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Hi there and happy Friday! First want to say to anyone who is in the path of that meanie, Irene…be safe and hope you will take the precautions that the our local authorities and the government are advising. I am not one to ever get too worked up over things like this, however this time I am taking it a bit more seriously and erring on the side of caution. Just to be sure, I am stocked up on my candles, batteries, flashlights, dry food and water. I made the very brave move of going to the local market this morning where some were acting like the Apocalypse was arriving at our doorstep any minute.
Then in the 2 minutes it took me to unload my groceries to my car, I kid you not, I witnessed TWO fender benders in the mayhem that ensued in the crazy loony toon zone parking lot. Seriously, it is scary but this is when people need to remain calm. All I kept thinking was get me home in one piece! There was not a water bottle to be had, forget a case, but I have 3 at home so think I am fine. How about you? Is this affecting you where you are?  Hoping this will have a lesser impact than what they are predicting and come Monday morning we will all go back to normal! But if for some reason you don’t hear from me on Monday or Tuesday it will be because of lost power ….. and you know just who to blame!

Quick side note..did anyone recieve their 10 lb arm weights Restoration Hardware new catalog entitled “Fall 2011 source book”, it is GINORMOUS, my poor mailbox could barely hold it!

I am back with another fabulous round of posts to ponder. Figured its a perfect weekend to spend inside and catch up on some fantastic posts you may have missed! Think of this as a mini awards show handing out blog awards to different bloggers for exceptionally beautiful and well done posts that touched, awed or wowed me in some way. Of course there are many many more, that I have saved in my little treasure trove of keepers but those will come out in the next round. These are all winners and I think you will be very happy to take a little break and go through each and every one.

Truth is, on any given day there are so many fabulous posts to bookmark that are worth saving so this is a drop in the bucket of all the goodness. If there is a particular post you have seen that you felt this way about and want to share, let me know about it in the comments section! Always fun to discover something, new, beautiful, informative and inspirational. I am headed to the house (where else) for a few appts. and then coming back to “batten down the hatches”. Wishing you a wonderful day and now those posts I am talking about…….stay safe to anyone in Irene’s path!

CASTLES CROWNS AND COTTAGES  Such a beautiful and inspiring, moving post (turn speakers on for full effect)
MEADOWBROOK FARM A truly beautiful wedding on the farm that you must see!
STONE GABLE A setting fit for a queen

THE LETTERED COTTAGE A story I promise you won’t regret checking out
PLEASE visit this and PLEASE watch the video. I PROMISE you that you will be glad you did (get a tissue)
HOME BUNCH Gorgeous beach house! (you must click on pg.9 at bottom of page)
THE FRENCH TANGERINE How does your garden grow?
BELCLAIRE HOUSE A peek inside the ultimate beach house from “Its Complicated”
ECLECTIC REVISITED Elegant spaces to stay cool in!
PARTY RESOURCES This is to me one of the most amazing wedding videos I have ever seen, think you will agree!
SPLENDID SASS Dream house in Ponte Vedre….love this house!
UNDER SPANISH MOSS Beautiful inspiration
HOME STORIES A 2 Z Find out how to make an office out of a closet!
THE RICH LIFE (ON A BUDGET) over 20? Then you will love this……
VELVET AND LINEN...explore the Paris flea  market with Brooke
KATIE DID What a fun way to spend time with your girlfriends!
SPLENDEROSA pure beauty for your eyes to behold
VIGNETTE DESIGNS Gorgeous tablescapes….
CLASSIC CASUAL HOME Talk about a brilliant do it yourselfer!
COTE DE TEXAS Love Joni’s new living room redo!
RENEE FINBERG If this won’t melt your heart, don’t know what will!
LA POUYETTE  Like monograms and linen? You have to see this!
THE ENCHANTED HOME Because I wish I was in the Hamptons right now! (had to include this)
Would love for you to let me know which you loved after you have visited some or all! Wishing you well, enjoy your weekend and most important stay safe to all those in Irene’s path!

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Susan on

Tina we are not in the storms path but wish you well, and hope you and your family stay safe. It looks like a monster storm! So funny what you said about the RH book, cannot wait to get it now!
I love that you do this, for someone like me who only gets limited time to “blog hop’ this is a great way to get to the good stuff. I went through about 5 or 6, and will save the rest for tomorrow but my fave so far is the lettered cottage story (made me cry) and the meadow brook farm wedding (wow).
Thanks for this, it was the perfect thing to do on my coffee break!

