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Hi there! I am always very excited to discover a new designer, particularly when its work and a style that resonates with my own. Well I found that and then some in the wonderful work of the very talented Linda Floyd. So,  you can imagine my sheer delight when I realized that she is also incidentally one of my readers and I got an email from her……talk about flattering and a small world!! I told her how I thought very highly of her work and we emailed each other about my possibly featuring her in one of my Designer Spotlight posts…so I am thrilled to present the work of Linda Floyd interiors. Clearly a super talented designer, Linda is based out of  gorgeous Carmel/Pebble Beach and San Francisco Pebble Beach, California (I am jealous already) .

I love her aesthetic which she obviously stays true to  and of course am totally in awe of her penchant for the most gorgeous details! We all know the devils are in the details and always worth the extra labor of love. Linda also shared with me a little on her background, her design philosophy and what she believes in when it comes to creating wonderful interior spaces. I am not surprised that she has had a lot of her work published and her love and inspiration of 18th and 19th century France is evident in all she does. Thank you Linda and to all my readers, you are in for a royall treat today!! Here we go…….feast your eyes on Linda’s fabulous body of work!

Ahhh the colors are so rich and inviting, loving that leopard ottoman too!
You know I am in love with this kitchen!!
Her attention to detail is spot on!
This proves my “little touch of black” in every room works every time!

Rich warm colors make this kitchen a winner!
Gorgeous powder room…love the wall application
Love this dining charming!

Elegant bath
Love the rich use of color here……
I am in love with this etched glass!
How beautiful is this skirted vanity…..and these bird handles on the sink? Magnificent!

Details, details, details………makes all the difference.
I see she likes blue and white too……gorgeous room.
I love the heavy French influlence here
The rich tapestry totally makes this space.
What a stunning foyer!
Perfect bar or what? 
A bit more of this fabulous room…….
Dramtic and specatacular! Love the red and gold for a powder room.
This vanity is swoonworthy and I will take those prints too……GORGEOUS!

Details, details….clearly something Linda is an expert on!

Beautiful colors in what I presume might be a guest room…..
Exquisite, wow!
Love the detailing on this gorgeous dressing area

Do I need to say anything? Perfection and yes she does outdoor spaces too!
What a lovely and inviting elegant room…..

Showstopping in every way….amazing!
Another fabulous kitchen…love that butcher block island with the chunky legs….
Stunning colors
Love love love this space…colors and the touch of blue make this perfect!
Quite spectacular wouldn’t you say? These rooms take my breath away! Now heres a bit on what Linda has to say about her design philosophy and what inspires her in the desing proces…..take it away Linda.
A little history?
I was Inspired by art history, and after receiving a degree in Interior Design, I traveled to  Europe several times studying the architecture, the furniture styles, the historical character and ambiance of the different regions (and of course, the food!).   I became a partner in a French Antiques and Interior Design Studio in Los Gatos, California
 (1 hour south of San Francisco) which included many buying trips to France, and the rest is history!  These trips were the foundation of my design career and gave me a classic approach to design and confirmed my use of old world materials and craftsmanship.  I no longer have the store front and having only the interior design firm allows much more time for my clients. 
How I work?
For me, each project is like a book and each room or space, a chapter.  After hearing the client characterize her dreams and design goals, I envision a narrative or script in my mind and the production begins.  While there are always edits and changes, the storyline is usually consistent with the original script.  The finished projects are full of color, antiques, European history and vitality.  The goal is to make projects a timeless mix of panache and quiet sophistication where elegance mingles with ease and creates inviting, inspiring and very, very livable rooms.
And although my firm focuses primarily on classical design with a European influence, we recently completed a contemporary high rise in Las Vegas and a very contemporary recording studio in the home of a key client who loves all things French?her son is a musician and wanted contemporary!!
One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is exposing clients to the wonderful things available to them for their projects.  I have taken clients on buying trips to London, Paris, New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles, as well as the local showrooms in San Francisco.  It is so exciting to see the sparkle in a client?s eye when we find the ?perfect? piece!  Somehow, Tina, I think you know that feeling!
In all the pictures you see, my firm has designed the architectural interiors, the construction detailing and custom woodworking, etc., as well as what I call the ?Fluff?, the interior design.  I feel our custom woodworking and interior architectural detailing create ?visible excellence? the moment you walk into a room and are the perfect backdrop for the interior design portion of the project.  We assist the client by consulting with the landscape architects and we provide landscape ornamentation…antique garden sculpture is a favorite of mine!

