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OMG I prepared a wonderful post for you that I spent a lot of time on last night and the entire thing erased!!!!!!! I cannot believe it! Here we go again, blogger please do not be acting up again. Has that ever happened to you? SO frustrating!! Better publish this before it happens again!
Busy busy week for me. A few little mishaps at the house but I am not going to dwell and I am glad they all worked out, but there were a few hair raising moments, to be expected when building I suppose! This week the post is house heavy as nearly all my time these days is consumed with finishing it up. It is the first week that I have visited that I felt like it was “home” and not just a construction site with no end in site. When I am there, it feels like home and like I don’t want to leave and its really exciting to see it all finally come together.
I also attended a baby shower given by one of my best friends for her daughter who is so adorable and expecting her first baby. It was so lovely and the colors were bright pink and green aka Lilly Pulitzer. The setting was their beautiful boat club right on the water so the setting was so picture perfect despite the high humidity and overcast day. I start off with a few highlights then move on to the house and a few things I am loving this week.

How beautiful is this arrangement that greeted you and was used on the place card table!
The beautiful views…
Pretty centerpieces for tables….

The sweet cake, notice the sleeping baby!
You know I love gift wrapping! I couldnt’ resist getting this pair of adorable bears to add on top

HOUSE UPDATES OK lots going on this week, the buzz word is definitely the kitchen. Its really starting to look like a kitchen and the long awaited limestone hood got put in yesterday!! Very exciting to see the vision come alive. I am loving it and cannot stop staring….just love the kitchen. I am awaiting the rest of appliances (pay no attention to the funny looking temporary stove that we had to place there to get the CO)! Upstairs last coat of paint getting done, and all we are waiting for is the carpeting for some of the bedrooms and the shower doors, other than that we are nearly done upstairs..woo hoo! Finally the stone is coming in for the front door and surround and our main stair railing is coming in next week. So over the next few weeks BIG changes are on the horizon!! Enough talking, let me show you……
I would not do this color but this idea I think is a little more along the lines of what the house is calling for, thinking a dark bronze
Other 4 possibilities……

This one is a little ornate but this company does incredible work!
Marble decisions continue but think I am just about there!
The long awaited hood getting put in!
The brackets just got installed…..yippee!
Wall going to family room features a pair of cabinet hutches, there will a wire grill going on the doors

Loving my island, will like it more with the white marble instead of the plyboard……
Husbands top went in and sink and faucet, now we need to get his vanity stained and glazed
Love polished nickel…so elegant

Loving my black island…still a lot to do but you get the idea!
Refrigerator and freezer got installed and panels applied, now awaiting hardware samples

Breakfast room bay getting last coat of paint/glaze
Breakfast room looking into kitchen

Final “limed oak” finish in breakfast room
Peeking into kitchen from breakfast room
Choosing a fabric for powder room in kitchen powder room… are the choices!
Choice 1 is more greens, pale yellow, white and gray
Choice 2 is soft blues, grays and whites
Closer up…..
Marble top installed on guest room counter top
Sons #1 bathroom done except for cabinet hardware and shower door!
Love the clean fresh appeal
Don’t know why this came out so yellow, but tried two pretty colors, for my closet and sm. office

Ben Moores, silver mist…(a little more gray)
Farrow and Ball borrowed light (hard to tell but more blue than gray)
Stark sent over these loaner panels, one is pretty but totally wrong and the other while beautiful is way too gold

Close up of guest powder room floor, perhaps that Schumacher is best after all?
Here it is as a reminder…thoughts?
TOMATOES. Many in blogland have been talking about natures best, the seasons picks and all the goodness coming from the farm and fruit stands. Tomatoes reign supreme for me! Nothing in the world like a still warm, ripe, juicy tomato right off the vine! I have been using them a lot in all their variations. Have been using them in omelets, making tons of brushetta ( could live on the stuff), tried Emerils stuffed tomatoes (which were very good) and made a fresh tomato pizza, my kids love homemade pizza which I make every few weeks, so needless to say we have been eating lots of tomatoes! Definitely something I am really loving this week……

