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First things first….I am happy to announce the winner of the gorgeous watch so generously donated by elegant Marsha or Splenderosa. If you haven’t visited her increidble boutique, click here, its a must see!The lucky winner was selected via Congratulations goes to…..
Prize ID Winner ID Public Info Private Info Random Sorting ID Weight
1: watch 1761944 sam carolina kitchen 10059617 1
And Marsha so generously decided on a second giveaway for the cuff featured in picture 17! That lucky winner is….
Prize ID Winner ID Public Info Private Info Random Sorting ID Weight
2: cuff 1761976 design chic 101425 1

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Please contact me and congratulations to you both!?

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, by now you know I am obsessed with all things blue and white, letterpress and monogrammed anything, beautiful silver and linens make my knees buckle as do magnificently decorated wedding cakes and last, but not least I am a sucker for a beautiful table. I could just stare at them all day long. Forget whats being served, just show me a beautiful table! Flowers are an absolute must have, monogrammed linens take a table setting to new heights, gleaming silver… my hearts racing. All ingredients for one magnificent table…and there’s no such thing as “too much”!
?In light of the fact that the summer and spring entertaining ?season is upon us, I would venture to say that some of us at some point be attending a party, wedding or fete of some sort? ?So here’s inspiration that I think might just knock your socks off. This makes me want to throw a party but I am so so far from being ready. It does motivate me to quickly get this house in gear so hopefully by 2013 I am ready for some kind of shindig! How about you? Do they have that effect on you too?
This is just downright breathtaking….I wouldn’t eat I would just sit and stare! Carolyn Roehm working her magic
Carolyn works her magic yet again….jaw dropping gorgeous!
This is as elegant as any buffet table could ever look…..River Farm
Leave it up to Martha Stewart to make a vege centerpiece look glamorous!
The elegant monogrammed napkins, sterling, crystal and fabulous flowers make the perfect table, Carolyn Roehm
The colors here with the rich use of gold as an accent is so elegant, Mark Rose Flowers and Events
Love the idea of creating a Tuscan themed table with lots of lemons, lavender and some statuary, Alchemy Events
This is just beyond beautiful….perfection!!
Carolyn at it again, this all white theme set off by the gold is spellbinding!
Love the vintage vibe of this exquisite table setting, Gumps
Really like the fresh crisp feel here, the pop of yellow adds so much. Homemag
Something about all white at night is just magical! A little of this
Adore this look for a spring or Easter luncheon, and its so easy!
Yes this has been used a thousand times but how can I not include it! Lisa Luby Ryan
Fabulous colors, love bamboo anything the pinks and greens…perfect for a summer affair! SA
The use of texture all in one color here is spectacular, Preston Bailey
This is pretty peachy! Love the fresh spring vibe! Martha Stewart
This just makes me happy. Sunflowers, glistening silver, white linens…perfection!
I so want to copy this. How magnificent, you could be serving juice boxes at this bar and it would still be amazing!
Look at how vibrant this table rich with color and texture is, ala Preston Bailey
I think the simplicity of a weathered wood table and all the crisp white is stunning, Williams Sonoma
Gingham and daisies never looked so beautiful! Fotobank
This is so beautiful and eye catching. The focus is on the lime green but they used pops of pink for the contrast….fabulous! Martha Stewart
Wow……makes me want to have a party!! How do you like to set a table? Do you have a favorite theme or color scheme? Would love to hear all about it! IF you were planning a party, how would you like to decorate for it? Wishing you a wonderful day.


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5th and State on

girlfriend you never give us a sample or two…….you always WOW!

i too adore carolyn roehms and have all her books, wish another was coming out. and will never tire of that setting by holly mathis, such depth of interest worth a look again and again.
thanks tina for the morning eye candy!

quintessence on

All beautiful!! Carolyn Roehm’s AT HOME is one of my favorite sources for tabletop inspiration!!

Cheryl on

Carolyn Roehm is just so creative. As you said, even juice boxes would be delicious! I love using silver pieces of my grandmother’s when I set a table. Not only are they beautiful, but they bring back such wonderful memories of meals with my grandfather and her.

