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Hi, Happy May! Wow times going by awfully fast!  As you might know by now,  its our monthly “By Invitation only” post, when a group of like minded bloggers get together and offer up their own interpretation on an agreed up on “theme of the month”. This months theme is a fun one…… we are each to describe a perfect dream day. So many things come to mind…..being in Rome for midnight mass on Christmas eve, only for it to start snowing lightly while Andrea Bocelli makes a surprise visit to the Vatican singing Ava Maria…..yep that’s always been a dream of mine! However other things come to mind, could be just staying in bed all day surrounded by magazines, books, and my favorite foods, jetting off to a spa day with a bunch of friends, being at the perfect beach house with my family on a picture perfect weather day, it goes on………..

On any given day the “ideal”for what would constitute my dream day could change depending on my mood. But my frame of mind right now, which is one of being a little frenzied, very very busy, overwhelmed at times and  desperately needing a serious dose of downtime, has me craving a vacation with a lot of R and R, so my dream day today reflects just that. When I think of getting away to a place that feeds my soul and heightens every one of my senses I can only think of one place…….Napa Valley. So imagine the shock on my face when my husband tells me he is whisking me off to Napa for the day!  Ready to see what it entails? Here we go…….

Wake up at around 8am- You see for me this would be considered “sleeping in” I am normally up around 5:30 or 6 so 8 sounds like a nice civilized time to arise. Oh….whats that I see? Breakfast for moi? My sweet husband has decided to bring me breakfast in bed, a really indulgent kind of breakfast with all the fixings and my favorite kind of coffee…Peets ala french press. Yum! How thoughtful he even brought me the book I am reading, awwwhhhhhh!

Get up to take a hot shower and when I step out, I am met by a couple of beautiful new suitcases on my bed bursting at the seams with a brand new wardrobe all in size 6!  Before long we are off to board our flight, he has surprised me with having booked our own private plane, but being the smart man he is, he made sure its a nice big one, because he knows of my severe claustrophobia…doesn’t want me having a meltdown to ruin my dream day!

On board I am lavished with English tea and Laduree macaroons…can’t turn those down!
Finally we approach the unmistakable fertile dream valley..the one and only Napa Valley
Off I am whisked to our surprise destination, and see a bottle of my favorite wine, crusty french bread and an assortment of fine cheeses awaiting my appetite (which unfortunately is always alive and well)! We sit just the two of us gazing at the idyllic vineyards, lost in tranquility……
He then tells me the next part of my surprise is that all my favorite people in the world including my sons, my family and all our close friends have flown in  to join us for this dream day! Before long we are seated at a spectacular sunflower laden table with 30 or so of the most important people in our lives. We feast on local homegrown fare paired with incredible wine and its a lunch to be remembered with plenty of laughter and story telling!
After lunch, my husband tells me he has rented a house for us to stay in for our short stay, one look at it, and I am in love with this Tuscan vision!
We spend the afternoon sitting by the tranquil storybook pool seeing which overlooks the vineyard. If I didn’t know better would swear I am in Tuscany. I plant myself on the chaise and don’t move a muscle for hours,  except to move my right arm to reach for………
Non stop rounds of fabulous antipasta that is served to us and our guests, as we feast yet again poolside taking in the warm Napa sun and ZERO humidity (even my hair is happy here)!
Accompanied of course by a delectable glass (or two) of some yummy Chardonnay, helloooooo……..we are in Napa afterall! Drinking at lunch AND the for afternoon snack is de rigeur!
At sunset we all go in to change, and hubby has stunned me yet again with the most beautiful catered dinner by a famous local chef, none other than Thomas Keller. Way to go!  The weather is perfect, 60’s, dry, beautiful sunset, smooth jazz radiates throughout the house and we all gather again for a sumptuous feast.
After dinner we mosey on out to the pool area again where there is a lit firepit and after dinner drinks and all kinds of wonderful stories are shared……..
Finally I spy the most beautiful dessert table  under a massive oak tree, with dozens of tiny lanterns sprinkled about…it looks like its out of fairytale! We all walk over and indulge in all my favorite sweets. We sit back by the pool and carry on until the wee hours……..
This day has been just beyond. Total Perfection. Surrounded by those I  love and cherish, being in a place that makes me feel alive but relaxed, indulging in all my favorite foods and wines, all the while being a size 6……does it get better? Oh and did I  mention that on this dream day, absolutely no calories count? Talk about icing on the cake! Before long we are boarding the plane to go home sweet home, which I am really happy about because I love home, truly the perfect ending to a perfect day!
Want to know one of the best parts of this dream day? Coming home to this cutie pie……..we invited him to come but he told us “he doesnt do” Napa” πŸ™‚

Hope you had fun with me in Napa its your turn, what would your dream day look like?  Would love to know! Wishing you a dreamy day!
Want to see more interpretaions of this dream day? Click here to be taken over to the brainchilds blog, Marsha of Splenderosa. Yep, that glamorous vixen who so generously is offering that fabulous giveaway from yesterdays post. Winner to be announced tomorrow!


