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Hi looks like this mid week musings thing is now a regular gig, so why not…a great way for me to talk about a whole bunch of randomness. Hope you are having a great week…mine is good, busy and productive. I cannot say summer has been super relaxing so far but I have managed to squeeze in some down time and the little I have had has been wonderful! I am also offering a wonderful giveaway….all details on bottom of this post.

I am actually headed to New Orleans on Friday morning and cannot wait. Its been a few years since I have been there  and I cannot wait to hit the antique shops on Royal st., indulge in french pressed coffee and a piping hot sugar laced Beignet and go to some of the wonderful restaurants we had the pleasure of visiting last time. This is absolutely NO time for a diet…..the food in New Orleans is off the hook amazing! Any suggestions are more than welcome!

For anyone else who has “a thing” for New Orleans….this book is one of my favorites. Got it about a year ago and it just captures that New Orleans essence to a tee, a really wonderful book!
Many of you are so kind to ask about sweet Teddy, he is doing well… 90% grown back so its good to see him whole again. Heres a few pics of him doing what he does best……yep, relaxing!

Does he think he is CZ Guest here or what? 

I like to share the results of my weekly Which would you choose and thought it would be fun to see which girls bedrooms took the top prize from last week, so here they are in order of their votes!

1st place (and my personal favorite)!

A close 2nd place 
Tied for 3rd place

Several of the others vied for 4th place…what can I say, my readers, you have excellent taste!

Finally ordered the wallpaper for the back powder room (this is off the kitchen and the bathroom we use on a daily basis). I decided it was one of the first I loved and often times we go back to the original choices…..this was the perfect blend of something elegant but not too formal, fresh and crisp. I really like it and it gives off the exact vibe I am looking for……will finalize the check I will do the window treatments in and likely have some cute little fabric shades made for the sconces too…….

I also like covering shades with fabric for a custom touch…experimented here, me likey!

I really like Anthropologie and think they are one of the stores that are getting better and better. I recently ordered a bunch of these exquisite glasses…love love them! I am a sucker for anything etched and these look really old and are just beautiful! I cannot wait to use them….what do you think? I have found so many unique and beautiful things there…….

Can you believe I am STILL waiting (only six months and counting) on the Thomas O Brien rock crystal sconces? Crazy! But I have looked and looked for a suitable replacement to no avail….so wait I will. Every time I look at them, I realize they are perfect and I can envision them in my room so hopefully the newest delivery date of August is finally the date that I can see these babies and get them up and get this bathroom done!!!! Once they are up above the tub and at my vanity…I just need my chandelier, a chair and I am set…woo hoo!!!!

Here they are… Thomas O Brien
They will go above the tub and on either side of the mirror (single ones) on the vanity….

And on either side of the mirror
And very excited finally got these gorgeous Ralph Lauren sconces ordered for the living room….cannot wait to get them! They are really beautiful, leave it up to Ralph!
They will go on this wall (one either side of botanicals) as well as between all the French doors in the living room.

Moving on…..I love costume jewelry, well I love all kinds of jewelry but being paranoid about losing (lets just say I have done my share) I don’t  wear “the good stuff’ unless I am going to a wedding or special event and it is all locked up in a safe spot. But I love fun costume and have quite a bit, just ordered some jewelry drawer boxers/liners and cannot wait to start organizing, but in the meantime how cute is this? Its a dress form with hooks for jewelry its finished in a muslin fabric and has French writing. Believe it or not found it at Michaels for $14.99!! I love it and think it adds such a sweet whimsical touch to my closet.

Store biz……I am not going to be adding anything over the summer. While business is going wonderfully I am hoping to take a little time to enjoy summer as it goes by so fast. I have a few brackets left and this is it as well as a few other items I am just about sold out of. I am planning to revamp things come fall, phasing a few things out and adding some exciting new things, so stay tuned and thanks for your continued support and enthusiasm!

I have one of the black and gold brackets on the right and one pair of the antique white painted brackets. I am selling the one black and gold for $45.00 and the pair of large ant.white for $100. This is the very last of my brackets and these prices are far far below retail. Email me if you wan them.


Last antler pillow…….

Last gray chinoiserie pillow……….

Last small dough bowl, since I have one left I am selling this for $100 even. A great deal if you know the price of dough bowls…contact me if interested!

