part…….

What makes a more pronounced statement then your front door entrance? To me, it is the anchor of the house and one that can be enhanced by doing so many things. Everything from adding a pair of planters, to growing ivy on the facade, adding small amounts of statuary, a wreath, a beautiful knocker, placing a pair of stately outdoor sconces or a lantern at your entrance, etc….these all are the “jewelry” for a elegant front door entrance. Sometimes, less is more. If you have chosen as an example, a unique or bright colored door, that is making a statement by itself and If so, that might be enough. There is no perfect or one way to get it right…..there, like design, are countless formulas. Today, I take a look at many front doors I have collected over time, and while ?some ?are more my personal style then others they are all inspirational for one reason on another.

The possibilities are endless and in my old house I had a lot of fun constantly changing what went into my urns depending on the season and particularly loved dressing up my front entrance for Christmas and Halloween. So today is all about that first impression when you see a house and what does the front door/entrance tell you? Take a look and would love to know your thoughts and any secrets for decorating your front door that you might want to share!

This would have to be my dream front door, the ivy just makes it!
Something about the all white with?fabulously detailed sidelights makes this so elegant and understated, Douglas Newby
This is so pretty! Love the ivy, pretty pediment and surround and appropriate sized lanterns for the single door
Something very pleasing about this bright yellow door, its very cheery and inviting
A beautiful pair of sconces flank this grand front door entrance, the pup is a nice accessory, not sure if I love the urns to the left, House Beautiful
Elegant, low key and classic, Goodwin and Tatum
A smaller understated entrance gets a pale aqua door and vintage looking planters, the ivy adds to the ” quaint cottage feel” Hooked on Houses
I am assuming most of this plantation was added for the holidays, interesting front door, I like the black against the cool tones of the stone
This is formal yet so welcoming, Brooks and Falotico
This beautifully painted glossy red door gets a bold pair of brass numbers and hardware, elegant!
This is very elegant, love the glossy black door, the single lantern and ivy growing on the facade
This understated front door is encased with a limestone surround
This more casual front door seen in Coastal Living gets a fun color
The black was continued into the pretty planters planted with vivid flowering plants
I really the black door against the white house and the way the green really pops here
This is a pretty entrance, the pairs of planters very symmetrically placed, its pleasing to the eye
When less is more, understated and simply beautiful
This pretty stone?entrance has a decorative limestone surround so it was kept simple as to not detract
Never met a black door I didn’t love…so elegant!
Being very symmetrically minded, I love the way this looks…beautiful colors too!
Beautiful wood stained front door is so stately against the white crisply painted surround, Fogarty
Perfection in my book!
Beautifully done with planters overflowing with plantations, a nice contrast to all the stone, Bacco
How about this unique pink door? Certainly makes a statement!
Love this door, this entrance, everything about it…..
Everything here is very monochromatic, I feel the topiaries?should be a smidgen taller
Love the lanterns, the planters are very pretty but not sure if they overpower here?
Classic and fabulous
A dramatic entrance featuring a limestone surround and black iron door
Some choose animal statuary to flank their front door, not my “thing” personally?
And just a little front door recap…….
Have a favorite? Would love to know which and if you have any suggestions or tips you like using to create a beautiful front door! Wishing you a wonderful day…..


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Laura on

I am inspired.
I can do better and my black front door, with brass fittings, bordered by cream painted side windows can use some punch.

It is now on THE LIST.

White Spray Paint

jayneonweedstreet on

Am I first one up to comment today? Thought I was on my way to Nantucket for “business” but it changed late last night, so I get to do my favorite thing (read the best blogs), and this post brightened my day! I love front doors! I choose Louise’s front door – she always knocks it out of the park!
Now that I have down sized, I’ve used a little more imagination at my front door – besides iron planters, I have two kinds of clematis and a rose climbing up a trelllis on either side of the door.

Amy @MaisonDecor on

I just love black doors! And you had a pic of a front door that was a 3/4 french door with sidelights in black which gave me the idea~I need to paint my front door like this. I have a full french door with sidelights, and black shutters, but the front door is white…so black it will be!! Thx Tina.

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms on

Classic and fabulous – that stonework!!! Although I do love a yellow front door, that’s the colour of my own….I’ve been trying to find two classic planters that aren’t urns (as every neighbour has them here) that are large enough to properly flank the door. Maybe adding large boxwoods liek you’ve shown would help… So many ideas – thanks, hon -x

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

Good morning precious one,

YOU HAVE A GRAND VISION and I think ANY of these entrance ways will make a statement for your beautiful new home! I personally love IVY or any sort of GREEN effect, gracing the man-made materials with the elegant and natural flow of greenery. Oh how excited we are to see your dreams come true!!!!

Peace and MUCH LOVE Anita

An Eye for Detail on

A pink door! Well, that surely would not be approved by our HOA!! We too have been working on a color for the now black/boring door. I vote for lime green. In any case, must wait for cooler weather as it faces west and is so hot in the afternoon you cannot even touch the handle!

