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Good morning, have been contemplating this post for awhile but as there’s no time like the present, so here it goes……just don’t read it standing up, there’s A LOT of pictures!! Before I begin, I want to announce the winner of the signed Segreto book of Secrets! Drumroll please……..
Congratulations to …..Elizabeth Eiffel

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(Please contact me to provide your shipping details and how you want the book signed)

OK this is hypothetical at this moment … I have eluded to in the past, I am hoping to set up shop and start a small business selling things that are very much “my style”, think old world meets European meets French rustic elegance……best way to describe a look that doesn’t necessarily fit in a perfect neat box all the time but loosely that’s the look I am after. I am doing my “research” right now and having quite a lot of fun. I like to know what excites people in the marketplace. Below are a host of things I have my eye on to “carry” and I would LOVE your feedback.  Just let me know what you think about the feeling of the overall vibe of the accessories here, is there an item or item(s) that you think the marketplace needs more of/is saturated with? 

 Some of these things I found through my own needs and frustration in not being able to find them ……figuring if I was having a hard time finding something like this, then there must be many others having that same frustration. Would love to know what you like, what you don’t like, what excites you here. Thank you so very much, your feedback is appreciated more than you can possibly imagine. To thank you for your time and contemplation, I am doing a giveaway! All details on bottom of the post. To be eligible for the  giveaway just comment on this post and I will select a winner and post the winner on Saturday afternoon.  If you want an additional chance to win, like me or leave a comment on my Facebook page. (can’t believe I am saying that, feel so “hip”) Click here to visit The Enchanted Home on Facebook.  Thank you and happy make believe shopping!

This would be a labor of love and a great way for me to restart my design career slowly as I finish my own house (well we all know its never really finished but you know what I mean)! I look forward to hearing your feedback, here we go……

Love this line of very elegant old world silver pieces, trays, cache posts, planters, serving pieces…really exquisite! Well priced too:) Imagine a pretty orchid potted in these or rolled hand towels for an elegant powder room, beautiful perfume bottles displayed on the gorgeous scalloped trays……

And for a European touch in the kitchen…some fun reproductions of old European faves, bread bowls, wood trivets and cutting boards, dough bowl, grain feeders, olive trays. These pieces are just gorgeous and are vintage reproductions finished with natural beeswax, vintage hardware and weathered detailing adds to the beauty of these pieces!

And you know I love my decorative porcelains……

How great are these pieces for the ultimate blue and white statement in a bathroom?

Can we seriously ever have enough pillows!! One of my favorite looks, needlepoint and aubusson pillows….a total classic! A little something for everyone from very traditional to more fun and transitional.

And you know how I feel bell jar lanterns, so pretty and works in virtually any space. These are offered in a host of patterns and 4 sizes, S, M,L and Jumbo.

More beautiful porcelains…..can never have enough blue and white jars!!

How about these pretty chandelier lamp shades? Again had a hard time finding some I liked so was happy to discover these!!

Love white staffordshire dogs!! Will have them in several colors, they are great decorative objects!

Painted pieces……

More cute dogs…..

 And for all you blue and white lovers…..

And for all you lovers of old world feeling linens with monograms…..(best part is this are REALLY reasonable and oh so pretty)!

This is a beautiful line of canvas art, very old world, antiqued feeling and nothing over 150 dollars!!! There will also be an option to have these framed, and on average they are about 26×19 to give you an idea of sizing..they are really beautiful in person!

Heres a picture of one in my house so you can see what it looks like a bit better..

And last but not least I will also carry a line of custom topiaries… the ones I designed in my own kitchen that many asked about. They will be offered in a variety of sizes and containers….

 The lemon leaf topiaries are such a classic…they work in almost any room, any interior

Phew!! This was a lot to take in. But you know I highly value your opinions so now its time for me to hear from you! What excites you here? Anything? All of it? What does the marketplace need more of/less of? Cannot wait to hear. Above all else I want to stay true to what I love, my style and stay with what I know and love. That is my mission and realize you cannot be all things to all people. Can’t wait to hear from you!
Now to be eligible for the wonderful giveaway (below) it is simple….just leave me a comment below telling me what you love here and if you want a second chance, you can either like me on Facebook or leave a comment on The Enchanted Home’s Facebook by clicking here. Wow, I have come a long way just saying that about Facebook!
Here’s the goodies!
One winner will receive a dozen monogrammed linen cocktail napkins!
One winner will receive 3 linen monogrammed guest towels in your choice of white/white or ecru/white. 
Good luck everyone and thank you again for your support always…I cannot think of a “panel of great minds” whose opinions could possibly count as much as yours!


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Allie and Pattie on

Absolutely LOVE everything pictured but the silver pieces and linens made my heart skip a beat. I would love to see those in our shops here!

Kamper on

Yes, very beautiful!

Nickie on

Hi. Tina!

Absolutely gorgeous…If we send pictures of the room, will you be able to suggest what accessories to add? What a great idea!


Design is... All in the Detail on

Tina, seriously – do you ever sleep?
These items are amazing… I’m in! Where do I pick up the shopping cart to fill?
I have started collecting silver pieces from thrift stores. It seems that those who have had it – don’t want it anymore and those you haven’t had it yet… are just getting started! I have quite a nice ‘collection’ started and would LOVE to add to it for various uses throughout the home!
I am a huge fan of the wooden object – it is all over my house and actually extreme hard to find and pick up at a reasonable price.
The pillows are gorgeous! YES PLEASE!!!
The painted items are a winner – everyone will love those no matter their taste!
I am a huge ‘canvas art’ lover – I’m ready to ‘walk down that store aisle and do some shopping’.
And the monogrammed linen pieces at beautiful – monogram is so hot right now (did it ever go out of style?)
Thanks for sharing, good luck, and have a fantastic weekend!

Kim A. on

Tina- you absolutely have my vote. I adore your taste, which is so refined and sophisticated but still warm (not easy to do) and you have really captured here what I associate with the look of “The Enchanted Home” being. I would be tickled pink if you get this off the ground, I saw many things I loved, all the pillows, the linens and blues and whites and that canvas art is gorgeous and so reasonable!!
Keep us posted and please count me in for the wonderful giveaway.

Luciane at on

Oh, my! This would be so great, Tina!!! I’d love to visit your store, to be able to buy something you chose. Your taste is so timeless an you have so many fans! I can see it being a huge success.

Go ahead and live your dreams!!! πŸ™‚

Have a blessed weekend, sweetie!


Luciane at

Anonymous on

My hearts beating really fast, with all this BEAUTY! You have such a great eye. YES! Do go for it, why not live and follow your dream. I think you are really onto something great here Tina and I can say that of every single item that you posted not only do I love it but they are all things that are not out there in masse. And thats important, LOVE YOUR STYLE. It is ALL so beautiful. Good luck, cannot wait to hear when this becomes a done deal!

Susan on

TIna–yes, please start a shop! However please make everything available online for those of us not lucky enough to be close enough to pop in on a regular basis! With the closing of Pierre Deux, you need to step right up with your ideas! You have lovely taste and an eye for what we all love! Wishing you the best of luck in your dreams!

