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Good morning friends! You are in for such a fun and wonderful treat today….I loved this idea and what fun it was putting this eclectic group of my “new friends” together! As you by now know, once a month the group I am a part of “By invitation only” (brainchild of marvelous Marsha of Splenderosa)  gets together and posts on a common theme. Its such fun to see how we each interpret this theme or event. 

So this months theme was creating our own ‘fantasy dinner party” with any ten people in the world, dead or alive, but no relatives and God can’t be invited. (because he is always there and always invited anyway:)  When I was told about our theme this month,  I knew right off the bat a few invitees without having to even think about it, but then I had to really ponder the rest of this guest list. I mean I want it to be an interesting mix, a group of people I personally would love to get to know better, people I have questions for and am intrigued by, and of course an eclectic enough group that it would make for one heck of an interesting night..and you better believe it will!

Here’s a sneak peak of the dinner table…….

In the middle of a vineyard because to me, that’s kind of the ultimate dinner party. Casual, relaxed but elegant.  And with this swanky group I want no distractions and no gawkers. I want everyones undivided attention and of course a beautiful setting only enhances the evening!  I will naturally be able to custom order the weather, and it will be high 60’s- low 70’s, zero humidity, and clear skies as everyone arrives. As dinner starts getting served, we will be blessed with the most glorious sunset and enjoy fabulous food, wine and lively conversation under the stars. This fete will go on until the sun starts rising…….needless to say, it will be some night!

So here’s who’s going to be seated at my table and a little background on why I chose them!

Nancy Meyers……Because in my next life I want her life..we think so much alike, if I was directing movies, I swear every movie set would look just like hers do! Thanks to her brilliant vision, I know exactly how I want my future cafe/bakery to look, how I would want my California and Hamptons homes decorated, exactly where I want to stay with my family on a NYC weekend. Nancy….you so “have it going on”. And I will use this get together to see if a partnership might be in the cards :

Ralph Fiennes…… He has been a secret crush ever since I saw him in The English Patient (I think I may have seen it a dozen times) he is such a gentleman, regally/old fashioned  handsome, somewhat mysterious, and charming without trying too hard. Besides, any actor who steers clear of the Hollywood “scene” gets major brownie points in my book! He strikes me as  intelligent, decent and supremely talented. Plus I want to hear that British accent!

Ludwig Van Beethoven….. His music always haunts me but in a good way, Moonlight Sonata continues to be one of my all time favorites, and when people talk about music “moving them” I am pretty sure Beethoven’s reign over classical music has something to do with that. I loved the movie “Immortal Beloved” with Gary Oldman (bought the CD  and DVD)  and still blast his CD’s in my car much to my kids horror, when I am feeling particularly dramatic or dreamy. Plus full disclosure, I wonder as I  know thousands of others do, who was he really thinking of when he penned “Immortal beloved”?

Albert Einstein…….. Because I have always been fascinated with this man, I mean putting his rocking hairdo aside….  to think all of that intelligence was in ONE brain. I really enjoyed reading his
autobiography a few years ago.  And just admit it- every one of you wants to run your hand through that dollop of white hair on his head! I want to hear how he thinks, what he feels, what ignites his fire, what he thinks about our world today, etc…….

Julia Child Who else could take the place of the unofficial live wire of our soiree? A larger than life character, I hope she might come early to give me a few tips in the kitchen! Besides, anyone who broke the rules and tore down gender barriers as she so successfully did and won the French over, is someone I can learn a lot from! I can hear her boisterous laugh now, it would fill the room with such a warm and positive energy, heck…..Ludwig might even warm up to her! 

Bono…first his music is AMAZING. Maybe he will indulge us with an impromptu performance? A mixer with Ludwig perhaps? Now that would be incredible!  Putting his brilliant music aside, and too many hits to name, I respect him for the humanitarian and crusader that he is. He has certainly made it “cool” to make your mark in this world and I have a great amount of respect for him!

Princess Diana……do you really need a reason? This beautiful person, inside and out embodied elegance, grace, dignity, compassion, empathy, humility and peace. I so admired her and was saddened to hear how she had been so unhappy for years. It was so uplifting to see her happy again towards the end….I know she is missed by so many. I want Diana sitting right next to me…..miss that beautiful face.

Sandra Bullock.….. because lets face it she IS America’s sweetheart and I want to have a gal pal like her to kick under the table when Albert starts talking about unified field theories that just go over my head, Ralph winks at me from across the table or Julia Child starts singing!

Prince William and Harry... if not for the one reason that they could reunite with their mum, so she could see how they have matured and blossomed into strong, able, accomplished  young men. I know she would be so incredibly proud. To hear that Will is soon to become a father and learn of all the great things Harry is doing….I know would put on a smile not only on her beautiful face but on every one of us at the table. (and I am sure more than a few tears)

So there you have it… guest list for this wonderful dinner. The only difficult thing was narrowing it down. There are so many people I would have liked to include, but maybe this will become a regular gig and I can start inviting groups of 10 over every weekend….now that would be fun and something to talk about!