Carrie @ Hazardous Design on

Tina, I’m with you! We started our hurricane preparations days ago, but I really hope it is all for nothing. I am NOT looking forward to the prospect of being without power for days on end!
Have a safe weekend.

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

Oh my darling Tina, I am so touched, I AM BLOWN AWAY that I am in this mix of beautiful blogs! I NEED TO GO SEE THEM…I love Brooke and I need to go get her book as soon as it hits the shelves! THANK YOU MY DEAR, you truly are kind and you would not believe how many revisions I did on that post, but then it came to me when I had drawn Audrey. Funny, the writing process! NOW….my sweet, I am so worried about all of you out there! I HOPE your lovely new home is not in harm’s path…but most of all, be safe in the midst of this mayhem! I remember living in Mass. and when a big snow storm was coming, the markets got so crowded! Here in Minnesota, the attitude is different.


Now to visit the ladies. What a fab idea you have here! LOVE TO YOU! Anita

classic β€’ casual β€’ home on

Living in California, I am trying to remain calm with my daughter living on the Lower East Side (and she is supposed to move to Brooklyn tomorrow??). She said she got a couple bottles of water, scented candle and magazines as her “hurricane preparedness kit.” We lived in FL and she has been through a couple.
I could spend hours now going through your blog world highlights-perhaps tomorrow. You crack me up putting probably my only crafty project EVER up there as a DIYer…ha! I’m standing a little taller πŸ™‚

eclecticrevisited on

you always have such beautiful posts, Tina, glad I’m back!!..thanks for the the linen from Lepouyette…very pretty…
looking forward to more updates on your home..can’t wait to see you moved in..

Sizzle and Zoom on

I’ve been to most of these blogs and I have at least four of them on my blog roll. Thanks for the other links.

Luciane at on

I was thinking a lot about you today… about you and your family. It’s so interesting, but even if we never meet, I care about you as a friend.

I’ve been so busy the last 2 days and I didn’t read or watch the news. Then, today my husband said NY will be affected. I thought about you right the way. And I’m praying for you and our countries. (USA and Canada).

We’ll be a bit affected also and I’m praying that everything will be fine. We’re by the ocean (live on a riverfront property) and there’s risk of floating.

The fact is… we should pray and do whatever we need to be safe and calm. Everything will be fine. πŸ™‚

Just send you a big hug, my friend and know that I’m praying for you and yours. I really care about you.

Also, thank you so much for mentioning “HomeBunch”. It’s really sweet of you!

Talk to you soon.


Luciane at

Taylor Greenwalt on

I am in California, but my son is in New york and Virgina for a Skate boarding competition. A little nervous with all the media hype. If your all board watch ESPN2 Sunday. His name is Mike Taylor…

Janey and Co. on

Thank you for all of these beautiful blogs to get lost in! I am already a huge fan of Anita’s .

Stay safe…let’s hope it just turns into a good soaking rain…Janey

Room Designer on

Where on earth is this place, Fantastic.

The French Tangerine on

HA! Aren’t’ you the cutest thing to include a post from TFT! Thanks my dear… so very very appreciated! I love the other posts you included as well… a very smart idea, and very kind of you!
I do hope that you will be spared by Irene… we can only hope that since you are prepared, it will blow right over… maybe a sprinkle! Will be thinking of you!!

Jennifer @ Belclaire House on

Ooh I can’t wait to catch up on all of these posts! How wonderful to be included with these other lovely blogs! Glad you’re taking precautions. Stay safe! Hope nothing happens to that fabulous house of yours (of course, your well being is important as well). xo

Melissah on

Tina. I will enjoy reading some of those beautiful posts. Good luck with Irene I hope she dissipates out at sea & leaves everyone in peace!

katiedid on

Wow! Thank you so very much for including me in this amazing bunch! I am all teary reading some of these. I have got to get around the blog world a little more!!!! Thank you for the introductions!!

Jana on

Be safe!! I dread waking up in the morning to hear the news but I hope Irene weakens to nothing more than a hard shower. Praying that! We could so use some of that rain here. Thanks for the lovely links. Happy to have some reading material for this weekend…it’s going to be a hot one here. Oh and that catalog is gaudy big! I’m not much of an RH fan, pretty stuff but the presentation is so drab I can hardly even stand to look at any of it.

