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Notice I changed the pictures in my header? I figured why not change it up to reflect summers light, airy vibe with a blue and white touch. Hope you enjoyed a relaxing and happy, safe Memorial day weekend.Hard to believe summer is officially here, we ended up having a lot of fun, it was more action packed than I originally was hoping for but once in the throes of all the activity, gotta admit we had a darn good time!

Before I begin, I was so honored to have been featured in a really fabulous online magazine spread, Belle Inspiration. If you arent’ familiar with it, you are missing out, its a wonderful online magazine created by tastemaker Mimi, and is wonderful treasure of all things French. I was so honored when they asked to feature me and The Enchanted Home shop! Click here to visit (click on May/June issue) . It begins on Page 79-80. Its worth heading over! It is such a beautiful spread….thank you Belle Inspiration!

One of my favorite kinds of lighting is bell jars. Just like the ones I have in my kitchen which is what prompted me to even start carrying them in the first place. They are classic, elegant, don’t detract, just enhance and are always such a perfect choice when in doubt. They also provide a nice soft lighting, nothing too strong but a definite room enhancer.  I have seen them work their magic in the most traditional spaces to very light airy modern/transitional ones.  So today a look at them in all their beautiful glory…what do you think, do you like belljars? Have them? Would want them? Would love to know!

So first my own belljars, funny for lanterns that were supposed to be “temporary” I think they are now staying. For good. They literally look perfect here, and for anyone who has seen them, they have thought I am crazy to consider switching them….so looks like they are home sweet home. These are the “tulip etched” design……..

I love the etching, gives it such an old world appeal

Belljars hold their own in the most spectacular and formal of spaces, Barry Dixon
Love the way the belljar was used in this showstopping foyer, Intrinsic Designs
Love the belljar in this super chic bathroom, Jennifer Eisenstadt
They are the perfect choice for a bathroom, House Beautiful (Same line as I carry)
This pair in nickel by Dana Wolter adds just enough tradition to a somewhat transitional feeling kitchen
Love how Barry Dixon used a belljar for this beautiful girls room
Rinfret chose a beautiful etched glass belljar for this beautiful and stately dining room (Same line as I carry)
Even for dramatic spaces, JMA

Rinfret used a collection of four (these are the line I carry) to create an interesting lighting design

Belljars are perfect for hallways and gallery type spaces, James Michael Howard

A pair of belljars is like a sure thing above an island, Deborah Lehman 
Belljars to me, are always the perfect choice for baths and smaller spaces too (same line as I carry)
Adore this closet by Barry Dixon……the belljar is a perfect accent here to not detract from all the fabulousness in this space!
Adore this space by Mary Evelyn, the belljar is a great compliment but does not detract from the beauty of the room
A trio of pretty belljars work perfectly with the scale of this long island

This is the cut star design, used beautifully in this stunning bath, Rinfret (same line as I carry)
A pair of belljars with a bronzed finish looks beautiful in this kitchen, James Michael Howard
The pretty and “go with everything” starburst design is a perfect compliment to this pretty dining room, Kristin Panitch
Belljars are my favorite lighting for hallways, both big and small, Bacco (same line as I carry)
Belljars can hold their own even in the most formal of spaces, as executed by Barry Dixon
This is the diamond cut pattern and reflects light beautifully (Thes are also from my line)
For a cleaner crisper feel, the polished nickel finish gives a nice gleam and adds to a crisp aesthetic
I think they are perfect for transitional spaces like small vestibules, Intrinsic Designs
Love the oversized scale Thomas Hamel used for this cozy elegant breakfast nook
Love the mix of styles here, the belljars with a highly polished nickel finish were a great choice, Downsview
Homey Design shows that even in more transitional spaces, belljars are a great choice
Love the way the belljar here adds the effect of lighting against such beautiful window, Barry Dixon
Another pretty example of why these always work for above an island! Alexandra Luhrs (From my line sa well)
Ralph ( as in Ralph Lauren) yes we are on a first named basis, uses belljars in his personal closet! Smart man that he is:)
For tall ceilings, they do a nice job of anchoring the volume of the space, Doma Architects
Barry Dixon chose a tinted belljar for this elegant bath
Even in a more formal room like a dining room, belljars look fabulous, prefer the ones with the metal tips for dining rooms, Rinfret
I think belljars are an ideal lighting option for foyers and vestibules, Barry Dixon
So….do I have you hooked yet on belljars? What do you think? Do you like the subtle way they add interest to a space yet don’t compete with what else is going on in the room as some light fixtures do? I think thats one of the most redeeming qualities about them, besides their versatility is that that they add interest, beautiful soft lighting but do not detract from what else is  happening in the space.

Reminder for anyone thinking about belljars from my shop, my approx. 20% price increase is effective tomorrow June 1st. They, even with the increase will be still be considerably less than my competitors, but right now they are as low as they can go! Thanks for stopping by and would love to hear your thoughts on belljars! Wishing you a wonderful day.


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De tout, de rien on

Absolutely gorgeous! I wish I had been aware of these while we were renovating our kitchen. They would have been such a glam choice! Oh well, perhaps I still might use them down the line!

