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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! ?Who better to feature today than someone who takes the color orange (along with?green) to the most elegant and stylish heights. Say hello to………?Jan aka ?”Queen of mosaics” of the beautiful blog…..
? ?The French Tangerine

OK, Jan is a gal after my own heart. I feel like I know her and we both certainly have plenty in common, including an unwavering obsession with pretty things, chinoiserie, blue and white, all things French, and have a wicked sense of humor (I can most certainly laugh at myself as can she which makes her so endearing). I laughed reading over her interview and loved getting to know more about this fun loving gal behind The French Tangerine. Now that 2 of her 3 kids are out of the home, she has devoted herself to her blog and claims it “the best hobby ever”! Her blog always promises a serious parade of eye candy, whether she is playing “investigative reporter” and having her friends open up their beautiful homes or taking us behind the scenes to a fabulous antiques fair or show. Always something gorgeous ?going on over there, that much is true. SO if you aren’t already a fan, do check out French Tangerine. I cannot take a trip to blogland without stopping by and I am confident you will see what I mean once you visit this style maven. Did I mention that I have unofficially named her the doyenne of mosaics? NO ONE can make a mosaic like Jan, she reigns supreme in my eyes and has taken mosaic making to new heights. You go girl! So, without?further ado let me present Jan from The French Tangerine…Jan, take it away!
Click on header to visit Jan over at the beautiful French Tangerine!

So, ?how did you end up blogging?
I love spending time looking for beautiful images online. I can spend hours searching for the perfect object to complete a vignette in my home. It occurred to me one night that this inspiration might be of interest to others? namely my sister-in-law Nina. I really enjoy putting together the posts, and it keeps me on my toes? and inspired! I have discovered that I love the writing as much as the images!
A few things I love about fall are………………..
No sweating with a sweater, jeans with boots, no fat arms showing, football games with family and friends, that awesome crisp air, dinner parties and the beginnings of comfort food.?
You get to spend a month at the perfect beach house on the beach, ?will it be Malibu or Nantucket?
Nantucket. Absolutely Nantucket.
Two weeks first class all the way, is it London or Paris??Yes, please. Both sound perfect, but I’d have to go with Paris, after all, I am the french tangerine!
If I was 18 again I would…….I would switch my double majors from Education/Art History to English/Design? I love writing! (I might have to do a minor in Art History? I would miss that invaluable information!)
What would be on your plate for your ultimate dream dinner and dessert?
Homemade pasta with bolognese? and bread! FYI: Sushi or Pizza are close seconds. Cheesecake for dessert, Definitely.
Tell us as little or much as you want to about your family??I’ve been married to my college sweetheart for almost 25 years. Our oldest two are away at school, so we are down to one? which is comparable to owning a guinea pig? compared to the three. Come to think of it, I think the sudden extra time had something to do with starting the blog also.
Worst habit? Best trait??Procrastinating exercise ? definitely my worst habit. I will wear my workout clothes all day in hopes of getting that workout in? I do not enjoy my workout so it’s always at the bottom of the list. Best trait is probably my reliability. You can count on me to get the job done.
Favorite design trend??Hmmm? not really up on the latest trends? I do love the use of reclaimed wood. So many furniture lines are using reclaimed wood or painting wood to look old giving the furniture so much more warmth and charm and character. Not everyone can find or afford antiques? thank goodness the furniture manufacturers figured this one out!
One?golden rule/advice for decorating that you would pass on ?If you really love it, buy it. You’ll find a place for it.

Designer icon?Carol Glasser, Dan Carithers, Mary Macdonald
You get to have lunch with anyone in the entire world, could be from Hollywood, a famous author or playwright, a politician, rock star, a cooking guru, religious leader, anyone?who are the lucky two to sit at your table??Obama and Michelle? I have questions. If one of them can’t make it, substitute the dog whisperer. I’d love to find out what the hell my dog is trying to tell me!
A perfect day would start with?a good night’s rest?and end with?phone calls from my kids.
If we could only live in one season year round, which would you choose and why?
Fall is a renewing time for me? cleaning out the yard, cleaning out closets, getting on a schedule. I seem to be more motivated in the fall? and again, the comfort food thing. Sitting by the fire pit on a cool night with family and friends? doesn’t get much better than that.
Describe your favorite outfit.?Jeans tucked in my boots, white blouse with a gorgeous scarf.. It’s comfortable and casual but smart.
Tell me about a dream vacation for you and your family??Our current favorite vacation spot is La Palmilla in Los Cabos, Mexico. Our best vacation ever ? we’re repeating this year! My dream is a trip to South Africa? I think it would be life changing.
Favorite movie or book that you could read or watch over and over??Poisonwood Bible, Beach Music is an old favorite? Really hard to pick just one!
3 qualities that I think fairly describe me are.
Thorough, Funny, Serious

Comedy or dramas??How could I possibly choose? I love Step Brothers with Will Ferrell as much as A Beautiful Life with subtitles!
A book that I have read in the last few years that I really really loved…………..The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield
In my next life I will …..Be a writer and a runner and naturally skinny
One thing I absolutely cannot live without is……………My cell piece

If I have learned one thing in life, it is……………?.. You can’t make everybody happy. It’s my favorite thing, but not realistic. Another good one would be people believe what they want to believe, not always what’s true? which can be frustrating.

