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Happy Sunday!! NO…no new doggies for me but did want to let you know as many of you had asked that I finally got in my adorable doggie bookends along with some other fabulous bookends. They were just listed this morning under new additions. I only got in 4 pair of each so when they are gone, they are gone. Here’s a sneak preview! Best part they are so well priced, great idea for Mothers Day……….

Fighting royal bulldogs bookends

Lab bookends

“Books” bookends

Large dog sculpture book ends

Love the crowns book ends too…..
And for those of you who asked “Mabel” is up for sale!

Also paging Pat Kennedy winner of the monogrammed cocktail napkins…..please step forward to claim your prize!

So remember that girls night I told you about the other day? It turned out to be a lot of fun. Tons of laughs, let your hair down, kick off your shoes, sit on the floor kind of fun. Sorry guys but its the kind of fun us girls have when its just “well us girls”. So I decided against doing a dinner, but just doing a bunch of fun and easy appetizers, a tapas party. Made two huge pitchers of sangria, and I must say my recipe is really good. The key is letting it marinate for at least 12 hours but ideally 24. 
Then thanks to a reader who offered up a recipe that sounded too good to not try, I tried a wonderful sounding raspberry cocktail. I have renamed it “Sandilicious” in honor of my friend Sandy whose birthday it was the following day. So I started off being a good girl taking pictures of everything I was doing then sorry, as they showed up just couldn’t multi task anymore and the camera kind of got lost behind all the food!  But I did capture a little bit of my prepping for the evening……..

So pretty……meet the Sandilicious

Come to mama!

My darling Stafforshire dogs standing guard

Glasses ready for something yummy!

Are these napkins darling? Hope its not true!

I always put out all my platters/serving dishes ahead of time…..

LOVE baked brie…this ones a cinch! Flatten out the dough so you have about 3 widths of the cheese to wrap around

Trim off the rind off the cheese

Lay down trimmed brie in middle of pastry

At this stage, add a generous amount of chopped pecans, a few pats of butter and about 1/4 cup of brown sugar 

Wrap up real pretty like a little present

At this point, get rid of the egg yolk and brush the whites on the dough

I am a big Ziploc girl…use it for almost everything!

I bought these simple but pretty very oversized white serving platters in a bunch of shapes years ago, they have so come in handy for nights like this one

My favorite candle in the world was burning and permeated the whole house! Several wanted to know about this candle, its online at my store, click here.

Love an antipasti platter like nobody’s business

The artichoke hot dip went on the Spanish olive board with crostinis

Who needs dinner when you have trays of this kind of food!

Turned the lights on for a little ambiance….
Never use the front door but it was nice to see my floor!

Come on in!

From the back door

Experiemented with a setting on my camera heres choice 1

Same pic choice 2 different setting 

Waiting for the baked brie to come out……

Second round, or was it the third?  Raspberries at the ready……
This didnt’ last long!
Mini chicken/vege sliders…..soooo good!

Sorry, lost track of time and didn’t take pics of all the other goodies but heres dessert! A wonderful Tiramisu and almond biscotti….yum!

Tiramisu surrounded by biscotti…all super dietetic of course ( when served with fruit it cuts calories in half….you didn’t know that)???
Well that gave you a taste of the evening…lots of fun and to be repeated for sure. I so go for a tapas party over an actual dinner. How about you? How was your weekend? Tell me about it! Wishing you a relaxed and enjoyable Sunday! Had my winter coat out again.….go figure!


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NanaDiana on

Tina- I love your bookends..and I had to laugh at my self when I thought- Now, How did she get those books to stand up and be separate like that? Then I took my blond head and shook it and realized it was BOOK book ends (reading the description helped!;>)

It sounds like you girls had a wonderful time. Good friends is one of the best things in life, isn’t it?

Tina, Your home looks gorgeous. You have done an absolutely marvelous job there. xo Diana

Leslie on

I want to go to girls night at your house! I promise to bring you flowers wine and chocolate:-) I live for girls night and wish they happened more often, you certainly know how to entertain with such flair. Love all your beautiful dishes, the presentation as we know is half the battle. Everything looks delish.
Love those bookends, cannot wait to buy myself the bulldogs, they are too cute. Have a great Sunday Tina.

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

Good morning beautiful!

Well, I got what I was waiting for. I was waiting for a party at your home and here it is. Tina, everything looks delicious and I can really only imagine the excitement and the feeling of having such a party in your home. The foyer looks STUNNING and of course your stairway is fab. DO YOU WALK DOWN IT feeling like a queen? YOU SHOULD! I swear I wish I could just RUN around your house!!!!!