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Kate on

I love your dream day, Tina. Any chance you have one more seat on that private plane for a new friend? This day is perfect, love how you told the story, you swept me right up and I felt like I was nearly there with you. And how sweet to see Teddy’s cute little face at the end! Loved this.

carolyn bradford on

Ahhhh….you read my mind of the perfect dream day for sure!!! And yes…the hair does so well there!!! What a fun post and a great way to start off my day! Even if it’s just a dream! We can all dream can’t we?? I think I’m showing this to my husband immediately! Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, isn’t it?! Wouldn’t that be fun!
Thanks for this beautiful post! Have a wonderful day…no matter what you are doing!
Carolyn Bradford

Mrs. Sutton on

I hope that you’ve put this up poster sized and pinned to your husbands’ bathroom door! One word – YUM!

Design is... All in the Detail on

hmmmmmmmmm – don’t think I will wake up for a while… thanks for the daydream! PERFECT… (I went to Tuscany in my post today too – great minds think alike, eh, Tina! HA) Enjoy your day (either reality or dream) Looks like Teddy is doing better too. xoxox Jalon

Luciane at on

Good morning, Tina!

Oh, I’m going too! πŸ™‚

I love Andrea Bocelli and we played “Ave Maria” during my wedding.

Thank you for your sweet comment on “My Design Chic” this morning. You’re a very special friend for me in this busy world! πŸ™‚

Have a very blessed week, Tina.


Luciane at

The French Hutch on

Well I think this is an awesome dream, think I’ll borrow it from you! So happy to see Teddy looking well and happy again.

The French Hutch

liparifam on

Like minds… Wouldn’t change one.single.thing. πŸ™‚

Karena on

Tina, this could be a perfect dream day for me as well!!

Gorgeous setting, food, drinks, friends and family!

Art by Karena

Nickie on

What a dream day! Those pictures…where do you find them? They’re amazing.
So funny when you wrote “Teddy doesn’t do Napa!” Lol!
Have a nice day!

Leslie on

This is total perfection. Your dream day is MY dream day, right down the private plane that serves Laduree! How cute Teddy saying he doesn’t do Napa. If I lived in house like he does, I wouldnt budge either. This was amazing and a perfect start to my day.

5th and State on

i could do your dream day except i would have a renown make-up/hair/clothes magician give me a do over, poolside!

a girlfriend of mine has a dream date every birthday compliments of her husband. she never knows where she will be whisked off to but her day always starts with a fab piece of jewelry on her breakfast tray and a private plane headed for a destination unknown. we live vicariously through margie!

Leslie on

Perfect choice Tina! Napa is an amazing destination with not only endless wine and food options but also of beautiful landscape. Last time we were there, my husband and I rented a tandem bicycle one day and cruised through the vineyards wine tasting. So much fun and helped to burn a few calories to make room for all the yummy food.

Enjoy your day.


Cynthia on

I love your dream is there any way I can come on this dream day it sound wonderful.


Cheri on

Oh I want your dream day…I was swooning over EVERYTHING. Add spa treatments and I’m good to go.

The Preppy Princess on

This is a little spot of bliss on a wacky morning, thank you for providing a spot of sanity today! And nothing could be better than seeing your dear Teddy, such a face.

Sending you a smile,

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} on

Why do I think this is more than a dream? :). Living just a bit more than an hour (by car) to the Napa valley, we really should go there more! I should steal the mister for a nice mid-week get-away soon! Glad Teddy’s doing better! What a love!


I have been out of the loop for awhile but it looks like your PUPPER is doing great!Tell him I was in NAPA on SATURDAY for a home tour and it would be way too hot for him so he is a smart dog!NO NAPA!
Love your image of mass in ROMA and Andrea singing!Sheer heaven!

Bubble and Squeak on

Just reading this is putting us at ease! What a wonderful day!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns on

Tina, this sounds like the perfect dream day! The lovely time in Napa with family and friends, the wine the delicious food and the dessert table. Then the new size 6 wardrobe and the private plane…a wonderful adventure.

Always fun to visit here on By Invitation Only.

Teddy looks great! I am so happy to hear/see that he is looking so great.

Take Care, Elizabeth

zanetastyle on

Lovely dream day Tina! Hope Teddy is feeling very well and makes every day now a dreamier one for you (:

Frances on

Your dream day is great! Mine would be different. I would love to stay at a beautiful beach house, on the wonderful ocean. Wake up, open the doors and let the sweet ocean breeze gently fill the kitchen. I am with my hubby as we are served the best coffee, scones, whipping cream and strawberries. Next up a walk along the warm sand where we see no one else, except my children coming with their surf boards to play. Next a wonderful horse back ride with the whole family, on the beach, in the salty sea….lunch served on the beach…. then the kids can go. haha…. My husband and I alone once again while we enjoy and relax on our beach chairs, toes in the sand, breeze gently blowing and another cup of coffee of course. Then off to the spa where we both go for a massage and the whole deal, facial etc. Then out to the most romantic amazing dinner, served in candle light! then dance the night away, home for a midnight swim in the pool by the ocean! Thats my day!

