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Good morning everyone! ?I am hereby announcing that ?I am officially in a “frenzied state of mind”. Actually I realized recently ?blogging is one of the truly sane calming peaceful things in my life…some people go and get a massage or go to a spa for a few days or even see a shrink regularly. My “therapy” and daily retreat is blogland. All I can say about being able to get away a little bit everyday and visit blogland is……thank the Lord for it! Anyone else with me on this??

We are slowly starting to pack up a bit here in the house in hopes of moving soon as in the next few weeks or month. It couldn’t be happening at a crazier time of year, of course. could never happen when we have absolutely nothing going on, when there is calm in the universe and we have nothing but time. It has to be the month of my birthday, two weddings, Christmas, our annual family Christmas party, other holiday parties, birthdays of my sister and friends, and so much more. I am getting tired just writing it down.

?That said, we are 50/50 now in terms of getting in before Christmas. I am so exhausted physically and mentally, as is my husband, that I cannot fight it anymore, try as I might. So if we end up staying here a few extra weeks and move right after the Christmas break…so be it. That’s my new attitude. Yea lets see how long it lasts! But, it will get always does. So lets begin!

I had fun taking some pictures with my IPhone the other morning when I took Teddy for a walk when the light was just so beautiful…..and of course I love taking snaps of Teddy, he is such a little star but so humble about his star power:)?

The picture below I took while walking with Teddy and then I “antiqued it”, love the effect

HOUSE UPDATES. Well, things ARE moving along, how long have I been saying that! I am even tired of typing it..but truly things are shaping up. Right now they are concentrating on finishing the back stair hall stain and lime treatment which has taken many weeks as its a multi stage process, as soon as they are done, then we can finally start cleaning up that whole end of the house!! Its filthy, there must be a good 1/2 inch of dust caked all over the kitchen. I just cannot wait to furiously start ripping off all the paper and cardboard covering everything! After over three years of this…its gotten old. So, fingers crossed we are inching our way to the finish line. In all honesty there isn’t a tremendous amount of progress to show since everything is covered up but in reality much has been done. Here’s a sneak peak at some of what has happened this week. There are literally maybe 50 guys working every day these days, so I know they are doing their dardnest to get this house completed, but some things cannot be rushed as I am learning 🙁

They just finished the ceiling of the porte cochere, no worries about the light bulb, we DO plan on replacing it:)

Dining floors almost done!

Living room…..getting there!!

Family room, ?now we are just waiting on the mantle!!
Back stair hall getting final coat, then we are done there….yeah!!!!

Decided to keep the island, they put on the base and I like it better now and with drawers and hardware, I think it will be fine..will place a small French chair in there somewhere

Love the detailing above the window!

Bathroom is now starting to get painted, finally!

Garage doors finally got put on….its dark but you get the idea! They look great…..

SUBWAY TILES I finally after much hemming and hawing took the plunge and ordered the Calcutta gold subway tiles and went with my gut which was for the oversized jumbo brick, felt the smaller size would be too small and busy, so feel good about having gone with the bigger size. Here is a sample of the beauty I am soon to receive! Alan, the supplier I bought it from was unbelievably nice (and patient) and allowed me to pick and choose my tiles…isn’t that incredibly nice! So some of these I discarded to be sure to match up the countertops.?
A LITTLE SWEET SOMETHING.You know I always have to throw in something food related and why not make it something really good. Sorry, but some things are just too good to stay mum about! Well….got sent a basket from River Street Sweets and my heart skipped a beat, I remember I saw them profiled on the food network and suddenly here they are at my doorstep just waiting to be enjoyed. And I so happily obliged, I mean after all it is the holidays, the month of my birthday and of my anniversary…..all a time to be happy and joyful right? “Delectable, savory good, mouth watering fit for a king” is the only way to sum up these heavenly treats. Chocolate and caramel like the stuff dreams are made of…I kid you not! Here is a sampling of what they are famous for, everything from fudge to their world famous pralines! Believe they are based in Atlanta but have stores throughout the south. Click here to visit if you dare.?

