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Good morning! I think you all know by now how I love blue and white. Why? Well for starters, it is so  crisp, elegant, refined and timeless. Love decorating with blue and white, and best thing of all it goes with any color decor and virtually with any style. Coastal, city sleek, farmhouse, country home, elegant traditional, old world, French, you name it….it works!! 

So today a tribute to beautiful blue and white in all its many variations. Used as an accent, its a beautiful and timeless addition to virtually to any room, or used as the principle color can do no wrong! I know in my house, it always has a home and will be found in several of my own rooms. Have a favorite way to decorate with blue and white? Tell me about it!


1. Blue and white doesn’t get much prettier than this! TH
2. Thorton designs mixed gorgeous blues with a little green to perfection!
3. How pretty is this setting? LOVE it! Monroes bistro
4. Always works with earth tones!
5. Traditional with a little fun blue and white….works for me! Thornton
6. This beautiful vignette by Joseph Minton shows how stunning warm woods work with blue and white

7. It looks beautiful gracing a desk and in the form of a lamp, Knight Carr
8. Amazing the impact a pair of blue and white ginger jars can have in a room, SLC
9. Love seeing blue and white against very dark woods, Eclectic Revisited
10. Navy in a room is always rich and regal, Horchow
11. Blue and white look fabulous with accents of soft buttery yellow, K. Carr
12. The blue and white here is the perfect compliment to all these fresh beautiful colors on this porch!
13. This beautiful room in an unexpected combination of pale green and peach gets a crisp accent with the blue and white jars perched on brackets, Thomas Burak
14. Love a collection of ginger jars atop a beautiful chest, the crowning touch!
15. How great looking is this blue and white jar wallpaper? Guess who…..Ralph Lauren!
16. Blue and white is so beautiful against timelessly elegant dark wood, HB
17. As soft and wispy as a feather, this delicately beautiful bed is from Ralph Lauren
18. In a funkier more transitional space, blue and white still rocks!
19. Something about that navy and white against very dark wood that gets me every time! Beach glass Designs
20. Love the pops of dark wood against the crisp blues and whites, beautiful! Thornton
21. Its so charming how the blue and white accents liven up this pretty neutral kitchen, Alamodeus
22. Such a pretty combination for outdoor entertaining inspiration, Carolyn Roehm
23. Love the blue and white in this elegant setting, Kellogg
24. Blue and white by the coast is always perfection…SLC Interiors
25. One of my most favorite window seats and sitting areas… it!! 2 Michaels
Really like the elegant and coastal vibe on these beds, Coastal Living
26. How about this fabulous bath getting bathed in blue and white? Martha Stewart Living
27. Come to Mama, love this setting, so pretty and feminine…..K.Carr
28.Blue and white accessories are the perfect touch in this stunning kitchen, Downsview
29.Blue and white is always dramatic in a neutral toned this! William Eubanks
30. Blue and white is as beautiful outside as it is indoors! Veranda
31. Ashley Whitaker used a pair of blue and white garden seats in this pretty transitional space
32. Always thought this bathroom is so very pretty with the elegant accents in navy and white, T.Keller Donovan
33. Neutrals and in this case beautiful tonal linen is a great compliment against crisp blue and white, House to Home
34. Roger Davies hit a home run in this stunning blue and white room!
35. Think this small space is so beautifully done, love the fabric! Martyn Lawrence Bullard
There you have it……35 beautiful ways to decorate with blue and white.  Truth is I could keep going and going and going, it never gets old and I never stop being inspired by it. What are your thoughts on blue and white?  Have a favorite room here?  Would love to hear! Wishing you an enchanted day.


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Chic Coastal Living on

Love this post! I was just working on a post similar to this one for another blogger whom I’m going to guest post for this week! You know I love blue and white! That last room is gorgeous! Have a great day! XO

Susan on

I love blue and white. My living room has a blue sectional and ottoman, against sandy colored walls, and a selection of blue and white ginger jars, including a large ginger jar set by the fireplace. Blue and white can be done on a budget, too, which I like!

Amy on

Love blue and white and Tina, after religiously reading your blog, like it more than I ever have, you have convinced me of how great it is. Now when I go to stores, I am looking for blue and white. You are a blue and white crusader, haha.

I just put a bunch of pieces in my white kitchen and was amazed at the pick me up it gave it, it really looks so pretty. Love this post.

Cheryl on

I love the subtleties of blues with neutrals in my home. It is what ties each room together. Blue is my calming color. Your images are stunning as always, Tina!

miss flibbertigibbet on

I think I pinned all 35!!! LOL My very first little kitchen in our little (10 x 50 ft) mobile home was blue, white and yellow. My MIL almost died….she loves earth tones (ick)but I loved it! I was 18 and just beginning to spread my design wings! I still eat on my Granny’s Blue Willow and decorate with blue and white… NEVER goes out of style! Thanks for highlighting this!

