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Hello, hope this finds you all doing well considering the “Christmas chaos” has officially begun. I don’t even allow myself to think of all I have to do, because I literally might faint, so I just take it one thing at a time, knowing it always gets done. I must admit I do daydream about getting away. A lot. Not in the cards with our move but its fun to imagine! So next best thing is a virtual trip……

Its another Which would you choose. So here’s the deal….you and three of your best friends whose company you love and enjoy immensely  have decided to escape for a little girls only getaway. Just a three or four day jaunt. Just enough to make the family realize that the domestic diva they thought they had is actually totally indispensable and they will be begging on hand and foot to have you back ten hours after you are gone. Nothing like a little distance for a few days for “the fam’ to really appreciate all you do and how effortlessly you make it look!

 Now, you get to choose from a few different types of vacations….will it be beach or poolside, or ” ski to your hearts content” kind of trip, maybe a rustic and elegant farm to lounge around …its your choice!! Do you see an active trip, with plenty of physical exercise and sun or ski runs during the day and cozying up by a fire roasting marshmallows at night or maybe just an old fashioned getaway with long walks and maybe horseback riding during the day and Scrabble marathons and glasses of wine at sunset? Maybe a city slicker weekend, spent catching a Broadway hit, shopping to your hearts content, eating at a new trendy restaurant…something for everyone!  Its your trip and you are in charge……so choose from these six fabulous destinations and tell me where you would want to escape  with your pack of friends and why! I have included your guest room and bath with each home to hopefully make your decision a little easier….good luck and get packing!







Definitely something for everyone! I cannot wait to see which you choose and which one comes out on top.With the way I am craving a getaway, any of these would be a most welcome reprise!! So, tell me where you are headed and what you can imagine doing there…..
Wishing you a great day.
And one last little tidbit….
Its not unusual to daydream (like me) to want to be away especially during the holidays when stress levels are at an all time high, and I witnessed a parking incident yesterday that got rather ugly between two well dressed women, (nothing to the degree of this video however) this is an oldie but goodie and sadly things like this happen with increasing frequency. This makes me want to go home and avoid malls and parking lots from here to eternity….Can you imagine!


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Lisa on

Love this idea, wish it could happen since I am dreading and nervous as heck about having 46 people over for dinner Christmas eve! I would have to go with Glamorous City slicker, we would definitely catch a few shoes, eat at great sushi restaurants to our hearts content and shop shop shop. Perfect girls weekend. Love this.

Terri on

I am lost somewhere between 1 and 2! They are both so very pretty!!
#1 would , I guess, be my first choice… if I HAD to choose πŸ˜‰

Judy on

Wow, what a lot of great choices. I think I would chose the Wild West destination. While I’m loving that beach house, we live pretty close to the beach and go there often so I would love to do something different. Then the fabulous farm would be my 2nd choice.

If only I could close my eyes and be in one of those places today…..


L.P. on


Susan on

Coastal charm. Gets me every time πŸ™‚

Lisa on

Goooood morning! Oh thank you Tina for this post. Your words are a gift and a great way to start my day. One thing at a time can be next to impossible when we are both busy mom’s running busy houses (in your case 2 houses) but you are soooo right, it will all eventually get done!
Thank you also for these fantastic options for a girlfriends getaway! Cover those mountains with snow and I would choose the first option in a heartbeat! Toss in skiing and sleigh rides to a quaint village for shopping during the day.
Meanwhile, waiting for us at the end of the day at this rustic & refined estate, masseuses for relaxing and a chef inviting us all into that fabulous kitchen for a glass of wine to observe his preparations for a fabulous dinner! I’m just sayin…
Ahhh back to reality now and a second cup of coffee before I put my running shoes on since I probably will only sit down once or twice today while driving someone somewhere!
Thank you again for this wonderful getaway Tina!
xoxoxoxox Lisa

Elena on

Coastal charm for me!