Anonymous on

Love your blog and all best of all the comments are always positive! These are exactly what I’ve been wanting but haven’t been able to find. Love the silver, blue and white, painted, old bowls, actually everything! I also would love an on-line option since I too cannot pop over! Good luck!

Twist of Lime on

Yes! This is so you and so what we all love about you! Those oil paintings are great! It is really hard to find something that nice for that price. I have been looking for a seascape for above our master bed forever! And I think you have convered a lot of areas very nicely. The silver is fabulous!!! I think you should add knobs/pulls. You have an eye for those! xo

Tiffany @ Savor Home on

Starting a store is a fabulous idea! I am loving those antique trays. I have been looking for one for my nightstand and can’t seem to find the right one! I love the lanterns and the English cutting boards! I can never seem to have enough cutting boards… Good luck and I hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous on

How exciting… you have beautiful taste! I’m especially excited about the silver pieces. I’m also a fan of roses, so love anything with big cabbage roses on pillows, tapestries. I’m also thrilled that you can find such beautiful linens. Thank you for sharing,

Anonymous on

Tina-Love it all! And agree with Susan above regarding Pierre Deux. Good luck! Aimee

Kate on

I LOVE the paintings and want the one with the mother and the baby and the kids in the sea.
I would literally buy ANYTHING you had to sell. Love the silver, and the little lampshades. I hope they are all available on line too:) Best of luck:) I can’t wait to shop. You have amazing taste. Your posts make me so happy.

Party Resources on

No need to include me in the giveaway. Love your pillow picks! Have a great weekend. xx

Elena on

Silver and linen are fabulous.
Could you please share with me how you manage to keep your antique embossed silverware so shiny and clean?
I have a few pieces that never look as clean as yours and I do polish them!
Thanks a lot,

Hannah on

Tina-you have great taste and a great eye for items that work well together! Love the blue and white and especially the linens! Have a great weekend!

Victoria on

Wow- this will be very successful. I can tell you becuase I live in CT. and though we have many wonderful little shops, few carry all this. And if you did this online, you are opening up yourself to anyone in the U.S.! I love it ALL. From the canvas art, blue and whties, beautiful silver, the dogs, the lanterns, dogs,…I could go on and on but its clear you have a wonderful idea here and your taste is amazing.

Bamagrl on

Tina, your choices for your online store are beautiful! I would certainly be a frequent customer! I love the items you’ve posted and would probably add monogrammed pillow shams (offer oversized monograms). I just had some of these done and love them! Also, in keeping with the old world (washed) look, maybe you could locate a source for decorative wooden or wood-look panels. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!! Have a great weekend!

Veronica on

Hi Tina. Thanks for the Tagged post , I will do it next week. Now needlepoint pillows are a yes in my book ~ not always easy to find the older styles and they are timeless. The art I adore and persoanlly I favour them “raw” in other words, unframed, as you have probably seen in my own home, my old style paintings are mostly unframed, since my rooms are not al that large
, so they do ot dominate. Love the silver and blue and white as well. In fact all the items featured here will be winners, but those were my favs!

Have a great weekend.


cherier1 on

Silver and linen = swoon.

Go for it. Start your store. Life is short!

Jen on

Any of the silver pieces would be my favorite!

DogsMom on

Silver items are too fancy for my taste so I’ll reserve commenting on them but I agree that the wooden objects are wonderful. Porcelain and enamelware remind me of Olde World and things my grandparents brought over. Your selection of pillow fabrics is gorgeous, again, the blue ones are not to my taste. I think you would have a smaller audience for those. The jar lanterns – magnificent! Wonderful selection of good quality portraits. Just be sure to offer a variety of sizes.

Thank you for letting us know about your Fb page, I clicked “like.”

mwaxter on

Adore the bell jar lanterns, the pillows, silver and if the monogrammed pieces are well priced yes yes and yes! (ordered dinner napkins for my mother in laws bday from Leontine and they were gorgeous but crazy prices, hope yours are less)!
Your taste level is bar none so I think opening an online store and letting everyone have a little “Enchanted Home’ in their own home is brilliant. I would be a fan. Also love that canvas art, those are just beautiful!
Keep us posted, very exciting!

Kerry @ Design du Monde on

As i was looking at the silver pieces I found myself saying “I want that..and that” so a big yes there. If it is blue and white count me in. I feel like the rustic wood pieces are a little easier to find but they are fab.

Tammy on

Tina – This is so exciting and I know you will have great success. I hope you can offer items online (for us who live out of the area, west coast folks)! I love the canvas art being offered at under $150. I believe that would appeal to many and offer an alternative to the more pricey pieces of vintage European art. The blue and white collection is beautiful and appears to have some unique pieces. Love the reproduction wood items for the kitchen and I am a big fan of needlepoint pillows. Love all the items! A mix of price points would allow options for consumers to achieve the look they desire. Love your blog, style and taste! You are a great inspiration and I look forward to whats in store! Best wishes! ~Tammy

Tammy on

I also “like” you on FB! ~Tammy

Bebett on

Sold! You have exquisite taste, Tina. Love the canvas art of the little girl who seems to be pointing at something; all the blue and white; the monogrammed linen; the wood times; the bell jar lanterns, and the silver, too! I do have a ton of silver items already and keeping them polished is a lot of work. The lampshades, while they are really nice, are not exactly my style — I tend to gravitate towards the Chinoiserie style ones (something pagoda-shaped, for instance). Best of luck to you always!

Cheryl on

Please remind me as to when you sleep????!!!!!! That being said, I think you have a wonderful idea. I have been looking for some antique or reproduction wooden pieces for years!!! The quality has not been there, so knowing you will provide that…. you will be a huge success!!!

Acquired Objects on

Tina I think you should absolutely open your doors! You have fabulous taste in things. Always sell what you love and you can never go wrong. You’ll be a huge hit trust me!

Happy Friday!

Lisa P. on

Yes you will be a big success. Many of these things are not as easy as you might think to find, especially if you go online. I love the topiaries, silver, monogrammed linens, lanterns and of course all the beautiful porcelains. Do it- you will love it and never look back, I am sure.
Lisa P.

The French Hutch on

How wonderful Tina you are going to follow your dream of setting up your shop. It sounds like a great idea and your inventory looks fabulous! I love the idea of finding silver pieces at reasonable prices and you show lovely pieces here. I think anyone doing a little refreshing in the home looks to beautiful porcelain pieces and of course an easy and friendly budget change are pillows. I buy a lot of pillows, and lamps! The linen line is gorgeous and the towels are something I would snap up, love those. Love this canvas art, I have the goose girl in a print, rather she was canvas. I would imagine the canvas in such beautiful scenes would do really well. Look forward to hearing more about your plans.

The French Hutch

Unknown on

You have great taste. I love it all, especially the silver and the blue and white.

Carol on

I was just looking at my bathroom vanity yesterday thinking I really need something to give it a pop of color. The blue and white bathroom pieces would be absolutely perfect. I want them now! Love the silver trays and linens, wooden cutting boards. Really, there wasn’t anything I wouldn’t want to have in my home.

billie on

I love the cutting boards, all things blue and white, and the paintings on canvas. Do it!