Donna on

I love blue and white as well! I love the timeless aspect as well as the sense of peace it gives to a room!

Kay on

I’m in blue heaven! Stunning!

5th and State on

what a stunning collection tina, i can be converted, i want to do my home over!

The Yuppie Files on

I love blue and white- I’ve tried to stay away from it in my house b/c I think I tend to overdue it but something is just so relaxing and crisp about it!

Anonymous on

My mind is racing now as to how and where I can incorporate some blue and white in my own home. I do have a few pieces in my bedroom on top of a pretty antique chest, but now want it in my kitchen, living room and dining room! These images are just over the top beautiful.


Hi Tina
this is the post for me–I absolutely love blue and white and have used it with abandonment in Southampton. It always looks chic and fresh–I’m loving the last photo, perfect beachy chic!

Karena on

Blue and white is such a classic and timeless look!!

Art by Karena

Marie on

Absolutely beautiful, definitely a classy and refined look. I especially love #’s 17 & 28.

The Buzz Blog on

I can’t tell you the number of bouquets and orchids we’ve been asked to do in blue and white containers – such a classic, elegant look for any type of home (as you so well proved today with these fabulous images!) I’m off to pin a couple of them!

Verdigris Vie on

You are speaking my language girl! Not only is it classic, it’s vibrant. You can’t go wrong with Blue and white from traditional to modern applications.

How are you surviving the move my friend? How do you find time for all these posts? You just keep them coming.:)

quintessence on

This is going to be my new catch phrase – blue and white is always right!! You can’t ever go wrong with this elegant chic combination. So many fabulous examples!!

Amy @MaisonDecor on

This is so restful and elegant all at once! I am a new fan to blue~not so much the bold navy color, but the sky blues~I pinned a couple of these. I loved that cottage bedroom by RL and I loved that sitting area in front of the FP with the tufted round ottoman.

Portuguese Prepster on

I love love blue and white! Love the fireplace surrounded by the blue and white tiles. Reminds me of Portugal!

pretty pink tulips on

I loved each image better than the last!!! Love it when there is a cluster of blue and white ginger jars!

That Martha Stewart bathroom, table by entertaining extraordinaire Carolyn Rohme and that last room by Martyn B are my favs!!!

I’ll bet you have some gorgeous blue and white collections!!
xo Elizabeth

P.C.C. on

OBSESSED!!!! I love the Carolyn Roehm book, A Passion for Blue and White. This post is amazing!! I love #20, 27, 32 and 34!! made my Wednesday!

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle on

It’s such a classic combination. I decorated our first home in navy and white and am starting to redecorate our current home in the same combination. I love the way blue and white combines so well with everything from pastels to neon colors. You can always use the two colors with accessories in the trendiest hues and get a fresh look.

vicki archer on

So, so lovely… the RAlph LAuren bedroom is heavenly… xv

I Dream Of on

Agree! It never gets old! You can never have too much blue and white — which is what I keep telling my husband when he raises his eyebrows when I bring home yet another ginger jar! Beautiful post Tina, I love all 35 of your reasons! XO

Belle on Heels on

Faaaaaaaaaabulous post, darling!

Fashion-isha on

This is actually my favorite color combo for the exact reasons you stated. And it looks great in almost any combination or style of the room and with other accent colors. Excellent post and pics!

Kelly Coleman Coursey on

Wonderful post! My first love was blue and white!! I will never get over the look!

'LUSH' on

Love blue and white, whether it’s home decor OR clothing. I seem to consistently want white or blue somewhere in my day, and they most always have to be paired together. Love all the images!

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore on

You had me at blue & white!!! I couldn’t agree more…this post was total eye candy. B&W just makes me happy. I saw some amazing B&W pieces at the Greenbrier! xx

carolyn bradford on

These pictures suddenly just brightened my day and re-kindled my love for blue and white! Loved each of the gorgeous photos! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Stacey on

i love the nautical vibe that this color combo gives in a space too! These are all beautiful spaces! xx

Luciane at on

Hello, sweet Tina!

How are you doing?

It’s interesting, but whenever I see something “blue & white” I think of you!!! I know you love it so much. This post is heavenly, my friend!

Have a great day, sweetie!


Luciane at

Faith on

You just made my day. I never get tired of looking at beautiful rooms of Blue & White. It is by far most favorite color combinations and if you look at my home, you would have no doubt about it!!

Thank you for the beautiful start to a gloomy day!!

Cindy on

What a beautiful post. I am new to your blog by way of Pinteres and am in fact only getting to know what a blog even is. Love it and have already gotten so many fantastic ideas. We bought a small beach house in MA (just closed a few months ago) so are renovating it, I have visions of lots of white and blue and white accents. My mother is a designer in Boston and is helping us with it. Got so many beautiful ideas from this post alone. Love your eye. Thank you.

