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Good morning! As I had previously told you, I will be featuring a number of super talented blogging friends posts over the next few weeks as we begin our move. I am excited to have a special  blogging friend, Jan from The French Tangerine here today. Jan has a great sense of style, a fun sense of humor, excellent and elegant taste as evidenced by her beautiful home often featured on her blog posts and above all else is a warm, kind and friendly person. 

I am so happy she is here today to talk about “getting her sparkle on” and New Year’s Eve Magic! And what better time to do a post on all that glitters than the week approaching New Years Eve. Love this post and Jan many thanks for stopping by. For those of you not familiar with French Tangerine…please do stop by, I promise you will be thrilled you did! Her blog is chock full of beauty, interiors, antiques, travel, and she regularly features exquisite interiors of homes of her friends and family. There is always something fabulous to see over at The French Tangerine!

(I will feature my usual Thursday post and house updates tomorrow)

This post is dedicated to my daughter. Although I’m guest posting for The Enchanted Home, I can’t help but bring my daughter into this somehow because of her love of glitter! When she was little, she could spot an item with glitter from across the room and wanted to include glitter in her life whenever possible. She demanded lots of glitter as Cheer Captain, and somehow, glitter makes it into her Halloween costume each and every year. So, when Tina had New Year’s Eve Magic as an option for a guest post, I jumped on it! I mean, glitter is the perfect answer to NYE Magic!
A gold glitter dress…
with a matching mouth…
I don’t know what that stuff is, but my daughter would wear it!
I scored this iPhone cover from J. Crew for a stocking stuffer. However it was found, unpackaged immediately and has already been used for 2 weeks! You should have heard the gasp when it was spotted? and then a whispered, “glitter..”
Another awesome glittery ensemble for NYE might include…
Gold glitter top
Gold glitter pants
Gold glitter shoes
Glitter for the eyes…
Glitter for the toes…
Glitter for the tips…
and glitter for the lips…

Start planning your special New Year’s Eve ensemble soon, and be sure to include some gold glitter!

Now that’s what I am talking about. I am suddenly craving those gold shoes, that fabulous gown, a little shiny gold phone cover and what the heck  might as well go all the way…..and throw in that amazing sparkly toenail polish too!
Jan, great post and many thanks for being my guest today. Don’t forget to go over and say hi to Jan and introduce yourself……I can promise you too, will become a regular over at the French Tangerine! Click here to visit.
Enjoy your day……..

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Debby on

Jan is a sweetheart. Love her. That iphone cover is so cute. I got an iphone cover from JCrew and love it. I have a niece who even at 22 loves anything with glitter! I’ll have to pick up that cover for her. xo


Hi Tina, thank you for the introduction, love all the glitter especially the top and iphone case (daughter would love both). I agree in that NYE is the one night where you can go out of the box a little and add a little sparkle even if its not normally your thing. Such a pretty post. Thank you.

christy on

This was fun! Iam incidentally wearing a red sparkle top on New Years Eve, my brother has a big party every year and I think sparkles are the perfect choice for such a special celebration. Glad to meet The French Tangerine.

Acquired Objects on

Must be the age because I have a neice who loves anything glitter at 21. Love the glitter nail polish looks like fun!

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

WOOOOOOOOOO! You are addressing the queen of glitter here! I LOVE IT and I don’t care how old I am, give me a pair of glittered shoes ( I actually two pair and wear them to SCHOOL!) and sometimes you will see a piece of glitter in my house since I have an Etsy business and from my basement issues out glitter creations!

Nice to meet you here! Thank you for taking over our dear Tina’s post while she prepares to MOVE IN!!! Anita

Karena on

Tina Thank you for featuring Jan!! I love this sparkle post and that top is darling!!

Wishing you and yours all the best in 2012

Art by Karena

Annie H. on

Those glittery toes are so neat! I wish I had the guts to pull it off….this is making me rethink my boring all black New Years Eve outfit though, maybe a little sparkle is in order, fun post. Thank and a Happy New Year to you both.