WILLIAMS SONOMA Had to send a gift to someone and after seeing a post my buddy, Desiree from Chic Coastal Living did on a few of their goodies, went to check them out. Not only did I find a great gift, but I also found so many other beautiful items. William Sonoma is looking better than ever!! I am so impressed with their entire line…here are some takeaway highlights for me…..
Love the pomegranate serving bowl, comes with matching bowls (This is what I bought her with matching bowls)

Gorgeous crewel place mats, perfect for fall entertaining

Always love navy and white, part of their mix and match program

Beautiful textiles…great colors!
Love a square place mat

Pretty wicker cloche

How great are these acrylic monogrammed glasses for outside!

Love this banquette for a breakfast or dining seating

Great reclaimed table
SOME QUALITY TIME OUTDOORS. Haven’t done this in months but last night I came home utterly wiped out and emotionally spent. I made myself a cocktail to unwind, took a few of my favorite design books out on the patio, sat down and RELAXED. I took a deep breath, enjoying the picture perfect weather (0 humidity and really nice breeze..thanks Irene) and felt all the pressure and stress literally melt away. It was wonderful and I sat there thinking, about why I haven’t done this much more often! So when my husband came home,he joined me and we sat there for about an hour talking, relaxing and enjoying the peace. I must say it was wonderful! That was definitely something I was loving this week,this picture is not us but it certainly gives you the vibe!
Well everyone that’s a wrap up for me! I would love to know as always if there is anything that you are loving this week…do tell! Also don’t forget about the awesome Peter Callahan giveaway that Kate from Party Resources and I are offering. Click here to get the details (you must leave a post on each of our blogs to be eligible) Have a wonderful day!

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mariondee-designs on

Wow! Just gorgeous.. all I can say is I’m drooling right now over your kitchen.. just magnificent! Love the idea of the 2 teddies on top of the present.. so cute! take care, Maryann

Seaside Style on

Beautiful! The flower arrangements are so pretty. Love the nautical flags in the background! :). Glad you had fun. The kitchen…. wow, really taking shape. THe wallpaper choices are great as well.I am partial to the one with the birds. Have a great day!

David Toms on

How frustrating it is when blogger plays up. I have had numerous issues this year!

The flowers at the baby showere are just gorgeous, and the teddy bears on top of the box, so cute.

The house looks to be coming along slendidly!

Lisa on

As always I am utterly speechless when looking at pictures of your castle! That kitchen is outrageous. Seriously the most gorgeous kitchen! And all that woodworking, love what you did with all the bathrooms, very elegant.

Love tomatoes too and have been using them more than ever, especially in my favorite way, grilling them!

Beautiful flowers, it was so bright how could you not feel happy in there!

Love how you wrapped that gift, so cute! I am going to a shower next Friday so thanks for the ideas.
Have a fantastic day and thank you as always for sharing this most exciting journey with us!

Luciane at on

Oh, Tina… the arrangements and the views!

Your kitchen is coming along just perfectly! I love every detail you choose, I really do.

Today will be a fun day. We’re going to a fair with the kids, but I had to come here before we live. πŸ™‚

Have a great day.


Luciane at

Lauren on

I am in love with your kitchen! That island is enormous and perfect for prep, gathering, and just about everything. Your hood is beautiful! I’ve mentioned the beams before, but those are such a great feature. Thanks for continuing to update all of us on the progress. Glad you were able to enjoy some relaxation outside last night with your hubby.

Anonymous on

Love your teddy bear giftwrap, great idea! Beautiful shower. The tomato pictures are making me hungry and I agree Williams Sonoma is a great resource, too bad their place near us closed, so can only order online.
Your home is just incredible, it gets better, if possible each and every week. I cannot wait till you start decorating it!

