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Hi before I begin someone just this morning made me aware of my name being in the hat for “best home design blog nominations”…..I am soo excited and honored! If you care to vote, it would be amazing to get your vote!! Click here. Thanks everyone……

Hi there, hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Ours was actually quite relaxing, my son got home from snowboarding in Utah…phew! I was a nervous nelly all week long with him being gone and when he sent me a few pictures on the iPhone showing me the mountain…I said do not even tell me you are snowboarding on that cliff, (it was a vertical cliff I kid you not) and when he answered yes, is when I went into serious panic mode. Thankfully that was Friday with just one day left on their vacation. So…now I am much calmer. They got home yesterday he is home safe and sound…yay!

  Anywho, did anyone watch the Academy awards? I must confess I do love watching all the pre shows,  normally watch a bit of the actual awards show but rarely make it through its entirety….so long! I was a little disapponted in the fashion choices, saw only 2 or 3 that I really thought stood out and looked fabulous. Last year I thought there were so many prettier looks. This year I found myself saying over and over (to myself) ” with endless resources, thats the best you can do”!  But in honor of the awards, here’s our little scenario. venturing a little off track fom the world of decorating but this isn’t a script! SO lets just imagine you have been invited to attend the Academy awards. In fact lets elaborate on this little scene, lets say you have been nominated. Not for just any award but for best actress. So… know whats coming….which would you choose? I am so anxious to see which dress takes the gold! Here we go……

                                                                   CHOICE 1

Jason Wu
Ellie Saab

                                                                   CHOICE 3

Michael Kors
Oscar De La Renta
Elllie Saab
Elie Saab
Zuhair Murad
Zuhair Murad
Elie Saab
Oscar De La Renta
So….which one rocks your world? I cannot wait to find out! And if you care to elaborate a bit on what kind of shoes and bag you are going to sport…tell me! I love putting things like this together… theres not a bad one in the bunch! Wishing you a wonderful Monday!


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Lisa on

Fun post, Tina. I like that you broke away a litlte and can I say your taste in gowns is spectacular just like in your home:) For me its total tie between 10 and 14, I would feel like a princess in either one. Beautiful choices.

Yasmin Elliott on

I was going to say the same! Beautiful dresses.

ZoeB on

I ll start the ball rolling shall I ? can I choose 3? 1,7 and 11 for me please. Beautiful

Anonymous on

LOVE 11. Why didn’t any of the women look this good last night!
Congrats on your nomination, will head over.

Sionchi on

Qué maravilla de vestidos… sabría cuál elegir. Me gustan todos. Gracias por poner en tu blog fotos tan preciosas. Besos y feliz semana

Luciane at on

Wow! Stunning collection, sweetie.

I’m definitely voting for you, Tina! Congratulations!!! We all should do that!

I love Valentino, but Oscar de La Renta’s gown is phenomenal!

Have a Blessed week!


Luciane at

Jeannine520 on

Number 9 (if I can have it in a charcoal, navy or black) or number 16 for me. None of them are really doing it for me though. My favorite look of the evening belonged to Rose Bryne – loved her dress and styling, it’s exactly the dress I would have picked.

Dori on

My Dave too!

mwaxter on

Wow amazing dresses, I agree last night was a little disappointing but there were some that were beautiful. For me its between 1 and 5 Love them both, very into color lately.
I will certainly vote for you Tina.

Anonymous on

2, 4 or 7 please. LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!

Debby on

LOVE dress #2!! I will gladly go vote for you right now!! xo

Debby on

Tina, just voted! I’d love to see you win. I’ll keep my pinkies crossed. xoxo

Amy @MaisonDecor on

Well I think the Ellie Saab dresses are lovely! I’ll take number 14 gladly~! I watched the Academy Awards last night too, and I didn’t see a wowser dress in the bunch. But of all I guess I though Gwyneth Paltrow looked amazing, and George Clooneys GF looked really wonderful too.

Gina on

iT’S No. 7 for me. Congratulations Tina, and of course I will vote for you. Gina

Acquired Objects on

Wow very tough choice but it’s between 5 & 6 but color would do it for me. Great choices and I’m off to vote for you!


miss flibbertigibbet on

So hard to choose! I love number 6 and 14 especially…Wouldn’t it be such fun to dress up like that for an evening? I’d stand out at the IHop for sure….