Anonymous on

I generally don’t like glitter or sparkle but will give in on New Years Eve, if we are going to a party which this year we are. Our country club is hosting a disco ball, so I bought my first ever sequined dress, now after seeing this post I am wondering if I should take it all the way and paint my nails in a sparkly gold too. Is there such a thing as too much sparkle? Happy new year.

Barbara@HausDesign on

What a fun post! I am loving that eye makeup especially…it’s definitely the perfect time of year for a big dose of glam. πŸ™‚

Jackie {York Avenue} on

I love glitter! I can’t get enough of it. Something about it just makes me smile so this post is perfect! Love these images.

The French Hutch on

Perfect timing from Jan for the glitter, just in time for NYE. Maybe a little sparkle on my tee, just a little for this older gal!
Hope the move is going well Tina.

The French Hutch

De tout, de rien on

Oooooh, shiny stuff…glitter….glowy….sequins…Swarovsky…

Sorry, got distracted there for a second.

I’m a fan of glitter too. I love anything that reflects light, I’m like Pollyanna that way, lol!

Good post!

De tout, de rien on

And happy New Year to both of you!

Hope your move goes smoothly Tina!

The Preppy Princess on

What a fun post, it’s such a lovely way to start today’s blog reading, thank you Jan! Who doesn’t love (and need) a little (a lot?) of glitter now and again?!

Sending continued good thoughts on the move Tina!

travelkate on

Nothing like the impending New Years Eve to make you crave some sparkles! I love all of that gold glitter and will definitely be painting my nails something glittery πŸ™‚

L.P. on

This is the prettiest post I have seen all day! I better amp up my new years eve outfit, with some sparkle. Love it.
Cheers to a happy new year!

Fashion-isha on

Wow this is so my type of post!! Love the photos!!

Happy New Year!

annie on

What a cheerful post and so perfect for this time of year! It’s not New Year’s Eve without a little glitter!

Sundresses and Smiles on

Oh my my! I just love glitter and this post put me in an excited mood to wear a little glitter this weekend for New Year’s Eve!

Agnes on

Tina, I love all your guests posts! This has me excited for New Years Eve, we are hosting a small party for 6 couples and going all out, the colors are black and gold so you better believe I have plenty of gold sparkles being used this weekend both in how I am decorating and what I am wearing. Happy 2012-

designchic on

Oh yes, love the glitter. The Christian Louboutin shoes are amazing, but the first image is one of my favorites!! Happy New Year to you and my good friend, Tina ~

NanaDiana on

What a sparkly post! I love all the glitz and glitter that comes along with New Year’s Eve. Love this post- xo Diana

Anonymous on

This lady knows how to have fun! I think you are never too old for a little sparkle, how great are those toenails? I love that! Wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year.

Elizabeth on

Oh Tina,

I am so excited for you, you are on your way to your dream home! I am so looking forward to hearing all about your decorating and the move?

I hope that you are still enjoying time with your parents, I am sure it is nice to have your mom at this stressful time.

I love French Tangerine, always interesting and beautiful posts.

Thank you so very much for your kind comments, yes tragedies lays seem magnified at the holidays. We are doing well and trying to do wht we cn to offer support. There never seems to be the right words though.

Thank you again my friend, Elizabeth

Decor de Provence on

I want some glitter!! I’m so Excited for you – a long patient wait to move into the most beautiful home!!! A job well done! You are going to create so many wonderful memories there! Hopefully you’ll give some sneak peaks on occasion? What perfect way to start the New Year!

Much love to you,

Kristin on

Wonderful! I love glitter, too! And Tina…how fun to hear that you play scrabble, too! I want to thank you for a great blog year and wish you a wonderful new happy year! Good luck with moving!

Kristin ♥♥♥

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here on

Tina, There is still enough Christmas glitter on my floors and rugs to make those shoes! Happy 2012!

Twist of Lime on

What a fun post! I love hearing about Jan’s daughter’s passion for glitter!

john on

Girls love gold.

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