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Good morning!! If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know my obsession with white marble. For me personally, there simply is no substitute. So, when I have gotten, over time, too many emails to count inquiring about white marble, maintenance, what made me choose it, how its holding up, other possibilities,etc….. I have explained that there simply wasn’t a second choice for me……whatever maintenance might be required, was considered a “labor of love” in my book. White marble is the ultimate, timeless, classic, GORGEOUS and works literally with every style home. You simple cannot go wrong people! 

Having lived in my house now for almost 4 months..WOW, I can hardly believe it, I can tell you that the marble is doing beautifully. I am really happy with the sealer that both my installer and fabricator highly recommended and deemed ‘best in the market”, Dupont Impregnantor sealer which is great for all marbles and limestone’s (but of course check with your installer to be sure he agrees)! White marble is as beautiful in a bathroom as it is on kitchen countertops as it is in foyer floor. It just rocks no punt intended.

 So….today 20 beautiful reasons why I am a fan forever in the marble fan club….what do you think? Do you have it? Would you want it? I always reference the way its used in Europe, on everything from the famed Spanish steps where thousands and thousands of feet walk every day to all the pizzerias, cafes, bakeries,etc……its everywhere and still standing! I think that might be the best example as to its endurance and how beautiful it looks even after hundreds of years, there aren’t many things you can say that about.  So here we go…….

A few pictures of white marble in my own home, clearly I am a fan for life………………

I used it on my very large island and on the perimeter countertops

Love how classic white marble looks in any kitchen!

Subtle but just enough, I used Calcutta Gold, a white marble with soft gray and gold veining

I put it on my backsplash along with oversized subways in a framed herringbone “picture” behind my range

I truly cannot imagine having used any other material!
Love this exquisite sink carved out of a slab of Carerra…fabulous! Pinterest
The classic look of white marble “bricks” works in kitchens that are both very traditional and more transitional, like this one. Style at Home

Love seeing these gorgeous subways all the way up! Simply Pix
Love how the apron on this tub was done in a white marble herringbone design…stunning! J. Steinberg design
A stunner of a tub done in white honed marble, Veranda
White marble is an excellent and dramatic choice for an entry foyer, Atlanta homes and lifestyles
Whether in bricks or a huge slab as shown above….it always is a showstopper!
The intricate patterns that marbles are being made into nowadays is quite incredible! Jay Gleysteen archictects
A white marble mantle always work in any style/color room, J.K. Place hotel
This bathoom which belongs to Betty Lou Phillips, swathed
in white marble head to toe is fabulous 
Who said white marble is just for kitchens and baths! How about in a laundry room…..
Something so peaceful and ethereal about an all white kitchen adorned with white marble countertops
White marble looks incredible on top of dark colored cabinetry, HB
White marble rules in this beautiful kitchen, Christopher Peacock
So pretty..a fully enclosed white marble bath HB (love the sconces but I would feel nervous with those above my head while taking a bath)!
How about this gorgeous white marble sculpted sink? Yes please!
White marble really pops on top of a colored piece of cabinetry, Palm Beach Social
Love the idea of mixing marble slabs with a gorgeous patterend intricate floor like this one (New Ravenna floor) by Jennifer Eisenstadt
White marble in an all white bathroom is just a timeless classic, Country Living
Hundreds year old marble steps in Europe…still looks amazing! I rest my case!
Phew…..that stuff is gorgeous and I never get tired of seeing in all the many ways it can be used. I mean I even get excited visiting marble yards, strange? Maybe but I am a fan all the way through and to me, there simply is no substitute! What about you? Do you love it as much as I do? Have a favorite? Wishing everyone a marbleous day, lol..couldn’t resist!

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Jess on

Funny to see how people perceive things differently. I think marble only looks out-dated, and it reminds me of countless worn-down, unclean hotel bathrooms. To me, marble will always feel like people couldn’t afford to change it.

Then again, I live in Europe and there is marble pretty much everywhere. While some of the really old marble is beautiful, most of it is indeed found in hotels that were the most stylish choice 30 years ago.