Cynthia on

I would choose 4. It would be fun to get to dressed up like that for an event.

LynnS on

Congratulations on YOUR nomination!! Going to vote right now!

jessb on

Either 1 or 2 both are beautiful!! I would love to go to the oscars one year – seems like a lot of fun!

Julianne on

I must say that I really like 14. It reminds me of a by-gone era of classic glamour….classic “Grace Kelly” look. For shoes, definitely a pearlescent pump, or open-toed, strappy heels to match for me!! :O)

Julianne on

Oh yes….and MAJOR congrats on your nomination! Well deserved…your blog is amazing!! :O)

sonja thomas on

#1 was so unexpected with the black lace and red and hot pink combination. It would be so FUN to wear. Congratulations on you award nomination. I know I enjoy your blog.

The Preppy Princess on

The Jason Wu is soooooo pretty and elegant and chic and everything you want in a serious party frock! But then there’s Number 17, also stunning. You know, this is the first I’ve said this: I can’t pick just one, there are too many amazing choices!

Congratulations on the Apartment Therapy nomination, that is *huge* (and more than deserved!), I am off to vote now!

Annie H. on

Hi Tina, every year a group of my friends and I get together for a girls night to watch the Oscars. Its all about good food, dishing with the girls and watching the show (preshows too) We all agreed that it was a little flat this year and I found myself more than once questioning some of the choices.
Overall I thought Michelle W. looked very elegant and Octavia Spencer and Meryl Streep looked great.
I love every single dress here, maybe YOU should become a stylist! Can’t choose one but love 1, 10, 14 and 16.
And congrats on your nomination, I am going to vote for you of course!

Susan on

13 or 14 would have been amazing to see on the red carpet. I can see either Jennifer Lopez or Angelina in these dresses. Beautiful. Funny about your son, my oldest daughter was in Tahoe with college friends and I can so relate to how you were feeling though for them it was more about the “partying” and less about the skiing!

Barbara Fox on

I like so many of them but narrowed it down to 2, 6 and 14….I really think 14 is very classy ….oh my it would be difficult and of course I will vote for you.

Melinda on

Gotta go with 12 black, naughty,and it would catch everybody’s eye. Of course we would have to have it in a plus size at this point. Ha!
I voted for you hope you win.
Love Melinda

Yvonne on

dress no 1!


3 Peanuts on

I am with you…I was not impressed with the fashion this year at all!! I love the Ellie Saab dresses here. I would wear #7 or #14. LOVE them…they are elegant, classy and glamorous.

Congratulations on YOUR nomination. I will go vote:)

I Dream Of on

I was hoping that someone would wear that gorgeous Jason Wu when I saw it come down the runway, so that’s my pick! I thought Michelle Williams looked lovely in her coral and Jessica Chastain was regal in Alexander McQueen. I think they were my favorites.
Have a lovely week, Tina. Glad your son made it home safe and sound! XO

La Dolfina on

Tina you need to be a stylist!!!
Your dress choices are amazing and put the actual dresses worn to the awards to shame!
And you’ve made it impossible for this Virgo girl to choose among so much perfection!
If I must choose only one I guess it would be…

Beth on

Fabulous choices agree with above commenter, if you ever decide to switch gears, you would make one heck of a fantastic stylist. I though the dresses last night were pretty bad, I was really disappointed as an overall feeling but there were a few that hit their mark. I used to be in fashion (worked for Donna Karan for 9 years) so I am pretty opininonated!
Love your blog btw, you have truly great style. Now as far as these beautiful dresses, its a toughie, I do love the elegance edginess of the Jason Wu number (1) but love the classic old Hollywood vibe of 14 and 15, both channeling an inner Grace Kelly.
So its a toss up between the 3. These all outdid the dresses last night!

Carla Aston on

If I had the upper body, I’d go for #13. Who doesn’t love going out with a cape! Congrats on your nomination!

christy on

14 to me says Hollywood royalty. Its so glamorous and elegant. And if I was getting nominated I would want to feel like a princess! They are all spectacular though.
You will certainly get my vote, going there now!