Amy on

GREAT post. I love them in your stunning kitchen but seeing them in so many different rooms gave me a few ideas for my own house. I think they look beautiful in bathrooms and small foyers. I will be sure to save this post, Tina. Heading over to your magazine spread! Thats so exciting, congratulations, I sure can’t blame them and I am sure when your house is done its the first of many magazines we will see your home in, its so beautiful. Have a good day.

The Buzz Blog on

I’m totally hooked now, Tina! Belljars have a home in any room of the house and I’m going to have to find room for them in my little home. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Carolyn@Sweet Chaos on

I love bell jars, especially in foyers and over the kitchen island. I’m off to check yours out 🙂

Anonymous on


Debby Steele on

Mimi is such a doll, I love her. Yes, you and Belle Inspiration seem to be a match made in Heaven. I will go check it out. Love the new header for summer. xo

Mrs. Sutton on

I hadn’t really though of belljars before, but they would look superb in my entrance hall. Thank you for the inspiration – it’s funny how once you see something ‘in situ’ it becomes SO obvious!
LOVE your new header by the way – I noticed it’s freshness straight away!
Paula x

Victoria on

The new header is so soft and lovely. As for the bell jars, I think you made the right choice. My kitchen reno from hell may even be finished enough to decide which ones would work for me before the prices go up. Here’s hoping.

Luciane at on

Good morning, sweetie!

How are you doing today?

I love your new header. It’s so elegant!

Belljars are here to stay. I have one in my foyer and I love looking at it! 🙂 It’s so charming!

Wishinh you a wonderful Tuesday, Tina!


Luciane at

A Casa da Vá on

Tina I can’t wrap my brain around the fact that you always have the most fab photos! Every post is so much inspiration and this one is no different! Congrats on the feature, well deserved my dear. I couldn’t access the link to the magazine thou…

ps: Loving the new header

Hugs & kisses from South Florida,

Our French Inspired Home on

I would leave your belljars right where they are also! They look perfect there. Not every kitchen can take a belljar because of ceiling height, but yours is perfect. I also like them in the photograph of the long hallway. It actually reminds me of some of the photos I’ve seen of your halls.

michele on

i loved seeing this light in so many different installations!

happy new week to you, lovely.


Anonymous on

I have had a belljar hanging in my foyer for years. I love the way it looks. The only problem is that it is a dust and dead bug collector. Cleaning it is a chore. I won’t let anyone else clean it for fear of breakage because it is very fragile. I have to get up on a ladder and nervously and delicately clean it–all the while screaming for fear it will come crashing onto the marble floor.

'LUSH' on

Love the belljar more, now that you have used them so beautifully in your home. Or, it might be because your home is so beautiful that the belljar is even more spectacular. Nevertheless, it is a gorgeous light fixture.

Barbara@HausDesign on

I love them too – I kind of lump them in the lantern category and you and I definitely share a love of those! I wish I had a spot for them in my new house – you certainly showed many beautiful options here. I especially loved them grouped in multiples – what a great look. How exciting to be in a mag! I’m off to check it out now. Love the new banner too!

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

Your bell jars are amazing, and you are one great salesperson!! Every single image is perfection.
I LOVE your new header. I noticed it immediately.
Happy Tuesday.

Anonymous on

These light fixtures are lovely and certainly a classic that fits in with almost any decor. I am a little late to the party on yesterday’s post and any of those items would be a beautiful and welcome gift but going with your post today I think the belljar fixture would be a beautiful gift that your friend would love and admire for years to come, as usual you don’t make the choice an easy one. BTW, love the new header – very fresh.

Bubble and Squeak on

Always a chic and classic choice. Beautiful photos!

pretty pink tulips on

I absolutely love bell jars and wish I didn’t already have all my lighting covered. Maybe when we renovate the master bath!!!

And, I love that you decided to keep them in your kitchen. They just look perfect!!!!!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

xoxo Elizabeth

L.P. on

First the header is so pefect for your blog and for the summer season, love it.
I also love the look of belljars and love the one I bought from you for my small vestibule going to the master, its perfect.
I think they are great for hallways, kitchens and bathroom, well just about anywhere.
Such beautiful examples. Thanks as always for a thorough and well put together informative post.

Velvet and Linen on

I love bell jars and hope to use a few in our new home.
Yours are beautiful!


Alison @ The Polohouse on

Love bell jars…. have always been a fan.
Your new masthead is lovely!
Are those photos of your home or homes?

So stunning.

The Pink Pagoda on

I was already hooked on bell jars, and LOVED getting to see all the loveliness!! And your header is beautiful!

Splendid Willow on

Bell jars, is that what they are called? Much more poetic! I have just been calling them hanging glass lanterns…

I actually have an old, Swedish bell jar from the 18th c, sitting in one of my closets. I will dust it off and hang it just for you! (And send people to your store for stunning new ones).

Hugs to you.


P.S So many stunning images. And your fresh header looks stunning too!

uncoolmom17 on

Hmmmm, Mimi’s site needs a password to get in? Any help???