Amy @MaisonDecor on

I loved the Western getaway, but when I saw the farmland, that was it! I can picture a group of GFs all around that big table and the game room area with the piano up on the loft was just perfect for hanging out and having fun. That would be my idea of a super place to hang. The video was just bizarre! I hadn’t seen it, and luckily I haven’t seen any ugliness (although I have not been out in it yet)….here is hoping to everyone “Keeps calm” and carries on….with dignity and kindness, remembering what the holiday spirit is all about.

3 Peanuts on

Coastal charm for sure. Nothing makes me feel more connected to God than the sea. Also, I just feel like the sounds of the coast are so relaxing. I would love to hang out with my closet friends in that home I could see us having our coffee on that front porch in the morning and our wine there in the evening:) I could see us snacking and cooking easy and cozy dinners in that warm kitchen.

As a second choice I think the city getaway would be fun too but not as relaxing.

I want to thank you for the kind comments on my blog this week. I do feel very blessed as I am overflowing with love for my family and that blog is for my kids.

I too love coming here as several years ago I drew and designed every single detail of our dream home in Virginia. I LOVED the building process…working with our architect and builder. And I LOVED that house. LOVED every single inch of it. Unfortunately, we moved back to Texas for my husband’s work and we did not have the time to build this time. I love Texas but I miss my VA house.

Anonymous on

The video left me laughing at the COAST.

Michelle on

Farm fabulous…..I can imagine long walks, horsebackriding, campfires,dining in that beautiful dining table, and that recreation room is incredible, I could see us having karaoke sessions in there! Just very cozy and warm, love the idea as that to me, would be a real ‘getaway” from all the frenzy of home and my everyday life, great post!

Gina on

Actually, none of the above. Can I go back to Umbria instead?
Loved the Oldie but Goodie. Thanks for starting out my day with a big chuckle.

Megan on

Tina that video is sooo funny! I must share it with everyone I know. Hysterical.
Now onto these fabulous destinations, thanks for getting my mind off of my mile long list of to do’s today! I am torn between the farm and the desert. Something i know I would never really get to do, and both of those just sound and seem so relaxing. Long walks, riding, eating outdoors, lots of quality time with my “besties”, would love a trip like that!

Cheryl on

My initial thought was Coastal, for sure… but because we live in a coastal town I decided to be a City Slicker for a get-away weekend!!!!
Love, love, love these!!!!

Acquired Objects on

So laughing the video was funny but not far off today since people are peppper spraying others just to get to something….ridiculous!

Ok I would pick #1 if I can stay in that house and cook in that kitchen plus it’s far enough from my normal.

Have a good day Tina!

KD on

Number 1 for me, I wish I was there now!

Anonymous on

Island vacation all the way! Staring out onto the ocean from the pool and love the openness of the house, we would be sipping cocktails poolside all day long.
Video is so funny.

pretty pink tulips on

This one was easy for me!!! Island fever all the way! I love all the seasons, but to get away and relax, truly relax, nothing beats the beach for me.

Here’s to maneuvering through the holidays with less stress!

xx Elizabeth

romy on

Number 1! Big ski,MT beautiful place and view!

Acanthus and Acorn on

In about a week, any one of these will sound perfect!!! I can pack in about 15 minutes, when do we leave???

Small Town Girl on

Number 1 Wild West for sure!!! That place is amazing and since I already live in the West it must be what I’m drawn to! Thanks for sharing!

suburban prep on

Oh what a great idea. They are all charming in their own way but the 1st one really got my heart.

Calypso In The Country on

Island Charm for the location but I could live year round in the coastal charm! But I must say – they are all beautiful!

Hyphen Interiors on

Breath-taking photos! I LOVE them all… So hard to choose. Love the beach, but those mountains are gorgeous… love city life, but country life is a slower pace. I’ll take one of each!

jessb on

# 3 and 4 – some times a trip to the city with all the fabulous shows and restaurants is amazing. But then you need #4 just to relax sunbathe and sleep – so 2 vacations are a must!!