JMoore on

What beautiful timeless, classic pieces. I follow several blogs and don’t always read each one everyday, with the exception of yours… it is a treat to see what you are posting with each new entry. Best of luck to you with your new endeavor — I’m already a fan.

Wendi @ Classic Chic Home on

With products like these, your shop will be a raging success! So much loveliness in one place!
~ Wendi ~

sparkling at 50 on

LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of being able to obtain some of these things in your store!!! LOVE, the silver…I’m always picking up pieces wherever I can find them; really love the pillows…don’t see anything similar where I live; canvas art…YES!; love the monogrammed items and the suggestion on larger monogramming; and last, I have always loved topiaries that are lush and not cheapie looking. Not crazy about the wood items but I live in an area where we have lots of access to those sorts of items. Can’t WAIT to be able to place my order…please hurry.

robbi on

Love it all – particularly the prints and the wooden pieces

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) on

What a fun and delightful blog you have. You’re going to be carrying some very unique and wonderful pieces. Where exactly are you located? I’m in love with the staffordshire dogs and would love to find the source to be able to carry them in my small shop. I’ve looked and looked and cannot locate the source.. like you I “love” blue and white.. a person can never go wrong with that in their home.. I know I’m being a bit bold in asking all these questions.. any and all help you feel free to give is greatly appreciated. I enjoy visiting your blog each morning to see how your new home is coming along.. I’m heading over to facebook now.. hugs ~lynne~

Shirley@Housepitality Designs on

I love each and every piece…they are all amazing…just love all the silver and blue and white especially…I think opening a shop is what you were meant to do…

miss flibbertigibbet on

You should do well right off the bat because you have many loyal followers who are potential customers! I love all the things you’ve shown with my least favorite the Staffordshire (type) dogs. But English style and French style blend so well that you’ll have customers on both sides! Everything you do is so detailed and beautiful that I know it will be a lovely shop!

Anonymous on

Simply gorgeous. I love anything in a metalic color or blue and white porcelain.

Donna in Potomac on

Tina you probably should have numbered these, as I’m ready to place an order. I have a little more to say (LOTS, but I’ll edit myself), and will get back later when I have some time.

Anonymous on

Love every last thing! Hope it happens soon and all success to you! I live in a 1950’s ranch in Wisconsin, but my style is exactly yours. Have followed your blog for about the last 6 months and I absolutely look forward everyday to your posts. Kathy

Anonymous on

I think you have beautiful taste, and I wish you well with your new endeavor. I am keen on the blue and white porcelains, the silver is lovely, etc. I love the wooden boards. So many of the items featured have been on my wish list. When can I order???


Greet Lefèvre on

What a gorgeous give away! Oh my I do think you will have a huge amount of comments on this post!
What I love the most is all the beautiful silverware together with the canvas of the dog. I might think it is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel as our sweet Ralph! This is just awesome.
And the napkins, wooouuuuwwww, to die for!

Honey on

I just love the silver! And the linens. Ok and the topiaries! Actually, your taste is exquisite so whatever you decide to carry will be fantastic.

Pepper on

Love your blog and aesthetic. Good luck!

Anonymous on

Tina, Love, Love all the blue and white, can’t get enough of it in my home. The wooden ware looks great, I can see it in my kitchen and breakfast area. Last but not least, I love the linens. Please move forward with your dream, we are all waiting for this to happen.Fondly, Linda

Cynthia on

What beautiful pieces. I love many of the silver pieces.

Vida V. Townsend on

You “got” me with the silver, which I love, but everything is wonderful. I do hope that you do have a store, but of course, it must have online shopping options for those of us who do not live nearby! I loved it all!!! I have so enjoyed watching your lovely house become a home!
Vida Townsend

jerri on

One of the reasons that I follow your blog is because you have wonderful taste. I so enjoy reading each post. I’d love it if you opened an on-line store! It would be a place that I could always find something to drool over. You offered a great selection in this post; there was something to love in each category. I have to admit, I’d love to win the monogrammed cocktail napkins. I have a small addiction to cocktail napkins.

thecamoqueen on


I must admit everything is beautiful! Although I would have to say the old world canvas art is my favorite! I have a piece hanging in my kitchen, LOVE IT! Not sure where to acquire them though, I managed to get mine at a thrift store! Your home is stunning! You have such a beautiful “neutral” palate of blue and white! The “neutral” palate in my home is reds, browns and golds! So different but I still look to you for inspiration! Gives me ideas in my small, unable to paint the walls, rent home! Thank you for sharing! If your interested in seeing my style, my favorite website to dream in is They have the dark, rich colors that I love!


Anonymous on

Tina, I love everything that you posted . My favorite is the blue and white items. it would be great to be able to shop at your store as well as following your blog.. I am redecorating my house on Cape Cod,so it has been great following your blog!!!

Sharon (Roses and Rust) on

Love the all the silver, the breadboards, the light fixtures and my favourite are the oils that look straight out of the renaissance era. How I would love to shop at your shop. x Sharon

Belle on Heels on

Well, I mean, I would want one of everything in the store!! But the pillows and the gorgeous wooden bowls/trays/platters are my favorites. And the topiaries. And all of the blue and white. See? I can’t pick one thing!

And so glad to find your FB page! Didn’t realize you were on there πŸ™‚

Dotti on

You have exquisite taste, very much on the traditional classical style, so Of course I love your options. I have 2 daughters, both in young 30’s, married with large budgets. They like those wooden pieces, but me not so much. Probably something that is more hip with the younger set. But, they now read you blog (I told them about it) so it would make good sales sense to have items that appeal to a variety of readers. I love the silver, highly polished, they like it half-tarnished (ugh). But we all like silver! And those pillows, mostly the animal pics, and the more trendy looks, like the coral ones. And everything blue & white. Go with your loves!

twofriendsandahouse on

Tina, I love it all! I would appreciate an opportunity to purchase items like that online. I live out in the country now and don’t get to the city often with 3 kiddos. HOWEVER, I still need the beautiful things! Thanks for asking!
ps You put the rest of us to shame with your gorgeous posts and energy during such a large move! I am so impressed.

Anonymous on

I think what interests me most is availability and ease of shopping/buying the things I see in design blogs. Even though I live in a large city, Houston, often it’s difficult to scout out these things. Not to mention the drive to get there. Of course, price is an issue too. I’m not interested in buying something at an inflated price just for the look. I will either wait or give up, haha. Everything you posted, I’d look at in a design store, antique shop or an antique fair. I say go for it! Beth

The Preppy Princess on

Congratulations on setting up the FB page! You will do a *lovely* job with a shop, how exciting! Oddly I am in love with all those things starting with the letter ‘P’, the pillows, porcelain, paintings. But I also truly adore the linens and silver, such basics for a home.