SOME GREAT GIFTS. OK lets get away from food quick, I am getting a sweet tooth again! With Christmas and the holidays being on everyoneshere to visit the monogram shop at Pottery Barn. They are looking good. Real good.
A monogrammed throw for around $30!! Who doesn’t need an extra throw to place over a sofa or chair?
How gorgeous are these hurricanes? Love the monogrammed etching, and anyone could use them in their home. I spoke yesterday at Haus design about how much I love using hurricanes.
I think everyone would be delighted to receive a beautiful gift box of soaps bearing their initials!
How about this elegant footed bowl? I will put paperwhites in it, and wrap it up….I would be tickled pink to receive this!
They make this monogrammed pillow covers for 35.00. Amazing!
And finally the results of this weeks which would you choose…I have to admit I was hard pressed to pick a fave but was torn between the elegant mountain retreat and the genteel farm. Apparently many of you have an inner cowgirl in them as do I because that was the clear favorite, but lets face it getting away to any of these would be a total treat!
1ST PLACE with 45 votes
2ND PLACE with 38 votes
3RD PLACE with 24 votes
4THPLACE with ?21 votes
5TH PLACE with 19 votes
6TH PLACE with 9 votes
Hoping everyone has a wonderful Thursday…can’t believe it’s December 1st…the countdown has officially begun!! Enjoy your day.


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Susie @ Maddie's Nest on

We moved last year in late December and it was such a blur (I did have a 7 week old and it was a a cross country move). At the time, I wished we would have just stayed put until after the holidays! Hang in there….you’ll be in your dream home soon! It is looing so lovely….love the color in your closet and the detailing is beautiful. Thanks for the head up on the pottery barn pillows…..they were just added to my holiday gift giving list!

Naz on

When we moved into our new house I waited until after Christmas because of all the turmoil going on at the time. Moving is such a difficult process and with Christmas thrown in the mix it just adds to the chaos.

De tout, de rien on

I agree with the above posters. Christmas by itself is always nuts. With all the other upcoming celebrations you have, why don’t you give yourself the gift of staying put a few weeks longer and enjoy that time. There’s no sense getting all stressed out and making yourself sick.

The house is looking fabulous, I just love the big windows in the dining room and living room. So much light!

miss flibbertigibbet on

Your home is really gorgeous. I love all the moldings. We built our own home (ourselves) and my husband is an excellent carpenter. We filled our home with arched doorways and wide moldings too. it adds such character. I have had many people come and ask how old the house is (11yrs) and yours will have that timeless appeal as well because of your attention to detail. A favorite quote “God is in the details”….attention to detail = beauty…just as we find in the world around us. Hope you make your deadline and have your first Christmas in your new home this year!

Party Resources on

I love the shot of your stunning new home through the trees. Can’t wait to see the photos when you are in and settled! xx


Tina I know its not what you want to hear but if it were me, even though I would be so anxious to move into that gorgeous home, I would hold off until Christmas. It is such a stressful time even for those of us already settled in our homes, that I cannot imagine also having to endure a move and settle in while trying to celebrate the holidays too. Also sounds like you have a lot going on besides and that kind of pressure is not good and can even make you sick. Treat yourself to a few weeks of low stress, by holding off, I really think you will be glad you did and will be much calmer in the process, right after Christmas is less than 4 weeks away and you will be even more done too!
Now onto the house. I am breathless, the wood paneling, the floors, your closet and bathroom, the limestone does it get any more sublime? I don’t think so. I just cannot wait to see when you start decorating and putting things in there! That is going to be so fantastic for all of us “house nuts”. I love your Thurs. updates.
The sweets look temping, so will check them out and great ideas from Pottery Barn. I don’t think I have ever shopped there but see a few things that would make great gifts for certain people on my list, so thank you as always. Stay calm and carry on.

designchic on

My fingers are crossed for Christmas in your gorgeous home. I’m glad you decided to keep the island. I think it looks wonderful and the details you added are perfect – can’t wait to see it with the hardware. And speaking of details…the molding above the windows is fabulous and I’m dying to know the color of the walls…luscious!!

Terry on

Always love the progress pictures. Another head exploding post (in a good way).

Meredith on

That Teddy really is a little star. Love those pictures and that antiqued looking picture of the house is so beautiful.
Tina, the house is looking better than ever, love all the details, it really is in all the deails. And as the saying goes
” the devil is in the details”, unfortunately it often takes a lot more time too, especially when doing them on that level.
I think you are better off waiting till after the holdiday frenzy, it will be added stress and it sounds like its something you really don’t need. Just my two cents.
Just think eihter way you will start off the new year 2012 in your beautiful new home, and I cannot imagine a more amazing way to start a new year. Best of luck.