The only thing I can think when I see the bathroom pictures above is “unclean!” and I wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to rip it all out.

Interesting how one can think so differently.

Debby Steele on

I wanted to do marble counters in my kitchen and the builder talked me out of it – big mistake. I am so glad you followed your gut and went for it. It’s like the creme de le creme of counters. xoxo

Susan on

Tina your stunning kitchen always takes my breath away. Just beautiful and you are right, cannot imagine it with anything other than white marble!
I only have it in my master bath and love it. When we do our big kitchen reno in the fall..we have decided on white marble and I can hardly wait. This post has me more convinced than ever its the only way to go!

Our French Inspired Home on

I certainly agree with you on the use of marble. If it has been used for hundreds (thousands?) of years, it can probably still be used for hundreds more. Your kitchen, as always, is amazing. Thanks for the information on your sealer. We will certainly ask our installer about using this product. We will be using marble in certain areas of the kitchen and pantry for baking areas. Hope it looks as good as yours! – Tonya

Suzanne on

I think your kitchen is perfection! And I totally agree with you on your opinion of marble. If I could afford it, I would have it everywhere in my house!

Amy @MaisonDecor on

I love the look of marble used anywhere! Your kitchen is gorgeous!! I love the neat examples, like the small carved marble sink in the red powder room..not a fan of red, but that sink is marvelous!

Acquired Objects on

Tina I will never get tired of seeing your kitchenit’s gorgeous! While yes marble is beautiful and it goes most places it wouldn’t have looked right in a 200+ year old farm house, just my personal opinion so we went with shades of soapstone everywhere. Nor did I want the high maintenance that comes with marble,soapstone has no maintenance unless you decide to oil it. Nor am I a big fan of white in kitchens its just me but everyone has their own opinioin the thing is to make it yours. Marble is stunning iit just wasn’t my preference.


Annie H. on

Hi Tina- what a gorgeous post. I am like you, absolutely love white marble. I love marble in many colors but somehow the white feels the most timeless to me. When we move in the fall I would love to change the countertops to white honed marble in our new house, right now its a rough limestone and they look “dirty” to me but my husband is having a hard time since the kitchen was just renovated under a year ago. Are yours honed? They look it, I like them because they look like they could have been there a long time, Tina your kitchen is so incredibly beautiful. It belongs on a magazine cover.

miss flibbertigibbet on

I love marble too and have it on my baking center and in the master bathroom. It is a timeless classic and beautiful, if used correctly. Interesting comment from the European and it makes sense. Like my aversion to heavy, dark, Victorian furniture…..I want to change it! LOL
It’s always a joy to look at your beautiful home!
Blessings, Lorraine

Luciane at on

I think it’s hard to find people that doesn’t like white marble. I love it’s smooth texture, it’s classic feel and the luxury vibe it brings to any space.

Fabulous post, Tina!


Luciane at

Belle on Heels on

The images of the marble subway tiles are incredible!! So beautiful.

Anonymous on

Your kitchen is AH MAZ ING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love white marble but have to admit I am afraid of it. It would be my first choice but with 4 young kids, a super busy household and a husband who thinks hes a professional cook, am afaid of what would happen to it, so we stay with our granite, not nearly as pretty but so practical!

Donna on

You have the most wonderful kitchen…it always makes me smile!
Have a wonderful day!

'LUSH' on

Two classics that I never sway from–white marble, and a leather chesterfield sofa. Love every single photo you included.

The French Hutch on

Tina, your kitchen is so gorgeous and your design taste I never question! I have a tiled countertop in my kitchen with plans to upgrade soon I hope. I always thought granite was the way I would go………now I may rethink this. I love marble, just never considered using it in my home. Thanks for spelling it out. Great informative post.

The French Hutch

Marie on

Exquisite! Looks elegant, classy and clean. Your home is a dream, I can imagine waking up to such beauty around you. May you enjoy it with health and blessings.


