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Good morning everyone! I was again humbled to receive an award from not one but two blogs!!! This has been some week! The first was from Melissah from Scrapbook….. I share her views on living a beautiful life so hope if you don’t know of her blog already you will pay her a visit, truly something beautiful and inspirational always! The second one is from Linda of Seaside style, another one of my daily reads. Her emphasis is on everything coastal which is a love for me, she has great style and always find the best pictures of elegant coastal living. In accepting this award we are asked to reveal 7 things about ourselves and then pass it on to 15 other deserving blogs. So here we go……….

1. I would love to write a screenplay/novel by the time I am 50
2. I wish I had had more children, feel too young to almost be an empty nester and am having a harder time with that than I ever thought possible (youngest is 15)  

3. My retirement plan- to retire in Napa Valley with a little pied a terre in Paris and the perfect little beach house at the waters edge in the Hamptons…..that’s not asking too much is it?  (Ugh…just realized by my first 3 things I am really making myself sound old! I am in my “mid forties”  and feel like I am 30 just so you know…lol)

4. That I always feel like I was born in the wrong era, so am not in step with “social media” with it being the current popular means on how to keep in touch, am a stickler for good manners (seems to be extinct), am big on WRITING out thank yous and invites not “eviting or ethanking”, love old fashioned beautiful at home dinner parties (I am in the minority) , love holding, smelling a book and feeling its crisp pages and love the old fashioned traditions that sadly seem to be evaporating from our society as a whole.

5.You know those Christmas village displays that make their debut every holiday? I am totally mesmerized by them, I stare at them transfixed, wanting to literally jump into those perfect idyllic settings, all the kids going to the local skating rink, hearing a dinner bell at 5 so they can all run home and sit down AS A FAMILY to a wonderful aromatic home cooked dinner, where the postmaster knows everyone by name, where people only communicate by TALKING, etc….you get my drift!

6.I have a long standing fascination/obsession with Mount Everest. Read most books on the subject published in the last 10 years and have seen most movies on it as well. Dont’ know why, Lord knows I would not have to guts to do it though I briefly fantasized/toyed with the idea going so far as to talking to expedition outfits, really now…..who was I kidding? Me? The one who can’t take an elevator, the one who freaks out when it snows more than 6 inches, wears 4 layers of clothes in 25 degree weather and who cannot go even 3 hours without a major meal!

7. I have a very long (and growing)  bucket list of things I hope to start accomplishing once I move and settle in. Included are writing a screenplay,opening a farm to table restaurant, starting my own design business, have a design idea I want to look into getting patented, having a kid come and stay with us next summer from the Fresh Air Fund, open up a quaint bookstore/cafe/bakery that plays only jazz music and we will have our “jazz nights” where local artists will come in and play display local talent (think the shop from Its complicated) That is just a few amongst a number of other things…things that will keep me busy a very very long time:)

And last to the blogs who I am passing this award onto, I do so because I enjoy your blogs immensely, must make them part of my “daily blog routine” and am always intrigued and captivated by what you have to say. Thanks for doing what you do! There are so many more but these are some that I have been really enjoying as of late, and I so appreciate  the work, effort and creativity you add to your beautiful and highly inspirational daily posts! (click on each to visit….I promise its worth the click)


Now moving on to our GORGEOUS Sunday showhouse, we start in the luxurious countryside of idyllic Virginia and end up in swanky Beverly Hills and Newport Coast California. Three very different homes and settings, but all quite stunning. Which is your favorite?

WARRENTON, VIRGINIA. This absolute incredible, majestic elegant equestrian estate on only 1466 acres in Warrneton, Virginia is the epitome of what “high country” elegance is all about. With an expansive compound including a carriage house, a full equestrian facility, several guest houses, a shooting preserve and so much more, this has it covered! A full home restoration has recently been done and has been placed on the Historical Register. How incredible is this gracious Virginia home! I am ready to move right in…..and never leave!

Love this time worn entrance, so gracious

Beautiful stately staircase graces the front hall
Formal living room
Sitting area off the main foyer
Love the dining room….country elegance personafied!