Acquired Objects on

Good grief Teddy looks exactly like our Dylan in body shape, color and lopping through the woods, aren’t Goldens the best? Teddy looks happy too and he looks to have a ton of hair like Dylan. Your doorway looks like the perfect place to make a grand entrance and your floors stunning! I want those hurricanes they’re beautiful and would be perfect anytime of the year. Ok you’ve made me hungry looking at all those sweet treats so I’m off to forage. Have a wonderful day!

Maggie on

I’m with the posters above. You’ve waited so long, what’s a few more weeks? Have a (relatively) calm Christmas in your present accomodations and then move. You’ll be glad you waited.

Jordana @ White Cabana on

Gosh – you are going to be living in a real French chateau! I look so forward to reading your Thursday posts Tina!

Chic Coles on

House is looking great. Floor color is perfect. Also loving the color of the dressing room walls.It must have felt great to out walking with your beautiful dog.

helen tilston on

Hello Tina

The image of your dog with the sun rising is just so peaceful.

I absolutely adore the images of your house, where the sun is dancing across the floor in the shape of those beautiful windows. It has a spiritual, tranquil and safe feeling.

Like you, my escape is to blogtopia to see what my friends are up to. I do not watch TV and could care less about movie stars or polititians – I have always preferred and felt akin to people who live ordinary lives with joy and purpose.

I will keep you in prayer as you make these important life changes in the ensuing weeks

Helen xx

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms on

There is a timeless quality to everything you’ve chosen… this home is going to look as beautiful in a hundreds years as it does right now. Love that you were able to hand pick tile, wish all trades were as patient!

sharon on

Love the shots taken as you come through the garden to the back of the house, very grand!!

Kathysue on

I get so excited for you every time I see the progress of your home. I found myself saying,It is so huge, this morning!! It is grand and gorgeous, fit for a princess!! I pinned the mill work above the windows, Love love that, now I can show hubby what I have been telling him about for awhile now!! The paint color is so serene with the white moldings. Thank you for your sweet, sweet comment on my Christmas Words post today!! I always look forward to your sweet comments. Hang in there and thank you for using your precious time to visit my blog, You are a wonderful blogging friend,
Merry Christmas ♥

The Zhush on

I so hear you on the frenzied state AND on the retreat that blogs provide (and crazy procrastination for me!):) Love how the house is shaping up, the exterior and landscaping are breathtaking! Even your garage is a stunner!

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home on

Hi Tina,
I can only imagine how physically and emotionally draining this building process must be. The waiting and anticipation alone must surely be taking a toll on you. I’m happy to hear that you’ve come to terms with moving whenever that time happens to be, and I hope you can relax a bit and enjoy the incredible glory of the Christmas season.
Take care of yourself, my friend, and remember to breathe, love, and celebrate life!
~ Wendi ~ xo

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

You are so close! I know that you are so excited. Shoot for January so you want be disappointed. You have been through so much, so I can understand. I would be crazy!
I am with you on Pottery Barn. I buy all of my everyday linens from them. You can’t beat it with the monogramming! I love the hurricanes too.
Have a great day, and TAKE A BREAK AND BREATHE!

I Dream Of on

Tina, I’m so glad that blogging is brings a bit of peace and calm to your busy life — and how lucky we all are for it! The house is just gorgeous, and hopefully you and Teddy and the rest of the family will be home soon — but I think you have just the right “what will be will be” attitude about it. Teddy looks great in your photos! And you have me craving something sweet with my coffee with all those yummy treats! Happy December! on

I love seeing the progress on your stunning home, and seeing that antiqued photo of the facade, it finally struck me why I am so drawn to your house… it’s the symmetry! I love balanced design, mirror image if you will, and your house certainly has it!

Cindy Albert on

So many great pictures. Tina, I think you have found your calling. It’s hard to know what to comment on. You’ve done such an amazing job on your house, the food looks delicious, the gifts are perfect, and the dream vacations…

I always appreciate you stopping by my blog. Hugs, Cindy

Karena on

Tina I cannot stop looking at your floors, they are such a gorgeous stain and pattern. I also love the wide planks!

Initials are the crowning touch on a gift, so special!