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms on

they are all gorgeous, but number five – nothing make me feel more glamorous than red!

Anonymous on

Beautiful gowns, wish I had somewhere to go! My faves in order are: #14, #7, #15, #16 & #5. P.S. Happy your son is home safe and sound. Cindy

Barbara@HausDesign on

Hi Tina! Sorry I have been a stranger…hoping life will get back to “semi-normal” in the next week or two! I’ll drop you a note soon to catch up. As to your post – if only you dressed all of the actresses – it would be much more interesting and beautiful! I’d choose #2 but love several of these especially if I had a best actress’ figure! Glad your son is home safely – if it helps at all, I went off a lot of cliffs like that when I was in my 20’s and survived!

Claudia on

Oscar De La Renta has a long history of making lovely dresses and has continued to wow me! If I had to wear one myself, I would probably go for another one with a long history, Chanel. You’d really have to have a perfect body to wear some of the perfectly placed rose lace/embellishments like the Zuhair Murad…;-)

Anonymous on

Why werent’ you dressing all the Hollywood ladies last night- most of them could have used some help but I did think Octavia Spencer, Milla Jonavich and Rooney Mara looked great. All in white too, so on that note, I would choose 4 or 11- both classic lines and just beautiful.
Thanks for this post.

'LUSH' on

4 for a simpler, more revealing, elegance, and 14 for sheer classic beauty

Leslie on

#2 or #4 for me! Just voted for you Tina! good luck 🙂



I love #14 – love the look overall – the fabric, the style, color, feminine, elegant, different
#11 – love this probably b/c of the sleeves – they are different and elegant
#7 – i love 3/4 length sleeves, the color, fabric, cut and style
#3 – classic and RED

…but they are all gorgeous, except for I don’t care for #2 (sleeve), #6 (color, etc.) and 10 (color and style).

Karena on

Definitely the Oscar de la Renta #15, that silvery grey confection, adore!


Art by Karena

MimiG on

#7 or #14. Love Elie Saab. Mila Jonavich was beautifully dressed, with hair and makeup to match. Did not like the orange dress Michelle Williams had on – just looked dowdy to me. Viola Davis – the green looked stunning with her skin tone. Lots of great looks, lots of not so great looks.

pretty pink tulips on

I didn’t plan on watching, but couldn’t turn it off!!! I though Milla Jovovich hit it out of the park….but she wasn’t even nominated. Of the dressed above, #14 screams “I’m a Movie Star” so I would go with that one! Classic, elegant with just the right amount of sparkle.

xoxo Elizabeth
ps: So happy your son is home in one piece. Watching my little guy sail down the mountain makes me nervous. Can only imagine when he’s a little older.

Valerie on

Glad your son is home safe and sound.

#14 or #15…for some reason #15 keeps jumping out at me even though this is not typicaly something I would choose.

You definitely deserve to win the award. Good luck, Tina!

Elizabeth on

Good morning Tina! It sounds like you had a nice weekend, other than the part about your son. I used to be a wreck too when my husband had to go on the anual “executive committee” meeting for a week in Vail. Six competive men who are challenging one another to do crazy stuff on the mountains, I too was a wreck.

My choice for these fabulous dresses are 6, 14 and 15. I love them all!

I hope you have a great day!
Congratulations on your nominations!


Ideezine on


Love having lots of choices mine would be #16 it just calls my nane. All these dresses are beautiful and it’s all about preparation and confidence in yourself. Congrants on your nomination! Such a relief that your son is back at home base. All is well.


pam {simple details} on

Oooh, this is fun! Absolutely #14, glamorous and classic! Congrats on your nomination!

Anonymous on

Choice 7 and 10 both have a bit of glitz but are extemely elegant at the same time. I could see both of those walking down the red carpet and lots of heads turning. What has happened to Hollywood? It used to be so glamorous, last night was a huge let down. Not a single dress wowed me.

Designs By Pinky on

Choice # 7 hands down. Being of a “certain age” I love the sleeves, they are sheer but cover beautifully and love the shape of the dress. The beading is gorgeous. I wish SOMEONE could dress Merly Streep!!!!!! Her dresses are AWFUL!!!!!! Just my humble opinion. XO, Pinky

Small Town Girl on

Number 12 is for me! It’s glamorous without being too revealing! But I would change the shoes, jewelery would be subdued and my hair up to show off the neckline!