Susan on

Could Jess tell us what she would use instead of marble?

Fashion-isha on

You’re so right there is nothing like white marble. Why do I hear that it’s not practical and that it stains. What do you do to get around that?

david on

Thank you for the wonderful images that you share so generously; they always inspire. Recently, I found the book: “The House and Its Equipment” (1912). In the article on Bathrooms, the author ends by writing this most memorable passage that resonates with this current Blog: “One is unsophisticated in the morning, and the complication of things belongs to the night that is passed. This simplicity should be observed in colour as well: the bath and the lavatory will be white glazed. Let the walls be white too, so that by contrast our bodies may appear ruddy with health; and, looking well, we shall feel well.” Your images make me feel well. Thank you! David

Lauren on

We are getting ready to renovate our kitchen and I would love to use marble for the countertops. The key to success with marble in a kitchen is making sure to only use honed and a great sealer like you mentioned – a must to keep them looking their best. Beautiful images, love that marble sink!

GRC Ltd on

I can’t imagine a kitchen without–at the very least–a marble pastry slab. I don’t find marble to be the high maintenance everyone worries about–I agree with you, Tina, the beauty of marble is “well worth the candle”.
Thanks again for another lovely post.

I Dream Of on

Those are 25 gorgeous reasons, Elizabeth! We installed honed white marble in the master bath and on the dressing table in my closet, too, and I love, love, love it. Honestly, I think any wear and tear that happens to marble – especially in the kitchen – just adds to the patina. And it’s so important to just live with what you love and not worry about it. Glad your taking that philosophy. You must be beyond thrilled to have the slab in your closet installed. It’s gorgeous! XO

Victoria on

I also love marble. I am in the midst of an endless kitchen reno with endless problems, but my beautiful, honed Calacatta Oro marble counters was not one of them. I will also have the same marble slabs full height as the backsplashes. I cannot wait for that part of the reno, if I survive this ordeal.
Your images — and, of course, your kitchen — are splendid.

Barbara@HausDesign on

We had marble on the windowsills in our garage in our house in Munich if you can believe it? Now that I think was beautiful but perhaps unnecessary. πŸ™‚ I love marble and many types of stone as you know, so I have been pondering doing a metal base and a large slab of marble for a dining room tabletop. (our table got broken in the move so needs to be replaced). I am loving that idea lately but I’m sitting on it to make sure, since it will be a big project/commitment!

Gail on

YES….YES….YES….I LOVE white marble. I don’t have any in my house (except for a piece I put to replace glass on a long sofa table) and I wish I did. I want it in all my bathrooms and though I love my black granite in my kitchen, I would love it on my island. I almost did it but people discouraged me because of the stain factor. I wish I hadn’t listened to them. Someday….I hope!!!!! Do you have problems with stains???

Susie @ Maddie's Nest on

First off, your kitchen is amazing and I love your marble choice. I also LOVE the backspash you show above with lots of white and the thick veining. When just remodeled our 1920s home. I am type A and knew I couldn’t stand the “patina” of marble in my own kitchen so I did Bianco Macabus Quartzite which ended up being more in budget than the marble we were looking at but I LOVE my stone. What I don’t like is the cheaper Carrera that is everwhere these days probably because it costs about the same as granite and everyone wants Marble now….it looks dirty to me without distinct graining, etc. That said, I do love marble and had a custom vanity made from my powder room that makes me smile every time I go in there.

I think it all boils down to your personality and what you can tolerate in terms of maintenance.

The Preppy Princess on

There is no better demonstration of the beauty and practicality of marble than your house, it looks so lovely in each and every use. My personal favorite is your backsplash, that herringbone pattern is just a classic, clever use of the material. The other look that jumped out at me is the Jay Gleysteen, it just makes you draw in a breath and sigh. πŸ™‚

Nancy on

Agree 100% . I absolutely adore white marble, and I love all your images! Thanks!

serena on

This is such a timely post. I’m working on a kitchen and the client and I want white countertops. I’ve always thought of carrerra as gray. We found some slabs of calcutta that had very little veining, but ultimately went with caeserstone for a crisp, white feel. I share your fondness for marble and the photos you shared are gorgeous!