I am only fretting over who to sit where……any ideas?? Maybe after each course we can change seats so we all have a chance to “mingle”. Have a beautiful and dreamy day!

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Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. on

Maybe we could do some dinner party hopping so we can enjoy all these guests..I love your setting. Have a great day. XO, Mona

Carolyn@SweetChaos on

Great group of guests! Would love to hear the conversation at that gathering πŸ™‚



Veronica on

Oh wow what a gathering! Some of these amazing people popped on and off my list as well, so I am quite happy to meet them here at Enchantment Inc! I am also a Sandra B fan and as for Ralph with the dreamy eyes, absolutely charming! I am not familiar with Nancy Meyers at all so am going to granny google to find out more! And I love the nod to another culinary quuen Julia Childs… Great setting as well Tina!


Tish Jett on

What fun, what elegance, divine as always chez toi.


Victoria on

Tina- love who you have selected. It tells me a lot about *you*, you want people who are intelligent, not just eye candy, people who have had a big impact on our world in the way of science, music, theater, government and what really truly touched me was your including the Princes so they could reunite with their “mum”…..That right there is a class act all the way.
Doesnt’ surprise me one bit. What a wonderful dinner you will host!

Ana Maria on

Hello Tina!
Once again a fabulous post!
Visit your blog has become a daily routine for me. You write so well … it’s like if you were by my side talking about…
So many things we learn in your blog … very intelegent … I just ADORE!
I also have a blog (where I show a very litlle part of my work) … but I’m not a blogger, I am more a reader of blogs? (should I say this way?)
Well .. meanwhile I can not wait for your next post.
Have a nice day and do not forget to be happy.
Tchau Ana Maria

L.P. on

I knew it, you are a smart cookie who happens to have superior taste to most. You have it all Tina!! I can tell just from who you chose that being around intelligent, witty, people is way more important than just having a bunch of Hollywood egos and glamour pusses around. Love your carefully thought out dinner guests. Now that would make one interesting table indeed!
I really enjoyed “your take” on why you chose them, funny about having Sandra to kick when Einstein starts talking about things you don’t understand or Ralph winks at you- very good!
Hope we get to see more pictures of the house soon.

annechovie on

Sounds like a fun and entertaining mix, Tina! xo

5th and State on

it was fun scrolling down to read your choices. and what a fascinating collection of individuals.

a neighbor that recently passed told fascinating stories of one of his professors, albert einstein at either yale or harvard….cannot remember. i felt one degree from this great man and was a captivated listener to the tales of brilliance and a great sense of humor


Oh I would seriously LOVE to be a part of that dinner party. You definitely have quite a few of the people I would invite too. That would make for quite the conversation, wouldn’t it? πŸ™‚ xoxo

I Dream Of on

Oh what a fun dinner – lovely setting, fascinating people. I love your guest list! Hope you are well Tina. Now that I’m back online I need to take a good long scroll through your blog to see how the move went, how you are settling in and what else is going on in your world! XO

Vicky on

Now this is what I would call an eclectic and incredible mix for a dinner party. Oh how I would love to be in attendance! I also enjoyed why you would want them. Really fabulous round up of people, Tina!

I can hear that duet with Beethoven and Bono now:-)

classiq on

Oh my, this is what I call a dinner party one should not miss! This is quite a gathering, it’s wonderful just seeing them all together in your lovely post. One should definitely change seats after each course to mingle. πŸ™‚

Amy on

This is great Tina! What an entertaining bunch it will be. Your list is awesome, would love to be in attendance!

You made me laugh, thanks I needed that! Have a beautiful day.

Also I tried clicking on the link, above and cannot find the other posts with the other dinner parties? Thought you should know.

Amy @MaisonDecor on

That’s quite a group~I would have picked some of the same folks you did. Loved thinking about you kicking Sandy under the table!! lol

Stacy Curran on

OMG I ADORE Ralph Fiennes too!!! What a great list πŸ™‚

Deserae on

What a fabulous group of guests you have….the location is absolutely PERFECT!!!!

Acquired Objects on

I think everyone should have their dinner parties together and let us come and greet and meet. Everyone has invited so many wonderful people!


Teresa at Splendid Sass on

Well you have quite the guest list and a beautiful place overlooking a gorgeous field. I really like this series. Can’t wait to see what you have for us next time.
Hope everything is falling into place for you. I know that moving is a very tiring and stressful task.
Have a nice Tuesday.

