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Good morning everyone! Hard to believe my incredible array of guest posts is coming to an end, I cannot thank each of you enough for your help in helping filling in the gaps for me on my blog with your incredibe guest posts while we were moving. I am so appreciative and am so humbled by your kindness. I finish off my amazing run of guest posts which I really hope you have enjoyed with last but most certainly not least, Design Chic.  I am so happy to feature these two ladies whose style I absolutely adore and who are some of the sweetest people in all of blogland. Say hello to Kristy and Beth of the uber chic and elegant design blog, Design Chic. Sophisticated, elegant, and chic is how I would describe their beautiful and graceful style.

I love how they can take a design element and show the best of how it can look, they have more than once converted me to totally loving something I wasn’t sure how to use or cemented my love and undying devotion for things like the use of leopard, blue and white and ottomans, paneled libraries and the list goes on. I also love how they successfully incorporate a little bit of fashion with decor on their blog, which makes for an interesting mix and their spin is always a supremely elegant one!

This  mother and daughter dynamic duo are super stylish and Design Chic is a regular stop for me. I am talking seriously stylish people. I know I am always in for a visual treat for the senses when I visit Design Chic and if you are not familiar with them, I highly suggest you visit!

You know when I am talking about people who are stylish and chic, I absolutely must give you a little peek into their the world through their eyes!  Just feast your eyes on their ridiculously elegant homes, including Baby Will’s (Kristy’s baby) dream nursery! Just to give you an idea of how elegant they are, here is a little peek into how these girls roll……….

Impressive, wouldn’t you say? Now ladies….the floor is yours!
Cathy Kincaid Interiors via  Southern Accent

When Tina asked us, Beth and Kristy of Design Chic, to do a guest post for her, we were incredibly flattered. So, when choosing the topic, we thought, “What could we showcase that Tina would love?” The answer was obvious. Blue and white porcelain, of course! Here is a compilation of some of our favorite uses of a design staple. They may have been chosen with Tina in mind, but we hope you all love them too!   

Lori Tippins Interiors

The juxtaposition of the more masculine antlers and leather chairs with delicate porcelain is wonderful!

Oscar de la Renta’s Dominican Republic Home

The huge jars over the bookcases are what caught our eye first, but we love the lamps as well. In fact, we wouldn’t mind if Oscar wanted to hand over his whole Dominican Republic House. We really wouldn’t change a thing!

Peters and Mbiango Interiors

The kitchen is perhaps one of our favorite places for blue and white. We love the sets of ginger jars. My mother-in-law gave my husband and me a set just like the one in the middle. The sweet pea vines symbolize “forever” and “many children,” while the main decoration is a “shuang xi” character which is the symbol for “wedded bliss.” What a great way to think outside the registry!

Veranda Magazine

What a statement! We have to admit, though, we might be a touch nervous sleeping underneath all those breakable items…

Tobi Fairley

There’s nothing that defines a room a well-accessorized table. The orchids are gorgeous.

Veranda Magazine

We attended a wedding recently where all the flower arrangements were done in blue and white ginger jars. With white flowers like this, the effect was simply lovely. Hmmm, with all the sweet pea vines they had floating around, we guess they’re going to have many, many, many children!

Bunny Williams

The mantle is one of our favorite places for porcelain. The symmetry is perfection!

Peter Marino Interiors

This could be the most fabulous collection we’ve ever seen!

Joe Minton Designer

There’s nothing like a huge, white hydrangea to complement an antique vase. It’s a beautiful touch in any room.

Thanks so much for having us on your fabulous blog, Tina!

Thanks ladies! You know me so well. I LOVE blue and white, there is not a home or room that I don’t think it can totally rock in. This post was such a scrumptious treat…many thanks for featuring such a beautiful post, Beth and Kristy. And to all of you for stopping in thank you! Like what you see? Make sure to stop by Design Chic for even more beautiful eye candy, warning……it might keep you busy awhile! Click here to visit. Wishing everyone a wonderful Saturday!


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NanaDiana on

What a gorgeous post full of blue and white eye candy! The last time we moved I gave my blue and white collection to my oldest daughter…except I kept one set of china that was made in England and from the 1800’s. I keep that on display.