Charming breakfast room

Love the grand sonte entrance

One of the many charming guest homes

The farm buildings

Another guest house

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA Moving on… this newer construction in Beverly Hills, California. This home was built a few years and was inspired by a Tuscan villa.This is not an overly large home and is on an even smaller lot but they used high ceilings to give it a much grander feel, love the dark casing on the many french doors and  casement windows. Despite being on a small piece of property, full advantage was taken of every inch to create their own lush oasis in the back with a beautiful pool and stunning loggia setting complete with outdoor fireplace! They went with a more transitional feel for the decor, see what you think!

Grand entrance………

This is such a bright and uplifting dining room, love that banquette at the end!
Family room
Elegant living room….think I would have preferred wood here over marble, makes it feel a little cold and sterile
Love this french door in the library
A butlers pantry, love those dark doors
The kitchen
Breakfast area off the kitchen
Has their own elevator
A small gym/workout area
Lower level recreation room, wow a pool room with a chandalier!
Sunken movie theater..quite nice (dont’ know about the red suede though)
This is a wonderful area, great for outdoor entertaining, looks so inviting
Back pool area
Rear view of the home
NEWPORT COAST, CALIFORNIA. I rarely feature modern homes in my posts. It does not reflect my personal style yet I have an absolute appreciation for them when done right. I think this very sophisticated home in Newport Beach achieves just that. It has open sunlit soaring spaces, and though it is done with a more minimalist style in mind, it was done with much integrity and  all on a very proper scale. I know some of my readers like this style so thought it would be fun to break it up a little and feature something different. That pool setting is quite amazing!
Very attractive facade which appears to be done in limestone
I like the use of materials and cool color palette

The grand living room
One of the few rooms where they added drapes to soften things up a bit
Probably my least favorite room, feels too cold and sterile for me

Dining room

Sunken TV room/family room
Lower level wine cellar, I like the concrete walls
This hallway is incredible…looks like its leading to a beautiful spa!
Elegant and generously sized master bathroom
Theater, not a fan of black leather or red carpet however

Very large gym
Part of the elaborate backyard pool setting
This rivals many hotel pools!!
The main pool and rear facade
So there you have it! Which is your favorite? Would love to know.  That Virigina compound is calling my name……but each of them offers something to be sure. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!!


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Susan on

Tina there is no doubt in my mind that you will achieve all you wrote and then some. You write beautifully and your kindness and generosity shine through in each of your so well put together posts. Thanks for sharing your 7 things, loved learning more about you….you are so interesting!
Funny what you said about Everest.
As far as these homes, they are all beautiful but that Beverly Hills home is most “me”. Love it!

RenΓ©e Finberg on

miss enchanted,
start writing the screen play.
it will be wonderful.

as for being born in the wrong ‘era’….
i know i have been born in the wrong era.
where shall we return to?
perhaps the ‘georgian era’ or the roaring 1920’s?


Jennifer @ Belclaire House on

Oh my gosh! You’re the sweetest! Thank you so much for my award πŸ™‚ Um, I’m obsessed with little Christmas villages too! I almost fell off my chair when I read that! I have been since I was little. I would love to live in a town just like those. I loved to go see the trains at Christmas when I was little, but really I was looking at the villages. Are we the same person? Ha! I loved the first house in your showhouses today! Or should I say houses? πŸ™‚ What a beautiful estate! Have a lovely Sunday!!!

Greet on

Congratulations with the awards! And of course you deserve these!! You have a gorgeous blog. I loved to read about you!!Opening a restaurant!! Woouuww! Let us know when your plans are coming real!!
Oh my, these gorgeous homes!My favorite is the first one in Virginia. Love the elegant rooms! Startinf with the entry hall! And that dining room with the beautiful slipcovered chairs! Beautiful!
Happy Sunday my friend!

Cheryl on

I love your list… I must work on one for myself. This summer has been one of quiet and waiting as Kenny is quickly declining. I will put my pen to paper and start writing about what I will do….
The homes today. I must say that the estate in Warrenton, VA is magnificent. Truly beautiful.