Teresa on

Thank you so much, Tina! What a wonderful treat to be mentioned, especially in such fabulous company. I’ve already visited several of your featured blogs, (even my own….it was fun to go back and re-live the wedding day!) and I’m looking forward to completing the list in the days to come. The bride and groom are right in Irene’s path, and their jobs with the Coast Guard require them to be right in the thick of things. Ugh. I can’t wait for Monday to arrive so it will all be over!
Thanks again, Tina….stay safe and hunkered down!

Romi on

Oh my stars! I L.O.V.E. your blog! I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning reading your posts and loving every minute of it! Insomnia never felt so good. Ha! Love your house, love your writing, and love the updates on the pending palace. So happy to have found you and the recommendations of some new blogs to peruse at my leisure. Thank you for sharing such beauty.

Splendid Market on

This comment has been removed by the author.

Kellie Collis on

I can see that hurricane is just terrible. Keep safe and dry, Kellie xx

LaPouyette on

Thank you so much, Tina! To feature my blog – very generous and kind of you.

I do apologize for not commenting for a while…being so much behind with, and hope to catch up during the next week. But I like to assure you that I like your posts and always enjoy having a kind of ‘get-away’ by reading them.

Best wishes for a lovely weekend,

Donna in Potomac on

Your posts are like the gifts that keep on giving! Each one I’ve read so far, is truly inspiring, and I hope to get through all of them before Irene pass my way. After living through Hurricane Andrew, I never underestimate the outcome or path of a hurricane…so if it gets too close for comfort, stay away from the windows and move to an interior room.

serena at FarmHouseUrban on

Forget all the blogs in my inbox waiting to be read – I’m stayin here and going through your picks!
Wishing you and your family safety and protection from the storm!


Holy Moly…I thought I was going to get some things done today but now I have to check out all these post! Hope the hurricane fizzles out and everyone remains dry and safe.

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home on

I love this post, Tina, and have discovered some wonderful new blogs to follow – as if I don’t have more than I can read already!
Stay safe!

Carol@TheDesignPages on

Wow, this should keep me busy for quite a while. I hope you’re safe from Irene and can stay out of the way of the locals:) My western part of Canada hasn’t been affected but I was just visiting Ontario where a tornado completely devastated a beautiful beach community.

under spanish moss on

Tina, we are praying that the storm is mild and for safety for everyone in its path. We know too well what you guys are going through and how crazy people can get. The media certainly does not help the situation with all of the doom say attitude. Thanks so much for the mention today! We are honored that you included us. We have lots going on today and look forward to a relaxing night looking through all of these inspiring posts!
Angela and Renee

natcalgal on

WOW…Fabulous blog! I’ve looked at a few this morning, but I’m saving the rest for this afternoon when the temperature outside is over 100 and I’ll be sitting in my air conditioned sunroom with a glass of iced tea! I can’t wait. Thank you….thank you.

Oh….and yes…I did get that ridiculously oversized Restoration Hardware catalog and thought of all the poor mail people that had to deliver them. I contacted RH and asked to be taken off their mailing list. Used to love RH, but it’s changed so much and that catalog just seemed to too excessive to me.

Happy weekend…Gail

Stacy Curran on

LOVE this post….so many pretty posts to go over to. I saw most of them, but there are a few i can’t wit to visit. Thanks for the roundup!

Sundresses and Smiles on

Love that Splendid Sass kitchen! I am currently using Irene as an excuse to relax–I’m even still in my pajamas!

Agnes on

Reporting back as you requested. That story from lettered cottage is amazing and I promptly forwarded it to family and friends. Loved the paris flea market post, always wanted to go, laughed at the rich life on a budget post, so true and fell in love what beach house. And Shit-tzu’s love em! I have two….cinammon and sugar, they are my world!
BEST breed, they are so sweet and smart!
I really loved your Hamptons post too, which I had seen but it was fun to see it again, wouldn’t mind being there right this minute! Great post, Tina, and above all else, please stay safe and may this pass for you all very fast!

5th and State on

Tina, you have become to the ‘go to’ source for inspiration!

what a lovely post….how i wish i had the leisure of going to each blog featured. will settle for your great images

be safe!