It has been fun to see all your guest posts, Tina, but it will also be fun to see you back and posting. I can’t wait to watch the settling in process in your new home. xo Diana

Vanessa@Luxuria on

What a wonderful post. I’ve only recently found you and Design Chic, and both of you are an absolute joy to the senses 🙂
Happy weekend from Spain to the three of you xx

Splenderosa on

Love these girls, Tina. They always post beautiful things. And seeing a peek into their lives is great. But, that blue & white…ahhhhhhhh.

miss flibbertigibbet on

Just beautiful. So glad to see blue and white used. I am a huge fan and have a good sized collection. it has been put away for awhile but maybe I need to get it out again!
I’ve so enjoyed your guests but am tingling with anticipation to see that gorgeous home all decorated!

Lisa on

Tina, I have enjoyed getting to discover so many new (to me) blogs through your many wonderful guest posts. This one is no exception, I look forward to visiting their blog. I really enjoy the blue and white and have started buying more of it since I have been reading your blog!
Thank you and much luck in the unpacking process.

Amy @MaisonDecor on

Very pretty ways to use blue and whites in any setting! Have a great weekend Tina!

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home on

Beth and Kristy have such lovely homes! Their guest post on blue and white is so pretty!
Thanks for sharing, Tina! Hope all is well!
~ Wendi ~

Victoria on

I am also a big blue and white porcelain fan. Thanks for the inspirational images I had not seen before and for a replay of my favorite of all time — no hyperbole, I mean it — Oscar’s gorgeous study. The layering of items and textures in that room is something only someone with his talent could achieve…and that touch of coral with the blue and white is divine.
Great job, ladies, and I am an avid reader of your blog.

All the best…Victoria

pam {simple details} on

I’ve just recently found their blog and wouldn’t miss a day! You are so right, stylish and elegant beyond words! I love the photo of the blue and white on the rustic table, and the symmetrical artwork in the backgound, crystal chandelier…perfection!

The Zhush on

ADORE design chic duo! Not to mention the classic and chic blue and white images here!xx

Design is... All in the Detail on

Hello, ladies.
Love… love… love… my kitchen used to have this gorgeous blue and white everywhere. Of course, if you know me – I tired of it and have moved to something different as the main theme. But luckily, because I collected it for quite some time for the kitchen – I have plenty to accent around the home now!
I love this post and am going to scoot over to Design Chic to ‘stalk’ a little while!
Have a wonderful weekend, ladies…

Karena on

Tina I have loved this series so much. The Design Chic Ladies really do it up beautifully. I love the dining room mantle, the last sideboard image, well really all are superb examples!

Psst I have a Valentines Giveaway I think you will love!!

Art by Karena

Carla Aston on

I’m a regular visitor of Design Chic. Love their fresh look. The blue and white is really lovely, especially that table setting. Fresh and inviting!

christy on

What a beautiful post. I am not familiar with Design Chic but am definitely going to visit their blog. If you like them, Tina, I know I will too!
I love the way blue and white makes any room feel fresh and alive. I have a collection of transferware in a big hutch in my kitchen and its literally my favorite thing in my whole house, so I loved this post.

Anonymous on

LOVE this post, beautiful blue & white. I have blue & white porcelain on all three mantels and on top of the piano right now. Love using a mix of styles and heights similiar to the Toby Fairley photo. One of my all-time favorite books is Carolyn Roehm ” A passion for blue & white” I’m sure Tina has this book as well. Thank you for the lovely photos.

Renée Finberg on

i can’t get over you.
you come up with such fabulous posts.
this blue & wht is to die for.
and i adore ‘design chic’

they are THE BOMB!!


3 Peanuts on

Beautiful blue and white. I especially love the Veranda table and the shelves by Peters and Mbiango Interiors. gorgeous!!!

Anonymous on

Traditonal home Feb/March features an article ‘Rhapsody in Hues” and a love for Blue & white, gorgeous home.