Chic Coastal Living on

Dear Tina, Thank you for adding me to this beautiful list of bloggers! I am so honored because you have got to be one of the sweetest, most kind bloggers I know. I love everything that you wrote about yourself on the list. I think you would be an excellent writer (you already are) and I will definitely be there at your show opening or book party! I feel the same way about having more kids! I have three and just thought I was pregnant the last two weeks…..sadly I was not (and I thought I was done having kids). I miss my boys as babies and I’m sure you can agree they grow so fast in the blink of an eye their in highschool. My mom says that I will enjoy my grandkids one day! God bless you and please continue to write! With all my love, Desiree

P.S. That Sunday showhouse was amazing as always! I love the outdoor spaces with the televisions! We would be out there all day!

Anonymous on

First congratulations on your award. You really deserve it, I dont’ get to visit you as often as I would like (with triplets I am crazy busy) but every time I do visit, I am in awe of your blog and posts. Beautiful job you do. Your 7 things were terrific, loved what you said about the Christmas village and being born in the wrong era, I can relate!
This showcase is amazing, since my taste tends towards a more transitional style, I fell in love with the last one. What incredible space. I could be very happy there (with plenty of places to run and hide) haha.
Have a great day, Lisa

Amy @MaisonDecor on

Hi Tina! Loved reading more about you! You will no doubt accomplish many of your goal is that is what you decide to do. As a child I got to go to the base of Mount Everest, and I remember thinking, this doesn’t look like the tallest mountain in the world! ha! AS for the houses I would hang my hat in the first house for sure.

Barbara@HausDesign on

Tina – you are such a curious person and have so many interests! I’ll be excited to see you achieve all of these! Congratulations on the award too – well deserved!

Summers Cottage on

My favorite homes this week were the guest cottages at the Virginia estate. The VA estate, even with its warmth, seems more like a corporate retreat than a home filled with the smell of cookies, hugs, and love. I’d snap up one of those cottages in a heartbeat!

Barbara@HausDesign on

BTW I meant curious as in “interested in lots of things”, not “strange”! πŸ™‚ Hopefully that was obvious but after I hit post I wondered if that read the wrong way!!! πŸ™‚

Kathysue on

Dear Sweet Tina, Thank you for thinking of me in this wonderful line-up of fellow bloggers. I just love every single thing you said. I am with you in living in the wrong era on so many levels. I am also so thankful that there are still people that believe in thank you notes and handwritten correspondence!!
I also want to thank you for your comment this morning and I so agree with you about going for it!! Always go for it, just enjoy each little nuance of the journey. I can tell from your bucket list you will have a full and beautiful life ahead of YOU!!! I hope I can follow along and read about all of your successes. Love the idea of farm to table and the jazz house. I just watched It’s Complicated and drooled over the shop scene, sheer perfection. All this to say I loved your list and thank you again for including me!! xo Kathysue

Acquired Objects on

While all these homes are beautiful the Beverly Hills, California is my favorite with its wrought iron and deep dark floors and causal but elegant interior. Each has elements that I love, the Virginia home has some wonderful guesthouses but the main home is to formal for my taste. The other CA home seems more like a gallery of sorts it’s beautiful but rather sterile and doesn’t seem homey. Congratulations on your blog award and enjoy your Sunday.

GRC_Ltd on

Tina, before you open your restaurant visit the Hunter’s Head in Upperville, Virginia. It’s an outlet for the owner’s organic farm, located in a restored historic home. I think you are riding the wave of the next trend…!

Mariela on

You are very talented and have superb taste. There is no doubt in my mind that you can and will achieve anything you set your mind to. I love your list….its so important to want to aspire!
These homes are incredible, the two California homes are my favorite, the Va. home while beautiful is just too big, too formal and seems like it would be nonstop maintenance..all lovely though. Thank you.

Ideezine on


Happy Sunday! Congrats to you and all the wonderful bloggers listed. Every single moment “You” are writing the story of “Your” life. Love learning more about you, your life list, like many of us continues to ebb and flow in time, temperature, season and for very many personal reasons.

The more we “think” we are unusual the more we find and share in common with many others all at different stages of our lives, reaching, dreaming, daring, caring at the same time…what a miracle. You didn’t share what sign you are and that’s what I want to know…lol!