Last small olive tray (they will be in again sometime later August)…..

Last black chinoiserie tray……$90.00

And last have two of these beautiful blue and white scalloped dishes left and that is it! These are soo pretty, I kept one for myself! If you are intersted in this item, you can purchase online (have only two left)!

If there is something in the marketplace you feel there is a lack of, or you would like to see me carry, shoot me an email. I love hearing your feedback!!

Now onto my giveaway, giving a stunning silver cake spade and a darling set of crown bookends to two lucky winners!

All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on this blog after visiting my online store and tell me an item or two that you would love to receive. That’s it! I will announce a winner on Tuesday morning. Click here to visit my store.

 First the beautiful crown bookends………..

And the beautiful silver highly decorative cake spade…..

Thank you Kristy and Beth from one of my favorite blogs Design Chic for featuring my butlers pantry in your gorgeous post today about pantries!! Great post, click here to visit!
So that’s my randomness for a few days. I am leaving early Friday for New Orleans and will return early next week. I will miss visiting all of my favorite blogs but it will give me something to look forward to when I get back. I do have access to my emails while gone so feel free to contact me if you need to. And if you have any must see or do suggestions for the Big Easy, please by all means pass them along! Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week and a fabulous weekend ahead! Until next week……..


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Castles Crowns and Cottages on

WAAAAAAAAA I AM HERE FIRST! Now that IS a first! GOod morning to ya, Tina! Teddy looks happy in that fab aqua water….your choices of wall paper are splendid for the powder room and your dressing closet is TDF with that mirrored counterspace.

What can I say but that you are a joy to visit every time.

Have another wonderful day! We are gearing up for 90+ weather until SUNDAY!!!!! lots of pink lemonade with lime twists are in order!


Our French Inspired Home on

Well I didnt select the winner, but after looking again I could be easily swayed. Your bathroom is turning out so well. The window treatments are amazing, and as always I love that smaller window with the grids at an angle. Its funny you mention Anthropologie because I have started going in there more frequently. They do have some unique items.I still love the polo salt and pepper shakers as well as the measuring cups from your store. They are so cute and great for a house warming gift. Hope you enjoy your trip. And as they say “Les le bon temp rouler”!

Alie on

I would love to receive many things from your store. But if had to narrow it down think I would fall into the silver category – the silver planters are sublime. And can never have too many silver trays I agree! Thanks!

Amy @MaisonDecor on

YOu have so many things in your posts I know I will forget what I was planning to exclaim and ooh and ahh about!! I do love the light fixtures you have coming to your home, so lovely!! And the wallpaper for the bathroom with the checked fabric on the lampshades! Love that too!! Happy Teddy is almost 100%, what a love~great things in your shop, so lucky for anyone to have them! I might head to Michaels, you find the best stuff Tina!

Jennifer @ Belclaire House on

I can’t believe I missed this which would you choose! I’m having an obsession with little girls rooms (no I’m not pregnant … yet, but I’m secretly hoping for a girl someday for purely decorative purposes πŸ˜‰ ) I love the first room that everyone else seemed to love. So classic! Also, I can never get enough of Teddy! He’s living in a Slim Aarons world for sure! He is so precious! Have so much fun in New Orleans!!! If you have a chance, eat dinner at August. It’s amazing!

Jennifer @ Belclaire House on

P.S. Totally forgot to leave a comment about what I want from your store. Um everything! But really, I’ll take a silver tray since I have silver on my mind!

Interior Design Musings on

OK, I have tons to tell you. First, when in NOLA you must MUST go by Shaun Smith Home and check out the artwork of my wonderful friend, Ashley Terrell. Shaun’s shop is my favorite on Magazine – you will love that entire area! Second, I still think your bathroom is my favorite room in your house. That tub, mirror combination gets me every single time I see it. Totally divine. Lastly, it is very hard for me to narrow down my favorites from your shop, so I will only discuss what I’ve been obsessing over for awhile – the etched lanterns (for over my island in my newly painted kitchen – just sitting on the go ahead from my hubby on those!), the silver trays (all of them!), and now the dough bowl you featured! So, I think that’s it – thanks for hosting yet another fabulous giveaway! M.