I have had the good fortune to work repeatedly for clients, completing 2, 3, even 4 projects for some of them.  I have the pleasure of working throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Carmel, Pebble Beach, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, McCall, Idaho, Cherry Creek, Denver, and Hawaii.  

What more can I say? I love my job!!!

Wow…is her work droolworthy or what? I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite room…there are so many beauties. I LOVE and adore her style, her eye for details and her use of rich old world colors mixed with today’s practicality. Linda is a master of “fluff” as she puts it! If you would like to see more of her work or contact here, her website is-
 Thank you Linda for allowing me to showcase your spectacular work and to all my readers for stopping in. Could you possibly pick a favorite room? Would love to know which if so! Wishing everyone a wonderful Thursday.


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Our French Inspired Home on

Tina, There is so much to say I am not sure where to start. I was not familiar with Linda’s work, which is why I love learning from great blogs like yours. I really like how she relates her work to like creating chapters of a book. From the photographs you show; the library stands out as a great space, I also love a good La Cornue stove with hood as shown in the first kitchen photograph. The bar / billiard room is also a beautiful space. The wall covering next to the etched glass door is so beautiful. I think you already said it, its all in the details and obviously Linda knows her details. Thanks for helping newbies like me learn about these great designers. – Tonya

Victoria on

Tina you were not kidding, Linda is so talented. Seriously, I lost track of which rooms I loved because I actually love them all but especially the kitchens, her window treatments details and that magnificent library/bar. This is a name worth remembering, a wonderful post which I will be sure to come back to. I like her design philosophy and can fully understand why she has had so many repeat customers!

vicki archer on

It’s all in the detail… and Linda has such a great eye for this…beautiful work… xv

Luciane at on

Good morning, sweetie!

I get that! This is soooo you, Tina!!

I love her classic approach to every detail. Beautiful!


Luciane at

Faux Pas Farm Gal on

Beautiful! I adore the butcher block island!!

Cynthia on

I love all of these pictures they are so beautiful. The bathroom and the dining are are so elegant. She seems to every detail nailed down. Loves these thanks for sharing.


Castles Crowns and Cottages on

I am loving my morning, sitting here after a good workout. With tea in hand, I am scrolling down every delicious photo and you know what I conclude?


Your passion for beauty my dear is what I believe all of us must have to make our lives electrifying. I am always so happy when I come to see the magnificent display of art that you share. EYE CANDY, PAR EXCELLENCE CHEZ TINA!!!!

Have a super day. Anita

Debby Steele on


I think she might be your soul sister or long lost twin. I bet she loves your home too. Her work is amazing. I went weak in the knees over the first kitchen, the marble bath and the outdoor area!

Pebble beach? Sigh… Sounds like a wonderful life.

Deb xo

Debby Steele on


I think she might be your soul sister or long lost twin. I bet she loves your home too. Her work is amazing. I went weak in the knees over the first kitchen, the marble bath and the outdoor area!

Pebble beach? Sigh… Sounds like a wonderful life.

Deb xo

carolyn bradford on

It really is so much fun to learn about such wonderful designers and to know what makes them tick so to speak! These pictures are incredible and I agree with Debby…I’m sure she loves your beautiful home as well! Thanks so much for sharing such fabulous talent and giving us such great photos to look at as well! Hope your’e having a great week!

Terri ~the dressed up cottage on

My new FAVORITE designer: Linda Floyd. Thank you so much, Tina, for introducing me to her work. Every picture is a ‘keeper’. Her designs look so warm and inviting and most of all it doesn’t look like a designer just left the room, it actually looks like a family lives there. A family with excellent taste mind you. πŸ™‚
No wonder she follows your blog, you two have much in common.
I’m thrilled with all the yummy eye candy here and I know I will be able to spend much time pouring over these images and sighing over all the lovely ‘details’.