It is said that the more you help others reach their dreams the sooner your own will come true…how? Because of compassion for others which is selfless and therefore “Blessed”. So here’s to your list I affirm you to achieve what your heart believes the journey is…and more.

What a wonderful showcase of homes they too were or are others “dreams” at some point in time. Love all of them because I dream BIG also.

The Dream was always running ahead.
To catch up, to live for a moment in unison with it, that was the Miracle.
~ Anais Nin



Teresa at Splendid Sass on

Love the Virginia home! The check in the dining room is perfect as is the rest of the home.
Congratulations on your blog award! Well deserved!

Yvonne @ StoneGable on

Dear Tina, Congratulations on your awards this week. I agree with the givers… your blog is one of the best in bloggland, and you are certainly one of the sweetest!
I have found out some very interesting things about you… I can’t wait to read your book or see you movie. I know that you will probably accomplish what is on your bucket list and then some.
I just check one more thing off of my list…going to Bar Harbor. We just got back from a week in Bar Harbor. What a wild and beautiful place! But while I was there I added a few more. Riding a segway, seeing a Moose in the wild, seeing puffins in the wild and watching the sunrise on Cadillac mountain! I need to go back to Maine very soon. These are very small things compared to the great adventures on your bucket list.
I am very honored that you placed me in such wonderful company and would consider me for the “One Lovely Blog” award! How kind of you. Now I am off to visit all the lovely blogs on your list!
Thanks again!

vignette design on

Congratulations Tina on your truly deserving award! I loved reading your bucket list–we share a few of the same ones. I too would like to open a farm to table restaurant with my two chef kids. And a store. Love the jazz idea too. Oh, and by the way, you are not to old to do any of it. Life begins after 50 they say. (I’m 57) Yes, I hate to see the old fashioned traditions disappear, especially books, thank-you notes, Sunday dinners, and generally face-to-face interaction.
Thank you for including me on your list. I’m truly honored.
Have a wonderful Sunday! We’re spending ours in Sonoma, watching the grapes ripen! haha! ~Delores

quintessence on

Tina, congratulations on your award and of course I already follow many of those you chose – a lovely list. The Virginia house is naturally my favorite – what a gracious elegant home! Good luck on your bucket list – I’m sure you will able to get to some if not all – you are energetic, ambitious (in the good sense), organized and have many good years ahead!!

Lisa - A Room with A View on

I love the part about Mt. Everest-it’s something different and you probably get an adrenaline rush from just thinking about it! My favorite home would have to be the Beverly Hills one- the gorgeous ceilings and staircase, amazing windows and natural light, indoor-outdoor area, fabulous library, and so on.

pretty pink tulips on

Tina, you are such a dear!!! Thank you SO much for the kind recognition. I love learning more about you and your goals and aspirations. You can do it all!!! Mt Everest, here you come! πŸ™‚

As for the houses, Beverly Hills is calling my name. The kitchen, butler’s pantry, tricked-out patio, game area….oh, that would be so much fun.

Enjoy the rest of this soggy day!!!
xoxo Elizabeth

under spanish moss on

We’ll that the home and property in Virginia. Such charm and room to roam. Maybe we could have the Beverly Hills home as our vacation home. Hope you have a beautiful Sunday!
XO Angela and Renee

Splenderosa on

Needless to say, you deserve an award from all of us! We can tell the enormous amount of love & attention which goes into each post. I, too, always find something to love. I am overwhelmed to be on your award list, and I am accepting with many thanks. I already love most of the other recipients, but am going to meet the rest of our group. Thank you for including me, Tina. I loved knowing so many more things about you and your dreams/wishes. Mt Everest? Who would have thunk it !?

Sizzle and Zoom on

Congratulations on your awards. You deserve them and more. I love your blog. It’s beautiful and always eye-candy for my eager eyes. House number two for me this week. Close to family and friends. The design and decor are perfect for me and it has an elevator. I’ve always wanted an elevator.

The Preppy Princess on

Congratulations on your blog awards, that is wonderful! Very well deserved too, you put in an immense amount of work on this, we all revel in every post.

My favorite house has to be the Beverly Hills, although I am with you on the marble feeling cold, wood would have made the room much warmer. They are all very nice, but the Newport house also looked too formal and cold for me.