Victoria on

I am always stumped when I have to comment as theres so much I want to say-
1. Love your powder room choices, don’t even hesitate, it will look perfect next to the cool white/gray marble. Love the yellow and gray and then the check is perfect!
2. Your bathroom is such a dream, I think I would sleep in there and those sconces are worth waiting for!
3. The living room, sigh is breathtaking and those lights are perfect.
4. Teddy is the cutest, love his lust for the good life!
5. LOVE your shop, am lucky to own a few ginger jars and pillows from it, next on my list is two lanterns for above a breakfast nook and I really want some of the pieces from the European kitchen line.

Would love to win either of your wonderful prizes. Thank you Tina and have a wonderful time in New Orleans!


Hi Tina,
New Orleans will be so great! I hope you have a fun holiday–I haven’t been there in ages but of course I remember the food as being so amazing (who can stop at one beignet???) Have a blast and see you soon, xxBarbara

Tiffany @ Savor Home on

Teddy’s smile makes my heart sing. He is adorable and I’m so happy is doing better! Your closet is so incredibly amazing. Love your Michael’s find! Have the grandest time in NOLA! Please have a Beignet for me. I have wanted one my entire life… πŸ™‚

christy on

How cute is Teddy! Good to see him feeling good again. Love all the lighting choices, you chose well! I love getting glimpses into your beautiful home, always my most favorite thing that you post.
We were in N.O. about 2 years ago, stayed at the Ritz which was wonderful and had the best anniversary dinner at Arnauds which I highly recommend.
Please count me in for your wonderful giveaway, funny was thinking about buying those crown bookends! My favorite thing in your shop is the lanterns, silver, dough bowls and porcelains. Sorry can’t stop at one thing!

PS Going to Michaels today to find that little jewelry holder, that is so cute! My 16 year daughter would LOVE that.

christy on

PS Your new etched glasses are simply gorgeous. I think I need to go and get some myself!

carolyn bradford on

Oh, I’m so glad my first choice one! I actually mentioned those beds in my blog today as well! As for New Orleans…we are going on Tuesday to stay with my daughter and her husband! Have a great time! If you need to know where Brad Pitt is filming…just let me know! I for one plan on seeing him one way or the other as well as shopping and eating! Can’t wait to hear about the places you eat…there are so many we are trying to fit in since they know all of the really good ones now! Hope you’re having a great week!

Perfectly At Home, New England. on

What a lovely post! I would love to own any of the beautiful items in your shop, but my favorites are any of the pillows and the blue and white porcelain, though I wouldn’t mind having any of the silver items either πŸ™‚ Both giveaway items are beautiful, as well! Whoever wins will be very happy! Enjoy your trip!


Daphne Davis on

You have me hooked on blue and white! I will dream about AP45!

Sally on

Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway – count me in!! Love your pillows – especially the animals prints πŸ™‚

Susan on

Tina- Teddy looks great! How nice to see him leading his life of leisure, haha.
Love love your home and every single choice you have made, yes to that gorgeous lighting! Your closets a dream and I am now craving those glasses from Anthropologie, but where to put them!
Love your shop, but my faves are the dough bowl, monogrammed linens and every single piece of the silver! Thats the southern girl in me, haha. Count me in please for your generous giveaway. Have a fun time!

GlamourMom10 on

I am a new subscriber to your blog and receive it in my inbox at work. I look forward to your elegance and class every day, so thank you for your amazing blog. This is the first time I looked at your store. I LOVE everything, but especially the:

and the

Thanks again! I look forward to all future posts. Hoping to visit your store in person someday.

Faux Pas Farm Gal on

Oh, you MUST go to Dickie Brennan’s in NOLA. Their Au Gratin potatoes will slay you on the spot!! Amazing! Have a great time!

Anonymous on

I love your home and it is a visual vitamin every time I see your posts. I do wonder what color and brand of whites did you use throughout your home? After spending many months and pots trying to come up with whites I am still at a loss. I look at your bathroom, hall and living room and covet the color choice.

AimeeR on

As always, your post brings a smile to my face each morning! Always look forward to perusing over a cup of coffee.. Your bathrooms are just exquisite..the fabric selections perfect against the classic look of the marble. A touch of whimsy with the gingham..just love it! Just love the glasses you recently purchased. Need to look into them for myself. Enjoy your New Orleans visit..look forward to hearing from you next week!!