BIG HUG BLESSINGS TO YOU as you enjoy this lovely day. Me too, I had to pull out my winter coat! LOVE! Anita

Anonymous on

You do know how to throw a shindig. Love all your pretty touches and am sure your friends felt like royalty stepping into such an “enchanted” home. I love seeing all you do, Tina!
The bookends are wonderful, would love those really big dog heads one for my husband, being the dog enthusiast that he is. Nice addition to your already wonderful store, having already bought from you I will say I will be a returning customer again and again. Love it all. Thank you for sharing as always…such a day brightener for me!

Acquired Objects on

Tina everything looked so good and sounds like it was a lot of fun!I’ll have to try your brie but you know you can eat the rind right? Your home looks so beautiful I bet everyone had a blast running about and looking I know you wouldn’t have been able to hold me back!Time for me to have a girls night in too. It’s freezing up here but looks beautiful out and we’ve had our woodstove going, go figure.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Elizabeth on


Good morning and a happy Sunday to you too!

I do love a good party, especially one with lots of yummy food and friends! Everything looks so delicious. I love the look of the slidders and the caprese looking crostini.

The bookends are great, I must go look and see if you have my dog!

Have a great day, thanks for sharing your night in!


Just Spiff It on

Really love those black lab bookends! Actually I love all of them! Plus would of loved to join you for your little party but just couldn’t get there in time. Great ideas!! Thanks for sharing

Karena on

Tina, how fun and some of my favorites are the baked brie, your new cocktail, serving on white really highlights the colorful presentations!!

Sometimes if you leave the rind on the brie; it can add a bitter taste.So I generally shave it off as well.

Adore the new bookends! Oh and that scrumptious scented, elegant Candle!

Art by Karena

uncoolmom17 on

Those sliders look delicious!!!

Lisa on

The candle is perfect. May I inquire where that came from?

Off to go find your kitchen posts to learn more about that perfect marble counter.

Anonymous on

Would love to know the name of your “favorite candle in the whole world ” ????
So enjoyed ALL your pics & comments!!!

Anonymous on

Hello Tina,

i happened to stumble across your blog yesterday and have been on it ever since getting inspired. We too are in the process of building our dream home. Very excited and a little nervous too. I was going through some of the pictures you have up and I just love your new home. Its beyond beautiful. Many congratulations! 🙂 I particularly love the dimensions of your formal living and dining rooms and just LOVE the floors in the foyer and hallways. I would really be so appreciative if you could share the room dimensions of your formal living and dining rooms with me and also a little information about the materials used on the hallway floors. Thank you so much.

Best wishes,


Decorative Interiors on

Bet there was no sangria left over.
Thanks for the great party post!
Going over to your store to place an order.

Splenderosa on

So many lovely things, Tina. I love the tapas idea for the girls, and now you’ve got me to thinking about it too. And, you new additions are wonderful. I love books of all kinds, and those bookends would be beautiful atop tables throughout the house. Sangria is definitely one of my favorites, and you are so right, it needs to just “sit” for many hours to become completely suffused with all the flavors. Happy Sunday, darling !!

Beth25 on

Your party looks like such fun. I am in phase one of updating and remodeling my cottage. I am waiting for the newly upholstered furniture to arrive. and Phase 1 is completed. I am thrilled with my new look. I will take a break for several weeks and then I am having plans drawn up for the addition. I have so enjoyed reading about the planning, building and decorating your new lovely home. I am like Mehdia, pretty nervous about doing this and taking on so much responsibility, but your blog is helping to calm me down about tackling this project.Thank you.

Victoria on

Everything looks delicious, especially the wrapped brie. I much prefer small bites to a big dinner. All the new items are charming. And as for you camera shots in the hall, I much prefer Choice 1…high drama. Your house looks wonderful and I am sure everyone had a great time. It is a little cool here in FL too — about 80. Sorry about the winter-coat weather. Apparently, last month’s weather was just a tease (or an aberration).
XO Victoria

Renée Finberg on

the bull doggies with crowns are too sweet.
and you are the hostess
with the mostess!!


Kate on

Well if you ever get bored with decorating you can add catering to your list of everything looks fabulous! The house looks beautiful at night with all the lights on, bet your friends were impressed! Girls nights are fun, and something I always look forward to.
Adore all the wonderful new items for the store, especially the oversized dog heads, those are fabulous looking. Love the store, your blog and your style.

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt on

OK, now I am hungry. Everything looked wonderful. Love how you displayed the food. It made it even more appealing looking.