Leslie on

This is all so beautiful Tina. I think I will pin several of these images! Love the vignette by Joseph Minton and the kitchen. Huge fan of blue and white – just added another ginger jar to my collection yesterday! This is a great post and loaded with ideas.


La Comtesse Lola on

Congratulations on your beautiful home, and thank you for this wonderful post. One question, can you please give me more information regarding the credit “Thornton”?

Jennifer @ Belclaire House on

Love this post!!! You can never have too much blue and white procelain. To me, it’s home.

Karen on

What a coincidence, I’ve been dreaming blue and white and have a post scheduled for tomorrow on this very topic. I do not have blue and white in very many rooms but have always longed to have a do over…just too costly and would involve too much work, but it is and always has been a favorite combination for me. Fabulous images.

The Preppy Princess on

Good gracious Tina, didn’t you find some gorgeous examples! I just sat here gazing upon all the loveliness for much too long, they are all more-than-appealing. My favorites have to be 3, 8, 17 and 35, they were *so* pretty and elegant and easy on the eyes.

Sending you a smile,

Kari on

Love this post!!! So happy you had a few pictures from Knight-Carr. She is currently doing our Master bedroom in… you guessed it, blue and white!!! I too, pinned almost all these pictures! Thank you!!! :o)

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

Oh my goodness, Tina. I love these images! I am collecting blue and white porcelain now, and I can’t get enough.
How are you doing these days? Are you pinching yourself when you look around?
Happy for you, friend.

Debby on

Bue and white just always looks so crisp and clean. The first photo is my fave! xo

Veronica on

Can you believe that I do not have any blue and white??? Neither can I!! Apart from my son who painted his bedroom a coblat blue ( and at the time I was very oppesed to it!) and stuck Lord of The Rings Posters on and it might sound gross but they pop right of those walls and the natural tones are greatly enchanced!

And I actually love blue and white, so , I think I need to start a collection of blue and white. A great new project to work on, and, I am thinking in the Den/Library with my dark wood bookcases would be just the spot for a petit collection of pretties!


Some gorgeous images here.

Amy@BuffaloRoam on

Beautiful! Just found your blog today, but I’m hooked. We’re in the middle of building our first home!

Kathysue on

Black and white, green and white, and blue and white are my go-to combinations. I use a lot of blue and white porcelain inside my home and my master bedroom is blue and white with cream. Outside on my patio it is the main color scheme. All my cushions are cobalt trimmed in white and I have ceramic pots in cobalt and also in cobalt and white porcelain. I agree it is a timeless classic color combination. Love love love this post!!
Happy Wednesday,

Miss Southern Prep on

I just love, love, love blue and white! I absolutely love the first picture–the blue and white looks so gorgeous with the stunning water view!

Shirley@Housepitality Designs on

So love the blue and white…Went away from it a few years ago and now I am back incorporating more blues into my home..So classic and you have chosen wonderful images..Thank you..I must say I have pinned several of these for inspiration!

Anonymous on

So many pretty rooms, that coming from a person that is not a fan of so much blue.


Palomasea on

Some fabulous ideas, dear Tina! I have always loved blue and white. My favorite is toile..
– Irina

Kristin on

Dear Tina, I always love to come here for inspiration. I want to start redecorate my house right now πŸ™‚ Hope you have a lovely evening!


michele on

love love the coastal living banquette and those quieter blues with the crisp white. i never tire of this combination and adore it in kitchens–so friendly and american!


Stacy Curran on

Tina, you have single-handedly convinced that that if I don’t get to do a whole house in blue and white someday I am sorely missing out! Your personal collection is amazing, and I cannot wait to see it throughout your home!

Ideezine on


I love Blue, White, and Ivory. It’s a big “Hello” when it’s used in any setting and especially a guest room it’s fresh appeal is quite universal. Great array of snaps here! So glad your getting settled in your new home. I’m sure you are plotting out your blue and white jar locations as well.


Anonymous on

Tina I love your blog and especially today’s blue & white. My daughter’s house is done in variations of blue and white. Her dining room chairs, Italian with painted red legs, are covered in beautiful blue & white. Such a happy combination. Makes me smile just to be there.

Ispirato Design on

I am so, so with you. The rooms with blue and white combined with a little green or neutrals are my favorite. It is incredible how versatile and timeless it is and probably always will be! I know you have an enormous collection- can’t wait to see how you decorate with it throughout your home!

My Lovely Tracey on

I can’t believe I found your blog today (via Pinterest)! One of the things I always search for on Pinterest is new ideas to show off and display my blue ware as well as ways to coordinate blue into different styles of design. I had even ‘pinned’ several photos from your blog in the last few days not knowing where they had come from. Wow. So Inspired now…your blog photos command a new board on Pinterest just for Blue and White love..Thanks and keep up the wonderful work!

