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Hi and good morning. So happy to be here with yet another favorite blogger for my “A perfect summer day” series. This woman knows style and elegance….and her elegant design work speaks to that so I knew she would hit a home run when she came aboard and as I expected…Marianne of Marianne Simon Design delivered. Hopefully you know of Marianne Simon Design (formally Style for Living)….an elegant blog always with an interesting musing or two and lots of great design inspiration. So happy to have and welcome Marianne here and her perfect summer day looks like winner to me! So here we go……take it away Marianne!

My perfect summer day would start at this time of the morning (or afternoon)?9:00am

The bedroom I wake up in would look something like this??Classic and calm with crisp white sheets, upholstered headboard and a simple flower in a vase on the bedside table.

And my bathroom like this…?. I simply love a beautiful white bathroom.  This one has been a long time favorite of mine.  What a dream shower!

A favorite beauty product I love to use during the summer…?.. Chanel lipgloss in the color Sundress

And this is an ideal summer outfit that you might find me frolicking in…?.There’s nothing better than a pair of jeans, a classic t-shirt and a statement necklace!

My view from my bedroom in the summer looks like this??Who wouldn’t want to look out their bedroom and see the Eiffel Tower!?

And of course this perfect summer day is located in…..Paris!

For breakfast I would indulge in…?.. A delicious latte.  I would add a croissant to go along with it. 


After I am showered, fed and revved up to start my day, I will….go shopping.

For lunch this is my absolute favorite summertime meal…..Ina Garten’s roasted shrimp and orzo salad.


An afternoon snack might comprise of…?.. French macarons, of course!

My afternoon activity would be……? A trip to the spa.  A massage sounds really good right now!

The ideal summer drink is….. A fruit smoothie, always refreshing on a hot summer day.

This is what would be served for my ideal summer dinner??  I love pizza and dream of having an outdoor pizza oven one day.  Yum!

And where I eat it might look like this……A beautiful outdoor space to have friends over and sit by the fireplace.

A perfect summer ending to a perfect summer day would end…… With a nice walk with my dogs in a park.  It’s one of their favorite things to do every day.

The best part of my summer day is…..Stress free and relaxing!

Tina, thank you so much for including me in your wonderful summer series!  I am honored to be included!  xo
HOLY MACAROON! I am kind of reeling from how amazing this is and how it has every one of my senses in serious overdrive. Paris? Macaroons? That outdoor fireplace setting? The walk  in a chic Parisian park? The food? The chic outfit? Seriously, Marianne I think you might have just nailed it. Paris and perfect summer day go together like chocolate and caramel, popcorn and butter, cheese and crusty bread…well you get my drift. This is a brilliant idea for the perfect summer day and I would be so delighted to spend it with you if you need a willing and able travel companion who has zero inhibitions about delicious food:) Want to see more of Marianne’s wonderful style? Then click on over to her wonderful blog, Marianne Simon design by  clicking here. Merci beaucoup  Marianne for this fabulous post and to all of you for stopping in…..wishing you a wonderful summer day, Au revoir!


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Debby Steele on

Yes to all of it! Especially waking up to the Eiffel Tower. Love Chanel lip glosses…You just know it has to be the perfect summer color if it’s called Sundress! xo

5th and State on

chic indeed marianne! can i come on that walk?
off to see your latest

Kate on

What a perfect summer day. I love the idea of spending it in Paris, and her ideas are wonderful. The pictures are intoxicating!

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

Now this would be some day! Love your choices of activities, Marianne.
Happy Tuesday.

Our French Inspired Home on

Sign me up. When do the tours begin?? Ill volunteer to eat up any unwanted macaroons!

ladygirl on

I could not get any of the pics to come up on my computer – so disappointed.

jennifer smith on

Oh boy, what fun. Paris in the summer sounds good to me. Talk about a perfect day, I think Marianne is right on the money. I am dreaming now…..

Taylor Greenwalt on

Tina, It all sounds wonderful! Marianne is a doll and sweet as she can be. She has helped me out many times and is one of my blogging friends.