PS. Love just about everything in your house…including the bell jars! 🙂

Veronica on

Hi Tina. It has been a while so I am happy to visit and on the day that I find out you are keeping your beljars in the kitchen!!! that saves me from starting the petion I threatened if you decided to change them!!!LOL

I am totally sold on them, great job!


SizzleandZoom on

I love your new header. You’ve done a splendid job of showing us the advantages and beauty of decorating with belljars.

Acquired Objects on

We had bell jar lighting in our former home but they seemed a bit formal from our country home. I do love them and they really go every where as you’ve just shown.


zanetastyle on

Hello Tina! They truly do compliment any space without taking it over and allowing for mixing well with other fixtures near by…like in the transitional kitchen you are showing. I had a simila problem or rather joy to sort out, thought about using belljar lanterns (3 for a long centre island) and I just posted on my blog about how I solved the problem using art deco fixtures instead ONLY because our grand hallway is near by and I want to use these kind of lanterns there and it would be just too many lanterns that are the same in relatively close proximity …so I needed a different centre island lights. Otherwise I would be begging you to Ship to ME into CANADA again (((:
Enjoyed the images you chose a lot! Saved some for inspirationg again … hugs Z
P.S. they do look adorable and well placed in your kitchen!

I Dream Of on

Tina, Glad you had a fun Memorial Day weekend. Ours was fun, too, although I do think I need to do a little detox to follow all the good living! Love your bell jars, glad they are staying put! We are changing the lighting in our kitchen, replacing a fixture I don’t love with the sweetest vintage chandelier – which I fear will make the pendants over our island look out of place. Perhaps bell jars are the answer. Hmmmm…! Love the new header. XO

Donna on

Hi Tina!
I too love belljars…we have one in our new hallway and I love the shadows it casts on the walls!
I am so excited about seeing you in Belle Inspiration this morning… Congratulations!

Anonymous on

Ok. Now I love belljars too!

Mel@Georgica Pond on

Love all these images – great inspiration. Have a belljar light in our powder room that looks wonderful, they seem to go with anything and every style.

Marianne on

LOVE belljars. So classic and timeless. Wish my ceilings were tall enough so I could have them in my own house. I dream about them!

Karena on

Tina I must say first of all Congratulations on your wonderful article!! In addition this is one of the most fabulous posts I have seen; the bell jars indeed look perfect in SO many settings!

Art by Karena

Fashion-isha on

Ooh ooh ooh this post is pure eye candy!! I love the tiles in your house!! And I love your new header!!

Yvonne @ StoneGable on

Belljars… always a classic. Love the etching on yours!

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

Tina, bell jars are my absolute favorite accessory to showcase delicate items AND to make a statement. Your home along with these other showcase homes is a model of EXCELLENCE!!! BRAVO!! Anita

Annemarie @ Brunch at Saks on

Ok, Tina, you’ve created my newest obsession with these! How gorgeous! They look so pretty in every single setting. I adore yours!

Stacy Curran on

I DID notice your new header last week, and I love it! Love the bell jars, too. That hot pink little girls room is simply amazing!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns on

Hello Tina,

I hope you are having a great week! Sounds like you had a perfect weekend, not too busy but spent with friends and family.

I love your bell jar lights and think they look fabulous in your kitchen as well as every room you have featured.

I think that the garden urns would be a perfect hostess gift in case I forgot to write that in my last comment.

Enjoy your week, Elizabeth

Leslie on

If we were not moving I would by buying belljars for my kitchen and my hallway after seeing this post. Next house for sure. Fantastic post and you are right, they really do work anywhere! Love them in your incredible kitchen, wow you must love walking into it every morning and being greeted by such prettiness. Love your blog, what a joy it is to visit you whenever I can pop in.
Really enjoying all my silver pieces and though they are packed cannot wait to use them and my ginger jar.

Renée Finberg on

well….. bell jars?
all the examples that you have shown are beautiful.
but me….i would like a bell jar to catch & watch fire-flies in.


Renae Moore on

Beautiful examples Tina….I am glad you decided to keep yours!

vicki archer on

Tina, I am a big fan of the bell jar… Recently I ordered two for my daughter’s apartment that I have been renovating… It’s small but I thought they would look wonderful in her bathroom and the guest powder room… a little over sizing always looks good to me… This time I got it totally wrong!! I completely lost all sense of proportion… when the bell jars arrived they were so big they would have been perfect in a Tuscan villa… in a long colonnade… The builders looked at me like I was a crazy woman… We did laugh though… my illusions of grandeur! Sadly they went back and some smaller star lanterns are on their way… Hopefully they will work! xv

corner sofa on

Beautiful belljars…….
This blog is truly remarkable, Thank you for the truly amazing write-up, Sweet! Thanks


Tina…you don’t have to convince me! I love them, and just recently used in a kitchen renovation over the island.

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen on

I love these. They remind me of Low Country and Charleston.

I’ve changed how I follow you from email to the Follower column. When you see the unsubscribe notice, I didn’t want you to think I didn’t like you anymore. You know I do.

The French Tangerine on

tina can’t remember if I told you, I LOVE your new header images!! They are so you, and yes, they definitely feel like summer.. which by the way, I am thrilled about!

john on

Wonder how those lights would look like at night.

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