Stacey on

beautiful! i did a post similar to this last year because i felt so strongly about how ones front door makes a first impression. great post! my builder wasn’t quite fond of the idea of me wanting a yellow door and i’m the only one in the neighborhood with a coloured door!:-). i have been mulling over an orange door so we’ll see. i think lime green sounds wonderful! go for it!:-)

Luciane at on

What a great selection, Tina! You worked a lot on this one, eh?

I really like the pink door. It’s totally not “me”, because I’m not a huge fan of pink, but somehow it worked perfectly to that door and it looks amazing. Interesting how we need to just open our eyes to discover something beautiful, right?

I’m wishing you a very blessed week!


Luciane at

christine {bijouandboheme} on

Oh how I loved this- so many pretty front doors. My favourite is always glossy back with brass – in this collection I the one with a simple black door and two modern potted plants- top row, 3rd in. Also love the pink one of course:)

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. on

So many pretty ones but anything with stone and shutters grabs my eye. Add beautiful flowers and ivy trailing on the walls and I’m all in. Have a great week. Mona

La Dolfina on

Your round-ups are always spectacular. While many are clearly mansions or estates I personally relateded to the one from Coastal Living with the surf board!
Great post, Tina… Thanks and have a wonderful week

Kathysue on

Hi Tina, Love love them all!! I love a brightly colored front door or a glossy black door. Two urns with greenery is a favorite look or matching topiaries. Great lanterns are a must and a monogrammed door mat from Grandinroad!! Happy Monday the start of a brand new week, Yippeee!! Kathysue

Brandon @ Southgate on

I can’t pick a favorite…what a collection! There’s been a tendency in residential architecture lately to have as many materials as possible, to top a house with a roof that requires an advanced degree in geometry to figure out, and throw brackets and gew-gaws on anything that will stand still. So much better is the restrained use of really quality details like these front doors.

I Dream Of on

Gorgeous examples! I love the idea of having the front door set the tone and say “welcome” to guests who visit your home. It’s important to have the right first note. We are thinking about going from white to a french blue — but I’m loving the yellow –and even pink–doors here!

under spanish moss on

Tina, there are so many beautiful front doors and entrances in this post. We love several of these and are keeping them for inspiration. The first image is one of our favorites. The ivy, curved iron work and blue green door are beautiful. Of course, we love a beautiful lantern over or on the side of the front door.
Happy Monday!
Angela and Renee

Divine Theatre on

Being of very small funds and very big ideas I hired a man to paint my front door black. I wanted glossy, glossy, glossy. He said “you never paint a front door glossy”. He was a grump and he made me nervous so I allowed him to paint the front door a matte black. Guess what? It looks like a still life of our comings and goings. Ugh!
My front entry is utterly asymmetrical. I am convinced the builder hosted a contest for second graders to design a house and this was the winner!
We purchased narrow antique double doors that will be installed and painted…glossy black. Can’t WAIT to show you!
Speaking of asymmetry, the Goodwin and Tatum urns are off kilter. I notice these things! LOL!


De tout, de rien on

Tina, I am a door fanatic, so I love this post! Everywhere I travel I take pictures of old or unusual doors. I have been planning to do a post with those pics, just got around to transferring pics to my laptop. The new (to us) house we bought had a black door and although black is elegant, I was pining for a red door. I painted it red, didn’t like the colour, tweaked it and I still don’t like it. I’ve been combing through all the reds from every paint brand and finally found one, only to have Nate Berkus declare on his show that red doors are passĂ© and that teal is the new red. Oh dear! Anyway, love all the doors you have here, the pink one is absolutely awesome, cute without being in your face. I agree with you that a door should make a statement and set the tone for the whole house.

Amy Vermillion @ Martineau Vermillion Interior Design on

Good Morning Tina!
The pink door made me smile but I really love the whimsy of the iron railing against the staid limestone surround. My fav.
Hope your day is great and AMEN to the markets responding!

Stacy Curran on

Oh no, my daughter saw this post left open on the computer and Has. To. Have. A. Pink. Door. That’ll teach me 🙂 Maybe the inside of her bedroom door could be pink…see, inspiration is everywhere!

The French Tangerine on

I am also attracted to beautiful front doors… I’ve done a couple posts with photos of drive-by shootings (photos, of course) of charming houses… I always zoom in on the front door! I have another post coming this Friday, “Street Appeal” with exactly the same… beautiful homes zoomed in on their front doors and surrounds… So charming and it makes the whole house! I really want to redo my front door!
have a good one,

Nat's Nest on

Thanks for your sweet comments! And, I’m loving the planters and plantations one. The entry is deinitely important. It’s something we need to eventually get around to. Can’t wait to see what you choose.


Tina…your post never fail to impress me! I love all of these but my favorites are…#1, 7 [anything blue] 16, 20, 24 [how fun a pink door!], and 26! Can’t wait to see your new front door!!!

Acquired Objects on

My favorite is the one you labeled “classic and fabulous” black, limestone and some ironwork. It’s gorgeous, it makes a statement without screaming at you and has all the elements I love. Picking up on Sherry’s comment above I can’t wait to see your front door!

rachel @ Just a Touch of Gray on

This makes me want to do something with our front door asap. Thanks for the inspiration!

