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Happy Sunday!! NO…no new doggies for me but did want to let you know as many of you had asked that I finally got in my adorable doggie bookends along with some other fabulous bookends. They were just listed this morning under new additions. I only got in 4 pair of each so when they are gone, they are gone. Here’s a sneak preview! Best part they are so well priced, great idea for Mothers Day……….

Fighting royal bulldogs bookends

Lab bookends

“Books” bookends

Large dog sculpture book ends

Love the crowns book ends too…..
And for those of you who asked “Mabel” is up for sale!

Also paging Pat Kennedy winner of the monogrammed cocktail napkins…..please step forward to claim your prize!

So remember that girls night I told you about the other day? It turned out to be a lot of fun. Tons of laughs, let your hair down, kick off your shoes, sit on the floor kind of fun. Sorry guys but its the kind of fun us girls have when its just “well us girls”. So I decided against doing a dinner, but just doing a bunch of fun and easy appetizers, a tapas party. Made two huge pitchers of sangria, and I must say my recipe is really good. The key is letting it marinate for at least 12 hours but ideally 24.?

Then thanks to a reader who offered up a recipe that sounded too good to not try, I tried a wonderful sounding raspberry cocktail. I have renamed it “Sandilicious” in honor of my friend Sandy whose birthday it was the following day. So I started off being a good girl taking pictures of everything I was doing then sorry, as they showed up just couldn’t multi task anymore and the camera kind of got lost behind all the food! ?But I did capture a little bit of my prepping for the evening……..

So pretty……meet the Sandilicious

Come to mama!

My darling Stafforshire dogs standing guard

Glasses ready for something yummy!

Are these napkins darling? Hope its not true!

I always put out all my platters/serving dishes ahead of time…..

LOVE baked brie…this ones a cinch! Flatten out the dough so you have about 3 widths of the cheese to wrap around

Trim off the rind off the cheese

Lay down trimmed brie in middle of pastry

At this stage, add a generous amount of chopped pecans, a few pats of butter and about 1/4 cup of brown sugar?

Wrap up real pretty like a little present

At this point, get rid of the egg yolk and brush the whites on the dough

I am a big Ziploc girl…use it for almost everything!

I bought these simple but pretty very oversized white serving platters in a bunch of shapes years ago, they have so come in handy for nights like this one

My favorite candle in the world was burning and permeated the whole house! Several wanted to know about this candle, its online at my store, click here.

Love an antipasti platter like nobody’s business

The artichoke hot dip went on the Spanish olive board with crostinis

Who needs dinner when you have trays of this kind of food!

Turned the lights on for a little ambiance….
Never use the front door but it was nice to see my floor!

Come on in!

From the back door

Experiemented with a setting on my camera heres choice 1

Same pic choice 2 different setting?

Waiting for the baked brie to come out……

Second round, or was it the third? ?Raspberries at the ready……
This didnt’ last long!
Mini chicken/vege sliders…..soooo good!

Sorry, lost track of time and didn’t take pics of all the other goodies but heres dessert! A wonderful Tiramisu and almond biscotti….yum!

Tiramisu surrounded by biscotti…all super dietetic of course ( when served with fruit it cuts calories in half….you didn’t know that)???
Well that gave you a taste of the evening…lots of fun and to be repeated for sure. I so go for a tapas party over an actual dinner. How about you? How was your weekend? Tell me about it! Wishing you a relaxed and enjoyable Sunday! Had my winter coat out again.….go figure!


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