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

I love these posts, Tina! I love the fabric you have chosen, and the check for the sconce is perfect. The sconces you have ordered from Thomos O’Brien and Ralph! WORTH THE WAIT!
Lucky you going to New Orleans. I absolutely love to vista the wonderful city!
Great items and a fabulous giveaway, I might add.
Hug Teddy for me. He is so precious.
Happy Wednesday.

Vickie H. on

Such a nice giveaway….I love either of the beautiful scalloped planters and the pretty 12″ scalloped plate! So much good stuff here it is hard to pick just two items! Enjoy your weekend!!!

Anonymous on

I am a new subscriber, thanks to Velvet & Linen — or is that Linen & Velvet? — and am now addicted to your posts! I’m completely with you that “a touch of black” makes a room…and that the Thomas OB sconces are so worth the long, agonizing wait. Since your sweet Teddy isn’t part of your store’s inventory, I will have to go with the silver footed Trophy Bowl as my favorite item, but oh, there are “gracious plenty” 2nd runners ups! ~Susann, SKHProducers

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns on

Hello Tina,

Teddy looks wonderful! And doing exactly what he should be doing on a hot summer day, relaxing and swimming.

I love the sconces you ordered for your bathroom, they are fabulous snd worth the wait.

Enjoy your trip to New Orleans! Love visiting there, we always go to The Court of Two Sisters, Antoine’s and Emerils restaurant, forgot the name but it is not the one known for fish. Enjoy shopping at all the beautiful antique stores and all of the beautiful art galleries.

Have a great day, Elizabeth

Bobby on

So much lovely randomness! I LOVE the Thomas O’Brien sconces and am glad you are waiting for them! Love the RL ones too! And the powder room wallpaper – perfect!! Isn’t it funny how the first one we like it usually the right choice? I’m so glad to hear Teddy is doing well, too. Have fun in New Orleans!! xo

Stacy Curran on

Oppps, I HATE sharing a computer with my son!! That last comment was me πŸ™‚

Manda on

Would love the cake spade… absolutely cute!

shankyouverymuch11 at yahoo dot com

GRC_Ltd on

Tina, please get more of the scalloped dishes–love them!! Perhaps in other colors as well?
Loved the Linda Floyd Interiors post!

classic β€’ casual β€’ home on

PS…have fun in New Orleans. I am going to Mammoth to move to a new condo… lots of work but the place is nicer with underground parking (great for when it snow–which hopefully we’ll get a lot of this winter!).

Teddy looks awesome!

michele on

i wish i was meeting you in new orleans! it’s on my list, and you must go to gerrie bremmerman’s shop and visit amanda talley’s studio! my favorite artist, george marks lives in that area so keep a look out for his work too. i am so envious!

i love your european wood pieces, and these bookends are fabulous.

safe journeys, tina, and bring back some nola magic for me, k?


Anonymous on

The silver covered dishes are beautiful and the blue and white porcelaine planters are equally beautiful. You are so generous with your give aways and the cake spade is fabulous. Have a wonderful time in NOLA, it is wonderful this time of year, albeit hot. Thanks for offering such gorgeous things in your shop.

Linda O.

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} on

Good morning, Tina! Just last night, I wrote about the blue and white bowl I bought from you that the orchids and I love! It’s a great find! The bath choices you made a perfect! And I’ve seen the anthropologie etched glasses! They’ve been there a while and are timeless beauties! (What would the blog world do without exclamation points!?). Glad to hear you’re going to enjoy the summer! Life is too short to rush! (need to follow my own advice, though!)
Best to you,

Tracy J on

Love the beige and gold footbath/planter!

Barbara@HausDesign on

Have a fantastic trip Tina! I remember how amazing the beignets were when I was there many years ago – would love to go back and see how it is now post-Katrina so I look forwrad to hearing more. Those Thomas O’Brien chandeliers will be worht the wait. πŸ™‚

Stephanie Trink on

I stll absolutely LOVE the carving tray. It is simply exquisite. Love everything in your store and would be thrilled with anything. Hope you do get to enjoy your summer.

pokie on

Love your European kitchen line.

Jennifer on

The shell and floral urn! I love it.