3 Peanuts on

This is so funny because I am hosting a dinner party Sat night (just posted about it) and it has me thinking about who I would invite to a fantasy dinner party. I have a great guest list (all living) and a blog post in the drafts.

I wish you had shared a good easy elegant menu. I am planning that now.

Love your list.

Sundresses and Smiles on

I’m offended I didn’t make the guest list, hehe! I would definitely love to pluck some of their brains over a vineyard dinner!

Donna in Potomac on

That is quite the cast of characters! Midnight in Paris Part II? Midnight in Napa? I can see it now…successful screenwriter (played by Nancy Meyers) vacations in Napa Valley for a weekend of wine tastings, a bit tipsy she happens upon an outdoor table gorgeously set against a backdrop of rolling hills, setting sun, and Moonlight Sonata playing in the backgrond…and then the historical nostalgia begins! Can I be part of the collaboration – ha! Do you and I have the same disorder? Ya know, OAI (over active imagination disorder) Great post!

Privet and Holly on

How fun is THIS??
I’m with you about
the long table in the
especially with a
group like this. Of
course, you’d be
across the table from
RF so he could stare
into your eyes : )

Love your guests!

xx Suzanne

Splenderosa on

Bono, the 1st person on my list !!!
This list is wonderful. And, tons of fun.
Sorry I was so late, Tina…just went completely whacky around here.
Love you X10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa - A Room with A View on

Sounds like a high caliber get-together with conversation to stimulate all the senses and more. I would love to eavesdrop at this event!

pretty pink tulips on

What an incredible dinner party that would be!! I would seat Wills with Bono and Diana with Albert. Nancy could charm Ludwig. You of course would have to bebop around!

Cheers to you my friend and the joy you bring to my days!
xoxo Elizabeth

christy on

Brilliant group of people from all walks of life. I found it especially touching what you said about your reason for including Prince Will and Harry, so Diana could see them all grown up. Fantastic Tina!

Simple Dwellings on

What a fun post! You have a fabulous line up at your table! How amazing a dinner it would be! My table would definitely include some of these amazing guests and also Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Audrey Hepburn. Classics, in my book! πŸ™‚ Have a great day!

Susan on

I love Ralph Fiennes and every single movie Nancy Meyers has producted. Your choices of Beethoven and Einstein is so clever. And Sandra, the perfect gal pal. Last, Diana and her two handsome sons is the perfect trio to round out what I know will be a fantastic dinner party. Sounds like a fun and entertaining evening! I can hear the conversation now! I need to catch up on your house updates, hope the settling in is going well!

Caryl on

I feel like the dinner party crasher. I only found you through By Invitation Only. I guess that’s the point. What
an interesting guest list. But am I the last to know that Kate Middleton is pregnant?

Carol on

Tina, your choice of setting and guests for your dinner party are perfect, just the right mix of personalities and a dreamy setting..

Carrie @ Hazardous Design on

Tina, I don’t think I’ve had a chance yet to comment and congratulate you on moving into your new home. I’ve been stopping by to check in on your moving progress over the last few weeks. Your new house is looking AMAZING. It must feel so good to be home finally!

Alison @ The Polohouse on

Such a cute idea! I love the table setting in the country and outdoor….
casual country chic.
Can I be part of the wait staff? A little fly on the wall if you will!?



dustjacket on

Yes, I think after each course change places…what a fabulous guest list!

Suzy on

Wonderfully, entertaining post, Tina! I’m not famous, but I’d love to sit at your dinner table too. Or maybe I could be a part of the wait staff. Interesting tidbit – my mother knew Albert Einstein during her youth. She always spoke of him quite fondly. She used to join him for ice cream, which she claimed was one of his favorite things. He also used to come to Princeton University to watch her swim – my mother was very beautiful – don’t know if that had anything to do with it or not! And no, she didn’t attend Princeton, but evidently locals could use their facility back in the 30’s. Take care. Suzy

quintessence on

Inspired choices – would definitely have picked several of the same!!

Renae Moore on

I LOVE your dinner guests and the setting is JUST so lovely. I can just imagine all of the conversations that would ensue! Fun times.

On your later post on ‘blue’. I am not a ‘blue’ person but you had a few images that could change my mind!

Blessings to you this Wednesday!


Ispirato Design on

That is just so sweet. I’m talking about reuniting Prince William and Harry with their mum- I actually got a little choked up when I read that. I can picture the whole seen- yeah, wouldn’t Sandra be a great friend- she seems so authentic. Lastly, the thought of Bono and Beethoven in a jam session- too funny!

Victoria on

I would love to sit at your table, Tina. It would be fascinating to spend an evening with every one of your guests. Of course, the choice of William and Harry is so bittersweet and appeals on a human level to all of us who would love to spend one more evening with a lost loved one. I know I would.
All the best…Victoria

John on

That first picture is darling.

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