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Good morning! So nice that its the weekend. We have a few things on the agenda but nothing crazy and I am looking forward to some relaxing time spent at home sans workers…woo hoo! Its suppose to rain today, so its a good day to catch up. We have a party to attend and I am always stuck with the dreaded “what to wear” dilemna, don’t know if I have the energy to brave the crowds and go find something to wear. Oh well….guess its back to my boring but safe black dress! I have been very very busy this week with the online store. Its a lot of work, but its truly a labor of love. Getting emails and pictures from excited customers makes my day like you cannot believe. To hear how excited they are just makes ME so happy! So thank you…keep them coming! I am working very hard to get the orders out the door, and the first month no doubt there are small hiccups, but rest assured I am working hard and aim to please. I would like to announce the winner of the beautiful crystal hurricane candle, part of the new line I am carrying which I am super excited about, and apparently many of you are too!

Congratulations goes to…………… Lillian!

Prize ID Winner ID Public Info Private Info Random Sorting ID Weight
1: Hurricane candle 1491307 lillian 004FF6C8-E510-4AA1-BC02-B2B592CC3069 1

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Please contact me and provide your shipping details ASAP.

Moving onto to the world of design………I only discovered this talented design firm through a friend whose parents had their beautiful Florida family home decorated by this fabulously talented group. Then as I always do when I see something I love, I explored some more and quickly ?realized this was a name worth sharing. I am sure some, perhaps many of you might already know of them but for me this was a new (and exciting) discovery! I think their sophisticated work speaks for itself so without further adieu…here we go! Would love to know what you think of their style! Click here to visit their beautiful website. Enjoy!

Gorgeous colors……. and the ceiling height makes this feel so dramatic

Beautiful architectural details, very elegant room!

Love the soft muted neutrals against the rich, dark woods

Gorgeous well appointed hallway painted in rich creamy tones
Beautiful palette complimented by the dark rich woods
Beautiful foyer and staircase

Love the vibe here, great ceiling detail!
Gorgeous hallway

Love that lantern and the light of this space!

One of my favorite color palettes for a master bedroom
Lovely, and love the paired sofas back to back.
They are well versed in a variety of styles
Great vibe here…….



Beautiful kitchen space with interesting backsplash

Love the animal print in this rich study/library (check out the belljars)?

A cream and white bathroom does it every time!

Gray and white in a bedroom is very pleasing….

Another view

A happy very sophisticated transitional space

Very elegant tonal bedroom

Stunning stair tower

Love the floors……

Of course I am loving this, a white marble topped dark island…bingo!
Quite a beautiful portfolio of rooms don’t you think! I love their style, and think some of these interiors are just incredible looking. Would love to know what you think! Don’t you get so excited when you discover something or someone new (to you at least)? This was fun fun fun!
Also a few new goodies added to the store as of yesterday…more great things to come! Click here to visit.

And added a few little odds and ends to my console in family room and got in the antler pillows for customer but now I think I need to order one for myself…its a love!

Have a great day and a fabulous weekend!! Hope Sharon that you are feeling better! If you didn’t have a chance to read my post yesterday, click here to hear Sharon’s inspirational story.
Last….heard from a reader/customer who has a lovely blog, and she sent me a link to a post of her recently put up chinoiserie paper in her dining room which also includes a beautiful planter she bought from me. It is so beautiful…I wanted to share her gorgeous tranformation with you!
Click here to visit. (Living with Lis blog)
And a special thank you to my friend Marianne who just posted on the cocktail napkins she got from me and highlighted the store….click here to visit Style for Living. Thnak you both!


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