Patty McAnally on

Loving the fluted planter with the white moss finish :-), actually ALL your planters are beautiful!

Anonymous on

Hi Tina,
I recently found your blog, and it has become something I really look forward to reading each day! Your home is amazing and gorgeous, and it is very fun and inspiring to watch and learn as you make your selections. Last week, I ordered the large silver planter and small silver tray, and can’t wait for their arrival to find the perfect spot for each! I was so thrilled to find your online store, as I, too, have had a difficult time finding traditional/classic decorative items at reasonable prices. You have many beautiful things in your store, but I believe my next purchase would be the large blue and white planter (AP13) as I am a huge blue and white nut! Thank you for sharing your home and ideas, and I am interested to hear about your finds in New Orleans!!

Lisa on


Always SO much beauty to see in your post! I love that Teddy, he is friggin CUTE! I just want to reach in and give him a HUGE hug! LOVE your fabric/paper choices and the sconces (both) TO DIE FOR! Don’t change a thing, they are ALL worth waiting for.
Cannot name one favorite, no sir, but THREE favorites are the blue and white ginger jars, the deep cut lantern ( it WILL be mine if my kitchen reno ever finishes hehe) and the pheasant pillows- GORGEOUS!
I love everything you do. You have AMAZING style and love your fun humor too! Your blog is hands down my favorite!
Have fun in NOLA, you must go to John Besh’s new restaurant- August, it is SUBLIME! Also Stella another fantastic stop.


Splenderosa on

I love your closet !!!
I love Teddy !!
I love you too !!!


Splenderosa on

Unbelievable, I forgot to say New Orleans is one of my favorite destinations, Houston is very near so we get to go often. It will be drenching HOT this time of the year, be forewarned. But there is no where else in our country quite like the French Quarter and I will be with you in spirit !!!

Jo @ Let's Face the Music on

I love all the lighting fixtures and wood kitchen items in your French kitchen section. I’ll have to order the lighting fixtures but I’mm pretty sure my husband could make me one of those cutting/serving boards with the feet. Thanks for the giveaway of such lovely things. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

De tout, de rien on

Wow, loveliness all around in your post today, can’t wait to see your bathrooms finished. I hope you have a lovely time in N.O., it is definitely on our bucket list. (This summer, we’re going to Paris, this was a MAJOR item on the old bucket list. Can’t wait!)

I still love the dough bowls in your store, and all the silver and the linens, and the statuaries and urns, and, and, and…lol!

Alexandra on

So happy to hear Teddy is doing well (and enjoying the pool!) I agree about Anthro, they will get better in time with quality control, but they sort out all of the good stuff I normally see at vintage markets so I don’t have to rummage through it all! πŸ˜‰ The glasses look exquisite, I was just eyeing them last night.

Kathy Moody on

I heart everything about your house!!!! It is gorgeous, and your closet……awesome. Have fun in NOLA. I live in Louisiana, and try to go once a year. So much to do and see there.

I have lots of favorites in your shop, but I really love the song bird serving tray and the crystal urn candles! Thanks for the great giveaway.

Leslie on

I just love your blog! Enjoy it all the time! Pick just one item from your store?? So hard to do! An aubusson pillow with the pheasant…a silver planter or tray….a dough bowl…olive tray…oh wait…just two…too late!

BTW…those sconces for your master bath are WELL worth the wait!!! FABULOUS!

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR on

What a great giveaway! New Orleans will be a blast! I try to get home, to Louisiana, a few times a year; and New Orleans is a must visit, at least once a year…usually, around Thanksgiving. After browsing around your shop, I would love to have the gorgeous monogrammed linens or the blue and white porcelain. Gorgeous!

The Preppy Princess on

Teddy looks just splendid, that is a wonderful thing to see. I love the wallpaper and fabric you picked for the powder room, isn’t it funny how often we go back to our first choices? The WS New Orleans book is probably one I would love, we have several from them and they are all wonderful.

Belle on Heels on

I loooooove New Orleans and am dying to take the hubs. Have you been to Cochon? You must go!! The fried alligator bites and the buttermilk pie are just amazing. It’s just unbelievable. And such a great vibe.

Have SO MUCH fun!

Anonymous on

Hi Tina,
I love your house! I am currently redecorating my home. I love the monogramed napkins at your store, so pretty, on

Love the items that you’ve choosen so far for the home. Gorgeous as usual. As always, I’m loving the silver containers and I do love the crown bookends.

