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Hi there! So, ?whats going on with you this weekend? Today I am finally seeing The best exotic Marigold Hotel I am such a believer in it and confident that its going to be that good, that I have included a trailer. For anyone who has a penchant for movies filmed in India, this is for you!
After two attempts, I have been dying to see it ever since I saw the first preview….cannot wait!! Anyone see it? I have heard nothing but rave reviews. ?Then we are off early to a lacrosse tournament for my son, its going to be a long day under the hot sun, but at least the intense humidity has last died down.

Chose two winners who each get to select any one of my frames from my store. So step up claim your frame, and please email me your shipping details!

Congratulations to-

GRC Ltd. and Sue!

Let me know which of these lovely frames you would like in your home…..

Please contact me via email to the [email protected]

And the trailer……

Moving onto a bunch of randomness……

Had a nice time over the Memorial day holiday weekend. Entertained more than I had expected to but it ended up being a lot of fun. I made some dishes that are easy but oh so good. I am always good at getting pictures at the start of the process, but once guests start arriving and I start putting the food out (the prettiest part) I somehow get lost in the chaos and forget to take pics…so the ones featured here are really from the beginning of the process. Sorry will continue to do better next time!

One of my favorite pasta dishes is a light summer pasta dish. Best part it can be served and should be served room temp. I believe I may have originally gotten this idea from Ina Garten. The key is really ripe tomatoes and allowing them to sit for 4 hours plus in the mixture. Its quite simple but so pretty and absolutely delicious with any summer BBQ fare.

It all starts with perfectly ripe tomatoes
With a healthy dose of freshly chopped basil

And about 6-8 garlic cloves cut in half ( I love garlic so you can lose less if you are not a huge fan)

Marinate together with about 1/4 cup olive oil, sea salt and fresh coarse pepper, must marinade wrapped with plastic at room temperature for about 4-5 hours

Once done, cook your pasta ( I use thin spaghetti by Barilla) very al dente. Toss with mixture and serve with a very healthy portion of fresh Parmesan. It is soooo good and best part is its served at room temperature. Bon Appetite!

For appetizers, I love crostinis. I make two varieties which are always a big hit. One is I get two containers of mushrooms, chop them up very fine, add minced garlic a little onion and saute together in olive oil. Season with sea salt and pepper, set aside. Drizzle olive oil over your cut crostinis and bake for about 3 min until one side is lightly golden. Remove, add a small piece of fresh mozzarella to each crostini then top with a spoonful of mushroom mixture. Bake for 4-5 minutes until cheese is melted and starting to bubble. The other variety is prepare the crostinis add the mozzarella and then add a this slice of good quality prosciutto on top, bake for 2 min. Take out and add a pinch of freshly chopped basil. Serve immediately ?and watch them disappear!

Getting ready for a quick trip into the oven for maybe 3 minutes at most

Second batch getting ready to be inhaled

I also make a mean chicken marsala, its pretty much the typical with mushrooms, butter, marsala wine, fresh parsley but this ones includes chipped proscuitto which gives it fabulous flavor… was a hit!

Make the mixture in a saute pan

Have your dredged in flour and seasoned chicken cutlets at the ready

Add butter and sautee

A healthy dose of fresh parsley

Add to chicken and get ready to bake for about 45 min…….that’s it!
And for Friday, made my white clam sauce and if I may say so myself, it is very good. One of our guests proclaimed it as the best clam sauce he has had in many years! Key to me is lots of garlic and only vongele or the baby clams.

And sorbet filled fruit are one of my all time favorite summertime desserts, less guilt and pretty too!

If you like salsa, I must say Harry and Davids black bean salsa is one of my all time favorites, it has a generous amount of black beans and corn, is seasoned just right and always a hit; I buy restaurant quality tortillas, they are very thin and this too always gets gobbled up.

I love using my Spanish olive trays sold in my online shop for appetizers…..

I love really thin restaurant quality chips, and have you tried the guacamole chips? Addicting!

Sorry if I am making you hungry….suddenly I am craving a full fledged meal! Moving onto non food items……

My friend Debby from that ever so chic and inspirational blog, Inspired Design recently launched her own online shop of her gorgeous prints all from our favorite places, Nantucket, Paris, Italy…they are absolutely stunning and so well priced. I can think of many creative ways to use her gorgeous prints….. Here’s a sampling!

And a sampling of her wonderful prints up for sale-
Beautiful charming Nantucket
And Paris in Sepia…oooh la la!
Like what you see? Click here to see more! Keep up the great job Debby!

I have to say when I changed my header to reflect summer and its light airy vibe, I had some fun making up a few banners…I think I am going to have a lot of fun changing them around… the experimenting stage! Its so easy with Big huge labs. So don’t be surprised if I have a new one in a few days……this could become addicting!

On the store front, apparently many of you loved the goodies I featured yesterday….good to know! Your feedback is so important to me. A few pieces are left and there will be more from this exquisite line later in the summer. I am adding some beautiful new blue and whites this weekend. Here’s a preview…..

Fabulous very large display bowl about 15″ diameter

Blue and white umbrella stand
Love the shape about 16″ tall

Another elegant octagonal shaped vase with lid 16″?
Speaking of my online store, I have received so many lovely pictures of various rooms and spaces from customers own homes that I put in “your enchanted homes” section. I love seeing how you use the items you have purchased from me. Keep them coming…love to see and get inspired! You can upload your pictures directly to the store site or email me with your images. Click here to upload your own pictures….. Thanks!
Well that’s about it around here. Hope you are off to a great weekend, whatever that might mean to you. Wishing you a fabulous day and a superb weekend!


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