NanaDiana on

You have showcased some of the most beautiful tables I have ever seen here, Tina. I love them! Carolyn Roehm really strikes a cord with me, though. I have not had a huge party in a few years. I used to host them all the time when we lived in the historical district. I loved them. Here, on the bay, life is much simpler. I hope to have a huge Fall party this year…if I can get ready for it with all that is going on. xo Diana

Mrs. Sutton on

My Goodness – it’s rare that I am actually stumped to be able to choose, but I have to say that you have totally exceeded yourself this time – the are ALL absolutely stunning – and I’d have ANY of them on any given day. I do agree though, that if forced to choose, then Carolyn Roheme ‘just’ pips the others to the post. You’ve inspired me to go and check out her books – she’s not so known here in the UK, so it’s a very welcome exercise. I am SO looking forward to 2013, when you start your entertaining in full force – I have a feeling that you will show us ALL how it’s done! Paula xx
p.s. Congratulations to the two winners – and Marsha at Splederosa is magnificent in her generosity – really wonderful!

Luciane at on

Good morning, Tina!

Beautiful post! So colorful… ready for spring!!!

I usually keep it simple, but always bring color and freshness with flowers.

Have a great day, sweetie.


Luciane at

Amy @MaisonDecor on

Hah! I would love to get a juice box of chardonnay at that outdoor buffet! Really gorgeous tables, filled with inspiration~!

The Pink Pagoda on

Wow!!! What a perfect way to begin my day! Everything you’ve posted is beyond beautiful!

Cynthia on

Really gorgeaous tables. The centerpieces on all of them are beautiful Just lovely post.


Carol on

All of those are stunning. Love the all white at night one. And while I think the first one is gorgeous, I thought the rule for a centerpiece was to have it low enough or high enough so that guests at the table can see each other to have a conversation. Are the centerpieces removed when people sit down to eat?

Karena on

Tina you have inspired me beyond!!Every theme and color palette is wonderful…
I think it depends on the occasion and ones mood for the event!

Art by Karena

Belle on Heels on

Lady, you are speaking my language here! I could daydream about parties and place settings all day long. These are all such fabulous eye candy!

carolyn bradford on

One of my favorite things to do is to throw a party! After seeing all of these incredible pictures…I will definitely have to step it up a notch! These were all breathtaking and I’ve always loved anything Carolyn Roehm does! thanks so much for sharing!
Carolyn Bradford

Terri ~the dressed up cottage on

Oh my gosh, I’m in LOVE with so many of these. I’m with you, I adore a beautiful table. And you can definitely serve PBJ sandwiches and juice boxes if the table is gorgeous!!! ha ha.
I’m saving several of these pics for my own inspriration. I love Carolyn Roehm. She always gets it right.

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} on

Wowzer’s! You got some gorgeous going on! I’d love to pull off Preston’s table, eith all the moss and texture! And there’s nothing prettier than a sky-high centerpiece , but how do you talk through it. Love your note about the juice boxes! In the end, people want to feel welcome and enjoy the experience. Food for me is secondary. But, that’s just me. And finally, we can’t wait to have you host a shindig! It will be fun to watch!

Leslie on

Tina- I am in awe over how beautiful each and every one of these tables are! We are hosting a semi formal sit down luncheon/shower for my sister in September and I am getting some really good ideas. I love love the pink table from Gumps, its so feminine and dreamy looking but they are all incredible. Carolyn Roehm’s book are a constant source of inspriation for me (you have a very similiar style to hers)
Its so much fun to plan a party and obsess over the decor, the food comes after..for me its all about how pretty everything looks!
I got my silver order in yesterday and LOVE each and every piece, they are way more beautiful in person. Have a beautiful day and give cute Teddy a hug.

Anonymous on

This might be the prettiest post I have seen in months! Carolyn Roehm is my hero, she has such style and grace in all she touches. Many wonderful ideas here, thanks for sharing your great taste and superb ideas.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns on

Hello Tina!