Loris Glassworks on

Oh My Gosh! Linda’s designs are stunning, I can’t even begin to select a favorite room because I’m in love with all her designs (that doesn’t happen often). The details in the bar/library make me long for a comfy room in our home to relax. Thank you for introducing Linda to your readers!
Lori D.

Perfectly At Home, New England. on

Gorgeous! You can just feel the history in each of these spaces. It makes you want to ask, “Where did this piece come from? How did you acquire this piece?” Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos and rooms by a very talented designer!


Anonymous on

Isn’t she something! I had just discovered Linda’s website from a pin on Pinterest and then I found her there.. She not only creates absolutely the most gorgeous, creative spaces, she is a lovely person. It is wonderful to see her exceptional work here on one of my favorite blogs. Thank you Tina for sharing your fabulous eye for beauty!

Cynthia Jorgensen

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} on

The best part about all of her spaces, is that they don’t appear “decorated”! They’re artful masterpieces, collected judiciously over time! Layers, warmth, quality, style! What more can you ask for

Deanna on

CHARMING rooms….every one of them!
Enjoying your blog.

Anonymous on

Tina, you and your other readers now know what I have known for 20 years; that Linda Floyd is a talented, sophisticated and charming designer. We became friends while working on a cancer charity project and I hired her because she was so much fun!! She has now designed four homes for me (and one for my in-laws) and I think there may be one more in the future. It has been a truly lovely experience to know and work with her. She has shared and taught me so much about design and art in the process of our searches for the perfect items and design elements. She included be in the whole process, and you can’t believe how much fun we had in our travels!!!

Roxanne Peterschmidt

pretty pink tulips on

Linda is so incredibly talented!! Indoor AND outdoor spaces….the perfect combination! I must say, I am in love with that master bathroom. I wouldn’t want to leave. πŸ™‚

So happy for the introduction, Tina!!!
xoxo Elizabeth

Donna Vining on

Beautifully designed interiors, thanks for sharing this designer with me! I absolutely love her style and it is very similar to my style as well.

Leslie on

Wow Tina! So much detail and inspiration. The kitchen is gorgeous and I love all the color and fabric in her rooms (the living room is amazing). Thank you for sharing!

Enjoy your day.


Teresa at Splendid Sass on

Beautiful work! I love that she uses black too, Tina. Just enough.
I am in love with the first kitchen, the library, and the outdoor space. Perfect. The table and chest is so beautiful, and her use of curtains are stunning. I love it all.
Thank you for sharing this talented designer.
Happy Tuesday.

Splendid Willow on

Starting my long due blog hopping here!

Thank you for the introduction, Tina. Linda is incredibly talented and her rooms very warm and inviting. The details are absolutely amazing. The design of the cabinets in the kitchen (the tops) have a 18th c. Swedish feel! (And I love anybody who collects Royal Copenhagen china!). The guest room with the black headboard is so pretty.

oxox, Mon

Yvonne @ StoneGable on

Tina, Another wonderful designer spotlight! Thanks for introducing me to Linda. I am off to see her site. When I first saw her beautiful work… it looked like you!!!

Janey and Co. on

I am speechless. Every room is true perfection!

christy on

Tina- you did not exxagerate this beauitful body of work one bit. It is absolutely beautiful and does remind me so much of your style, so elegant and refined. Too many pretty rooms to name just one but those jewelbox like powder rooms are pretty amazing and that library, my husband would be in absolute heaven!

Thanks for intoducing me to this talented lady, off to check her website.

Victoria on

Linda is indeed talented. The rooms are very elegant and filled with architectural detail, but they are warm and welcoming spaces at the same time. The library, the kitchens and that lovely bird faucet in the powder room are especially lovely.