I Dream Of on

So tough to choose! I love a weekend at the beach, and a warm island getaway sounds heavenly on a cold dark morning. But I think that right now I would love to pack up my best for a glamorous urban adventure to do our Christmas shopping in New York, Paris or London! I’m ready to pack my bags!
Thanks for a fun little escape on a Tuesday morning! Love a little imaginary travel with my AM coffee! XO

Tammy on

Good Morning ~

I would choose number one. Rustic big beams, natural stone, mountain views…makes my heart beat faster! We are in the process of building our home in the mountains and these elements are exactly what I am longing for right now. Loved the video (yikes)…online shopping is a great thing! Have a great day!

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

The video is hilarious, Tina!
I choose the first home! Love the rustic and relaxed home.
Have a great day.

Jane in Stratford, Ontario on

Well, anywhere with friends would be great but #3, in the city would be my choice, shopping, theatre, relaxing, dinner and that great space!! Such fun!!

Although for kicking back, the coastal #2 would be wonderful!!!

You are right about the parking lots!! Yikes!!

Belle on Heels on

#2 for me, please! but #1 is a very close second πŸ™‚

Melissa Allison-Lee on

Definitely #1. I’d love to know where this is…what a fabulous place!

travelkate on

Island fever please or maybe desert escapade! Something about those desert photos remind me of Santa Fe…I was there this time of year last year, and I have been dreaming about heading there again lately!

Mimi's Tapawingo on

#6 is what I dream of owning. So very beautiful.

The Preppy Princess on

Thank heaven this week’s is an easy choice, my brain is fried following a busy weekend and Monday. I’ll go with Island Fever, hands down #1 pick, closely followed however by the Glamorous City trip just because I haven’t been to the city for awhile!

BTW, the video is riotous, I hadn’t seen it!

Taylor Greenwalt on

Tina, I would choose the beach house. I have a family of surfers. We love the ocean! The island vacation would be nice to. If I had to choose which decor i liked best, I would choose the 1st one and the city slicker. Have a good day!

Laura Bradley on

I would choose the desert vacation as I have never been to the desert and have always wondered if I would find its treeless and somewhat barren landscape pretty. Your pictures showed be that there is very much a beauty there…just very different than I am used. I would like to experience this.

Karen on

I would want #1 for relaxation but the sleek city place would provide so much shopping and dining possibilities, which I love to do with girlfriends.
It’s a crazy world out there and I’m determined to step up my own courtesy and patience in light of it. It’s a very sad comment with people have to fight over a parking place…really!

Vanessa on

These are all so beautiful, its hard to pick one, could I do a day in the dessert and a day in the city? Please!!
What fun that would be, love the scenario you set up…great imagaination you have there and your writing draws me in.
Loved the video, how crazy is it that people really do that in real life.

Terri M on

It’s always the beach for me, so this was an easy one. Number 2 Coastal Charm.

Rox on

My three favorite friends and I would require a wide range of wonderful diversions like shows, shopping, restaurants, specialty shops and people watching. So it’s the City Life escapade for us. All the others would be fabulous but we would enjoy them most with our families along. I truly laughed out loud to the parking lot video.

Sylvie on

#1 for sure! My fella hates the cold, so I’d pack my girlfriends, my snowboard, and a case of wine and enjoy that house and fireplace! (And, OH! That kitchen!)

classic β€’ casual β€’ home on

I am thinking the City Life…since I just came down from the High Sierras and am at the beach! Thanks for all your hard work and fun imagination.