Lisa - A Room with A View on

I did like that choice of wallpaper when you first shared it here. Anthropologie is a real treasure trove – it is always exciting to visit and browse. Loving the olive tray I purchased. Enjoy your trip to New Orleans – never been; some day.

Suzanne M. on

So many beautiful things to comment on. Your closet, bathrooms and house in general make me sigh! It is such a vision of beauty! I love every single decision you have made so far Teddy and I am so happy to see Mr. Teddy back to his lounging schedule. Very cute!
Your shop is so beautiful with so many lovely items, I am partial to all your blue and white porcelain, its hard to find that many choices in one place so shopping at your shope is a pleasure but I also love and want a few of the bell jar lanterns.
I would love to win either of the lovely prizes too.
We were in New Orleans not long ago for a 2 day stop over and went to August and Galatoires. We both preferred Galatoires but both were really good. Nola is such a special place, enjoy yourself! But be prepared to have a small personal fan, its very hot right now! Have fun.

Andrea on

I love the bread bowls, the love trays and wooden boards! I’m determined to get one someday! As for NOLA, we are very hot and humid down here, so be prepared. As far as restaurants go, I like August on tchopitoullas, NOLA’s in the quarter is good, Galatoire’s on bourbon has the best mint julep! The Omni Rib room is excellent for brunch. Hope you enjoy your stay!!!!!

Andrea on

Oh, and Drago’s inside the Hilton on the river has the best charbroiled oysters!!!!! Acme oyster house on iberville is a close second.


While in New Orleans, eat where the natives eat. I highly recommend Luke Restaurant (Chef John Besh is a native) located in the St. Charles Hilton. Sante!

Anonymous on

Hi Tina-Love your blog to pieces! I live in Jackson,Ms so we frequent NOLA quite a bit. Here are a few of my food suggestions: Of course August is wonderful, Mila is a recent wonderful find, Stella is fantastic (very forward thinking food)oh and Bayona (Susan Spicers restaurant) Of course to get really “New Orleansy” food Galatoires is a lovely lunch and for a great breakfast-take a cab to Elizabeths ( I believe it is in the Mariny (sp?) area-it is sort of a joint but divine)For a fun drink we love the Swizzle Stick bar in the bottom of Loews Hotel or the Bombay club. Have a wonderful time!!

Ginger on

Galatoires gets my vote!! We were there last year and had a “last supper” good kind of dinner! I ate till I couldnt’ move and it was worth darn calorie!
You are going to have a ball…but weat lots of light clothing, very hot and muggy this time of year. Love your store, want a pair of ginger jars for my birthday in 2 weeks…love your selection. Teddy is precious, happy to see him happy.

ekldesigns on

I love the blue pedestal bowls. Have fun in NOLA !!

keshakeke on

It is so hard to decide, because everything is so Beautiful!

Lady Dorothy on

I think I’d absolutely love the vintage grain measure! I know I would really like the crown bookends! I have a thing for crowns!

Bebett on

I love so many things in your store that it is hard to just pick one. High on my favorites list are the bell jars in a brushed nickel finish. I love the blue and white porcelain and can always use one (or more!) of the big jars and planters. The bread bowls are beautiful. The linens are divine! bebettcruz (at) yahoo (dot) com

pretty pink tulips on

So much goodness here today (ok…every day!). First off, have the BEST time in New Orleans! Haven’t been there in ages, but always love it when I’m there. Are you going to the actual Leontine Linen store? I’m dying to visit it in person.

Those sconces are most definitely worth waiting for. Love them!

We’re heading to North Carolina tomorrow to pick up my oldest from camp. Will get to see some special friends tomorrow evening and then Friday night before we fly back. Excited to drive by our old house and show the boys where they were born, the park they used to play in, etc…They won’t remember a thing!

Glad the store is doing so well, but that you’re going to take it easy this summer. It’s hard to do it all….and life is to be enjoyed!!!

I think you’ll enjoy my Friday post….someone of the same mindset as we are!
Safe travels!!!!

xoxo Elizabeth

Anonymous on

Love your choices for the powder room! I am smitten with Two Cherubs Playing and the Pedestal Urn from your store.


