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First a quick thank for your tremendous outpouring of support and encouraging words for my post yesterday. Yesterdays post generated the most comments I have ever gotten since I started blogging a little over a year ago…..almost 200!!!!!!! Just to be clear…this IS going to be an online shop….so everyone can come visit!
I was totally overwhelmed and bowled over by your positive words and kindness!!! ?I wore a smile on my face the entire day! I am very excited about this project and am working hard and doing my research behind the scenes. Some orders have been placed, am working on the actual site and the wheels are very much in motion. I promise to keep you posted and hopefully sooner than later will announce the official opening of “The Enchanted Home” store. Thank you for your support. The two lucky winners of the monogrammed linens are……..

Congratulations to

Dona Nordstrom and Beth from Houston

1: 1 dozen monogrammed cocktail napkins
dona norstrom
2: 3 monogrammed guest towels
beth from Houston

Step right up and claim your prize! Please email me with the initial you want on your towels/napkins and provide a shipping address.

On the home front…… things continue to settle down over here, its going to be a long process, one that will not ?be a short stint, but surely a?labor of love. I have days where I have a surge of energy and feel unstoppable and days where I do absolutely nothing productive! I am however concentrating on completing a few rooms but there have been a few hiccups. Remember the beautiful rug for the family room? The one that I ordered furniture based on? Well, its too small! We tried it and the colors were magnificent but it was far too narrow. We had made some structural changes to the room which changed things a bit. Big problem. Furniture already on order. A few things we were able to stop but most of it is a done deal so we are now looking for a new family room rug, in the same colors. A challenge indeed.

I think I am going to go with the fabric for back stair hall cushion and window seat, it looks great ?and in the searching I have done, see nothing I like more.?

Did get to the D & D building last week which was fun, I am truly like a little kid in a candy store when it comes to me and fabrics. I only had three hours but used it wisely! So….. below are some of my findings and a few (not many) new things going on over here……

The beautiful chandelier we just had installed in stair hall
It has to be raised a bit, but I love it!
I like switching things up…..and played around with my “blue and whites” for the island…what do you think?

I know, I know…enough already! Sorry…you know I can get carried away!
We are waiting the for the shades to put on the chandelier
Pretty chair in my closet…..

Guest bathroom, now I am looking for wallpaper
Another spot for the ginger sisters
Don’t worry all the unsightly wires you see under the sofa are temporary….see I can read your mind!

Husbands bath….
Hubby’s bath lighting is done…now working on the window treatment unless visitors pulling up the house want to be greeted by my husband in the flesh:)

And I wanted to do something different for my very teeny tine computer room/small office, literally it measures 6×10 but its a small alcove off our bedroom, and enough for a good sized desk and bookcases, so…I am kind of liking this, what do you think?

The little lame “alcove/office” needs some help. As in “911”….looks like a mess with no where to go. But rest assured, I am going to make it pretty. Real pretty!
What you don’t see is it also has beautiful little?butterflies in the paper, a chinoiserie style…love the colors…..
Reminder this is the palette of the bedroom
And a few close ups of the ones making it as finalists in my seletions…….

The wallpaper which I am sold on
The carpet which I love, has a trellis pattern which I adore but tone on very soft
This is a velvet stripe, thinking it would be ?pretty for a bench
Newly discovered, this is a beauty…maybe drapes?
Another new discovery, very soft, pretty and a little more open feeling…not sure but it is pretty
Starting to look a bit orderly in the pantry…still tons of tweaking to do though!
And last but not least two very different looks in wallpaper for the powder room off the kitchen, both work and both look actually really great. I would love your opinion on which you like!! I always love to hear……?

Definitely a little more transitional than the other and than most of my house is but its a family powder room and the colors are so pretty

The soft grays and yellows are very soft and work beautifully, its a more traditional pattern….thoughts??
Wishing everyone a fabulous Saturday and rest of the weekend!?


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kristen Lavelle on

Can you please let me know where you got the floor tile for your husbands bathroom. If you could email me with the info I would so appreciate it!


Your house is beautiful! I am obsessed with the tile floor in your husband’s bathroom. Who makes this tile?

MimMa on

Love your bathroom tile with the white bathtub.
Please email me the name of company who makes it.
Thank you,

Pia gomez on

Just gorgeous! What are the dimensions of the window over the tub?

Mechele on

WHO makes this trellis tile????

Sue on

Where can I find the tile in your husbands master bathroom. I’m obsessed with it.

DarlenE on

May I have the flooring product and where you found it. Referencing your husbands bathroom floor. Thank you!

Erika on

Hi. Can you tell me who makes the bath tub in your husbands bath? Love!

ross1ad on

I am also wondering about the floor tile in your husbands bathroom. Could you please provide the details. It looks wonderful.

Gina on

Would love the info on the tile in your husband’s bath. Thanks!

Sharon on

Hello, please share the product name and info of the tile in your husband’s bathroom!

Monica on

Your house is beautiful. I would love to see the whole house inside & out.
I just noticed the dates of the other comments. Which wall paper did you go
with in the bathroom?

Suzanne on

What is the tile on the floor of your husband’s bathroom? I absolutely love it and would like to use it for a bathroom renovation. Thank ,you!

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