Twist of Lime on

Oh that blogger! Ugh!

OK, I am in love with the linens at the baby shower! And your little teddies on top of the package are soooooo darling!

I definitely like the fabric that has more gray – the second one. Looks so great with the tile.

Your limestone hood is ahhhmazing. I know you are in love! Beautiful!!!

Jana on

Your house is really coming together! I just had to reselect my outdoor lanterns that have been up for 18 mos now because there was a defect in the finish and they didn’t hold up in the scorching Texas heat. My original lanterns are much like the first picture you posted. The new ones I selected are much different (similar to #3) and I hope I like them!!! I agonized over the choice so much and it brought back all of those memories of when we were building and every day was a new decision and I was constantly wringing my hands and wondering if I was making the right one!!! The quote that stood out in my head when we were building was “Live without regret because at one time it was exactly what you wanted.” I still remind myself of this daily as I walk around and think about what I would change, LOL.

Stacy Curran on

Gorgeous! I’m in love with the kitchen and can just imagine it finished. The hood and island are spectacular! This is my favorite post of the week, every week. Living vicariously I guess (just kidding…really excited for you!)

travelkate on

The progress is so exciting! LOVE your black island, the hood, and well everything πŸ™‚ It really looks like you are nearing the finish line!

PS I really like the second fabric for your powder bath with the blues and grays.

designchic on

YAY, it’s Thursday!! Where to start – the gorgeous hood and brackets, the incredible black island that I’m visualizing with the fabulous marble on top, and the lime oak finish in the breakfast room…all perfection!! And such a true labor of love. Aren’t baby showers incredible now. I just attended two for my daugher, one in my home town and one in hers, and they were so, so lovely. Simply gorgeous flowers at your shower, and the tableclothes they used are just lovely, but my favorite part is your package…must steal this idea for my next baby gift!! Happy Thursday, and hope you’re having a wonderful week ~

Barbara@HausDesign on

Tina, I found it so wonderful how you said the house feels like home and you don’t want to leave – a wonderful sign that you have designed a home that is just right for you! Yay. I LOVE the limestone hood – wow, it looks amazing!

I am also struggling with blogger and have a question for you – will email you separately…

Veronica on

Hi Tina! Ygh i too lost a whole post and had to redo..grrr! Anyway, I am getting greedy now and want to see your furniture in this gorgeous home!!! imust say I love the shape of that first lantern that was not the correct colou and to me it suits the style so well! that last sample for the guest powder room is a total winner with those colours, the darker one. Perfect with the floor!

This week i am loving all the fantastical kiddies rooms I have come across on Pinterest and am so broody and feeling my empty nest!!


The Buzz Blog on

So loving all the woodwork in your home and the colors/paper/fabrics… can’t wait to see it come all together! Had the most delicious farmstand tomato and fresh mozzarella salad last night… yum!

The Buzz Blog on

Oh… and those centerpieces – just gorgeous!

Amy @MaisonDecor on

So much to look at and get excited about! I am thinking you will pick the blue and grey fabric for the powder room as opposed to the yellows and greens…thats just a hunch I have! Your tomatoe pics are mouthwatering, and all my tomatoes are finally coming ripe, and I love making caprese salads! That baby shower setting was so perfectly summer, wasn’t it?

Anonymous on

OMG, what a wonderful home you will have. Love that limestone hood!! I love chicken wire in the cabinets. Love your colors, but I like the blue,gray,white combination. Love the bird wallpaper which I think was your first choice. Please let us know when your home goes on the “Home Tour”. I’d make the trip to see it in a heart beat!!!

Brandon @ Southgate on

My favorite blog post of the week! Blogland is going to miss these once the house is done!
To the business at hand: Love all those lanterns but number 2 and 4 seem perfect to me.

Of the powder room fabrics, number two would be my choice, its so soothing and seems to be one of those that has a subtle prescence from a few feet away but a really appreciable delicacy and detail up close.