NanaDiana on

You know- I really love the second one the best, for myself. It is just so classic and reminds me of the doors we had in a Colonial Revival that we did. Did you know that my hubby and I were in the window, siding and door business for a large portion of our working lives? Sold the business several years ago to my daughter and the construction manager. She got married and he took her share of the business at that point. I kind of miss it- It was a busy, fun business.

Great images you shared here today- Love them all- xo Diana

Renée Finberg on

without question the first door is my fave.
but there are several that follow closely.

second thought…
my favorite FAVORITE would be the ‘CLASSIC &FABULOUS’ door.

too classy for words and it is very mysterious/intriguing.
i want to know who lives there or be the one that does.

Sizzle and Zoom on

My favorite is the door that looks like a castle door-the photo below the pink door. I love the castle look. I would live in a castle if I could.

The Buzz Blog on

Having just ordered a custom front door (houses were built shorter in the 1920’s!) and replica colonial lanterns, I’m eager to finish the front of the house! I’m all about symmetry if you can do it so a pair of topiaries will be installed once everything is done. Love your inspirations, Tina, as usual!

Designs By Pinky on

I really love the planters in the last photo, not the animal statuary, like you. I, too, love black doors. My son has always painted his front door black. Ours is stained wood and I would LOVE to paint it black, have to convince my hubby!!!! XO, Pinky

L on

I adore the grand door entrance with the puppy. All the doors are beautiful.

Susan on

A favorite? Impossible! Too many
stunners here, but my top three would
the 1st one, the yellow door and the
one with the wrought iron. Such
amazing inspiration, I am so tempted
to run out and buy paint right this very
minute, and my front door is due for
a makeover, got lots of wonderful ideas
here, thanks!~

Linda Hartong on

What a charming collection and I love the collage. That first impression is so important!

Marianne {Style For Living} on

I’m a big fan of a black front door, but the pink one sure is fun on the right house!

Party Resources on

Having just returned from the Cape I vote for the bright colored door with the surf board and hydrangeas! xx

24 Corners on

I love the pale aqua door…and I’d like to see what’s attached to it. I think it would be the perfect summer get-away cottage. We went with natural wood…fir, with glass panes on top. I hemmed and hawed about painting it but I figured we could always do that if we changed our minds, the opposite way, paint first, would be much more of a challenge to turn back into wood.
xo J~

Ideezine on


The language of doors is an intimate subject. A lot of thought and many considerations go into the process of selectiing materials, trim, paint, lighting and enhancing details. Door knockers, door bells, kick plate, hardware color, letter box, and weather proofing all of it. Next os porch/entry adornment, statues, plants, solor lighting etc.

I can something I like about each door photographed here. It is a big task to select carefully staying with the integrity of the architecture. When all is in place and decisions are made with a front door it’s breathtaking.


Stephanie on

I love doors. We were in Charleston, SC recently and all I wanted to do was take pictures of doors. I think the door says a lot about the home. I want my door to be welcoming – I don’t want anyone standing at my door feeling uneasy about entering. I certainly don’t want anyone standing at my door wondering if they are under-dressed! So, I do think doors can be too grand. Great pics!!

mel@georgicapond on

Adore coloured front doors. I was going to paint mine black, but have been seriously considering aqua. Seeing this post I’m almost convinced!

Karen T. on

Great post! Love so many (OK all) of the doors here, so it’s hard to pick just one. I’ve been wanting to change my front door for some time now. Problem is that I don’t know whether to paint the shutters the same or a different color. The front of the house is yellow. Any suggestions? Thanks.

kevlar sleeve on

My favorite is the door that looks like a castle door-the photo below the pink door. I really impressed with your arrangement.

Ispirato Design on

My favorites are the doors surrounded by ivy- though I also love the black doors. I also love a pair of urns flanking the entrance- so classic!


Great post Tina! I love front doors! My last home had ivy growing on the walls around it and it did make my home more cozy and added a wow statement! I would love to grow ivy on the walls of my current home but my hubby says that the ivy destroys the wall. I can possible change his mind!

'LUSH' on

I seem to love them All! When I choose, it definitely has to reflect the home’s personality! I, too, always love the contrast of the black door against white!I gotta hand it to those who have the courage to paint a door an unconventional color, such as the pink! If it wouldn’t throw my husband for a loop, I just might try it!

mwaxter on

What a beautiful post. I love the really colorful ones but would be way too chicken to ever do it, and my husband would hate it! I do love black doors right now my front door is a boring crisp white, I do have two pretty planters overflowing with beautiful plants and two small cement statues of dogs, they are really cute and of coures a huge big oversized mat from Frontgate wtih our families names on it, its really cute.

hediye on

I think the door says a lot about the home as well as I also planned to make welcoming door as per your idea, your idea helps me lot. My favorites are the doors surrounded by ivy.

gift ideas for men on

The door photographs are superb. It is a big task to select carefully staying with the integrity of the architecture. When all is in place and decisions are made with a front door it’s breathtaking.

Sue on

Please tell me what the color and make of the beautiful pale aqua colored door is with the vintage planters. I’m terrible at picking colors and the pale aqua is beautiful.

Thank you,


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