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First things first….I am happy to announce the winner of the gorgeous watch so generously donated by elegant Marsha or Splenderosa. If you haven’t visited her increidble boutique, click here, its a must see!The lucky winner was selected via Congratulations goes to…..
Prize ID Winner ID Public Info Private Info Random Sorting ID Weight
1: watch 1761944 sam carolina kitchen 10059617 1

And Marsha so generously decided on a second giveaway for the cuff featured in picture 17! That lucky winner is….
Prize ID Winner ID Public Info Private Info Random Sorting ID Weight
2: cuff 1761976 design chic 101425 1

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Please contact me and congratulations to you both!?

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, by now you know I am obsessed with all things blue and white, letterpress and monogrammed anything, beautiful silver and linens make my knees buckle as do magnificently decorated wedding cakes and last, but not least I am a sucker for a beautiful table. I could just stare at them all day long. Forget whats being served, just show me a beautiful table! Flowers are an absolute must have, monogrammed linens take a table setting to new heights, gleaming silver… my hearts racing. All ingredients for one magnificent table…and there’s no such thing as “too much”!
?In light of the fact that the summer and spring entertaining ?season is upon us, I would venture to say that some of us at some point be attending a party, wedding or fete of some sort? ?So here’s inspiration that I think might just knock your socks off. This makes me want to throw a party but I am so so far from being ready. It does motivate me to quickly get this house in gear so hopefully by 2013 I am ready for some kind of shindig! How about you? Do they have that effect on you too?
This is just downright breathtaking….I wouldn’t eat I would just sit and stare! Carolyn Roehm working her magic

Carolyn works her magic yet again….jaw dropping gorgeous!

This is as elegant as any buffet table could ever look…..River Farm
Leave it up to Martha Stewart to make a vege centerpiece look glamorous!
The elegant monogrammed napkins, sterling, crystal and fabulous flowers make the perfect table, Carolyn Roehm
The colors here with the rich use of gold as an accent is so elegant, Preston Bailey
Love the idea of creating a Tuscan themed table with lots of lemons, lavender and some statuary, Alchemy Events
This is just beyond beautiful….perfection!!
Carolyn at it again, this all white theme set off by the gold is spellbinding!
Love the vintage vibe of this exquisite table setting, Gumps
Really like the fresh crisp feel here, the pop of yellow adds so much. Homemag
Something about all white at night is just magical! A little of this
Adore this look for a spring or Easter luncheon, and its so easy!
Yes this has been used a thousand times but how can I not include it! Lisa Luby Ryan
Fabulous colors, love bamboo anything the pinks and greens…perfect for a summer affair! SA
The use of texture all in one color here is spectacular, Preston Bailey
This is pretty peachy! Love the fresh spring vibe! Martha Stewart
This just makes me happy. Sunflowers, glistening silver, white linens…perfection!
I so want to copy this. How magnificent, you could be serving juice boxes at this bar and it would still be amazing!
Look at how vibrant this table rich with color and texture is, ala Preston Bailey
I think the simplicity of a weathered wood table and all the crisp white is stunning, Williams Sonoma
Gingham and daisies never looked so beautiful! Fotobank
This is so beautiful and eye catching. The focus is on the lime green but they used pops of pink for the contrast….fabulous! Martha Stewart
Wow……makes me want to have a party!! How do you like to set a table? Do you have a favorite theme or color scheme? Would love to hear all about it! IF you were planning a party, how would you like to decorate for it? Wishing you a wonderful day.


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