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Good morning…. I just have to say thank you so much, I really am convinced I have the best and kindest readers in all of blogland! I vented yesterday about having had a bad day and then becoming nostalgic over Halloween about my “boys” being men now and not having a little one to share the holiday with. Apparently I have lots of company but your kind comments and emails truly warmed my heart…thank you for that. Today, ?I am over at one of my favorite blogs in all of?blogland,??you can find me over at my friend, ?Elizabeth’s ?gorgeous blog, where there is always something beautiful blooming……

Pretty Pink Tulips

(Click on blog header to visit)

I am sure many of you know of her fabulous blog but for those of you who don’t please stop by and say hello, you are in for a delightful treat! I was excited when she asked me to participate in her “Four fall favorites” series about all my favorite things for fall. It was loads of fun to put ?together ?and I do hope you will swing by, so I can show you what fall means to me. Fall is an easy season to be inspired by so this was a ton of fun to participate in.
Thank you Elizabeth for including me and wishing everyone a fabulous day!!
In case you missed “The most beautiful fairytale in the world” yesterday, click here… will not want to miss it, it will take you away on a beautiful little journey for a minute or two! See you at Pretty Pink Tulips!

Also I was so honored beyond words to have been featured as “blog of the month” over at Red Door Home!! Stacy is a doll and I am so thankful to her for having selected my blog to be featured this month. Please visit her to say hello and check out her wonderful chock full of beauty blog, Red Door Home!!
Thank you Elizabeth and Stacy.


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Emily on

Tina will go viist you now. Yes you do have a lot of company apparently in feeling sad about the kids growing up. Mine are still somewhat young but I can see it does go by so fast. Wishing you a wonderful day and look forward to your post.

PS Last night I must have spent over an hour going over your past posts ( am a newer follower so missed out on a lot) I was so engrossed with it until I looked at the clock and saw 12:17 AM!!!!

Acquired Objects on

I’m on my way over to read your interview but I know it’s going to be woonderful!

Luciane at on

Can’t wait to take a look!

Have a great day!!! 🙂


Luciane at

Debby on

I love when I can visit two of my favorite ladies at the same blog! Off to visit now! ox

Stacy Curran on

On my way there now, bu first wanted to say congrats on the feature at Red Door….it was fabulous!

pretty pink tulips on

Darling Tina,
Thank you so much for gracing the pages of PPT today with your beauty, charm and visual inspiration!!!!

I would love to spend a day in your new kitchen, in our cozy outfits, whipping up some comfy, glass of wine in hand!!!

Here’s to a fabulous Fall!!!!
xoxo Elizabeth

Annie H. on

Tina- I can’t wait to see what you have in store for fall. I agree its a beautiful season and there are many wonderful inspirations.

I will check out both blogs you have been featured in. Congratulations to you.

Red Door Home on

Always fun to discover new sites! I am off to see your interview.

Diana @ Your Day Simplified on

Tina, you are such an amazing writer. Your blogs flow so smoothly and are so interesting. You are quickly becoming the blog that I read 1st thing every morning! Congratulations on your Red Door Home award. You certainly deserve it.
Will be thinking of you during this very busy month while you move into your new home!


heading over now Tina! xxBarbara

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} on

Hi Tina,
You’re a gracious hostess and treat your readers as if they’re visiting your home your lunch! You always have positive, truthful comments, along with over the top taste and a generous spirit. Kudos to you!
The Treasured Home

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

Congratulation, Tina! You deserve it!
I think a lot of us knew how you were feeling. Once they grow up, it’s those memories that cause you to miss the times so much.
I am head over now.
Have great day.

btw- thank you for your sweet comments. I feel much better!

Naz on

Don’t be so hard on yourself as far as yesterday’s post. We all get emotional over time passing when it’s in regards to our children.

Michelle on

Tina, who makes the gorgeous brown woven tote bag that you posted? Love it!
Michelle on

Hola amiga,me encanta las casas y los detalles que mostras cada dia soy una fiel seguidora de usted,me dan unas ideas fantasticas y me llenan el alma de cosas lindas.Realmante estoy muy agradecida por estas lindas fotos.

Cindy on

Tina looks like a great post, I too love fall.
Sorry to hear about your day, but hope you are having a great day today. You deserve all the wonderful recognition you get for your blog. It is my favorite, coming here is like opening a bunch of great magazines all in one!

Ideezine on

See yourself placing the week ahead in the hands of God, praying that it be lifted to the its highest possibility for creativity and joy. Good always comes from surrender emotional build up. We’re human with no owner’s manual to refer to when we feel overloaded. You did the best by sharing with us the biggest and best support system in the universe…people…well women we know how to heal.
Lots of hugs, walk it out, more hugs, you’ve got the idea.


travelkate on

Off to check out your guest posts!

Vicky on

Just paid you a visit at Pink Tulips. Great blog and such a wonderful fall post. I want to know who makes the boots, that sweater and the bag! Love the outfit. It doens’ surprise me that your good taste extends to clothes too.
And yes to fall foliage, grilled cheese on sourdough and family time during the holidays.

Cindy Adkins on

Hi Tina,
Thank you so much for your sweet note..Your blog is absolutely GORGEOUS–WOW!!! I am speechless. xo Cindy

NanaDiana on

You are so deserving of Blog Of The Month, Tina. I don’t know of anyone that works any harder than you do putting together a beautiful fantasy for all of us to share. Me? I throw in few pictures and, hopefully, a few funny words and that’s it. YOUR blog is a work of art! xo Diana

Anonymous on

You all are so right….Tina’s blog is amazing and a beautiful fantasy…..

Fashion-isha on

Congratulation on it all. Your blog is great and so is hers! Have a great night!

Cindy Albert on

Hi Tina, I loved your post at the Pink Tulip. I so want some beautiful riding boots but have not been able to find any that seen right for me. I guess that’s a good excuse to keep shopping.

Congratulations on your blog award.

All the best, Cindy

mwaxter on

Enjoyed your post very much, great outfit you put together but now you have me hungry, everything sounds and looks so good!

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