Chic Coastal Living on

I too love all of this marble! My husband thinks I’m crazy because I want to redo my kitchen counter tops already!

Terri ~the dressed up cottage on

I love your white marble. I cannot imagine anything else in there. It is perfectly done. But thankfully, we have a world of choices available, and there is a ‘perfect’ option for everyone!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns on


You are right, these are definately 25 great reasons to have marble. Your kitchen looks fabulous and I never tire of seeing photos of it.

And the other rooms, the bathrooms and that marble sink! I love that!

Have a fabulous day! Thanks for sharing all these beautiful photos.


Melanie Roehm on

Your kitchen is one of my favorite things. White marble is perfection and you nailed it. There is something about white marble that makes me giddy, I want to hold it, touch it and stare at it. Whenever I talk to stone/granite people, they always try and talk me out of it. NO WAY NO HOW! Europe was built with it and still it stands at attention. Keep the pictures coming, we love them!

red ticking on

oh tina… i am with you… and my sister and i are searching for the “perfect” white marble now… your home is sooo lovely… xx

Leslie on

Your kitchen is perfection and your marble is so pretty! How thick is your island? I love how beefy it looks. We are going to be adding white marble to a clients much smaller island in the near future are debating about thickness, I am going to show her this post.
So many lovely spaces here, great post to reference back to and I agree white marble just works everywhere and the older and more used it becomes, to me the prettier it looks, just look all around Europe!

Janette - The2Seasons on

I used cararra marble on all of the countertops in our kitchen and also used it for the countertops in the powder room and laundry room. I love it, but we are empty nesters. I would not have chosen it if we had kids still at home. It has etched some, but there aren’t any stains. My French friend’s entire kitchen is the same marble – including her sink. I love the way the Europeans embrace it, stains, scratches, etchings, and all.


Great post and imgaes. I have marble white with black insts floors and antique white carrara French tbale in the foyer I simply love. Your kitchen is gorgeous! Hope you visit me when you have a chance.

The French Tangerine on

Love the title, and couldn’t agree more! Especially in your grand and european home, white marble was the only choice.. stunning!

Sarah Klassen on

SO so beautiful, I am completely in agreement! There is nothing like timeless marble πŸ™‚ And that sink? Just heavenly…

Wishing you a lovely day!


Amy on

Oh what a dream of a post! Tina, if your kitchen isn’t the most beautiful argument for white marble dont’ know what is.

All the rooms you featured are so beautiful, some of those bathrooms make me want to renovate mine right away!
I know I will come back for future inspiration to this lovely post. Love your blog so much!

vicki archer on

White marble or grey with white is my absolute true love too Tina… I have just used it in a flat that I helped renovate for my daughter… Actually it just went in the kitchen today and I have to say… looks fantastic. I hope she can look after it! I am going to ask about that sealer you mentioned… it might just be the thing… Timely post for me… Thank you… xv

Lana @whatsthestorymorninglory on

Hi Tina,
I love white marble. When we renovated our kitchen 4 years ago I wanted white marble for my counter tops. My husband did not agree and the store we purchased from said they there would be no guarantee with marble. That we would have to sign a waiver stating that we had been warned that the marble easily stains and install at our own risk. The store proceeded to tell use horror stories of marble being stained and having to be ripped out. I asked why then is it in every design magazine as the kitchen counter. No one really had a good answer for that one. I was too scared to go with the marble and went with a granite. Not the really busy speckled one, but a more solid color. I do love marble and wish I could have used it. Maybe in my next house. It sure looks beautiful in yours.

michele on

one of my regrets in our home is that we listened to some idiot designers who told us we could never live with white marble in the kitchen (we have it in the bathrooms and LOVE living with it). next time, we’re doing what we want.


*billy crystal accent*

you look mahhhhhhbleous today.