Anthony von Reichert on

Hi Tina! So good to see Teddy looking great and enjoying the pool. Your online store has really grown but my favorites are still the canvas prints. I love the old world charm they exude!


andee on

Tina, New orleans is so special to me. I was madly in love on tow visits.. I meant madly, truly, deeply.
You should take me with you. I have time.

After countless visits through the store you would think I have bought two ofe everything but I have finally picked out my Ginger jars!

Let’s see more gilt!
Will send you a pic of gilded tole. Thud.

Love to Teddy.

Splendid Market on

My, you have covered a lot here! I have never been to New Orleans, hoping for a full report! I so agree about Anthropologie, they have so many treasures that look like they are one of a kind, they continue to astound me with their products and merchandise. I am glad your pooch is better, it is so sad when they are not okay. I am tempted by the chinoise pillow, how big is it? It could be perfect in my guest room. As lovely as they all are, I do believe your butlers pantry is my favorite room in your house. Hopping over to Design Chic to see it again! Have a great trip Tina. xo Emily

Splendid Market on

Oh… the giveaway. There are many things I would love to receive from your store, but lately, I have been thinking about ordering the monogrammed cocktail squares, probably in ecru, with a lovely letter H. {fingers crossed}!

Debby Steele on

That wallpaper is so cute and I love that fabric for the lampshade. xo

Anonymous on

Hi Tina, I couldn’t agree more about the food in New Orleans. We discovered a new gem on our last trip. One of our top 5 meals ever. Dominic’s on Magazine. Amazing food and a wonderful mixologist who grows her own herbs for the bar in a very clever garden out behind the restaurant. I think you would enjoy it. The Chef served Nelson Mandela his first meal when he got out of prison. An apprentice chef at the time. Very talented. We had the chef choose our meal and it was phenomenal. Let me know if you get there. Have fun and good luck treasure hunting.

Ann C. on

New Orleans, how exciting – we go every year for my birthday (in January – I don’t do well in the summer heat !) – good luck with the weather ! The past few years, we have dined at Restaurant August, a John Besh eatery ! The staff, service and food are fabulous. Another good find was Couchon(spelling?) – they are known for their pork, but I had what was the best roasted red fish EVER !!!! I’m one of those folks that would rather forgo a fancy breakfast for those wonderful beignets at the French Market. If you want local food at a DIVE – go to Coops Place (on Decatur – past the French Market) for their smoked duck & great Bloody Marys. As you know, good food is easy to find down there – it’s like good & better ~~~
Also, so glad your precious Teddy is better. I adore seeing him in your posts – as well as your beautiful home. Have fun shopping N.O. for special things !

mwaxter on

Hi how fun that you are headed to New Orleans as everyone has said be prepared for some really hot weather!
We loved Acme Oyster house for a really casual, where the locals hang kind of vibe..the food was so good, we went twice for lunch.
Liked but did not love August, really liked Galatoires and The Court of Two sisters, stayed at the Ritz which was really great, not sure if thats where you are going?
Teddy looks great, right back to himself. Love the wallpaper and new stemware, your closet makes me drool!
Love every single thing in your store, but must say use my olive trays and boards all the time, and would like to buy a set of ginger jars next. Count me in Tina, and enjoy your trip.

Celeste on

I love the “IMPRESSIVE REPLICA VINTAGE TROPHY BOWL/FLOWER BOWL” & the “GREEK KEY WITH DIAMOND PATTERN” light fixture! … you have such gorgeous items in your shop. (:

Marianne on

Have a wonderful time in New Orleans! I have never been, but hopefully will make it there one of these days! Looking forward to hearing your recap when you return! xo

The Pink Pagoda on

I LOVE when you share photos of your gorgeous oh so beautiful house! What you’re working on will be incredible. Can’t wait to see it finished!

Portuguese Prepster on

Have a wonderful time in New Orleans! I’ve always wanted to go. Can’t wait for the recap!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here on

Tina, You are so right about the food in New orleans. I worked there for six months and the food was the best part. Have a wonderful trip!

Betsy Brock on

New Orleans…love that place! Nothing like the food there! So fun!

In your store…I’m drooling over the fluter planter with the wide edges. Gorgeous! Thanks for the chance on the giveaway…how fun!