And now a little recap on all the things Jan loves….

OK, do you see what I mean? How great is she! My kind of gal….We laughed and found it a little scary (insert haunted house music here) that we are so much alike. From how many years we have been married, to two oldest being away, to ?her choice of meals and did you notice how she said “comfort foods” being one of the reasons she loves fall? You know I am always saying that. Be a writer and be naturally skinny (does being that way until I was 22 count) are things once again we have in common! Loved The Help too and really would like to be at your dinner with Oback and Michelle because I have questions too. Lots of them.??Thanks Jan for participating and to you all for stopping by. Do stop by and pay a little visit to The French Tangerine! Wishing you all a wonderful day.


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Luciane at on

This is the first time I’m hearing about Jan and I can’t wait to drop by her blog! She seems to be a fun and smart person.

I really enjoyed this interview.

Have a Happy Halloween!!!


Luciane at

Naz on

Happy Halloween.


Lisa on

She really does sound like fun, loved her thoughts on fall and why she loves the season. I am looking forward to going to check out her blog- she sounds like a great and honest person, love that quality. And not being able to make everyone happy, so so true. Leanred that a long time ago.
Have a good day, Tina

Carolyn@SweetChaos on

I love Jan’s blog and enjoyed learning more about her. I have serious chandelier envy taking place, and sometimes I stop by The French Tangerine just to stare at her chandy and pretend it’s mine ๐Ÿ™‚ Is that wrong?

I share some of her favorites … Poisonwood Bible and A Beautiful Life and pizza. And, who doesn’t love a girl with a good sense of humor and whose favorite outfit includes jeans?

Great interview! Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

quintessence on

Anyone who loves orange is ok in my book!!

Acquired Objects on

I love Jan’s blog not only does it feaature one of my favorite colors, orange, but she features some beautiful homes! I hope you both have a wonderful and safe Happy Halloween!

Barbara@HausDesign on

I loved this down to earth, fun loving interview! I share her “favorite outfit” and many other similarities…so I can tell already that I’m off to check out a wonderful blog!

MamaMelissa on

Oh my heavens, we are SO alike! Jan’s answers in the interview could be me! Fall is my very favorite season and I will be skinny in my next life!I will check out her blog right now. Thanks so much for introducing her!

Victoria Athens on

A fascinating interview, Tina. Although I read all of Jan’s blogs, it was fun to find out more about her. Who doesn’t love a girl who loves jeans and pasta. Thanks.

A Touch of Country on

I hadn’t heard of her till now….thanks for sharing!

I enjoyed stopping by and checking our her blog…thanks!


Splendid Willow on

Good morning Tina and Jan!

Laughing out loud over here! Especially when I came to the section about needing some help trying to figure out what the dog is saying! And about wearing workout clothes all day in hopes of getting that workout inโ€ฆ Funny girl! (But I can relate).

Jan’s blog is new to me. I am looking forward to exploring it. If Tina says it is good – we know it is Good with a capital G!

Happy Halloween!

ox, Mon

linda on

Love your posts-Lost me on obama and michelle-to bad

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home on

I loved Jan’s comment about Cesar Millan! If Michelle couldn’t make it to the lunch, I wonder what Obama and Cesar would talk about…
Another great post, Tina. It’s always a treat discovering a fellow blogger who loves to write.

I Dream Of on

I’m with Quintessence, anyone who loves orange is OK in my book, too! What a fun interview. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to get to know Jan a bit better.

Happy Halloween, Tina!

pretty pink tulips on

I had the pleasure of meeting Jan in person earlier this year – always fun to meet a fellow blogger in person!!!

I’m smiling about the work out clothes comment, b/c I’m in mine…but I don’t think a work out is happening right now!!!

(Sound of sheetrock and shingles coming down behind me – yes, it’s demo day on Halloween).

And, so true about those great mosiacs — her signature!!!

Thanks for another great interview!!!
xoxo Elizabeth

Taylor Greenwalt on

Tina, I am telling ya! You could change careers! You could be a famous interviewer.kidding aside, I love when you do this. It is great to get to know other bloggers. Keep it up..

