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I hope we will all take even just a single minute out of our fun filled days of BBQ’s, beach outings, picnics, parties and get togethers to remember and reflect on the true meaning of Memorial Day. To stop and say a quick prayer to protect, honor and applaud the heroic job that all the brave men and women are doing overseas this very minute as well as the fallen who have sacrificed their lives for our great country. Truly the most noble and honorable job there is, in my humble opinion. i am in awe of what they do in order for us to continue living our lives of freedom, safety and independence.  

Good morning! Happy Memorial day! How is your holiday weekend going? Ours has been fun, good quality time spent with family and friends, today we are relaxing around the house until we go to  a BBQ around 5, I am hoping to hit a garden center and maybe do a little planting. The weather has been pretty nice, not perfect and we had a few random rain showers but for the most part its been sunny, and despite the humidity, I am not complaining!

Today’s which would you choose is to put yourself in the role of being a hostess, hosting a housewarming party. Naturally your guests will arrive bearing various types of housewarming gifts. Fun fun fun! I actually am needing your help  for real here, as I am going to someones house next weekend in CT. who just moved into a beautiful new home. I am deciding what to give her (from my store naturally) as a housewarming gift. So I need your input and your take on what you think you might like most to receive as a housewarming gift. As a background, the house is a smaller but very charming Georgian style which she is adding a lot of French influences to. She has excellent taste, likes traditional things and all of my choices are honestly things I know she would love (she has stated as much) She doesnt’ read my blog so I know I am safe here and this will be a total surprise….whichever wins is the one I am giving! So thank you for your help… are the best sounding board out there!

                                                       CHOICE 1 Stylish antler pillow

CHOICE 2 A gorgeous oversized blue and white ginger jar
CHOICE 3 A small lantern for a vestibule in her powder room
CHOICE 4 A beautiful round dough bowl
CHOICE 5 This beautiful silver planter filled with an orchid or champagne
CHOICE 6 A collection of 4 frames to create a small vignette

CHOICE 7 The beautiful very oversized crystal hurricane gardenia candle
CHOICE 8 A pair of these beautiful planters for inside or out
CHOICE 9 A pair of these polo salt and pepper shakers (they are horse people)
CHOICE 10 A canvas art print (she has a thing for peacocks as do I)!
CHOICE 11 This porcelain planter filled with a plant of some kind
CHOICE 12 A set of placemats, monogrammed dinner napkins and cocktail napkins with their initial

CHOICE 13 Farmhouse cutting board
CHOICE 14 A beautiful multi purpose serving tray
CHOICE 15 A pair of these artichokes for inside or out
CHOICE 16 A pair of these pheasants for just about anywhere
So……there you have it. I am really torn as to which to give,I know she will be delighted to receive any of these but since I obviously love them all, am having a hard time! Please give me your input, which you would like to receive and why you think it makes the best housewarming gift! Reminder linens and bell jars are getting a price increase as of tomorrow. If you have been thinking about either of these, take advantage now of the lower price. Thanks as always for stopping by  and your input. So, what are you up to today? Anything exciting or is it just going to be a sit back, chill out, relaxing kind of day? Do tell! Enjoy whatever you are up to.
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Castles Crowns and Cottages on

Oooo, my choice is number 8!!! Why? Because these can go either OUTSIDE in an urn, on the ground all year long OR inside, ANYWHERE, without the worry that they are too heavy or will break! LOVE THEM! And dearest Tina, have a great weekend! LOVE! Anita

Anne on

Hi Tina Happy Memorial day. Fun post and I love all of your beautiful things. If I was the lucky recipient of one of these gifts, my personal choice would have to be either the farm cutting board I think its practical and great looking or one of the silver or porcelain pieces with a plant, its appropriate for a housewarming and so pretty! Whichever she gets she will be a lucky lady.
We are off today to go on a friends boat for the day and will end the day with fireworks at a nearby beach. Have fun and give a hug to Mr. Teddy.

christy on

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christy on

Though i love them all, choice 8 to me is the perfect housewarming gift, she can use it any room and it is just so beautiful. I want one! I also think the belljar would make a really special gift if you know exactly where she needs it. Hope you are having a fun holiday weekend.

Cheryl on

Hi Tina: boy do I wish you were coming to my house lol! Hard to choose, as they would all make lovely hostess gifts. Begin with what she wouldn’t go and buy herself. I agree the ritz candle would be a great choice. I also like the oversized ginger jar. If she is an avid Gardner, the pair of garden statues would be great. Have a fun day!

Anonymous on

There is not a bad choice here, they are all so gorgeous, lucky lady! I love the idea of a bell jar lantern because she will always remember you everytime she sees it and the pair of pheasants are so pretty, always wanted a pair myself. Have a wonderful day today.

NanaDiana on

Oh- What fun- Tina~ I LOVE the peacock picture- but that is just me…otherwise I would LOVE to get #8 or the ginger jar (providing that would fit in with her decor). You can’t go wrong with any of these choices! Blessings and Happy Memorial Day- xo Diana

Karena on

I would love the pair if Artichoke Statuary, because they would be wonderful inside or out.