Please Come and enter the 1st of Twelve Days of Holiday giveaways! It is stunning!

Art by Karena

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* on

What I am always captivated by in your house is the workmanship. Where does one find crafters to design and make that beautiful ceiling and woodwork? Amazing. I don’t know if I’d ever leave home once I moved in! Ah, and the candy. My weakness especially when I’m stressed. Love, love, love all the monograms. I hope you do get to move in before the holiday week. 🙂

Barbara@HausDesign on

Tina – one way to think about it is that IF you move after the Christmas craziness dies down then you can enjoy those things…but you know I am playing a waiting game right now too so I feel your pain on everything being up in the air! Hold on tight! It will all be a distant memory very soon. Teddy looks right at home there! 🙂

pretty pink tulips on

I know I’m working to stay “calm” with my little project and everything else happening this month, so I truly don’t know how you do it!!

The detail above the windows is fantastic…the type of thing that will separate your home from so many others. Love the herringbone flooring in the LR and DR, too!!!

Deep breaths, my friend!!!!! Just think how easy January will be! 🙂
xoxo Elizabeth

Greet on

The outside of your home is amazing!! Love everything! The colums on the front door and that stone!! Beautiful! And the parquetry is wonderful!! A dream house!
Loved also the pictures of Teddy! He will like his new home!!

Anonymous on

first time writing. just wanted to tell you how i sooooo look forward to all of your posts. your home is absolutely beautiful and your taste is exquisite.

anne k.
long island, ny

GRC_Ltd on

LOVE the wood stain color in the hall–so rich and warm. It turned out wonderfully!

Taylor Greenwalt on

Tina, Everything is coming along beautifully. Its been so much fun to follow along. I still think you should have a blogger’s camp out to celebrate your home. Could you imagine! That would be a little frightening. You could have a virtual house warming party! Any how, wishing you the best of luck and a happy Christmas season.

Karen on

I’m so excited to see your new home fully furnished. That said, save yourself some stress and wait until after Christmas. That way you can have a new start in a new house in the New Year. Good luck with all you have going on right now.

Ggomez on

I enjoy your blog so very much! Today you helped me find gifts(monogramed throws)for 3of my hardest christmas gifts to buy!
Thank you for always brightening my day 🙂

J.J. Higgins on

The pictures of the back of your home taken from a distance really show your house to be classic,timeless,beautiful and breathtaking.If I were not a regular reader of your blog I would think those were pictures of a house that had stood there for over a hundred years.


This post is chock full of beauty, goodness and great ideas. The house is just incredible. Like so many have said what I love most is how timeless it looks, you have done a spectacular job. I do think you would be wise to wait until after the holidays. An extra week or two will not hurt, at all and will only help you stay sane and somewhat less stressed, it will also give the different trades extra time to finish things up and not rush. You have come so far, a few extra weeks cannot possibly change anything. You will have so many wonderful holidays ahead of you to spend there. And just think you can usher in the new year in your new home!
I love your gift suggestions. I am going to visit Pottery barn now and order some soaps and that beautiful dish and do as you said, fill it wiht paperwhites, love the idea!
Thanks as always for putting a smile on my face.

Amanda on

I just wanted to stop in and comment-(I’ve been a lurker for sometime now) I am just totally enjoying watching your home being built. The Designer in me literally drools over all the details you are putting in your home! And how exciting for you to be able to document this wondering blessing! I am sure one day we will be reading about your home in Veranda, House Beautiful and Traditional Home!
Have a great day!

Sylvie on

Your “antiqued” picture of the house made me want to go home and watch Jane Eyre or something like it!! Very “english countryside!”

Anonymous on

You are very lucky to have built this chateau/mansion/ginormous place to hang your chapeau. I wouldn’t worry too much about exactly what day/month I moved in. Classify this undr “Rich People’s Problems.”

The French Hutch on

Hi Tina, I see Teddy is already at home on the grounds of the new home. I think he approves. Now about the move, the good is your in for Christmas, the bad, you don’t have to move before Christmas. Hey, I’m pulling for you to get in, know how much you want that. I know how exhausted you must be so just go with it now. When you do get to move just think of the thrill! Ok, now on to what I think of the updates, well let me adjust my jaw, lift it up that is. Everything is stunning. Love the garage, let me know if you every consider renting it out. Your very own castle is worth the long construction period. You are one talented girl. I’ve so enjoyed the ride. I’m with you till you finish.
All the goodies look so good.
Get some rest.