L.P. on

Now this is a day that I could use, may I come along? So much fun. Love how you included family and friends, a beautiful hiome, a perfect scenic spot, great food and wine and zero calories? Perfect. That Teddy is so cute and what a face to come too…cannot blame him for staying back, having run of YOUR house? Smart dog!

Loved this. Got my wall brackets in, they are GORGEOUS. I will be sending pictures, so much prettier in person!

pretty pink tulips on

Private plane to Napa and a new wardrobe? Oh yes…I’m on board with that!

Though your first dream day sounds amazing to me!! Let’s see….I might have to say a surprise trip (on a private jet) to St Tropez…as it has been a fantasy of mine to visit. Of course, I would be in perfect bikini shape and have the most handsome waiter bring me a champagne cocktail just as the sun begins to set on the water.

Have a lovely day, Tina!!
xoxo Elizabeth

Dovecote Decor on

I am having a dream day at home looking at my roses pop. I just got my furniture from HP. BTW were you there? I’d love to meet you some time.

Splenderosa on

Love your comments on the size 6’s and the no humidity for perfect hair. I don’t really think you’re dreaming, I think all of this could be YOU & yours. This is why I love you so much, there is no end to your imagination, creativity and love for everyone you know, including Teddy. I’m a bit like Teddy, as I prefer Sonoma to Napa anyway. My “Dream Day” was when we posted our 1st “By Invitation Only” way back in September. How could this ever be topped?

Marie Soderberg on

Oh Tina! what a lovely dream..I love the new warderobe part..hihihi and private plane..oh gosh..I should go to Cannes right away..and buy some shoes…

mikky on

Such a fun idea! Would love to tag along on your dream, especially to ride in the private jet. Your pup is as cute as ever, love those shiny sweet eyes!


Barbara@HausDesign on

LOVE that house! Your dream day sounds pretty divine. I found you anticipating some of what my “wants” would be – like the suitcases crammed full of a new wardrobe for the trip. πŸ™‚ I’d have to think about what my dream day would look like – I think I’m off to daydream for a while….:)

Mel@Georgica Pond on

At this particular moment my dream day consists of being able to get up out of a chair and then walk without wincing, sleep without groaning, eat without heartburn, climb the stairs without needing oxygen and manage to stay awake beyond 8pm! But your dream day looks like something dreams are made of.

Beth25 on


Teresa at Splendid Sass on

Well you win my day-planner award! Love everything you chose here, TIna! The first dream you spoke of is not shabby either!
Happy Tuesday.

behind the picket fence on

my dream day or minute would be getting to spend any time with my son Matt. who went to heaven march 28 last year. nothing else matters/time spent with your love ones anywhere.

'LUSH' on

Your dream is almost too perfect! I can’t think of anything I would change about your dream, other than It’d be my dream with my sons, and those I love in it! Truly a fantastic fantasy!

Acquired Objects on

All I can say Tina is never let that husband go! He created a great dream, you too, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m with you nothing like coming home to our beloved four legged friends!


Privet and Holly on

Tina: I just got home
from Napa, last night : ) !!
It wasn’t as luxurious
a weekend as the gorgeous
one you painted, here,
but it was very special,
indeed and I cannot
wait to go back!

Happy Tuesday,
xo Suzanne

Chris on

Great dreamy day, Tina…Now grab Marsha, make that dream come true! I am doing an art show in Yountville, Napa Valley Art Festival, August 18!!! Come see me!!!
What a kick that would be!
I love Sonoma, too, Marsha…smaller, quaint, vintage…
xoxo, Chris

Chic Coastal Living on

Okay my friend that was totally dreamy!! Especially that private jet and all that cheese and wine!! in Tuscany and Napa! What else could a woman want? I’m running out to buy a lottery ticket! Love this!!!

Fashion-isha on

I love this post. Every picture here is a dream, this was a real virtual vacation!

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

Darling friend,

you share in my dreams! EVERYTHING HERE, I will take it in a HEARTBEAT, including that soft fluffy sweet and faithful fur friend. Anita

Lost in Provence on

I am so glad that I didn’t miss this–oooh, you made me dream!! And yes, of course, how could you not include Teddy? Sweetie face.

Belle on Heels on

I hope you’ve got 2 extra seats on that plane, because the husband and I will definitely be joining you!

Ideezine on


Dreams are dreamt to come true as something we work towards. Lovely from beginning to end. I’d opt to just stay home with Teddy and roll in the grass and take a walk or two. Thanks for including a photo of Teddy he is just the sweetest and I’m so glad he is still enjoying his lovely life mad epossible by you and your family…amen!


john on

I’d love to visit Napa.

Corina Ogan on

It’s great that he booked a private plane based on your preference. You’re a claustrophobic so it’s really important to mull over your situation. After all, this is for you to have a fun expedition. He surely just wanted the both of you to fly safely and enjoy the trip. πŸ™‚

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