Sending you a smile for the weekend,

Leslie Fagan on

Tina, this is only the second comment I have left but I dont’ miss a single post! I see a lot of potential with the branding possibilities of The Enchanted Home. You absolutely have ‘a look” and its one obviously a lot of others really like too. (me included) You have a great and very sophisticated eye, when I discovered your blog months ago I picked up on that and to put it all out there in an online shop which saves people all over the time and moeny spent shopping and looking for things like this is very appealing. To have it all in one place is huge! I love literally every single thing you showed and love that you stay true to what you love and are consistent. You are so right you cannot be all things to all people and you know what they say, do what you love and the rest will follow. I really believe that. So exciting and cannot wait to hear the official news of your opening! I will be there with my credit card ready!
Leslie Fagan

Designs By Pinky on

I love EVERYTHING but especially the blue and white jars/pieces. I can not find them now and want to ADD to my collection! LOOOOOVE the topiaries too! Thanks for the chance to win! I left a comment on your FB page too. XO, Pinky

Kari on

You have amazing taste Tina!! I love the bell jar lanterns, chandelier lamp shades, and the blue and white porcelains and needle point pillows. I would love to own the topiaries that you have in your kitchen, gorgeous!!! This would be a fantastic store!!! Go for it!! Kari

Lauren on

Oh my goodness, this is sooo your calling!! LOVE everything! Gorgeous silver & linens, fabulous blue & white, lovely lanterns and those drop dead gorgeous topiaries! I would be a frequent shopper for sure. I agree with Twist of Lime that you should consider carrying knobs, you really do have an eye for those! I think the key to success, especially in this economy, would be having a great selection of reasonably priced items (like the canvas!) for all of us average consumers that want that gorgeous old world look that is typically out of range for many of us. Best of luck with your endeavors, so many of us look to you for inspiration with our own homes, I know you will be successful…I will be first in line to shop πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for sharing with us!

Amy @MaisonDecor on

Once again you are proving yourself to be at the top of the heap!! I love your mock up store selections!! My favs were the silver first, the porcelain line second, the pillows and the artwork tied for third. So many things can go in either cottages or castles, right??

Bonnie Schulte on

Oh wow, where to start…Love the silver,(I collect silver) so beautiful, The canvas art…the hunt scenes are calling my name, and those pillows…perfect,I could go on and on, but these are my favorites. Everything here is lovely…

Sarah on

Beautiful things! I love the topiaries…. One of the canvas prints is on my “need to have” list! And the silver? Can one ever have enough?

joan b on

There are many of us in the southwest of this country that would love to bring some of the European touches to our homes. It would be wonderful if you opened a little online shop but please don’t give up your posting! Thank you so much for this opportunity…

Anonymous on

I absolutely loved every single item! Can that be possible? Your taste is exquisite. My favorites would be the silver and the canvas prints, but then there’s the pillows…..I will definetly be checking out your shop as soon as it’s ready.

Jane in Stratford, Ontario on

Tina, what a great idea!! It would be a great business for you!! (And I have all my catalog items shipped to my sister in Ohio, so that I can order even though I live in Canada!!)

I loved the silver, the lighting, the blue and white, the paintings, monogrammed linens and the topiaries!!!

Garden on the Ridge on

Perfect! I’m so glad you’re going to do this business in your “spare time” I love the silver, the lighting, the linens, and I’m desperate for the topiaries. DESPERATE! The very best of luck in this new endeavour. Hope you continue to do your blog, though. You home really is enchanting!

vicki archer on

Hello Tina,
How exciting about your shop… for me I love the linens best of all… but then I have always loved linen… can’t seem to help myself! I also love the canvas prints… they are very pretty… and the lanterns…. Good luck with everything… xv

merrymac on

Ooohh, the lanterns are gorgeous. Light is so beautiful diffused through that cut glass.

Leslie on

Tina! How do you do this! Gorgeous – all of it! I adore the blue and white pieces and those tapestry pillows are beautiful. Also adore linens and the silver pieces. Wonderful! keep going πŸ˜‰


Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} on

Good morning, Tina!
Yes, we do wonder which two hours of the day you actually close your eyes! I can’t imagine taking this project on while settling in to your very own enchanted home, but I sleep more!

I think you’ve found some beautiful pieces. So many that I’ll probably already forget a few. I’m giving you my honest opinion, as a serious shopper. As mie one who sells old antique and vintage pieces, I love pieces with history! Because of that, I wouldn’t purchase a reproduction bread bowl. I would look for the real thing. I have purchased a big bread board, as you pictured. Very reasonably prices and great for appetizers. The blue and white…yes! I love it. Topiaries? I am working to rid my house of anything that isn’t real greenery. I still have some realistic feaux things, but prefer real. The silver pieces are gorgeous. Yeas, for me on those. For me, while very pretty, I’m trying to buy original art for my home, rather than copies. Old original art, is sadly pretty inexpensive. Not sad that it can be purchased inexpensive ly, but sad that it isn’t valued more. Sure, there are the exceptions.

Lisa S. on

I LOVE it all!! Please hurry and open your online store and I will be one of your first customers! Especially love the blue and white porcelain, monogrammed linens, art and silver pieces. All of it is just beautiful.

marygalzo on

Hi TIna

Love the silver, the old world art and the monogrammed napkins!

Agnes on

Tina, hi this is SO exciting! I am really happy for you that you are going for a dream you have had. I remember in one of your posts you said 2012 was going to be a year of doing not thinking about it. Good for you!
I seriously and honestly love EACH and EVERY item. I love to shop and am known on a first name basis by most of the local shopkeepers here, doesn’t thrill the hubs too much though.
If I were shopping today, I would want the monogrammed linens, the topiaries, the blue and white, a few of those dog and pheasant pillows and all that luscious silver!
The wood pieces are interesting and really popular but wouldnt’ fit my home. The lanterns are also beautiful and if the price point is right, you could do really well with those. Good quality custom topiraies are hard to find, think that will be a runaway hit. And its hard to find beautiful silver like you showed, so that would likely be my first purchase. Best of luck, I think you have a winner on your hands.
Agnes from Baltimore

Karol on

I love the bread boards. I’ve been looking but the ones I’ve seen don’t seem “old” looking, they’re too slick. Would love to have the white towels.

Long Island Style on

what a fabulous idea with the economy finally picking up, you’ve got perfect timing! can’t wait to see your storefront ideas — that will definitely guide your interior aesthetic and displays. You know, we have more than enough ‘chotcka’ stores here on the Island and the last thing we need is another Bonne Vie in LV πŸ˜‰ But your inventory is already the bomb! Especially with Pierre Deux now gone from Manhasset πŸ˜‰ All the best, Liz.

ktennyson on

Love your exquisite taste!!! I would love for you to help me decorate my home!!

Karen T. on

Wow! I am so excited for you and know that you will be wildly successful! I love it all and think your things will be well received. I especially love the bell jar lanterns. I’d sure love to be the winner of those beautiful guest towels. I’m going now to comment on Facebook for another chance to win.

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

So excited for you , TIna! I am opening an online shop later this year (stationery, etc.) too!
Your shop will be an overnight success! You and I share the some love of silver and linens! No one love silver more than I do. Such beautiful choices! Everything here is so gorgeous. Will be back to look again after I finish reading security font, haha!
You will be successful in all that you do.
Happy Friday.