Sharon (Roses and Rust) on

What a wonderful talent. I love the French influence and, as you said, her attention to detail is amazing. Lovely post. x Sharon

Sharon (Roses and Rust) on

What a wonderful talent. I love the French influences and, as you said, her attentionn to detail is amazing. x Sharon

Amy on

What a dream, she is sooooo good. I love her work, and especially love the European influences seen in every room she has designed, her details are also incredible, good find Tina!
And how lucky is she to be in two of my favorite parts of the grand state of California?
I really appreciate her philosophy behind her designs and its clear she really loves what she does, it shows in every single picture!

Veronica on

Hi dearest Tina. What a treat to get back to my very favourite blog and find this fabulous and breatktaking post!!!I am in swoon de light here sitting all wrapped up in a blanket reading andd gasping!! It is quite simply impossible to choose a favourite…phew amazing!

Sending love and hugs



Linda Hartong on

Linda has “the midas touch” both in the homes and the gardens she designs. I have had the privilege of photographing her Carmel Garden- It also shows the attention to detail that makes her work so lovely.

Elizabeth W. on

I can see what all the excitment is about. She is a master at details and infusing elegant European design with a wonderful inviting feel, each of these rooms while so beautiful still feels welcoming and inviting. I think that is the hallmark of a truy successful designer. We were very fortunate to work with a designer who most would think of as a superstar and like Linda here, this person was also a master at creating extremely beautiful spaces but ones that felt really inviting, and people always remarked on the way our home made them feel. What better compliment than that!
Now we live in a wonderful apt. in Chicago (kids are grown) and travel the world and stay in our wonderful Montana home a few months out of the year. If one can afford it, a capable and able designer can really transform your vision into a beautiful home, Tina, your golden touches are much like Lindas, I see a very simliar style, both exquisite!
Wonderful post.

Barbara@HausDesign on

I can see what you mean about her style resonating your own Tina! I bet you got some great ideas in these pictures for your own finishing touches on your home. I loved hearing more about how she works too…fascinating!

Leslie P. on

This is breathtaking, what a talented designer she is. I love each and every room, which is unusual for me, even the really formal ones which are generally not what I like, are just so welcoming without sacrificing the elegance or beauty. Thank you for the introduction.

5th and State on

linda is such an extraordinary designer and the whole package. adore the english country house rooms, very authentic.
isn’t it fun to see chintz again?
great interview tina
wishing you a great week!

michele on

hot dang, this work belongs in the spotlight!

such a treat to stop here every day (or just about!) and see fresh lovely.

smiles to you both.


zanetastyle on

wow, I am covered in drool LOL and it is quite the increadible JOB Linda has! Hats down, love every image, I saved them all in my collection of perfect interiors (:
Tina your blog is alwasy a treat to read!
Love the birds as water taps, beautiful. And want that kitchen with warm walnut like wood cabinetry and gray black granite tops…black hood, just marvelous. That is art …right?!
All the fabrics and tapestries used…I can’t catch my breath…just increadible.
thanks for sharing…hugs Z

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns on


Wow! Each and every space is stunning! I love Linda’s work! I cannot wait to go and find more.

I can see why you chose to spotlight her work, it is classic, and elegant without being too decorated.

Hope you are having a great week, Elizabeth

Fashion-isha on

The rooms here are so warm and inviting and I agree that those kitchens are amazing! Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog!! I loved it!

The Buzz Blog on

Linda certainly has an eye for rich, beautiful details… What talent and thanks for sharing her with us!

ekldesigns on

I love the blue pedestal dishes!! Have fun in NOLA !!

Vickie H. on

Just now seeing this incredible post! WOW! I could “Pin” every single picture..and in more than one category!!! Such a talent!! Thank you for sharing, Tina! AMAZING!!!

Robert on

That’s an intense parrot.

A Magical Whimsy on

I would definitely say the Library is the most exquisite photo and room, with the rich wood details and of course glassed in cabinet doors to keep the books in lovely shape. And is that a sitting room off the Library to read books? Just gorgeous! I have always wanted a Library! All of the photos are fabulous!
Teresa in California

midwives az on

Truly enchanted. Classically inspired.

garlindavie on

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Vicente on

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Almas jain on

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Gwen on

So thankful not to see all white!!! The Colors make me smile! Everything is so inviting Bravo!

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