Christy on

Hopet this goes through, having issues signing onto my google account.

Sign me up for the marble fan club, if I was doing a new kitchen I wouldn’t listen to the naysayers, I would only want to use white marble for my countertops. The Europeans as you said have been doing this for centuries and it still looks so beautiful. I absolutely love the way you have used it throughout your beautiful home, your kitchen is such a dream! The materials you used, the colors and the overall old world European feeling was done to perfection, you should really be proud.
Thanks for such a beautiful post that has now given me a great idea for my new guest bath that we are adding, white marble!

-Lisa on

Hi Tina,
I honestly don’t understand how anyone could look at the those bathroom pictures and see “dirty”?
Regardless, marble is classic, timeless and beautiful, especially in your home.


I’m a huge fan myself! It’s good to hear that you’re happy with it’s performance too. And I know I’ve said this before but your home is just spectacular! I love seeing the final results.

Hope you’re having a lovely week! πŸ™‚

zanetastyle on

((: yes you won the / or your case Tina, good arguments here!
White marbel goes with everything truly. Italy is my favourite place to go to see it(:
And your kitchen is just perfect with the white marble, black centre island and the most amazing flooring I have ever seen…
My fav is the sculpted sink, need one for my powder room… ciao Z

Glamour Drops on

Yes, I’m a great fan too. But I find that my clients are divided in two: those who adore it and those who scrumple their noses. Such strong reactions, either way!

I am most taken with that bathroom in the second to last image, the one with the extraordinary floor. Dramatic, bold and intricate.

De tout, de rien on

Swoon!!! That’s just beautiful. I agree, can’t go wrong with marble. I got a couple more photos for my dream bathroom file. Thank you for the inspiration Tina!!

Belle de Ville on

I love the clean look of white marble but I would opt for granite counters in the kitchen.
I’m much too messy for white marble.

Kate on

When my husband becomes a full fledged WORKING doctor (hes doing his residency) my dream is to have white marble. To me, theres nothing prettier and your kitchen exemplifies that to perfection. So gorgeous!

We are living on a laminate budget at the moment but I plan for that to change give or take 2 years or so! Thanks for keeping my dream alive!

theresa on

in the middle of a whole house redo and calacutta gold is going in all 5 bathrooms, kitchen & utility room. With 4 kids, grandma & hubby–I have no concerns at all!! There was never any other choice. Period. Believe me, many tried to talk me out of it but I KNOW I have made the right choice. We picked our slab & its gorgeous!! Will keep you posted.

Kathysue on

Love white marble, I have Carrera in my entry and guest bathroom floor and on the counter and walls in the guest bath. Love it can not imagine my home without it! So many beautiful images, drool worthy for sure, xo Kathysue

Sheer Serendipity on

No doubt about it, white marble is simply gorgeous! I love the way it looks in your kitchen, just beautiful!

Cre8ive Motives on

Love marble. Could have it in every room if that was possible πŸ™‚ And your kitchen is stunning.

The Pink Pagoda on

I couldn’t agree more, Tina! White marble is my favorite, too. The images are absolutely incredible. Every one of them is beautiful!

Melissah from Scrapbook on

I love your marble – so stylish & elegant. It’s my absolute fave!


Castles Crowns and Cottages on

Oh I am soooooo late. And I only have ONE marble piece in my home, which is a vintage table that goes underneath a HUGE carved French mirror. I LOVE IT!!!!!! AND your home Tina is the grandest of all. PEACE MY DEAR! Anita

christy on

Love white marble too. Wish I had more of it. Next kitchen gets white marble, no ands ifs or buts. It is just beautiful and you are right there is no competition!

Anonymous on

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Anonymous on

That beautiful bathroom is by Jan Gleysteen Architects in MA, not Jay πŸ™‚

john on

Love the symmetry, very heaven like.

Clive Gomez on

This is so nice.This type of post is attracting people to read. Thank you for sharing…………….
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Anonymous on

Your kitchen is lovely. Would you mind sharing what material your floors are made of? Thanks!

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