Anonymous on

Love everything, only thing I might question are the canvases- it is difficult to tell from the photos. I know I personally look to “live” art as opposed to reproduction art, but I have seen a few I like. Perhaps its a matter of finding some good lighting to photograph them in. Great idea, your line of products, and I think it will definitely draw those who like your style, and great that those of us who like your style can find all those things in one place! And great it you could add suggestions on placement/ display of items as well. The topiaries are brilliant, I think that will be awesome. Something you can’t buy anywhere else! The blue and white is all gorgeous, partial to that myself. Great you can turn what you love into a business. Best of luck, I’ll be a customer!
-Mary Casey

NanaDiana on

Tina- I don’t know how you could go wrong with the items you have shown here. I think your sense of style is perfectly captured in what you are showing here…and there are lots of people that would love to reach out and grab a bit of that magic! Can I come to work for you? Please…please…please? I will bring a lunch for both of us everyday! xo Diana

Lost in Provence on

I know that this is not helpful but I really did love everything! There is nothing of the overly cutesy or fake old in what you have selected. And I hope that you will ship internationally–not everyone does and I miss out on so much!

Courtnay on

Love the bell jar lanterns – just bought 4 of them for our house – two clear ones for over the island, one with stars for our upstairs entrance hall and another with etching for our master bedroom hallway – in 3 different finishes and 3 different sizes! So versatile!

Karen on

I love the porcelain cache pots and silver. The pillows are wonderful. In my humble opinion, if you can incorporate at least part of the shipping costs into the cost of the item and keep the shipping reasonable you’ll be successful. I am put off ordering from catalogs where the item is a good price and you start the order process only to find the shipping costs are as much as the item. Good luck, I’ll look forward to shopping at The Enchanted Home Shop soon!

Diane on

Tina, this sounds like an amazing project! If I were shopping right now, my purchase would definitely include one of the wood boards or bowls and maybe a small silver tray (although everything is beautiful!). Good luck & my credit card stands at the ready!!

Marlene on


Down On The Farm on

I love the silver trays, and the beautiful hanging lanterns. Of course, none of that would sell in my (red)neck of the woods :)! Best of luck in your new venture. Sounds like so much fun! Please keep us posted, and keep the pictures of your beautiful home coming. I have so enjoyed watching the construction process and now, seeing the real “home” evolve. Thanks for sharing, and I would LOVE those monogrammed napkins! have a blessed day!

Kira on

The Bell Jar Lanterns are my favorite! It’s not so easy to find ones with such beautiful etched designs as the ones you’ve shown. This kind of light fixture is in high demand with my clients so I know it would be a great item for you to sell. Good Luck!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. on

Tina your pics are fabulous. We sell a lot of silver,much of it is vintage and dough bowls,cutting boards,etc are big sellers too. I agree with your following you will be an instant success. Get ready for the rush. Congratulations. XO Mona

Palomasea on

Dear Tina,
What exciting news this is!! The pieces here are so gorgeous, it is impossible to choose. You are very talented, and I wish you the BEST with your shop. I must say, the canvas prints are so dreamy…but then I keep going back to the silver. And porcelain. And wood kitchen beauties..OH NO!
– Irina

Nanni Rosanne on

Love it ALL but the Blue and White (sigh) are my favorites, with the silver and linens following closely behind… You have such a wonderful eye for lovely treasures…thank you XO

Kathysue on

Tina I think you have chosen so many lovely things. The two items that grabbed me were the wood cutting boards and dough bowls and as you well know the white Staffordshire styled dogs, love those!! the last linen piece in the pale blue with the polka dots is something I would be interested in now in sheets and pillow cases for my master. Good luck on this fun new endeavor. Kathysue on

I just recently discoverd your blog and it is the first one I look at every day! Now this! How exciting. I would use everything you are showing, but in particular, the soap dishes (they are REALLY hard to find), the linens, the paintings and the silver. I like a very clean look but recently started pulling out my old, old silver and love the “new” way it looks. I would buy more pieces to use with what I already have. Right now, I’m using some of the footed fancy berry dishes for soap dishes — because great soap dishes are rare. I guess you can tell that would be my first purchase from your offerings.

Sally B.

Carol miller on

Hi Tina,,,,I love it all but. my favorites are the toparies especialy the ones you designed for your gorgeous kitchen. The canvas pictures take my breath away and I can just see some of those silver pieces in my home. Can’t wait till you offer them.Thanks…Carol

Barbara on

Tina, I love them all! You have a great eye! I look forward to you’re shop.

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

This store is going to be amazing! Everything is so beautiful.
I had already liked you on Facebook!
Happy Friday.

Anonymous on

Am a big fan of silver trays, use them all the time for everything all the time. Also, blue & white, anything toile Or tole. Love Stradforshire animals and animal pillows, particularly done in handwork. Reproduction paintings of rural Europe scenes, pastoral and farm creatures…cows, pigs, fowl, sheep. Also nautical painting of ships, sailing or steam. All things tassels or trims, tartan plaids, outsized checks, ticking, & toile (again).

Anonymous on

Oops! Forgot my email address is

Lauren on

I love the silver pieces, European rustic wood boards/bowls, linens and the animal print pillows. Your tastes are so wonderfully displayed in each of these items! You’re right, that no matter what you sell, you won’t please everyone, but I’m confident that whatever you decide on will be successful. Have a fabulous weekend!

Victoria on

All of it is beautiful, Tina. My favorites are blue and white anything, the monogrammed linens, all of the silver, especially the gallery trays and cache pots, the topiaries, the bread boards and — most of all — the bell jar lanterns. Where do I sign up?
All the best of luck to you in your new venture.
XOXO Victoria

Jennifer @ Belclaire House on

I will take one of everything! Seriously what a wonderful selection. I love the linens and the lampshades (I can never find those), the silve and of course the blue & white! So excited for you!

robyn2910 on

I absolutely love everything you posted and am excited for your new venture. How about combining a few of them? I would love to see a lemon or orange topiary in one of the blue and white containers or a bright red chrysanthemum in a silver pot for the holidays.

natasha {schue love} on

I love your old world style…you have beautiful style!!

Betsy Speert on

Hi, just found you through Amy at Maison Decore! Love your blog, such fun. I have a small business selling antique accessories at the Boston Design Center. Several years ago, before the economy tanked, i was selling hand over fist. Now, barely anything at all. Luckily, my partner and I are in it for the love of stuff! You may (wil probably) do fine, as you will have a wider audience, and an affordable pricepoint. My advice, invest what you can afford to loose, buy the stuff you love, have lots of fun, and if you make a profit, that’s just icing on the cake!

Michelle on

So lovely! I truly enjoy your style. Love the silver pieces. Hard to find pretty and classic pieces that are affordable. The linens are fabulous too. Best of luck with your endeavor!

Alvina L. on

Absolutely love the silver and linens! Beautiful!!

sherri on

Yes, definitely carry all of these items. I adore every single thing!! I will be a customer for sure.