Heavenly Housewife on

I used to live in Florida where hurricanes are the norm. Its often more hype than anything. The news just seems to spread a lot of unnecessary scare mongering and panic. That being said, its always good to have the basics like bottled water and flashlights and stuff.
As always, I adore your beautiful selection of pictures. There’s always so much beauty here!
*kisses* HH

Calico Child on

Stay safe North QLD had a nasty one last year I was so lucky it went up over night so we just got wind & rain but a lot of people were not, I hope it starts to loose power as it heads in land my thoughts are with you. Glad you are stocked up & sad to here people panic buying dosn’t help other people that need it too, hope you don’t loose power, thanks for the links & hope to another post not to long πŸ™‚ x

Adrienne on

Oh Tina! What a wonderful surprise to be included amongst such fantastic blogs. You!

I received my RS catalogue a couple days ago…reminded me of the old days of huge Speigel and JC Penney catalogues.

I hope you and yours stay safe. I’ll be thinking of you.



Velvet and Linen on

I’ve been busy listening to the updates on Irene all day, so I apologize that it took me until now to see that my blog post about our visit to the Paris Flea Market was included! Thank you so much.

I hope Irene ends up being full of hot air!
Stay safe.


Barbara@HausDesign on

Tina, you amaze me with all of your incredible links here today! I am off to look at several – the monograms, the tablesettings, etc… Stay safe, dry and warm…thinking of you and others in the path of the storm!

Karen T. on

We are not in the storm’s path, but praying that you and your family will remain safe. Can hardly wait to check out some of these blogs!

Georgica Pond on

What a beautiful selection of posts. I laughed, I cried, I sighed, I oohed and aaahed, and my husband thought I was very strange. Thanks for sharing this lovely stuff from the blogworld that I would have otherwise missed.

Naz on

Once Hurricane Irene has passed I will check out all of your blog suggestions. It looks like a very interesting read.

Stay safe.

Kristin on

Dearest Tina, I really hope you will be safe over there!!! Thanks for these wonderful links!!! Have a beautiful Sunday and take care πŸ™‚

Love, Kristin

Elaine on

Dearest Tina,

We have been watching the news in Paris about the storm and it immediately made me think of you. I hope that you and your family are doing well, and that your beautiful new home will not suffer any damage.

Best Wishes,


Party Resources on

Thank you for the nice mention and I do love that video! xx

RenΓ©e Finberg on

oh my…..
i blush.
you are so very generous of heart.
thank you.

i will be snooping through all the rest tonight.

Luciane at on


I’m just writing this to know if you’re doing okay… I see there’s no post today.. I hope everything is fine with you and your family!

xo to you.

Luciane at

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

Thank you so much for the mention! I can’t wait to sit down and visit all of these blogs!
I know that you much be beside yourself now. ALMOST THERE! Can’ wait to see it.
Have a great day.

Acanthus and Acorn on

I hope you are safe from that mean Irene!!! I laughed over your comment about the RH catelogue…it’s husrts my arm and my eyes to look at it! πŸ™‚

travelkate on

This comment has been removed by the author.

travelkate on

I hope the storm wasn’t too bad and you weathered it safely! Look forward to having you back on here–for now, I will enjoy all of the pretty blog inspiration you provided!

Ispirato Design on

Great idea for a post. Thank you for compiling this list- I’m going to go right down the list- it looks like a lot of good reading.

Sush on

I am hoping this isn’t a random question and you did have this here…did you have directions on how to make a photo collage of sorts for a blog? Also, weren’t there other blogging photo tips? I can’t seem to find the postings. If you’d hop over to my blog with a note if you did I’d be ever so grateful!

I did enjoy Under Spanish Moss…but then I’m a N’awlins born and bred gal…


Splenderosa on

What a completely generous post this is, Tina. And, thank you so much for acknowledging me and my whimsies. You have one of the most amazing spaces in all of blogland and I am always inspired with the patience & love you show in each post. Sending love….

navy and orange on

amazing post and distraction from the storm. hope everyone is ok!

xoxo navy & orange

annechovie on

I hope you didn’t sustain any damage, Tina. Thanks for all of the great links! xx

The French Tangerine on

Thinking of you.. missing your posts and hoping all is well!

Simply Beautiful Now on

I’m new to your blog, and love your dream home (and your selection of beautiful posts)

I hope you are safe…I’ve been thinking a lot about the East coast this past week. We visited Prince Edward Island, Canada, and although they were spared from Irene, I can not help but pray for all those in similar coastal communities that didn’t fare as well.

Mary Ellen on

Many of these are some of my favorite blogs!! Will have to look up the others to see the inspiration waiting for me!

bee blessed

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