Stacy Curran on

Kristy’s nursery (turned big boy room already?!) gets me every time….one of my favorites ever. And the porcelain they shows is gorgeous. Wonderful guest post!

helen tilston on


I can understand why you selected Design chic as your guests. They have incredible style and this post is most memorable. I shall return and visit it again

Helen xx

Agnes on

What an elegant mother and daughter! I am so happy to find them through you, Tina. Excellent choice. I must admit I came on hoping you had posted update pictures but am really happy I did anyway, this post is so lovely. Wish all three of you a delightful weekend and Tina, try not to overdo it.

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. on

Love these girls…and love blue and white. I’m sure some gorgeous pieces will find there way into your home. Happy weekend to all of you. XO, Mona

michele on

oh how i love these ladies and their blog! thanks guys for more incredible inspiration on tina’s fabulous site!


Rachel {Da Paura ♥} on

These interiors make me so happy! I especially love the blue and white — such a lovely combo.


Carol on

l just love all the blue and white inspirations they have chosen. It remains such a classic look.

l’m going over to check their blog now.

mwaxter on

Well done! What a wonderful treat on a dreary gray afternoon. Makes me want to run out and buy a bunch of blue and white. Three talented ladies here.

Mel@Georgica Pond on

Love the gorgeous gals from Design Chic and love their style. I never tire of seeing beautiful blue and white china collections or interesting and new ways of displaying them. Have added these to my inspiration files for when I get around to the styling part of unpacking.

Rachel {Little Bits of Lovely} on

Those blue and white vases are gorgeous! I love how they have been used as decorative items xx

Twist of Lime on

I love when two of my favorite blogs collide!!! 🙂

Socially Savvy on

All just lovely! Adore the blue and white and also the zebra rug. Wonderful post!

5th and State on

great choice for your finale tina, those girls do indeed rock it! design chic is one of my must reads

designchic on

Thank you so much for having us on your beautiful blog, Tina. We hope you are getting lots of unpacking done and can hardly wait to get a sneak peek at the decor of your enchanted home!! Try to slip in a little rest…

Anonymous on

Hello and thanks for the pictures of nice houses like Oscar’s but I have to comment on the first few photos that you posted Tina mentioning that it represents the great style of the ladies from design chic… Well, I think that all of them are of a very poor style and stifling as well as particularly the nursery and child room … Just really wrong! If using such metal bed in child’s room it needs to be off set by something more modern and not round bedside table covered with table cloth… It all creates very granny appeal actually… Not chic and not stylish. It just doesn’t flow right…. Being European I love old houses and the inspiration from them but keeping it more simple and fresh is key here otherwise welcome to old lady’s home…. I love your site Tina but what has to be said should be said…. Thanks Zaneta

ashley nicole catherine on

such gorgeous inspiration!! loving the classic blues and white!! xo

Ivy and Elephants on

This is so awe inspiring! I love blue and white and you have shown it done to perfection.

kendall boggs on

I need you (Miss Fresh Face) on my blog!!! I’m getting a little stale! This, as everything you do, is simply beautiful!!! Great job!


Oh my gosh….first, I am so glad blue and white is crashing back in to the design scene. I am in love and one of those images was my blog header for a while when I first started. Great post with so many beautiful pictures!

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

Design Chic is a must stop for me! I love Beth and Kristy and their gorgeous blog! They have certainly delivered yet another gorgeous post. Love all of the blue and white!
Glad to learn that you are back, and can’t wait to see what is happening in your world.
Have a nice Sunday.

Designs By Pinky on

I, too, collect blue and white porcelains so this post made my heart skip SEVERAL beats!!!!!!!!!!! XO, Pinky

Lisa - A Room with A View on

Two great ladies and a very stylish collection of pictures..I love blue-&-white and have a small collection which is growing.

Style Maniac on

A lovely post from two of my favorite bloggers! Beth and Kristy always choose the most elegant and enticing images. That one of Oscar de la Renta’s house, especially — oh how I’d love to live in that room!

mwaxter on

What a stunning post. I love their home it is so elegant. This makes a beauitful statement for the use of blue and white in the home. Oscar de la Rentas home- wow!

John on

I like the painting, looks like a president!

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