The powder room papers…Im with you, the Schumacher is the way to go! Those others are stunning, but that one just has “it”!

The stove made me laugh…how soon are you all getting the CO? Is there a holdup on your real stove?

De tout, de rien on

Tina, your house is fabulouser and fabulouser every week. (Did I say that in a previous comment? I’m having a déjà vu…) Our new kitchen is very similar to yours, same light coloured cabinets and a very dark island (brilliant minds…) with a hutch on one wall, except my kitchen would probably fit in your powder room, lol!!! I’m curious to see your paint choice(s) for the kitchen and your counters. We picked a suede brown granite, very dark and contrasting with the light cabinets.

For your kitchen powder room, I loooove fabric no. 2.

Thank you for posting about William Sonoma, looove the pomegranate bowl and placemats, I am thinking they would be perfect for my kitchen table (when I find one).

Glad you had a chance to relax, sometimes you have to carve yourself little moments of peace in life. Here’s hoping your week-end is just as fab!

Victoria on

I love Thursdays! The kitchen is looking fabulous. I love the hood. I am partial to outdoor lantern #2, just so you know, and the second fabric for the kitchen powder room. I love Borrowed Light (I have it on my family room ceiling). You should check out Farrow and Ball’s Blackened…a very subtle blue gray that is more gray than blue.

I envy you the fresh farm stand tomatoes, which are very hard to grow or buy in SW Florida. Apparently, tomatoes do not like heat AND humidity, and we have both in abundance. Have a great weekend, Tina. Try to fit in more of that relaxation.

The Preppy Princess on

The baby shower looks like a beautiful event, you know how much I love a pink and green color scheme. The centerpieces were just stunning, what gorgeous flowers! The cake was priceless, especially with the little one sleeping on top.

A tip of the hat on remaining calm amid the mayhem, much easier said than done, as we all know. Your progress on the house is amazing, seeing things come together is loads of fun for all of us enjoying the journey from the sidelines. The twin hutches are outstanding, once the grille is added they will be perfect in that space and so utilitarian.

Williams Sonoma is a favorite haunt, our primary casual dinnerware is from them, we both love browsing there and continue to promise we’ll be signing up for one of their weekend classes ‘really soon’. (Ahem.)

Sending yo special Thursday smiles!

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

HOW DID I MISS THIS AGAIN? I was at the computer at 4:00am and I did not see this!

TINA TINA TINA!!! YOUR HOOD! Everything on this post is magnificent; the baby shower images, the flowers, BUT THAT HOOD! YOur home looks the the château at Chenonceau…have you ever been?

I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE EVERYTHING FINISHED! DO you have an estimated moving in date?????? Anita

Debbie on

Loving the adventures of your watching your new dream home coming together! My favorite fabric for the power room in kitchen is choose number 2; blues and gray. My choice for your office would be Benjamin Moore silver mist! As far as the lighting outside I liked the first one, in the bronze as you mentioned…seems simple yet classic! The wallpapers for your powder room…don’t know! Beautiful…just not sure about any of them. Your home is lovely…and I so enjoy your updates! I am living in your dream, thank you!

HG The Countess on

As always your house is looking amazing. And I love the baby shower decor! Especially those table linens πŸ™‚

christine {bijouandboheme} on

It’s all just gorgeous. I love the first fabric for the bathroom and the choiserie paper is perfect with that divine tile. I adore that gold paper but can see it’s a little much…very glam though. Oh and I LOVE the hutches with wire…one of my favourite kitchen looks…all so so lovely!!!

For the Love of a Cottage on

The baby shower decorations, cake, gifts and all were so precious. The flower arrangements were stunning.

Your house is really coming along. I love the hidden appliances. And the range hood!!! Your tile is very soft and you can certainly work in any number of colors. For the kitchen powder room, I am crazy about the blue, gray and white.