Frances on

Oh I love blue and white!!! Its truly one on my loves! Thanks for sharing the amazing pics and I can’t wait to see your house after its all done. It truly is amazing and so very beautiful!!! I love your style!!!

No. Four Eleven on

Agreed on all counts! Blue & white is a must in decorating.

By the way – first time reading your blog! My jaw dropped when I saw your house, so excited to follow your decorating adventures!


Coral and Coast on

Blue and white is my all time favourite! I love it most in coastal or country style interiors. Gorgeous! xo K

Elizabeth on

I love all of these images! Blue and White is such a classic design, it is so nice to see a mix of casual and formal, traditional and a bit modern. There are so many great ideas.

Hope your knee is better and that the house is coming along.

have a great day, Elizabeth

MaryBeth on

Other than pictures of your house this is one of my favorite post. I love blue and white and it reflects all over my house. I have blue hydrangea outside, blue tile in my pool, blue sofas in my family room, blue granite in my kitchen, blue carpet in my laundry room, blue tile floors in my mudroom, blue shades in my breakfast room, blue dishes, everyday and wedding china, blue chairs and buffet in my dining room, blue vases in my living room and foyer, blue paint in 2 of my guest rooms, blue tile in hall bath, blue paint in master bedroom, blue carpet in master bedroom, blue fabric on bed, blue paint in my bathroom, blue tile in my husbands bathroom and I am sitting under a blue blanket as I type this.
Now that I recall all this, I think I have a problem and need an intervention.
Wait at least I don’t have a blue car…anymore.

Barbara on

Blue and white just makes me happy all over! It has been my color scheme since I first began decorating my life’s homes over thirty years ago, (I can’t believe it is that long – the blue and white is still so fresh!) Thanks for this post! Love!
Note to self: Buy more ginger jars.

designchic on

Well you know how we love blue and white. These are gorgeous images, Tina and the picture with the blue and white zebra is fabulous!! So hope all is going well and you are getting a little rest with all the moving…

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

Good evening Tina!

I came by this morning and just as I was about to comment,my husband yells out, “LET’S GO!” I had to rush off to work.

BLUE AND WHITE are refreshing and elegant, comfortable and timeless. THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BRIGHTENING UP OUR DAY! Anita

Vicky on

A really beautiful post on blue and white. I have a small transferware collection which is displayed in a beautiful walnut hutch I inherited from my grandparents. It adds so much beauty and charm to my room. You have done a great job of showing how this works in so many styles of homes, from traditional to modern. Thank you for this, I will be sure to come back to it πŸ™‚

Hamptontoes on

I LOVE this post. I adore the color combination of blue and white. These images prove it…it is chic, timeless, classic and always eye catching. I always get excited when I’m decorating with blue and white. xoxo.

Sundresses and Smiles on

My favorite is random pops of blue & white in a room–a garden stool, pair of vases, lamp, etc!

I recently bought a book in the bargain section of Barnes and Noble called “A Passion for Blue and White”–I immediately thought of you and have been thinking of doing a post about the book!

Cote de Texas on

Thank you so much for your sweet comment!!! glad you are getting settled in to your beautiful new home. Congratulations!!!!


Deserae on

Fabulous inspiration pics….love each and every one of them. I adore blue so it will always have a place in my home somewhere!

Chris on

Love #5 and like, a lot, all! I’m a convert with a lot of B & W that I have had in cupboards! Now, I am ready to reveal the real deal!

Victoria on

Love blue and white; loved this post.

Annie H. on

Can you say “breathtaking”. Makes me want to do my entire house in blue and white!

Mel@Georgica POnd on

See this is why I can’t stop reading blogs – I might miss out on a fabulous post like this that will change my life – or my house! I am struggling to find a way of reinventing all my blue and white at the moment. I want it a bit softer and prettier, although I love that fresh crisp Bahamas looks, but I want a bit of Phoebe Howard prettiness too. LeeAnn Thornton does a great job blue and white, I’ll have to flick through her portfolio again for inspiration. I do have a pile of MLB fabrics sitting here draped over my couch, and they are heavenly, but a lot greenier blues than I already have which tend to be rich navy and indigo. Not sure how I’ll end up ……

Chic Coastal Living on

Love all of this blue and white! Are you thinking about doing any of that in your new house?


Tina…I don’t need ANY convincing on this subject! I am SO with you on blue and white….

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John on

You really love the blue china!

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Home Decor on

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Carla Stewart on

I love the combination of white and blue so really cool.It is a large trained to provide a beauty on our home.I loved your post.Thanks for sharing this.

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Shelley @ Easy Home Concepts on

I love K.Carr’s photo! I just love how the chairs are dressed up with blue and white, they look icy cool.

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