Anonymous on

Of all the the pictures above, I vote that the picture of Teddy is the most beautiful! He he! Seriously, she is a beautiful blond and so at peace.

3 Peanuts on

I hope you have a GREAT time in NEw Orleans….we are not too far from there for occasional visits and I LOVE the food as well. I hope it is not too humid for you as it is HOT down here this time of year. LOVE that wallpaper and the yellow gingham for your bathroom. I also LOVE the rock crystal chandeliers. I think they will be worth the wait! Have a great trip and I look forward to hearing about New Orleans when you get back.


Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt on

Tina, I love the wallpaper and fabric choices for the powder-room and the sconces for the bath and living room are gorgeous! Teddy is looking healthy and thank God he is like new. Have a great weekend..

Karena on

Tina I still adore the wonderful Antler Pillow and so, so much more!! The bookends are gorgeous!

Tina so happy that Teddy is doing better…

Art by Karena

Marianne on

Hi don’t know if Antoines is still around but its one of the oldest more established restaurants in New Orleans and last time we were there it was wonderful. There are lots of smaller local type places where the locals eat, like Acme and another one called Deans and the food was so good, we could not stop eating! Have fun. Great to see Mr. Teddy doing and looking so well!
Love your shop Tina and my favorite items are the bell jars, the porcelain pieces and those wonderful pheasant pillows (too many pretty things to say just one)
Enjoy your trip.

vicki archer on

I adore those glasses from Anthropologie Tina.. stunning… off to have a look… Also, your wallpaper and fabric for the cloakroom is so pretty… xv

zanetastyle on

Just so ADORABLE that checked fabric for your custom lamp shades in the yet “again” perfectly wall papered powder room! All 3 of your wall papers I saw (near kitchen office, the other powder room with the lovely sink, and this one) are just amazing truly!
Teddy looks like he wants some company in that pool (: so hop in Tina! and have a great trip …
ciao Z

Anonymous on

Love the blue and white, especially the theginger jars, both tall and short with flat lid.

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. on

Wow, so much to comment on. Love, love the fabric for your powder room…so light and fresh…the shades will be perfect in the check. I’ll never get over checks. Talena bought me the same glasses from Anthropologie for Christmas…then I bought them for her for her birthday. We have a whole bunch now that we can share. They are sooo pretty. Hope you have a great time in New Orleans. Mona

Stephanie on

I live in New Orleans. I hope you have a wonderful visit! Be prepared for heat and humidity. It should be pretty crowded this weekend due to a festival. I would recommend Galatoires for dining but unfortunately they close this week. Antoine’s is always nice and very old and traditional. Luke is nice for upscale casual dining. Go see Jeremy Davenport at the Ritz Carleton. He should be playing Friday and Saturday nights starting at 9:00. I also like The Bombay Club for drinks on Conti street. And don’t overlook the antique shops on Chartres, there are some nice ones. Lucullu’s is one of my favorites. Muffellata’s from Central Grocery are a must. A couple of more places to dine are Stella and Irene’s. Both are off the beaten path and locals love them.

Nickie on

Hi, Tina!

I’m so happy Teddy is doing better. :}
I was in New Orleans for a trade show a few years ago and you are right, the food is amazing! You have to try the oysters. They flame broil them on a barbeque. We went to a restaurant and one whole side of the kitchen as just for the oysters!!! Let me tell you, they are to die for!
It goes without saying, your taste in decor is amazing…

Have a great time!

Party Resources on

Could Teddy be any cuter?? Hope you had a great trip! xx

Luciane at on

Hi Tina,

I just want to say I’m missing you bunches!

I hope you had a great trip!


Luciane at

Marlis on

How could I not comment, Your blog is a source of constant joy. Glad Teddy is getting well, he does look quite dashing in His pool. Have a wonderful time in Nawlins.. thanks for the most gracious chance to even be in the drawing for the two amazing items! xo marlis

Robert on

Glad to see New Orleans is tip-top again.

Dotti on

I hope I am not too late! I still love the crystal hurricane candle, and the smaller ones too in the crystal vases. Hope your trip is even better than anticipated. XoXo

Mike on

I’m glad Teddy is doing well. I personally think the wallpaper is going to look really good in your bathroom. I also love the antler pillow. It’s beautiful

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