Amy on

Tina you know more about what works on a red carpet than 90% of Hollywood. Man what a letdown last night was. I really felt like they could have done so much better. With the exceptoin of a few.
These dresses are what I call red carpet worthy, I would wear anyone of them but something about red always gets me, so for me its 1, 3 or 5 but I do love them all.

PS Both my boys snowboard and I really can relate to the worrying that us mothers do! Glad hes home for your sake!

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

You have me at a standstill, Tina. I can’t choose a favorite. You didn’t throw an ugly one in for fun!
I can say that Elie Saab knows how to make a woman look beautiful.
Glad to learn you have a relaxing weaken. You deserve it.
Have a happy Monday.

Zoe on

Hi, i did love some dresses Mila jovovich in Elli Saab, Cameron Diaz, Michelle Williams and Anjelina. One of the dress choices – the black Lacey one by the designer with an Arab name, afraid to make a mistake:) j.lo wore to an event and she looked stunning! My favorite choice I’d #2 – a beadedElli Saab number!

Anonymous on

Coice #2 hands down.

Suburban Princess on

I didn’t watch the awards…watched The English Patient (again!) instead :O) Congratulations on your blog nomination!

Alex on

I’ll take Oscar #4 served with exactly those shoes. Add some glittery drop earrings, and a tiny diamond bracelet. Delicious!

Anonymous on

I would want to (be able to) wear choice#6.

michele on

No. 4 all the way! i would wear very feminine nude heels as high as i could get em. i know nothing about bags so i would ask for your help on that one. guess my daily abercrombie tote would not cut it.

have a wonderful week, tina.


Andrea Webster on

Love No. 4 and 5! they are all great dresses.

The Pink Pagoda on

What a FUN post! I can’t decide between 5 and 14. 14 looks like a dress Grace Kelly would wear. They’re all incredible!

Nanni Rosanne on

I LOVE #5, with #4 a close second…and then there’s # 15… all so lovely!

The Pink Pagoda on

Oh!! And congratulations on your nomination! Exciting!

Victoria on

They are all so beautiful, but my choice is the Elie Saab #2. It is elegantly draped in a way that would be flattering to most women, and I love the soft color. Saab is a very talented designer. I would choose the shoes shown with it with lacy ties around the ankles…as long as they are not those horrendous platforms being shown lately. For a bag, I would carry one of the antique beaded purses I have in my collection.
All the best…Victoria

AnneHH on

Grew up in LA so even though I live in DC now, ALWAYS watch every minute of the red carpet and the Oscar telecast. Would not miss it! I completely agree about the red carpet this year though!! What were the actresses thinking!! So many stunning options but no truly inspired outfits. I love so many of your choices and would be very happy in 4, 5, 7, 9, 14, 15 OR 16!!!!!!!

The Buzz Blog on

I have to say anything that Valentino or Oscar designs is flawless – love so many of these and so wish I had an alter ego that could wear them!

Sizzle and Zoom on

I like #s’ 7 and 11. All white. Striking. With white gold or silver accents. I’d be the only one in 11 from this group.

The Now on

OH MY GOD…so many beauties!! I would go with any of the Elie Saab’s you picked. They are all stunning!! xoxo elizabeth

Christy on

#2 all the way, though they are all lovely!

Anonymous on

#15 the pewter Oscar De La Renta,GORGEOUS!!!My favs for the Acasemy Awards were: Maria Menounus in the sea foam green,she was beautiful!! and loved Carmeron Diaz, when she walked that dress just flowed! very pretty!!

Victoria on

Now if I saw this many beautiful dresses last night maybe i wouldn’t have fallen asleep at 9:30! Love them all, they are all so elegant but my absolute favorite is 2, the color, the right amount of sparkle, the draping. Love it! Does it come with the great figure too? Ha!

Laura Bradley on

Choice 6. Which even surprises me. Normally, I like the more old school …classic styles and colors. But I cant help it–that green just looks so happy and carefree and bold at the same time….body looks awesome in the dress as well. Perfect!

Marilyn on

#6…although they are ALL absolutely breathtaking, and, in general, more beautiful than the dresses from the Oscar show last night.