Katie on

I would love any of the silver pieces, linens (Who can ever have enough) and the topiaries. I’m on the market for a new house and am dreaming of decorating it with all of these lovelies!

Carol Ann on

You have excellent taste. I am so drawn to the silver and those wooden cutting boards are incredible!

Anonymous on

Love reading your blog and the progress of the new house. My favorites would be the silver,linens and the bell lights……oh and the topiaries!

Carol on

l couldn’t think of anyone better suited to be setting up store to supply such beautiful goodies.

l loved the rustic bread boards and trays. The porcelain is a great idea as it’s becoming more difficult to find really lovely pieces.
Big yes to the blue and white as well.
The cushions are gorgeous and the monogram linen sure to be a huge success.
l love it all and can think of so many friends who would also be wildly enthusiastic.
Fantastic idea Tina..

Lady Dorothy on

All are beautiful! I especially loved the wooden bread bowls and the linens. Oh, and the pillows. Lovely.

the designers muse on

I definitely think you are on to something wonderful. I personally love the silver trays and catch pots. Have had my eye out for a silver tray like the one you show…and have not been able to find. So yes! go for it.

Sizzle and Zoom on

I don’t know what the marketplace needs but I do know what I like. I love the silver pieces you chose but I do not want to polish them. Can you find some you don’t have to polish? Also, I like at least 3 of your animal print pillows and would purchase those now if you had them for
sale and they didn’t represent Neiman Marcus in price. Also, I like topiaries and have wanted a couple for my front door. Would love to win the linens. I do collect vintage hand towels. Altho, I’m not currently blogging I’m still updating and decorating my home.

T. Dobbs on

OMG! I think we were twins separated at birth…I love everything. I am especially in love with the oils on canvas and would love to have the one with the two springer spaniels…please:-)

GRC Ltd on

Tina, this is a beautifully cohesive collection. A wonderful reflection of your taste. I especially like the armorial accents on the silver and old porcelains. Jardinières and appointments with ormolu at a reasonable price point would fly off the shelves, and the linens make my Southern girl’s heart skip a beat.
Your signature pieces must be the topiaries–I have coveted your kitchen “lemon trees” since you first unveiled them. They work almost anywhere and are so YOU!
The painted items are so elegant and timeless, as are the pillows. My only reservations are with the canvas art; I personally would never use it–but that is strictly a personal taste.
Your style and energy shine in this wonderful collection–can’t wait to get in line!!

Anonymous on

Those pillows! Love them. I want to order some NOW from you. Also love the topiaries. Well actually I love everything. I hope you carry it all.

Lynne on


I wait everyday to read your blog. I so look forward to it and have been following your build for about 8 months now. I am in awe of your lovely home and your beautiful decorating abilities. I cannot think of a better person to open an online store with these great items. I love the silver and all the blue and white pieces.
The only thing that I would probably not buy would be the wooden pieces, but that is just me.
Good Luck with the new venture.

Curtains in My Tree on

I agree with you 100% about the aubusson pillows I love them all
Next a must have is the stafforshire dogs love them all

and you can never have too many silver trays or beautiful linen
Your house is over the top drop dead elegant & gorgeous

ekldesigns on

Go for it…….and good luck. I love all of the silver pieces and the staffordshire dogs!!

ekldesigns on

Liked you on FB

Terri~the dressed up cottage on

Wow!!! when does your store open and how will I get there???? LOL.
I love everything. I love silver, blue& white, dogs, the old look paintings, the topiaries, the……whew.
Seriously, you know you have the great eye for design and you will have a good following right from the start. Good luck if you decide to go with it.
I am still just getting my little blog off the ground. It’s alot of fun, but work too. I can appreciate all the time and effort others have put into their blogs.
Terri M

KD on

You’re a great resource! I do love the wooden pieces – cheese boards, etc. Very charming and totally something I could see myself using.

CC chic on

Honestly, this is a fabulous idea. Your selections are in perfect pitch. I know loads of people who would shop this beautiful selection. Go for it! As soon as possible. And I would love to know where you found the darling lamp shades and where do you find that silver. Those pieces are exquisite.


victoria on

Omg I loved all of it… but the pleated lampshades… I can never find ones that I want or need…yours are perfect… and the linens… I collect old linens… so love yours…and the sweet and hard to find staffordshire dogs…love them!

Your on to something!


Anonymous on

Tina, you have such beautiful taste & I think you have great instincts for the market. Just go with what you love yourself. Loved all but especially the blue & white porcelain. I LOVE IT! Not fond at all of the antler rage but that’s just me. I’m not a blogger just a big fan & your blog is the first thing I look for in the morning. It’s there like clockwork between 9 & 9:10. Best of luck with your shop! Judy M.

Gina on

Dear Tina, Have always loved your style. I also appreciate the fact that you have gone to the trouble of collecting items that are affordable.
I would like to have you include some higher end items. Such as fabulous pillows, Portuguese flannel bed linens and those fantastic Portuguese needlepoint rugs. Lots of fine bed linens. And smaller items such as beautiful soaps and special stationary.
And then there is special garden furniture, exotic tents, lots of garden urns and real or reproduced garden elements, a Folly or two and on and on.
P. S. Love everything you have chosen for your new shop. I will be your first customer.
Warm regards, Gina

Vintage Girl on


What a fabulous idea. Your chosen products are all divine and I especially love the zebra print cushions, and that cheetah print rectangular cushion is so gorgeous!

Marianne {Style For Living} on

Tina, opening an online store is a fabulous idea!!! Everything you selected is just perfect. I’m so excited for you and cannot wait to see what the future holds for you and your store! xo

Judy on

I like and would buy the wooden bowls and trays and cutting boards.


Trudi R. on

Dear Tina,

I enjoy your blog so much. The pictures of your new home are exquisite! I liked the mdse you presented, especially all the blue and white ceramics. I am also interested in the canvases. I think the blue and white pieces would definately be a big seller- so classic and they work in every room. Trudi Rowe

Farmer from NSW on

Oh my!

I love your silver items, blue porcelain, the linens and I love your chandelier lampshades.

In Australia it is so hard to get quality items like this, and if you ship internationally eventually I would certainly be a customer.

Christy on

TINA! I looooove the silver dishes in the beginning.. Particularly the 3rd and 4th. WOW! If you had a store, I’d be willing to pay top dollar for these pretties. πŸ™‚ Thank you!!

Christy on

AND I liked you on facebook πŸ™‚

Christy on

ANNND I commented on your facebook post!! I WANT THOSE COCKTAIL NAPKINS PLEEEASE!!! xx

Christy on

The paintings are lovely. I especially like the little one with the children walking on the beach, with the sailboat the the boy with the baby piggyback. OH so darling.

Anonymous on

I especially love the beautiful silver
trays. However, everything is absolutely gorgeous.
Carole R.

Faith on

I love the silver trays,although I prefer pewter. I also love the blue & white items.