Marilyn *Pink Martinis and Pearls* on

I guess my invitation got lost in the mail. 😉 It’s not surprising your food styling is as decorative as your home. I have such a case of kitchen island envy though. Just think of all the cookie dough I could roll out to my heart’s content. Love the goblets. So pretty.

christy on

If I had your house, I would be having girls night every night, what a great party house. Thanks for taking us along, to no surprise you entertain with pure elegance. Love all your gorgeous white serving dishes and everything looks so yummy.
Going order those bulldogs bookends now, they are so cute. Happy Sunday Tina

Mrs.Peters on

Interior shots of your home remind of a beautiful old Parisian chateau. So stunning. I am a newer reader of your blog but can’t tear away from it, it is so addicting, am sure many have told you this. Trying to go back to the inception of your building and follow along. What a true work of art you have created. We live in Rochester and there are many grand stately homes here but sadly the newer ones don’t hold a candle to the older ones. You have certainly achieved that however. Would love to know the history of the process. Maybe its in a previous post, will go back.
I love your store too. Just made my first order from you yesterday, something for me and something for my mother. Can’t wait to get it. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful blog and resource.

The Preppy Princess on

This is a perfect post to be reading Sunday afternoon, I love it. The bookends are fabulous, our Silly Tilly wants us to buy a pair of the bullies! The house looks so ready for entertaining, it is amazing to see how it has all come together. The brie and antipasta look beyond delish, I want to come for leftovers!

Sending you a smile,

Anonymous on

Love all the food! How wonderful! What size is the olive tray and the candle. I have alreasdy ordered the small candle for my powder room,these will go in my kitchen.
Thank you!

Nancy @ Nancy's Daily Dish on

Adorable bookends!
What a beautiful place to have a girls get together. The drinks look/sound great!

Amy @MaisonDecor on

Oh my stomach is growling and I started salivating at all the food photos~my word Tina!! Now I have a little headache from my Lemon drop martini I had on our anniversary night~so the Sandy drinks didn’t tempt me…but the sliders and the antipasto and the brie…argh! you are killing me!! I better go eat my Rollatini leftovers!! Loved the house, its simply breathtaking!

michele on

oh girl, yes. my favorite party is an appetizer party where everybody brings their favorite. then i can be a part of the shenanigans and not worry about the overcooking the filet.

would love to get inside your place and shoot with abandon someday to capture all that magic happening with stone, iron, and wood.

smiles, and get in mah belly raspberry cocktail!


Leslie on

Hi Tina! I had company last night and made baked brie with Caprese salad ~ always a hit! Your cocktail looks perfect and that dessert looks heavenly! Those napkins crack me up.. I have some that are similar and they are always fun to have around during parties.

I am so happy that you are finally getting to enjoy your new kitchen and home with your friends. There is something special about it being JUST the girls! Lots of silly laughter and good company and so important to keep in touch with our girlfriends.

Enjoy your evening!


Annie H. on

Hey Tina, hope you are having a beautiful day like we are. I love Sundays, its my only day to have an excuse to be lazy and do whatever I want. Your girls night looks like it was such fun. I love everything and the way its presented, you certainly have the same knack for entertaining as you do decorating.

The bookends are all fantastic and great items for your growing business. Can I tell you how much I love love the dough bowl and cutting board? They are like my new favorite kitchen gadgets! Keep up the great job.

Maureen at The Inglenook Decor on

looks like you are having a fabulous evening! Love, love the bookends!And your home is just gorgeous….an enchanted home indeed! 🙂

Mrs. A. on

Would love to have sangria recipe.

Mrs. A. on

Would love to have sangria recipe.

designchic on

Love your bookends, the party looked fabulous and of course, your home…fabulous!! Know a great time was had by all…

2012 on

Happy Sunday and the doggies are here!!!!!
i would like to say thank you about this cool post, and this idea very helpful to me and nice article
Thank You

Debby Steele on


If I move closer can I come to your fabulous parties? I love Tappas! I have never wrapped my baked brie but you KNOW I’m going to try this one. I think I need a girls party STAT. It’s been too long.

Caroline on

So happy you got the bookends in! Yay….will be buying them for sure.

The tapas party looks like a blast, so my kind of party. Who needs a big fancy meal, I think everyone enjoys eating this way more, its very European and maybe Americans wouldn’t be getting so fat if we started adotping a small plate mentality. Love how elegantly you enterain, am sure your girlfriends felt like royalty upon entering your magnificent home.

Thanks for taking us along for the night. Looks like a great time.

Janet Cole on

I LOVE the idea of an appetizers/tapas party; in fact, that’s all I do anymore because it allows people to circulate, sample and enjoy! Your home is simply stunning – that floor in the entry takes my breath away…

sleeper sofa on

Hi there
Thanks for one marvelous posting! It was just what I was searching for, Fantastic job!

john on

I don’t really like the bookend bookends

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