Anonymous on

I vote for the Valentino #5. I would be wearing some kind of Harry Winston long diamond earrings and my assistant would be holding my Judith Leiber clutch. I would really like to be wearing that black dress Of Angelia ‘s and of course I would look as beautiful as her. Ha….We are just dreaming.
I had the pleasure of attending the 2005 Academy Awards Ceremony as a guest of Albert Ruddy. He won the award as the producer of “Million Dollar Baby” that year. I got to attend all of the after parties to include the Governor’s Ball and the Vanity Fair party. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience for me….I am just a regular girl from Oklahoma. My best friend is his sister-in-law. When I received the invitation, I freaked out over what to wear. I almost declined the invitation. I finally drove to Dallas and found a dress and shoes. I have so many great memories.
I love your blog and I will definitely vote for you.

Anonymous on

Guiliana Rancic looked beautiful too..the Hosts looked better than the actors!

Andrea on

#2. I love the soft colour, and the design =)

Anonymous on

I’d choose 7! Diane

Anonymous on

#2, so beautiful.

Annie on

Woo hoo for Jason Wu! What a stunner of a dress, all these amazing choices and we didnt’ see one of them on the red carpet. Last night was a bomb if you ask me!

Melanie on

#14 and #15 for me, only if I can have the body that shows in the pictures… They are both so flowing and beautiful! Last time I had a long dress on was 29 years ago, my wedding. If I would have known it was the last time, i’m not sure I would have taken it off…!

Stacy Curran on

I say #5 because of the fabric, but 14 and 15 were up there for me, too.

Just voted for you….hope you win!
xi Stacy

Jane in Stratford, Ontario on

I love #1 – love that hot pink and black and #6 – love also that there were only 2 strapless… am ready to look at the end of strapless or at least a lot fewer…. off the shoulder can be sooo sexy…

designchic on

I’m so excited for you…you just got our vote!! They are all so beautiful, but for me, I would choose number 7…gorgeous fabric, shape, and color!!

Unknown on

Number 13 is such a movie star dress, but All of Them were better than anything we saw last night!

Katherine Traylor on

These are all stunning, but I’m going to go with number 6. The color is amazing, and if I were, say, Halle Berry, I’d wear it in a heartbeat. If I had to choose a dress for myself as I actually am, though, I’d have to go with 15, because though I’d love the clean lines and V-neckline and smooth flow of number 6, I am a pale chubby blonde and do much better in gray-blue than in chartreuse. Great question!

Anonymous on

Now please tell me why we didnt’ see these dresses on the red carpet last night, I sat there with my sister visting from Europe both shaking our heads at how bad everything looked, so many disappintments. Few successes in our opinions.
I think Hollywood could use your help and input, it would make for a much more spectacular parade of fashions! All of these are truly spectacular gowns but my absolute favorite belongs to 14, it is absolutely perfect, it is the best of elegance, a little sparkle and screams Hollywood goddess without being vulgar.
Beautiful post, your blog continues to inspire every single day!

SandyFig on

12…..though I love the Ellie Saab dresses!

Lavinia on

2, 7, 10, and possibly 13.

Fashion-isha on

Congrats on your nomination!! I hope you win! I must say the Elie Saabs take my breath away!

Lori @ Projects Plenty on

I love # 14 and # 16. Congratulations for your nomination… I will most certaily vote for you.


Karen T. on

First choice is #7! Then, #4. Elegant!

Segreto Secrets on

I would chose 15!!Stunning!! xo Leslie

Tiffany @ Savor Home on

All lovely choices! My faves are #2 and #14!! Congrats in your nomination! Well deserved! I’m off to vote!!

De tout, de rien on

Choice no. 4, Oscar De La Renta…with anything Valentino a close second!

Splendid Willow on

No. 16! So me! Chic, understated AND navy blue! I think I am the only one who voted for that dress! Good for me! I have always gone my own way! (: I would definitely wear a simple harido and some simple but fantastic diamonds.

Now which one would you pick?

oxoxo, Mon

John on

Choice 12 is crazy, love it.

Anonymous on

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Anonymous on

Love, love, love #1 but they are all so beautiful!

Anonymous on

1, 9 then 14

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