I Dream Of on

Paris is always my idea of perfect! Sounds like beautiful day and I would love to just linger on the bench in the last photo and watch the world go by! Lovely! XO

Barbara@HausDesign on

I agree she has nailed it – such a classy, lovely woman that I had the honor of meeting upon my arrival to Seattle – she’s even nicer in person! πŸ™‚

Karena on

Marianne has certainly described a perfect day for me!
Tina thank you so much for featuring her on your site! Paris is a dream of mine always…

So happy to be back home from the rehab care after surgery; now the real work begins!

Art by Karena

Leslie on

Perfect! I will pop over to check out her blog. Thanks for sharing Tina!

Marianne on

Tina, thank you again for having me as a guest today! So much fun to put together and of course, you can come on the trip with me anytime! xo

carolyn bradford on

All of her choices sound perfect to me! I can’t wait to check out her blog! Thanks for sharing this with all of us! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Susan on

Loved this! She described my dream day to a tee!

michele on

i love marianne, and i so want to be invited to that outdoor pizza soiree. dreaming of paris right now, and you are welcome to come crash at our apartment while we’re there, tina & M.

tina, swing by the heartland and pick me up so we can hightail it to seattle for a girl’s thing. there are some cool chicks there we can hang with.



Annie H. on

This is awesome. I was lucky enough to go with five girls three years ago for one of my best friends 40th birthday. Her husband gave as he gift an expenses paid trip for her and 5 girls to Paris for 6 days. It was the time of our lives, we were there in May and ate and shopped to our hearts content. Paris is the dreamiest city on earth and I loved this post and how it brought me back to that incredible trip.

Splendid Market on

what a lovely day! The peach smoothies look devine!! ebh

Sandra on

This is so pretty! Found you from Pinterest, in love with your kitchen. We are leaving for Paris on August 8th so I excited to live out this perfect summer day for real!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns on

Hello Tina,

A beautiful guest post! What is not to love…summer in Paris! I have spent many summers there and I never tire of the view, the food, the people and the sights.

Thank you for your kind comments…I am sure that you could find a beautiful cabin in the Midwest or in the Northeast, it really is the perfect holiday. Relaxing, low key, a time to take in nature and time with family. So tru what you say, although I appreciated the time back then, I REALLY appreciate these things now that I am getting older.

Have a wonderful day! Looking forward to more beautiful things from your shop!


paula on

what a perfect day indeed!

Agnes on

Such a fun post. Paris in the summer sounds perfect, would rather be there than here about to move! Love the outfit, all the yummy food and of course that glorious bathroom. Nice to “meet” Marianne. Thank you to you both.

Wanda on

Ooo la la! Great adventure!
I’ve just finished a fantastic book yesterday and after reading your post….you must read it.
The Paris Wife
It is the story of Ernest Hemingway’s first wife, Hadley Richardson. I couldn’t put it down. She sells you on Paris if you ever doubted needing to go.

pretty pink tulips on

Marianne definitely knows how to live!!! Paris, sleeping in, pizza…..I want to tag along to the City of Lights!!

xoxo Elizabeth

Gail on

I’m in…when do we leave! You really know how to spend a day!!

Fashion-isha on

This is amazing..I’m so there! I love the waking up at 9, the latte, view of the Eifel Tower, shopping in Paris, the Hermes belt. It’s all so perfect!

Thanks for the fantasy I could use it right now!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. on

Looks like a pretty perfect day to me too…you hit all of my favorites…great atmosphere, casual luxury,and divine food…can’t beat that…Mona

designchic on

Mariane, I want to spend this day with you!! Love the outfit…perfect in my book and the pizza looks heavenly!!

The Pink Pagoda on

What a lovely day! May I come? : )

Portuguese Prepster on

I have that image saved under my favorites! Love the entire look! sounds like the ideal day!

arrielle_p on

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Agnes on

Hello, thanks for your posts – it looks so fresh. My day would be definitely the same as yours – but I would wake up at least at 10 a.m. I love the bedroom style and the idea of having pizza:)

Chic Coastal Living on

Love Marianne’s style and this dream trip to Paris in the summer is to die for!!! Love everything!

Splendid Willow on

I love that girl and I consider myself very lucky because I get to hang out with Marianne on a regular basis (think lots of food and tons of giggles!). More than once have I copied her fabulous lip gloss choices! (:

Hugs to you both!

oxox, Mon

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