The French Hutch

Amy @MaisonDecor on

Oh that Teddy is a star isn’t he? That is exactly how we feel about Dillon. I think the pic of the house from that vantage point was storybook quality. And to think it is all yours!! OMG those rooms are coming along, and they look enormous! That must be an ongoing thing for having floor plans of what to get for where…you must look at what Barbra Streisand did when she built her complex of homes. She had a room that was devoted to all of the planing and the samples and the details. It really was amazing, and she shows her command central in the book. I just found that so fascinating because it does require so much thought and planning on something that doesn’t yet exist, or is just becoming a real place. I would be overwhelmed. So I do enjoy watching you do this so effortlessly, even though I know it is hard. I can see the finish line…

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle on

You have such a great attitude. I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be less stressful to move after the holidays when all the madness that’s going on for you this month passes. After all, you get to spend the rest of your life in your new beautiful home. What’s a few weeks?

travelkate on

It must be such a joy to see all of your hard work finally coming together and the finish line really in sight! I dealt with some headaches with our house, but a 3 year process with so much detail, whew I can’t imagine! But in the end, It truly looks worth it and a dream come true!

Victoria on

Everything looks beautiful, including Teddy. I love the antiqued photo technique of the house. You are right to relieve the stress and have a more laissez faire attitude about moving in before Christmas. Either way Tina, have a happy birthday (my birthday month as well), happy anniversary, happy Christmas and on and on.

Kate on

Gosh! Please let me come and live in your gorgeous house! I’m sure there is a little room for me. I promise to walk Teddy for you every single day!

Adrienne on

So nice to see things moving along. What an incredible estate this will be when it’s completed.
Teddy is super, duper cute. I want to give him lots of kisses. xo, A

Donna in Potomac on

I love the “antiqued” photo too…like a scene from Pride and Prejudice. Maybe you could “photoshop” some chimney smoke and we can pretend you moved in 🙂

The moulding details and color in the closet look great – very french! For a humorous nod to the Age of Romanticism you could put a powdered wig mannequin on top of the island…a little french hair to go with the french chair? 🙂

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

Dearest one!!!!

I am late since I am unable to blog during my teaching day, but let me say how HAPPY I AM FOR YOU …..LOOK HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh dear, those first several shots of the house through the bushes….REMAINS OF THE DAY i tell you, REMAINS OF THE DAY HOUSE!!!!! Teddy is one lucky DOG to have a sweet and generous home with you dearest! BRAVO AND YOU HAVE GOT TO BE SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

Much love, Anita

Judy on

I moved into my home the week before Christmas 13 years ago. After moving in exhausted,with 3 small kids to get Christmas ready for and unpack, my youngest ended up in the hospital for Christams. Moral of the story is care for yourself and your loved ones, maybe a New Year move will help the stress load and Oh boy what a way to ring in 2012. OH I would LOVE to help you share the chocolate and caramel. Lucky you. I love the second picture of your home. I expect to see Mr Darcy (Matthew McFadden) walking through the break in the hedges/trees. Teddy is such a darling too. Best wishes for your Birthday and anniversary.

Splenderosa on

Teddy is my favorite!!! What a wonderful Mom you are to him, taking him for a nice long walk without a lease. Your home is absolutely gorgeous, Tina…I’m so happy for you to build your dream…and your desire to share your joy is contagious. Cannot wait for the “party.” Love love love….

Marianne Simon Design on

Love seeing your photos with Teddy! Adorable! The house is really coming along since last week’s update. It’s so close to being done! Hope you are in by Christmas! Now, that would be a great gift.

Carol on

Tina, the house is looking fantastic. l love your floors, particularly the dining room floor !
The photos look as if you have stumbled across a beautiful french manor house hidden in the woods..


Love your house updates! Gorgeous gorgeous! I also love anything that is monogrammed and I think that they make great gifts!

Ispirato Design on

The thought of you moving in before Christmas makes my to-do-list seem silly! The house looks awesome, Teddy looks like the king of the kingdom, and the chocolate fudge pics make me want to go search for left over Halloween candy- totally craving chocolate right now!