Also the Monogrammed Linens are a forever keepsake which will go with any dinnerware.

Art by Karena

Debby Steele on

Oh, if I have a party can I get a hostess gift? ha ha! I LOVE the lantern but think that the ginger jar is probably a better hostess gift. It’s something everyone can find a spot for in their home and it’s a classic piece. xoxo

Normangirl on

#11 The porcelain planter. It is traditional and gold is back in a big way. She can use anywhere and it is beautiful!

L.P. on

Wow I wish I was getting a gift like this! I really like several and think all would be such great additions to any home but my top three favorties are the 7 the candle, because its beautiful and can be used anywhere and 8 the beautfiul statuary pieces and the beautiful tray 14 because every hostess can use an extra tray and that one is especially beautiful. Look foward to seeing which you choose! We are off to a small parade and having some family over for a BBQ if the weather holds out. Enjoy your day, Tina

designchic on

I would be excited with any of them, but 8 or 15 would be my personal choice. Love that they can be used inside or out!! Hope you’re having a wonderful Memorial Day…

Meredith on

These are all amazing gifts, you are a generous friend! I personally think the monogrammed linens or the ginger jar are what I would most want to receive. They are just special pieces, and anything monogrammed is a wonderful gift to recevie. Sounds like a fun outing, hope you have a lovely time. We are off to a double header for my sons baseball team, yes on Memorial day. Then we hope to just relax and enjoy the last of the holiday weekend in our backyard doing nothing:-)

Acquired Objects on

I would pick #8 because of the style of her home and the planters are so versitile for either inside or out.

I hope you’re enjoying your long weekend!

XX Debra~

Anonymous on

What about the dough bowl? You could fill it with seasonal fruits and veggies. All of your things are lovely so really anything would be a perfect and thoughtful gift.

Betty Baker on

Good morning – well what a decision, it is hard to make——but I would love #2 the blue ginger jar it is magnificent and could be put just about anywhere you want it. You will make no mistake with giving any one of them. Good luck in your decision

Anonymous on

What a great selection of gifts! I would have to say that number 12 is my first choice, number five is my second choice and number two is my third choice. These are very traditional and the monogrammed table linens are a little over the top, compared to the other choices. Call me old fashioned!

mwaxter on

I vote for the dough bowl. I love mine and think it would make a unique and beautiful gift. Love that idea…hope you have a relaxing day today.

Kathy on

My vote is

No 1 the Silver planter

No 2 the silver tray

No 3 oversized gardenia candle

So so many good choices! Regards, kathy

Jill on

I have been inspired over the years by Carolyne Roehm’s book Presentations and I would suggest giving your friend the crystal hurricane gardenia candle for a housewarming gift. Tie the hurricane stem with rich, satin ribbon or wired taffeta ribbon and raffia in the color palate of her home and right before you leave for the party tie a small bouquet of freshly cut flowers from your garden to the stem with a sweet, handwritten card.

Lisa on

If I was lucky enough to be getting any one of these gorgeous gifts, I would want the silver planter ,5 or the lantern 3 or the ginger jar 2. I love everything but these are things I personally would love to have in my home right now.
Very nice selections, going to go visit your store now.

Susan on

I would give her the set of place mats and napkins. OR, I would give her the lovely candle in the glass. My third choice would be the light fixture if you are sure she can use it and would choose it.

Anonymous on

dough bowls ,just love them!

Anonymous on

My personal fave would be a dough bowl. I just LOOOVVVEE those. She can use it in the kitchen or even on a coffee table. Or in a bathroom with some towels rolled up in it. I wish you were my friend and I could get a gift like this!! Happy Memorial Day!


Missi at on

I don’t think you could go wrong with any of these choices, but I really like the idea of the orchid in the silver #5. Lucky girl in CT!

The French Tangerine on

Funny, my 2 favorite things are the wood dough bowl – totally rustic, and the silver planter – totally elegant.. I love them both and at the same time in the same room! I love mixing rustic with elegance and these 2 items are the perfect combo. I think the bowl filled with oranges or apples or pecans or peanut m&ms or tootsie rolls is such a great addition to any kitchen island. And the silver planter with an orchid is awesome just about anywhere!
Can’t go wrong with any of the choices Tina, you’re golden!

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

Oh my gosh, Tina! This is an impossible task! I would say the peacock canvas or the large blue and white ginger jar. Of course everything is beautiful.
Happy Memorial Day.

Taylor Greenwalt on

Any guest would love any of these beautiful gifts. I would love the blue jar and the lantern. Both are one of my favorites in your store. I would love to have you as a guest. A very thoughtful gift.

Barbara Fox on

Well…..I am in the minority but I think the polo salt and pepper shakers are “the bomb”
She would probably never buy those for herself and very appropriate for a hostess gift….Most of us have linens, trays, etc etc but those are so unusual.

Anonymous on

Tina, choice #5. The silver planter!! Yes, I want one. One day..