Melinda on

Tina I am sorry to be a pain, but here is how I would structure my getaway, I would spend the first night in the gorgeous mountain lodge, we would make a communal meal together, each of us wtih a different dish then I would lounge in that wonderful bedroom and watch TV, read and admire the view.
Next morning board the plane for NYC, and to that grand apt. for a day of shopping, theater and eating! We would end the day in that gorgeous apt. eating of course Chinese takeout!
Last day board the plane again to totally relax in the desert locale, with interiors that beautitful might be hard to leave and do a hike in the desert but I will and come back to an outside dinner served poolside with after dinner roasting of marshmallows.
And yes you pegged it right about the “domestic diva” and my family not being able to survive without me, so very true!
Loved this fun exercise…thanks for the quick fantasy trip, I feel relaxed already πŸ™‚

Patricia on

O M GOSH this is the hardest one ever ! they are all absolutely beautiful – how to pick? It’s a tough call between coastal charm and the first one out west – I think I’m going to go out west !!

My Beautiful World on

I would love Coastal Charm its all that Iam love it. Just found your beautiful blog and now following you so I can catch up again.If you find a space minute come and visit you can follow me back if you like so nice to find new friend here. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Always Wendy

Marcia Kraus on

City Slicker….the girls could get out on the town – shopping, restaurants, shows

I love them all though.

jerri on

Since we are early in the winter cold, I could go for the wonderful wild west. I’ve done the city slicker weekend with my friends several times (and several cities) and it’s ALWAYS a good getaway.

All in the Detail Blog on

Beautiful! I actually surprised myself. I am a city girl, through and through… but I picked CHOICE 2 COASTAL CHARM – for my getaway… All the lovely photos just made it the ideal spot to RELAX… and isn’t that what we are shooting for in the first place?
Happy Holidays, Jalon

The Buzz Blog on

I’m a city slicker needing an island getaway!

Sizzle and Zoom on

I’m thinking of my friends and it would be
#3 Glamorous City Slicker with a Broadway
show. It would please everyone and I would
get to stay in that magnificent penthouse.

lizziefitz on

Coastal all the way:)

Pam on

I would love to live in #2 but vacation for me is all about the city #3!

Barbara@HausDesign on

Definitely city – they are the least kid-friendly so when I get away with my girlfriends I want to have the grit of a great city along with amazing restaurants (complete with stemware that I don’t have to worry about being tipped over, spilled and broken) and shopping, culture, people watching – everything!

Debbie on

Since I am from the southern part of florida….I would have to pick number 1! I love the views of the mountains…and the place looks like a warm place where conversation could just oozzzeee friendship.

I love when you do this…I feel like I am there!


Jill on

I would pick #2 Coastal Charm!!! No Matter what the season…I truly cannot stop looking at the photos! Tina, I never could find the results of last Tuesday! Which dressing room one?

Donna in Potomac on

Hmmm…EastCoast/WestCoast,DressUp/DressDown? I need to wind down, so I’ll pick the Wild West. It has everything I need for chillin…country fresh air, views that extend forever, a gorgeous kitchen, al fresco dining, and lots of fireplaces. Perfect for Margarita’s and re-connecting with friends too.

judith on

Definately #6 with regular visits to #3. I live on an island in TX, so no more island, coast, wild west or desert for me.

Vicky on

Take me to the farm, what a dream it would be to escape to the country, with my biggest worry being what time I am going for my daily ride, what time to eat my big country breakfast and what time I will take my afternoon nap. Now THAT is a vacation!
Spent with friends, it would allow us all to relax and enjoy each others company with no outside distractions.
That video is the funniest thing ever, xo

fiona anderson on

Wow – I found this so hard, I loved every one as they came up, but I’m sitting here with my oldest friend (40 years worth of friendship) and we have decided on No.1. At this time of year especially in the UK we are thinking of cosy log fires, scrummy food and lots of vino !
Lovely choices as usual x

Melanie on

#2, the coast is my 1st love. The ocean is magical for me, I live in the middle of Montana and don’t get there as often as I wish.

AnneHH on

Coastal Charm, hands down!! Thanks for the beautiful photos of all of the choices.

Carol on

l’m going to choose #1 the wild west. It looks like the perfect place to regain that lovely sense of peace.