I love a good party…and the more tasty treats the better.

These tablescapes are all so beautiful. I am in awe of some of these! I think my favorite is image with all of the violet color tulips in the backround and on the table and the white flowering trees in the garden, your description is perfect…it is perfect.

Hope you have a great day! By the way, the Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg Banana Bread is fabulous!


Marlis on

A most fabulous post! I loved seeing all the tables. Swoon swoon.. thanks for sharing with us.. xo marlis

Donna on

Congrats to the winners!! Especially to one of my favorite blog, Design Chic. Beautiful floral arrangements too!!

The Preppy Princess on

Wow, that Martha Stewart veggie centerpiece is amazing! The table Gump’s did is also splendid, and you know I am going to love anything Carolyn Roehm. Very (very) pretty!

Miss Southern Prep on

I love the last Martha Stewart one (I love pink and green!!), and I’m obsessed with the Holly Mathis one with all of the blues and whites on the rustic wood table!

Splenderosa on

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen will be delighted, and it must be an omen…she’s won something of mine before! This turned out to be my Dream Day, Tina…I will revise my pageview # for you…it was over 7800! And, that last image with the lime and pink is one of my favs. Sending love…..

christy on

These are all so incredible but that bar with the huge sprays of hydrangeas is unreal. Love your comment about the juice boxes, too. So true, when you have a beautiful table everything looks and tastes better. This was a real treat.

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

Now this is one fabulous roundup, Tina! Looks as if Carolyn and Martha have a large part of the tablescape market wrapped up!
Thank you for sharing.
Congratulations to the winners!
Happy Wednesday.

Victoria on

All of these are beautiful, but Carolyne Roehm can do no wrong in my book. She used to have an online store with unique treasures that I loved, but unfortunately she closed it down. I love to set a beautiful table for small dinner parties, with my collection of antique mix-and-match Minton china, sterling flatware or hotel silver, lots of flowers, vintage table linens, candlelight and crystal stemware. Then I also love to set a beautiful table if I am entertaining people on my lanai using Irish linen runners or rattan chargers, vintage jadeite dinnerware, vintage hobnail glasses, bakelite flatware and lots of flowers and candlelight…AND of course the tables are not complete without delicious food, lovingly prepared. Each one of the images you have shown will go into my inspiration file for future use.
XO Victoria

Acquired Objects on

This is why I love blogging you get so many great ideas! I could do several of these but on a smaller scale. They’re all stunning!


michele on

pretty soon there will be hyndrangeas everywhere here, but for now, it’s bare. just sad and i soooo need to get on the stick. i love lemons and limes around too. and when i am feeling saucy: i order exotics from a place in hawaii and arrange them in quirky arrangements that absolutely pop in their neutral surroundings. pink ginger! bird of paradise! heaven!

smiles, cute blogger.


Designs By Pinky on

Practically every table I set is different. I LOVE tablescaping and entertaining! We belong to a dinner group and they are always anxious to see my table when they come. I ahve even inspired one of the ladies to DO her tables too. Carolyne Rhoeme is genius. XO, Pinky

Barbara@HausDesign on

Tina, that first blue and white table with the huge sprays HAS to happen in your beautiful home! It’s so YOU. When that big shindig happens next year, may I be so bold as to invite myself??!! πŸ™‚ Just kidding but we really need to get together on one coast or another…I’m thinking all of us Seattle-based bloggers may just lure you over here! πŸ™‚ Have a great day.

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen on

What a surprise to see my name as the winner of Marsha’s lovely watch. I am thrilled. I will be in touch with my address.

Your tablescapes are stunning. The one with the bright yellow sunflowers reminds me of Provence.

classic β€’ casual β€’ home on

AMAZING POST. I am going to copy the Martha Stewart vegetables on a smaller scale for a BBQ by the beach. You have a typo in the second sentence (my dyslexia makes them pop out),,,,nice to know you are human πŸ™‚

Lauren on

Gorgeous images! This makes me want to plan a spring/summer soiree!