Fashion-isha on

Love the reflection of the sun in your photos. Sometimes the iphone can take the coolest pics. Your house is coming along just fabulously and OMG those candies….yikes!! But I love love love anything monogrammed so that was a great distraction. I totally know what you mean about life happening in alls or nothings. Good luck!

The French Tangerine on

Oh man do I love your garage doors… and I love the paint color in your bathroom! Things ARE really coming along Tina! Woo hoo!

Julio Muao on

It’s all looking fantastic Tina! You’ve selected the perfect moldings and finishes for both inside and out. I cannot wait to see everything furnished. I know it will look spectacular! Happy holidays.

annie on

Well it’s hard to know where to start because your posts are always so amazing with content, but I must say I loved the photos of your dog roaming the property and the way you touched up the exterior photos. Your dining room floors leave me speechless!

Palomasea on

Love the beautiful photos with sweet Teddy!
As for the rest, wow..everything is just so exquisite..those dining room parquet floors!!!
I can only imagine how anxious you must be to move in..I am trembling with excitement and anticipation for you!! Thank you for sharing your amazing journey.
A beautiful birthday/anniversary…everything month to you!! Enjoy, and don’t forget to take it all in:)
– Irina

Karen T. on

You really may want to wait until after Christmas to move. If you move before Christmas, will you be able to: 1) find your dishes to cook like you want, 2) find your clothes and shoes to dress like you want, 3) put up a Christmas tree and make the home look festive, 4) have the energy to do any of the above anyway with all the other celebrations you have this month (your birthday, two weddings, annual family Christmas gathering, birthdays of sister and friends, other holiday parties)? It seems you’re going to be crazy busy even if you were not moving. No need to stress yourself unnecessarily with the move. Get plenty of rest. You’ll want to enjoy all the Holiday festivities with your family and friends; these, as you know, will be memories you’ll want to cherish. I believe you say you’ve been planning and building this house for approximately one (or more than three?) year(s). I know how excited and ready you are to be in your beautiful new home, but with all your festivities a few more weeks will go by without you hardly noticing. This time next year you’ll be all settled, and you can host ALL the holiday parties 🙂 Just something to think about, but I’m sure you’ll make the right decision for you.

P.S.-The house looks amazing! Your iphone takes great pictures. Your antiqued photo would look good framed.

Debby on

Tina, I am with you about the whole blogging being relaxing thing. It’s a mini escape for me. Your home literally takes my breath away every time I see it. It is a total dream. Those moldings are to die for. Looks like Teddy has some great grounds for walking! Don’t stress about the move in date. It would probably be easier to do it after the holidays anyways! xo

A Gift Wrapped Life on

Oh my goodness…………you will be ready to finally move in. I can imagine you are exhausted. But perfect timing, winter will be the perfect time to move into your large nest. Ane yes, I find blogging my form of relaxation too. Happy weekend. XO

ANN on

So much beauty, I felt my heart racing! Love every single detali in your home…a total dream.
Good luck with your move, personally if it were me I would hold off until after the holidays, they are crazy and hectic enough without added pressure. In the scheme of things, a few weeks really won’t change anything though I am sure you had all kinds of visions about Christmas in your new house.
I love the idea of the subway oversized marble tile.It is beautiful and how lucky for you that they let you handpick the tile, thats unheard of but great!
Those candies are amazing looking. I send out candy baskets every year to distant relatives in California and Seatlle, will have to keep this company in mind.
Thank you and much luck in the coming weeks with all the excitmement and happy early birthday!

Suzie Thomas on

In fact, the actual kitchen countertops may be the center of your home. So it is essential that your countertops of one’s kitchen area are useful along with long-lasting.

michele on

swooning swooning over the new progress at the house–omg the oversized subway tiles…brilliant. nothing shouts ‘new’ or ‘don’t touch me’ which is such a blessing to achieve!

it’s way cool when blogging feels like therapy. and it often does. personally though i want to rely on it less, ya know? i’m at that place where i see critical differences between friends and ‘fans.’ even with the pitfalls, blogging is an opportunity for learning and personal growth!

best to you, tina.