Oh, the limed oak finish in the breakfast room is so perfect. I would love to have hardwood floors that look like that in my new house. Is that crazy or what. I have even painted with lime or milk paint and I love the results.

I hate to ask you this, however I have looked all over your blog trying to find the beginning of your home. I know the construction has been going on for 2 years, however I don’t know if you gutted a castle in Europe or started from scratch. I don’t know how you found this wonderful land. Perhaps you have not written about it. I would love to know your story some day.

Take care and talk to you soon. Hugs, Jan

for the love of a house on

Tina- the hood is amazing… the whole kitchen is!! How exciting to see it all coming together. Your design choices are stellar. I adore fabric choice #1! Can’t wait to see next week! Gorgeous wallpapers- it would be so difficult to choose;)


lisaroyhandbags on

Your home is looking stunning! You’ve made some lovely choices and it’s going to look amazing when it’s done. I love fabric #2 and lantern #1 (in case you wanted to know!) Love your enormous island.
I’m loving caprese salad right now and could live on bruscetta too. That evening you described with the perfect breeze and a cocktail is exactly what I did one night on the balcony on our cruise and all I could do was just sigh with contentment. xo

Heather@SatisfyingSpaces on

Looking good Tina! I always enjoy your house updates. The wallpaper decision is so difficult. Good luck.

I too enjoy being outside with my husband talking and enjoying a glass of wine. Here in Texas there has not been an opportunity to do so in months. I look forward to cooler weather so we can spend more time outside.

Designs By Pinky on

I am loving that my birthday is tomorrow!!!! I am surrounded by loving friends and family so feel truly blessed. The house is looking fabulous! Your island is almost as big as my kitchen:):). I loved the tablecloths at the shower you attended. SO pretty! Have a wonderful weekend, I hope you get to do just what you did last night again! XO, Pinky

Shannon@ Cozy Home Scenes on

I love your new kitchen even though it is not finished. Won’t it be a joy whipping up delicious meals in that beautiful space? The decorations at the shower were so colorful and pretty. Bet it was fun. Shannon

Greet on

Dear Tina,
I was so busy today and I thought about the fact it is Thursday today = Tina’s house update tonight!! And I am really so excited to see all the gorgeous pictures! And your kitchen!!! Will be a wonderful place to cook and to gather with your family!! I am in love with your house!!! Love love love every single thing you show us!! The paneling, the floors, the kitchen cabinets, the starecase,…. Everything! Congratulations to you!! Your taste is exquisite!
Thank you so much Tina to do the effort to post the update every week!! I and a lot of your readers are enjoying it! That is for sure!

Jennifer @ Belclaire House on

I love your limestone hood! And the baby shower looked so adorable! The flowers were so pretty. It’s amazing to me that all of your decisions involve picking between fabulous and fabulous-er. Ha! I love the blueish gray for the powder room and the Shumacher looks amazing with the floor. I can’t wait to see it all come together. It seems so close!

quintessence on

What absolutely lovely arrangements at the baby shower and it looks like a beautiful setting as well. I can only imagine how frustrating it was to lose your post – I was told from the beginning to use wordpress so even though it’s a little more trouble to set up, it is quite reliable. You’re really moving along in the house – you must be so excited! And I have given those Williams Sonoma acrylic glasses as gifts – they’re terrific!!

Chic Coastal Living on

ahhhh I just wrote this long comment and it got erased!! I love your home updates! The frig and freezer are so beautiful and the fabric #2 I love! Glad to hear that you were able to unwind with your hubby! He is so blessed to have you! and thank you for the mention! xoxo

Georgica Pond on

So much to comment on, so little time! Love the baby shower, beautiful location and pretty flowers. Now your kitchen – heavens, that limestone rangehood is out of this world. How heavy is it? And your island, my question is how are you going to wipe it down? It’s enormous? Love all your bathroom selections and my pick is that Schumacher paper. Saw the Stark panels at their showroom in the D and D building, breathtaking!