Delishhh on

Coast – love the coast – i could do the island too but after awhile it would get old so i am going for the Coast!

Victoria on

Island getaway with lots of duty-free shopping for fun.

serena at FarmHouseUrban on

I kept scrolling for the Vegas option?! I would choose the Farmhouse – of course! But unless there was a spa on one side and a winery on the other, my girls would not be joining me! City apt would be the unanimous choice – doesn’t even really matter which city! Loved this post!

Rae on

Island getaway! So beautiful and peaceful!

linda furjan on

I would pick the city destination as I’m a country girl.They all look fabulous!!!

Katherine on

The coastal charm would be my dream home, but for a break with my girlfriends it would have to be number 1 – The Wonderful Wild West. All that space and fresh air.

Pearl on

It would have to be Coastul Charm, I love small spaces and being on the coast would be my dream!!

Alicia on

Desert Escapade – including many spa trips, the nice warm sun, a cool evening, and dinner and wine by the fire each night. Lots of talking over a dish (prepared by the house chef, of course lol) and probably going through many bottles of wine later, we’d be soooo relaxed and refreshed. Just thinking of it makes me feel more relaxed. Thanks for the chance to day dream πŸ™‚


Oh my! You did it again..making us choose from all of these way too gorgeous places! Well, it was hard but I choose choice#1..would love a fun girls getaway in a chic cabin!

Cindy Albert on

All great choices, but I’m in a Wild West Mood. I think I would choose Number 1.

I’m with you, about avoiding the crowds.


Oh tough choice because I truly love them all. Any escape is a good one in my book. I guess if I had to pick one I’d go to island route. I can never get enough of the tropics πŸ™‚ xoxo

Cynthia Ludlow on

The Wild West, Love the rustic (but comfortable) charm.

Tiffany on

Definitely number 1 Wild West for me. I grew up in the desert, have lived in the city, and the ocean really doesn’t do it for me. I guess the farm would be nice too, but that home in the Wild West is just too amazing. I don’t want to vacation there, I want to move in for good! Also, that video was hilarious. I have to admit that in an irrational moment that would probably feel kinda good.

Just Spiff It on

Choice # 1 – while everyone is skiing I would be in the kitchen of my dreams cooking and then retreating to my bedroom with a roaring fire. Easy decision! All beautiful tho!!

Renae Moore on

Oh my how fun! I love the Wild West and Island Fever!
You deserve somewhere restful with all you have had going on!

RenΓ©e Finberg on

#1 the city
#2 the island
#3 the farm

geeez….81 comments.
….and you wonder if you will stop blogging…

hugs xxx

Ivy Clad on

Coastal Charm for me! I’ve enjoyed the virtual getaway.

That video had me cracking up! So funny only because it’s so close to the ridiculous truth. I saw a woman stand (on foot) in the middle of a parking space warding off all comers until her friend could circle her car around the parking lot to pull into the space.

I hope your Christmas is, above all, peaceful.


Judy on

Tina loved the video couldn’t stop laughing.

#2 the coast is it for me. Newport, RI here I come. My day would begin with an early rise, a walk on the cliff walk, followed by mimosas and breakfast on the loggia facing the ocean. Then a pop in to some of my favorite shops on Thames Street followed by lunch at a friends home on Ocean Drive. An afternoon sail off to Point Judith and a return at sunset to a fab dinner downtown followed by an evening private party back on Ocean Drive then tumbling into bed with the crash of the waves to lull me to sleep after reading a few chapters in my current favorite book. And that’s just the first day Oh boy thanks for the dream!

Brandon @ Southgate on

well since I can only pick one, it will have to be #3…what better way to do a pre-Christmas celebration than in a city with fabulous shopping?

Anonymous on

#2 Coastal Charm… Nothing like being at the beach!

Karen T. on

Suprisingly, I’d have to say #1!


I know I am late to this party…but coastal charm….hands down!!!

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