The Preppy Princess on

She is so delightful Tina, I love this one! I very much appreciate such a common-sense approach, it is refreshing to see someone say they aren’t up on the latest trends. I also like her answer to “Paris or London”!

Sending you a Happy Halloween smile!

christy on

Tina loved this, what a great sounding person. love her honesty and humor. these are such great ways to get to know people better, well done again!
Happy halloween to you.

Anonymous on

Really liked this interview until I got to the Obama part, not sure if she wants to grill them becuase of how hes wrecked our country or if shes a fan. I would have a hard time sitting down with him without trying to physically assault him ๐Ÿ™‚ Did enjoy your fun answers though and will go check her out now, love the name
“French Tangerine” very catchy!

Tatiana Doria on

Nice way to get to know other bloggers!

Splenderosa on

I really do like Jan and her blog. She takes the most wonderful photos of gardens & flowers. See you tomorrow for BIO, my friend. Happy Halloween!!

Renรฉe Finberg on


this is a wonderful interview.
i am going to her blog….

drop by my place
i am having my 1st give away

The French Tangerine on

Tina, thanks so much for this!
FYI, meant to say Mary Douglas Drysdale for a favorite designer icon… I have a Mary MacDonald book on my desk and must have inadvertently used that name…. I did a whole post on Mary Douglas Drysdale – just love her!
I probably should’ve steered clear of politics on the interview… struck a nerve there… I definitely don’t want to get into politics! Thought about Kate Middleton… that’s a hard question! It’s much easier to go to lunch with my friends!


Great Interview! Jan is great and so is her blog! Happy Halloween!!

Splendid Market on

Reclaimed wood, cozy evenings by the fire, a good nights sleep and calls from the kids…my kind of girls! So nice to learn more about both of you great women!!

Stacy Curran on

I can see why you love this blog so much – it’s so you! I am so happy for the intro – heading over there now. Happy Halloween Tina!

Veronica on

Hi Tina. Jan’s blog was one of the first I found when I started blogging in May an Jan was one of my first followers as wel!! She has been very encouranging and answered my emails to point me in the right direction. I also found your blog as well as Marsha’s blog throug Jan. Apart from all this she has a fab blog and I adore her style and sense of humour.

Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

mwaxter on

Aweome! Just read The Thirteenth tale too…and really enjoyed it. Ditto with The Help, amazing movie.
Great interview

The French Hutch on

Hi Tina, I really do enjoy “The French Tangerine. It’s nice to meet Jan up close and personal. Thanks for the interview.
And speaking of interviews, you do a great job of asking the right questions.
Hope your Halloween evening is great.

The French Hutch

Kathysue on

Tina I just discovered Jan’s blog after my friend Delores from Vignette designs recommended her blog to me. I love her blog and look forward to her post. I also am finding she is a fun loving gal after reading this post. My kind of people!!! Happy Halloween to both you and Jan and your sweet families,
xo Kathysue

travelkate on

Another great blog to check out! I so relate to the workout clothes being on all day in hopes of going–I can’t even count how many times I’ve done that and never made it anywhere ๐Ÿ™‚

linda on

Thank you French Tangerine for addressing the political thing-we just want to look at lovely things here…

Elizabeth on

Happy Halloween Tina,

I hope you are having a great night. I am trying to keep myself from the candy bowl, luckily I really do not have anything I like.

We must be sugar sisters, I never meet anyone that like the candy I do. Kraft caramels are my favorite for Halloween, I must keep the bag away tonight.

I love the French Tangerine, she showcases the greatest antiques. I do not know where she puts all of her great finds.

As always thank you showing such a wonderful blogger.

Have a great night.h

Mel@Georgica Pond on

Jan always posts about the most stunning and inspiring gardens which I love to see. Great to hear more about her and her wonderful blog.

Annie H. on

I love finding out about new bloggers through these interviews. Being a newer follower, I am so enjoying your blog, its so diverse and you always feature such gorgeous things. Thank you for this wonderful interview, will go and say hello to the French Tangerine.

Yvonne @ StoneGable on

Tina, You have introduced me to so many wonderful bloggers that I would not have found on my own. You have a way of bringing the best out in people!
Now I an off to meet Jan at the French Tangerine. Thanks for the introduction!
xo Yvonne

Love Where You LIve on

Enjoyed the interview!
She sounds like she could step right through the door — any door — and be an instant girlfriend.

Palomasea on

Tina, what a great interview!
I will visit Jan’s blog…it combines two of my favorites: French and the color tangerine..voila, a perfect combo:)
She sounds wonderful, full of joie de vivre..another thing you have in common!

A beautiful week to you,
– Irina

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here on

Tina, Great interview! I just recently found the French Tangerine and love it.

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