Susan on

Hi Tina haven’t been here much lately as we have been moving but what a treat to come here tonight. I can’t believe how things are moving with your house. It is looking just incredible, gets better every month, can imagine how excited you must be to go and see it coming to an end and imagine living there now. The shower details are all lovely, your friend did a wonderful job as you did with your packaging that adorable gift.

Love that schumacher paper, the light blue for the powder room and either the first one two or three of the lanterns. Don’t know what your front door looks like but those are elegant without taking away or competing with the deatils of the house.

Yes love tomatoes too! I make my own sauce and jar it so thats always a great way to utilize the summers best.
Also love sitting outside with a glass of wine and just letting nature be my entertainment, the best kind really.

Wishing you the best in this final stage of completing your home. We are still unpacking but got a lot done this last week and I must say it feels wonderful. You will be there before you know it!

Fashion-isha on

Wow! There’s just so many things to comment about on this post. First of all I can’t believe blogger lost your post…I would freak out if that happened. But you sure made up for it! Those tablecloths are to die for…I’d love a source for them. And your house is so fabulous. That limestone hood is just gorgeous. I love your choices, I like the second fabric for bathroom the best! You have great taste.

Karen T. on

Love the flowers, cake, flags and view at the baby shower. Love the first outdoor sconce, but agree not in the light golden bronze color. Love the second fabric for the kitchen powder room. Like the “Borrowed Light” better for your closet and small office. Agree that the Stark panels, while beautiful, are all wrong for your project. According to my computer monitor, love, love, love the Schumacher paper! If you look up the definition of tomato, beside it you’ll see a picture of me (lol)! Last, I’ve always loved Williams-Sonoma and am fortunate enough to have both a retail and an outlet store in my city. Can hardly wait for your next post!

Christine Hooker on

I could live in your kitchen…as a matter of fact…mattress on the island, anyone??? Love the hood, #2 fabric and any but the ornate exterior lights! Absolutely stunning Tina!

annie on

Well your house is going to be amazing…but that kitchen with that huge gorgeous black island soon to be covered in marble…so so pretty in every way!!!

Love your WS picks…I have always loved that store. Even if I don’t need anything I will sometimes walk through for a little seasonal inspiration.

Love all your tomato photos too!

xo annie

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. on

Love, love your hood….and everything else as well. It’s all coming together so beautifully. How do you sleep at night? So many details…blogging and the sheer excitement. Exhaustion must finally hit you.

Samantha on

What a fabulous kitchen, the end result will be truly amazing. Have a lovely week.

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ on

Such a fab house you have and what fun to do it from start to finish. I have been following along for some time but this is my first comment. Stunning hood in the kitchen and your cabinets and woodwork throughout make my knees weak. Love the schumacher paper too with that lovely tile.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Jordana @ White Cabana on

Oh wow Tina…I’m completely blown away by your home. A dream indeed! I’m finding myself staring at every single photo. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I’m so glad you did…and I’m so happy I now get to add yours to my daily reads!

classic β€’ casual β€’ home on

SPECTACULAR! Are you tired of me saying that? That guest powder room floor and Schumacher wallpaper….beautiful.

The French Tangerine on

Oh man Tina, here’s what I love the most, your kitchen island… which technically should be called a continent… island just doesn’t do it justice! Also, the Schumacher wallpaper with that darling mosaic tile… LOVE! So love the chicken wire going up in the kitchen… won’t that be adorable! Can’t wait to see what’s next… as always!
Oh, and those tomatoes all look divine… they truly look and smell like summer, don’t they?

under spanish moss on

Tina, the hood is so beautiful. We can’t wait to see the wire grill on the kitchen cabinets. The kitchen is going to be wonderful.
Angela and Renee

Sizzle and Zoom on

I’m with Anita. I can’t wait to see your home finished. This post is beautiful of your home. Everything is wonderful.