Janis Covington Stufflebean

ann chamberlain on

I happen to be partial to the lantern and the gardenia candle. Have a wonderful time! Happy Memorial Day!

Ricki Jill Treleaven on

Choice #7…the oversized hurricane with the gardenia candle. The gardenias were in full bloom at church yesterday…our church is outdoors lakeside during the summer, and every time the breeze stirred the blossoms we could smell them. It was lovely!

La Brocanteuse on

oh my, any of these gorgeous gifts will be totally lovely…if I had to choose one….first 11, porcelain planter with plant…second choice, the gardenia candle hurricane lamp..
have fun wrapping it up!
Colette ~ Afrique du Sud

Sherri on

Oh what a tough decision. She is a lucky lady, and you are a dear and generou friend! I like #5, the silver planter with a plant in it. There isn’t a thing on your list, however, that I wouldn’t be thrilled to receive.

Susan on

You do not make this easy! I love your entire store, literally every single item, so I would be over the moon to get ANY!
But if I really had to narrow it down, its 3 things, the gardenia candle, the dough bowl and the silver planter with something potted or a bottle of champage as you suggested would be fantastic too.
She is in for a treat whatever you decide,they are all wonderful gifts Tina. Enjoy your day, back to my garden!

Anonymous on

Love how you started off this post with the real reason behind this holiday. You are so right that we all need to pause and reflect on the luxury of freedom that we all get to enjoy.

What wonderful choices! Personally for me it would have to be the polo players, they are very special or the bell jar lantern. Two items on my own wish list!

Anonymous on

the wooden bowls….. love to have

Book of Jane on

Unfortunately for me I don’t have to take a moment to reflect. My husband and oldest daughter are both deployed, so this is on my mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Anonymous on

The peacock canvas is to die for! And the small lantern for the vestibule! (Sandi Mannen)

Deborah on

I would like to receive choice number 5, containing a lovely bottle of champagne to enjoy now, and later fill with an orchid. What a lovely friend you are!

Anonymous on

Hands down #10

mikky on

I think number 5 would be nice with a fushia coloured orchid inside it.


The French Hutch on

Happy Memorial Day to you too Tina. Back to the beach for me for a long MD weekend. Love all the gift ideas, any would be fabulous gifts. Your friend’s home sounds perfect for a blue and white ginger jar. Can’t go wrong for a traditional gift. I’m sure she will be thrilled with whatever you decide.

The French Hutch

The Preppy Princess on

Such fabulous choices for this one Tina, it is very tough to make a pick! I think either #8, the pair of planters, or #11, the planter with a plant already planted, would be ideal as a gift. In reality, any hostess would be delighted with each and every offering you have shared!

Hope your weekend was divine!

Stacy Curran on

They are ALL fabulous gift ideas! I would personally like #5 best because I am attracted to all things silver and shiny the way a bee is attracted to flowers! Hope you have a nice time at the cookout tonight!

Amy on

Honestly I would be doing backflips to get ANY of these. They are all so special and beautiful and would enhance any decor. I look forward to seeing which one gets the most votes. We just came in from a busy weekend, so its nice to be sitting doing absolutely nothing! Fun post.

Our French Inspired Home on

All would be great, but I would go for the polo salt and pepper shakers. I don’t like to take an over the top gift like a lantern. The shakers make a nice impact for a warming gift without being too much.

Splenderosa on

I love the new header, absolutely love it, Tina. OMG, everything you have would make a wonderful house-warming gift, just anything on your site would be welcomed by the homeowner and family. Sending love, sweetie….

SizzleandZoom on

I like to give something that is unique, thoughtful and something that would make
the receiver happy. My vote is for #9 the
horsey salt and pepper shakers. I’m thinking
that your gifting someone with a lot of money
and if so you got to think out of the box usually.

Victoria on

My choice would be #2 — the blue and white ginger jar or #14 — the silver tray. The ginger jar is magnificent and would fit with virtually any decor. The tray is both beautiful and useful, a gift any hostess would appreciate. While I love the bell jar, I think choosing a light fixture for someone is too personal and permanent…unless you want to give it to me. I would be OK with it, honestly I would.
XO Victoria

Brandy on

I just love that wooden bowl!

Anonymous on

I would love the pair of ornamental baskets! I have always wanted those. A close second is the silver planter with an orchid. Good luck!


Love it all but would pick the collection of frames.

Anonymous on

I think, bearing in mind the Georgian-esque architecture, the silver planter (no. 5) would look beautiful. (They’re all gorgeous but the planter fits best IMO but the silver tray would come in second choice for me).

Jeannine520 on

Your “which would you choose” posts are always so hard! πŸ™‚ I can’t pick just one so here’s the list of my favorites: 15, 11, 4 and 2.

Dianne on

Definately the peacock print. Pictures last forever and she will always remember you and your friendship everytime she looks at it. Your gifts reflect your generosity of spirit so I am sure she would love anything you gave her.

john on

Definitely a good print of a peacock

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