Kathyrn on

I Adore Carolyne Roehm as a decorator. I have all her books & she is a blue & white Goddess as far as I am concerned. second to you only as I am new to your work. You are both so very talented & love both of you greatly. Keeps my talented mind constantly working overtime. I am so excited to finish my new little home in Bethel Island so I can share my pictures with you for your input. Love you guys both! Kathyrn

Anonymous on

You are absolutely amazing with the beauty you bring into our lives each day! My daughter is getting married in June and several of today’s pictures have given me new ideas for the flowers at the tables! Thank you, thank you for this wonderful blog!

Susie M.

The Buzz Blog on

What a gorgeous collection of springtime tables! Each is prettier than the next and Carolyne is the master.

zanetastyle on

You know Tina, you do make it real hard to choose just one (: But I love the Blue and White by Carolyn (2nc pic) best, even if the blues in my house are mostly provance blue green … in my dining room (blue and browns are dominant with some blue-green colours) I could perhaps try to create that look (: I love the twigs with blossoms on the table for flowers, gives it a casual country feel but so impressive too…. hugs Z

Debby Steele on

You are soooo right…Carolyn is a magician… wow!! xo

The Zhush on

WOW! Great ideas and inspiration here…pinned a few of these fab tablescapes!

Daphne Davis on

I, too, have all Carolyne Roehm’s books. I love everything that she does. I have one correction though, the gorgeous photo of the table with the blue and white exportware was done by Dallas designer, Lisa Luby Ryan at the home of a client. It was featured in Veranda, Dec. ’11.

Chris on

Yes, Yes, Yes…any excuse to decorate a table! Having had a retail store for years where we decorated tabletops day in and day out, it seems like I HAVE to do it. I have to fight myself not to merchandise all my treasures around the house. I am trying to simplify, Lord knows, but it is so difficult for me.
A post to excite the eyes!!!…as always!
xoxo, Chris

Neesie on

Enough, enough Tina please,
Everytime I think I’ve got an idea to pass to my daughter for her wedding, I see another and another….there’s only so much a person can stand. I think I’ll pin them all and pass them over to her ;D
Amazing the variety of so many exquisitively beautiful tables.
I think I like the idea for monogrammed napkins too (adding to the long list as I type!)
Have a wonderful week!

Chic Coastal Living on

Wow! You certainly have the best table round-up I’ve ever seen! Love them all! Congrats to the winners because you always have the best giveaways!

Stacy Curran on

Just gorgeous Tina! I’m with you….some images are jus too spectacular not to use evn if we’ve seen them before. Thank you, too, for the wonderful comment at Stella be Sadie today…I was so touched. I hope all is well with you, Teddy, and your family!

Ideezine on


Bring on the celebrations looks like your ready and equipped with every kind of table setting. Congrants to the giveaway winners! Lots t take in and learn from here.

All is well!


Splendid Market on

oh gorgeousness! You are so right, Carolyn just has the touch! Lovely!

francis on

Thank you so much for sharing all this
Most inspiring …..
This month we will celebrate the very first BIRTHDAY of my very first GRANDCHILD
Little Eva ……
Her parents live in a flat and they asked to celebrate at my house …because there’s A GARDEN !
Can you imagen how you inspired me …….
Thank you so much

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

GOOD MORNING BEAUTIFUL! Oh I am rushing off to work, but I just wanted to come by to see you my dear! OFF I GO, Anita

designchic on

WOW, Tina…we are BEYOND THRILLED to be the winners of the FABULOUS cuff – still can’t believe it!! Kristy and I are having a bridesmaids’ luncheon for her childhood best friend in a few months and are hoping to do it outside…boy, am I inspired!!!!

3 Peanuts on

Hi Tina…I have not been here is a week or so…lots of catching up to do. I simply adore these tabelscapes and pinned quite a few. LOVELY!!!!

john on

Not into floral arrangements that don’t have a ton of color.

Shelley @ Easy Home Concepts on

I love the table setting on the last photo, the green theme with pops of pink by Martha Stewart is so lovely.

Something Different Linen on

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