Debby on

Your home is totally my style and it’s everyone’s dream home! Beyond beautiful. Finish it up so I can share it on my blog!!! It is going to be all over blog world I am sure. I am in love w/ the gold wall covering w/ the birds… I think that would be so beautiful up! xo

jayneonweedstreet on

The kitchen is coming along beautifully; its nice to share your excitement! The windows in the breakfast area would keep me there all day!

Anonymous on

Most beautiful home ever! I am in awe and look forward to seeing when you start moving furniture and such into it!
Going to be so exciting, please say you will continue to blog, we want to see it from start to finish πŸ™‚

rachel @ Just a Touch of Gray on

Beautiful Beautiful! Everything is looking absolutely superb! Loving that kitchen hood and the black island is fantastic! Oh you must chose the first fabric for the kitchen powder room… it’s lovely! I am gushing over the about of marble in your home… it’s stunning! I love seeing your updates! Oh, and I like the first outdoor light you posted, but yes in a darker color.

'LUSH' on

Hi Tina, Let me start by ditto-ing the prayer for all those affected by Hurricane Irene’s potential threat. I am praying that any destruction is minimal to none! God Bless them all ’cause on the Texas coast, we know what it’s like!

Now, again, I have to say, your blog is my go-to for REAL LIFE design, and Luxury design! From your baby shower mention, to home updates (which we all can’t live without), to recipe’s (that I need to try), to William Sonoma –the acrylic glasses and the table and bench seat updates–I feel like I’ve been brought to speed on all that’s needed in real life home and lifestyle design. Seriously, thank you for all your research and sharing!

Lastly, enjoy outdoors! We all know that we must take the time for NOW, and not keep putting off pleasures or responsibilities for later. And, that’s a pleasure worth taking the time, especially when a sweet husband takes the time with you! Have a blessed and rejuvenating weekend! xo

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

Darling Lisa,

I will come back to comment on your next post, for I know you will probably post soon…but thank you for the incredibly kind words in response to BREAKFAST AT TIFFANYS… I hope you got a chance to take in the fun and love on a rainy evening….back later dear lady….Anita

eclecticrevisited on

the new range hood looks fabulous..and I’m sure it makes the kitchen feel more like a kitchen.. construction can be so time consuming..but fun that you’re now doing a lot more of the decorating part of the floor tiles through out your home..simply gorgeous..

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

Don’t you just love Blogger?
Your house is looking FABULOUS, Tina! The little stuffed toys are beyond adorable and the party was so fresh and pretty.
Love the monogrammed glasses!
Have a great weekend, Tina, and try to get some rest.

Anonymous on

Wow!!! Everything is coming together so nicely! Live lantern #3 and fabric #1…it looks like a handpainted fabric with watercolors…very unique..I love yellows & florals. Im having wallpaper installed that looks this right now..its inthe chateau #2 looks vintage. There is also a new French wallpaper book by stark that just came out, you may want to check it out. Also used prescott green & guilford green, both by BM, and love these colors. Love. The range hood!

Anonymous on

Ps. I choose a beautiful scroll pattern by stark for my staircase, it turned out beautifully. The company even asked for a pic to put on their website & FB page.. πŸ˜‰

Anonymous on

Tina, that wallpaper book is by york..French Dressing. Other favorites : Palazzo, Belgian Luxe, South Hampton, Ashford Toiles, Stroheim&Romann..ventian & neoclassical. ALL can be googled and viewed online.

Anonymous on

Check out stuff!

Ispirato Design on

Just so gorgeous! The floors in the bathrooms just blow me away- sooo jealous! No not really;) Both fabrics are perfect- two different looks- choice one is a bit bolder but either is going to be over the top beautiful!

Alysia Young on

Hi could you please please email me at I LOVE that pink flower tablecloth you had a pic of it in green too and want that oh so badly for my wedding could please email me and tell
me how I can get them?

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