Susan on

Tina- this collection is AMAZING. I cannot to hear that your store has officially opened, I will be there with my credit card ready to do damage! I love what I see and its exactly what I would have expected, your taste is spot on my friend!

Jan from Washington on

You are a woman of my own heart. We are getting ready to start construction of a new house, and I am also having a very hard time finding products available that I want. We live in the Northwest, and it just seams there isn’t the traditional items that I love. I gotta tell you I especially love the silver,bread boards, porcelain, monogramed lines, but I really,really love the Canvas Art. Any chance you would post the source on that? I also am really struggling with finding lighting and everytime you list your source I go looking!

decgirl23 on

I wish I lived near your shop…I love everything. I’m especially smitten over the reproduction cutting boards/trays – love them!

Kate on

Love everything and wish you would ship to Australia! If there any Australians reading who know where I can get such beautiful items in Victoria especially, please let me know!

lizzie on

I Love it all..I think the wood products are so cool..and the pictures are beyond awesome….and the monogrammed heirloom products are so lovely…I will buy but buy..Lisa

lizzie on

I Love it all..I think the wood products are so cool..and the pictures are beyond awesome….and the monogrammed heirloom products are so lovely…I will buy but buy..Lisa

michele on

i want the bread bowls and the rustic wood stuff AND of course the M linen!

blogged about you just now.


Calico child on

Wow what a load of lovely items you will be offering I bet every one will love your products especially the USA market with all the history & homes that it would so suit. I love the silver trays I am actually trying to find an oblong one for my bathroom vanity to put all my perfumes on, love the wooden platters & so much more good luck with it all πŸ™‚

Alison @ The Polohouse on

Hi Tina!
Wish you did have a store and wish I could stop and shop!
I would say, my favorite lines you shared are the silver pieces — awesome classic shapes and designs, the needlepoint pillows, the Staffordshire pieces, the blue and white porcelains — added bonus with the brass trims,
and I adore all things monogrammed of course!
Please open a shop!

Anonymous on


My favorites are the pillows and the art…loved them all. An area in the marketplace that is lacking is topiaries that are made from live plants and preserved. Restoration Hardware has a couple, but their selection is limited. I am looking for those that are 5-7′ in height. I don’t like silks or plastics…the preserved ones are so much more beautiful. Thank you for a wonderful post as always.

Jan B.

Marilyn on

What a great post today. I was partial to the silver and wooden pieces. I also liked some of the pillows that had a more modern feel. I liked the linens and the topiaries too. Keep up the good work and good luck with your new venture.


Sharon on

Hi Tina, I look forward to seeing what items you will make available. Will any of these items be antiques? Enjoy reading your blog.

Tonya in Utah on

All I can say is WHY NOT?…..everything you do is exceptional…..I live in Utah and can not find any of these things…..I try making them, with some success (pillows) but can’t paint nor throw pottery:) No one gets me here even though I have lived her 25 years. I have an herb garden (they think I am a hippy!!) I have chickens (they think I am a farmer) I would rather stir the dirt than get my nails done!!! PLEASE if you can DO “Our greatest regrets in life are things we wished we had done”…something like that.
I am your biggest (bad word, I am carrying the 5lbs. of winter weight around…spring hurry and get here, I need dirt!!!) Fan!!!!!
Thank you so much for all your posts and time, when I am needing ideas I turn to you!!!

Little french gal in Utah, that should be living in France:) Merci!!!!

Anonymous on

Hi Tina, LOVE the silver, blue & white bathroom pieces, LOVE LOVE the red Porcelain tureen (must have!!) LOVE the Antique Brass Bell jar, LOVE the pillows but would like to see more aubusson florals. The old world canvas art really caught my eye. I am always trying to find this old world look but can not find it, instead I end up buying something and then not liking it within two months & it ends up in the basement art pile. I can see the fruit canvas in my kitchen, birds in the living room, girl @ piano by my piano, hunt scene in my office or library and the girl w/ the ducks in the powder room. That would be wonderful. Stone, ornate plaques too please (very hard to find). Also always looking for vintage looking fabrics, tapestries, rustic, french candlesticks & chandeliers that are reasonable. I have not been able to find the french shield lampshades..have looked & looked. perhaps you could find something like that for your store. Also, vintage plates, bowls, tureens..etc. I have had to search long & hard to find the precious antiques or unusual items that make my house feel warm & classic yet modern & beautiful. So the best to you~~ follow your dreams girl, life is short.

BonjourRomance on

Bonjout Tina!
It is unanimous – your boutique is just perfect. All your selections are lovely, especially the silver and the linens.It will be wonderful!
Bon week-end,

Anonymous on

Love the embroidered linens, especially the charming tree.

Anonymous on

pretty place crad holders…difficult to find

Anonymous on

place card..sorry

Raewyn on

OMG!!!! The silver, the canvases, the blue and white ware, the topiaries! I have places cleared for them already so hope you have an international shipping policy and on line facilities! Can you sell style or is it born in you???You have such nose for sniffing out amazing homeware Thank you

Barbara from MA on

Tina- Absolutely thrilledyou are seriously thinking about opening a store where you would feature items that you love. Since my taste is almost identical to yours ( I lean more English than French) it would be wonderful to know that I would be able to find items of my liking easily by just visiting your store! I really liked everything you showed- guess my purchase would depend on what I thought I needed or if it was going to be a gift. Really did love the silver pieces and pillows (I just love my pillows!) Also am a lover of all blue and white porcelain-but would LOVE some really large pieces like your “twins” or that huge blue and white bowl you have on your kitchen island but at prices that aren’t exorbitant. Though maybe they are all very expensive? Excited to hear that you are really serious about this as I am a huge fan of yours. Similar to Ralph Lauren- Really love just about everything he does too!

Anonymous on

Think of the possibilities .. RL did and he is now worth 4 billion!!!

Anna Ferguson on

Love it! Especially love the art and would LOVE someone to import/make beautiful handmade linen pleated shades like I see overseas.

Susie2 on

Yes, yes and yes! Love the blue and white, the linens, pillows, silver, dough bowl, and lights. Your taste is beautiful and I look forward to shopping at your store. If I were to describe my style it would be English Colonial meets designer Ashley Goforth.

Anonymous on

LOVE it all…especially the blue items!

Renae Moore on

Well I adore silver and beautiful linens…so that would be my pick!
You have some beautiful inventory already!

Anonymous on

Love the silver pieces and the blue and white. Read your blog everyday!

Ivy Clad on

Wow, Tina! What a selection of things I constantly search for. Please do open a store!

One thing that I constantly hunt for is blue and white pottery. All of the pieces you’ve shown here I really like. The blue and white bathroom pieces are just GORGEOUS! I also like the vintage-looking art. And what a fabulous price! Reasonable art is always something I’m on the lookout for. I love the silver pieces too and the beautiful linens, and I think the reproduction European wood bowls would be quite a hit. I’ve purchased things like that, both antique and reproduction for my kitchen and I’ve had lots of compliments on them. I also look for vintage or reproduction wine bottles– the kind that have basket stuff woven around them & would’ve been used to serve beverages in restaurants. (don’t know what they’re actually called) I have a couple of antique ones, but I’d love to find some good reproductions too.