Sending you a smile!

classic β€’ casual β€’ home on

Merci beaucoup, Madame Tina!!! A pied a terre in Paris??? Me too! We could be neighbors. You have more energy in blogland than anyone so I have know doubt you will accomplish all your goals and still be publishing comprehensive, entertaining posts.

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

Darling Tina,

I am so very honored to be named amongst these wonderful BLOGS! YOU ARE SOOO KIND, THANK YOU And I so love coming here! I have been outside all day long, enjoying the sun for in 12 days I return back to school!!!! What a great summer. AND watching your progress and enjoying your tours has been part of that fun. NOW THESE ROOMS. That one kitchen with the white marble tops….my goodness is that great. THE POOLS, oh dear. I am also intrigued with your desire to write a screenplay! Dearest, you are young and you can do it. I am much older than you, and I figure there is NO STOPPING ME from dreaming and working towards writing. LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED!!!

Thank you for the award my friend, and the perfect tour! Anita

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. on

Congratulations on your awards and to all those you have awarded today…some of my very favorites as well. Off to visit a few new ones.

designchic on

We are thrilled to be included among so many of our favorite blogs for the “one lovely blog” award!! Thank you so much!! As for your bucket list, I have no doubt you will accomplish them all – a farm to table restaurant and a quaint bookstore…fabulous!! I love the gorgeous Virginia Country Estate with the most amazing land…a dream indeed!! Hope you’ve had a great weekend ~

Melissah from Scrapbook on

Lovely post – I enjoyed reading your seven things anbout you and we have a lot in common! I enjoyed the house tour too.

serena at FarmHouseUrban on

Oooh I hope you do #7!!! Bakery+ cafe+ jazz -It sounds perfect in every way! I am with you – the Virginia home is my favorite of the three!

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms on

definitely love the second home – look at those details! That scalloped breakfast nook ceiling? I’m going back for another look, actually! Hope you had a great weekend, and congrats on the awards.

Splendid Market on

Your bucket list is admirable. I am sure you could accomplish base camp Everest. Loved learning more about you, we have alot in common….paper invitations and thank you notes are just the beginning! Congratulations on your reward. ebh

Splendid Willow on

Hi Tina, I’m so glad to be back here after a few weeks away on vacation. Where to start…It’s all so amazing. I’d be happy with the “little” yellow guest house. It so reminds me of a Swedish stuga (country home/cabin). And please sign me up for the french door libary πŸ˜‰

Warm hugs,

The Paper Mulberry on

Oh Tina firstly congratulations on your blog awards which you most certainly have earned and are so well deserved. The hours you must spend collating these wonderful images and descriptions have been rewarded with an enticing and engrossing blog!!! Which is why I cannot believe you have included me in your awarded list and really don’t know how to thank you dearest Tina! I will look forward to passing the award on in turn and visiting the others on your list as I am sure they will be wonderful. Your aspirations make for a truly fascinating read and I am certain that you will achieve everything you set your heart on! Once again a sincerest thank you and warmest of hugs – Glenda xxxxxxx

Ann on

You certainly deserve all those awards ♥

Thanks for the showhouses all are so grand, lovely, and so good to look at, very inspirational in fact ♥

Lauren on

I grew up in central VA, so the first pick today is my favorite. I would LOVE to live in a place like that, especially with so many guest houses on my property to allow guests their own real retreat when coming to visit. The decor is not really my style, but I would live with it if it meant having all of that land in the beautiful country of VA. Thanks again for some gorgeous homes, Tina!

Kristin on

Dear Tina, how interesting to read this interview. I loved it!! And you’re in your mid-forties. In my mind I thought you were in your twenties. Very soon I will be in my forties as well and I’m looking forward to it!!! By the way, I would be the first guest to show up at your jazz cafe!!!


Jane Kilpatrick Schott on

Great post!

I love the orange in the Family room, but what is with the orange throw? Not attractive at all. It wasn’t thrown, but actually placed that way. Am I missing something?

christine {bijouandboheme} on

Ah Tina, thank you so so much for the award- it’s such an honour coming from you…adore you and your fabulous blog- thank you, thank you!!!!!

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