Stacy Curran on

Hi Tina,
It is truly amazing to see your vision come together like this. The house is absolutely stunning. And that photo of it in the background surrounded with the woods reminds me of the castle in Pride and Prejudice. I am so sorry for all the delays though 🙁

Anonymous on

Hi there Tina! What color are your kitchen cabinets? As Always, Thanks for sharing

Anonymous on

New to blogland, looks like I found cream of crop already. You blog, Ill follow. Andrea

Belle on Heels on

i absolutely cannot WAIT to see the finished product! it’s such a joy and inspiration to see your house come along…especially since we’re in our tiny newlywed condo 🙂 happy weekend!!


Jennifer @ Belclaire House on

I love the pictures of your home from afar & of course Teddy! I was about to request more pictures of Teddy so you must have read my mind (no surprise there). Your house is just soo beautiful and magical. I love your closet. I could live in there!! Can’t wait for you to move in so you can enjoy this amazing place!!

Yvonne @ StoneGable on

Tina, I love to come and visit! I get so excited for you when I see you house photos! I call your home the northern Biltmore! It is just gorgeous. I am so very happy for you… and get to see things develop right along with you!
I drool over your woodwork! That is something I so appreciate!
Thanks for the lovely gift ideas!I could go a little crazy with the monogram thing!
Yes, get a slow cooker! Most people don’t know how to make it work for then and then are disappointed with the results. I love mine and now know its benefits and limitations so cooking with it is a real time saver!
xo Yvonne

quintessence on

Getting close – you must be so excited (and exhausted)! Love the shot of the house through the trees – I know you’re going for French, but looks very English manor! And think you made the right choice keeping the island in the dressing room!!

Janet Cole on

The house is gorgeous & that dog is just breathtaking!

Palomasea on

Thank you so much for your visit, dear Tina!
Wishing you a beautifully creative weekend..enjoy!
– Irina

Ideezine on

Tina and Teddy,

Wow things are really really coming together…how great! Make sure you have plenty of talks with Teddy as you walk to let him know you will not tolerate any wild adventures after you move in. I’m telling you Tina GPS that little one as the house is a great place for him to get lost in lol!

Did you get the new iPhone?…Camera+ antiquing possibly? Gosh just love it it’s got everything going on: camera, phone. calendar, iMessage, apps for everything and what a great personal assistant. Perfect to organize a move, shopping lists, gift lists, parties, you name it and so much more.

Been pushing to finish design projects this week so I can enjoy the season without stressing to the last minute. So far so good.

Love the house updates, subway tile is perfect, glad you kept the island in the closet it will be a lifesavor as everything will be exactly where you need it. Details are spectacular with the mouldings and love the wood floor stain.

River Street Sweets sounds like heaven I love chocolate, nuts and together I go nuts over them too.

Move in date will be what it will be just go with it be anxious for nothing. Enjoy this season of generous cheer, your birthday, anniversay, parties, friends, family and slow the pace down to take in the most of a wonderful time in your life…you’re in good hands…trust and breathe.

Big hugs and kisses to you and Teddy.


Julie on

I know what you mean when you say blogging is like an escape. That’s also how I feel when I receive one of my magazines. It’s like getting into a fantasy world full of inspirations and beautiful things.
Your beautiful home is almost done. The details is what let everything else shine so let it take the time it needs and just enjoy seeing your dream come true.

3 Peanuts on

The house is looking BEAUTIFUL! I love the lovely moldings about the windows and in the island of your closet. BUT those parquet floors are so magnificent…they take my breath away…LOVE!

I think it great that you are having an open mind about when you will move in. Our custom home in VA took much longer than expected. Our house sold and we lived in a hotel for all of one summer with our 2 kids! It was an adventure.

Thank you for the kind anniversary wishes:)


Your house! AMAZING! Love the updates!! We moved in our house around the time you are and we were so busy we almost forgot to get a Christmas we went to Home Depot and all they had left was a Charlie Brown looking tree…I would have to say that was my favorite tree! My boys said that is the tree Jesus would pick…so sweet. It barely held one strand of lights!

InMyOwnStyle on

Hi Tina-

I moved into a house 15 days before Christmas when my oldest was 2 and I was 7 months pregnant. We were living in a Residence Inn in Princeton for 2 months that the company my husband worked for but us up in until the house was move in ready. We just could not wait any longer and decided to go for it. It was a flurry of activity as there was so much to do, but we took it on. It all worked out in the end -we got a tree, decorated it and had a pretty normal holiday.
I agree with you that blogging is like therapy. Happy therapy.
My best-

Anonymous on


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