This sounds like so much fun. I hope you decide to do it!!

Have a wonderful Saturday, & thanks for your comment over at my place. Some of those patterns had my eyes spinning. I guess that’s the great thing about having a blog– you can have for a day or two something you love on a passing whimsy but wouldn’t live with in your house all year long!


Chris on

The Silver!!! #3 is my favorite! I love the linens, too, the light fixtures and the blue and white that is between the light fixtures and the shades. I just finished a painting with a similar vase! All gorgeous, Tina! I know you will be a success!
xoxo, Chris

Leslie on

Tina, I “liked” you on Facebook – count me in on the giveaway! This is a wonderful idea! Everything is so lovely! The canvas art is wonderful and priced perfectly. Can’t wait to here more!


Ashley Nicholas on

wow! all of the silver pieces are amazing! following you! thanks! ashleybrookeblog at gmail dot com

Chic Coastal Living on

Okay! First of all, I’m very excited for you! I really really love the linens and the blue and white jars. That blue and white needle point pillow that looked like okay is gorgeous! To paired ate super fun too! The lemon leaves are gorgeous and right anyone can use them just about anywhere in the home.

Chic Coastal Living on

Sorry my phone changed some words ikat and topiary

Castles Crowns and Cottages on


I am so late. SO LATE HERE!!!!!!!!! I LOVE that seashell pillow and that towel with the LIFESAVER! But then again, I love all of your blue and white china dear heart! LOVE IT ALL and you are so kind to always come to see me, Tina. Your opinion is also very special to me about my simple posts…I have nothing to show in my home, but my heart is full…and thank you for entering in.


jayneonweedstreet on

I love the wooden objects and your topiaries are very beautiful! Anything original like that is sure to be a big hit! The silver pieces are so handsome and the pillows have that right combination of style and tradition. Staffordshire dogs, for antiques, are reasonable in price, so I would go with the real thing and not the fakes. I think that is true of anything decorative – get the best you can afford and save the new reproductions for rooms that need to take a lot of wear and tear, or anything that are using in the kitchen.

Judy on

I KNEW IT ! You had me sold from your first teasing hint awhile ago about the topiaries in your Kitchen. LOVE IT ALL. I have decorated my house in a country European look. I source a lot of what I have through small shops here in CT (mostly Woodbury & Southbury area) and in Newport, RI.(daughter attended college there). I too get frustrated when I am on the hunt for an item and can’t find someone who carries it. I agree with the posts above about Portuguese linens, and the one about hardware. Love the linen cocktail napkins. I have a painted cabinet in a style like the tray that you showed above. I am so happy for you and FOLLOW YOUR DREAM! And as always thank you for all you share.

Stephanie T on

WOW!!! I love everything!!!!! I need to red porcelain piece, ASAP. The wood pieces are to die for. The pillows, yes, please and thank you. I hope that you will have your store online, as I live in Atlanta. GREAT stuff, so excited for you to open!

Naz on

I like really like the trays and pillows.

Meslissa Banks on

Tina- this is so exciting. This is what you are meant to do. With your taste level you are unstoppable. I see several things I would scoop up right away if they were for sale now, I truly love it all but really love the silver (very hard to find), all the porcelains, increasingly hard to find around here (DC area) wonderful selection of pillows and of course monogrammed linens are wonderful to have and to give. If they are not too crazily priced. I cannot wait to hear more and hopefully this is happening soon. I am desperate for one stop shopping for elegant things for the home! I just know this will be a huge success.
Melissa Banks

Kathy on

Beeeeuitful stuff here, I loved that pheasant pillow for my sister=n=law who collects pheasant stuff…but have to say you have impecable taste it was all great eye candy

Mary on

Must I pick ONE? I do so love the linens and the silver!

De tout, de rien on

Oh Tina, there are too many lovely things here to list! I’ll take one of each, lol! The linen is gorgeous and I do love the bell jar lanterns. There are also quite a few pillows I love.

Can’t wait to see your business get off the ground!

AnneHH on

Love so many different things but my absolute favorites are the monogramming and the bread boards!
Beautiful–and LOVE your blog!

JLN on

I just love the silver! We live in CT and it is so much fun to go around to the little antique stores to see what I can find! Thank you so much for sharing your findings! I look forward to your blog every day…thank you! It’s a nice reprieve from my day-to-day life πŸ™‚

Splendid Willow on

Comment no. 194 – Tina!!! I am “not supposed to even be close to computer this weekend” – but this post I have to support.

YES OF COURSE!!!! Do it, do it, do it! I have been telling you for a while! You would (WILL!) do brilliantly. Staying true to your passion and to your true style is key.

I know exactly what I will be buying. Yes, really!

We will keep you busy! (:

oxox, Mon

Ann C. on

Tina not a thing here I simply do not love. I do not tell people often that I love and admir their taste but I do yours. I think you are going to be very successful because you have an eye and people will follow you because they like what you like, and they will trust you to “show them the way”. I grew up with very design savvy parents who took us to museums and collected fine art,etc… have been exposed to beautiful things my whole life, and fortunately married someone who also though these things are important so we have always had a beautiful home (now 2 we bought a great beach house in Laguna Beach). So though I am not a decorator I love to fiddle with my homes and I can tell you that here, it is not easy to find the things you showed espcially not all in one place!
So, consider me a customer. Go for it! Imagine if Ralph Lauren had decided to not act on his dream! I see a big and bright future here. I look forward to the announcment of the online store opening.
Best of luck, Ann C.

Diane on

Love everything – ESPECIALLY the lemon topiary and all of the pillows!!
You have beautiful taste!


you have a great eye Tina and know that your shop would be a great success!

1d9e1d06-60ab-11e1-a445-000f20980440 on

I love everything that I see! I have some blue porcelain and would love to add to it. The silver is lovely and Idefinately would order a topiary right away. You have a beautiful home and wonderful taste. Please help me decorate mine with these lovely things in a wonderful shop!
Wishing you the best………your blog is my absolute favorite!
Dianne B
Jax., FL

Mel@Georgica POnd on

If the Enchanted Home were a store I’d be divorced by now!

Sheer Serendipity on

I love everything you have posted! My favorites are the blue and whites… I think you have a very keen eye for elegance and beauty and your store will be a great success! Go for it!

Susan B. on

I love it all! I’m sorry I’m late to the party – I was away last week and am just now catching up on my blog reading. I would definitely love to have a store near me with all those lovely things. There used to be several shops near me (Greater Boston) but in the last few years so many of them have closed.

BTW, your new house is amazing and I have been enjoying following it’s completion. (I’m new to your blog) You have made some fabulous design choices. I wish you lots of happiness in the coming years in your new home! Susan

John on

That silver wear and art were so great.

DAM on

I know this is an old post, but since starting from the beginnning, quote accordingly.

I find it very hard to find tasteful, non-kitschy bookends, Tissue and Wastebaskets (matching/coordinating), small nightstand/desk alarm clocks, and new, but vintage looking small lamps.

All the best, DAM

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