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Good morning! Today I am tickled pink to present yet another wonderful “A perfect summer?day” post! Say hello to a very stylish and fabulous friend, Elizabeth from Pretty Pink Tulips. Someone so many of us know and love, and someone who always seems to have a beautiful approach to all she does. So its no surprise that her idea of a perfect summer day has me dreaming in a big way!
Pretty Pink Tulips is such a pretty and fresh take on Elizabeth’s graceful style, where she dishes about everything from her own home to fabulous ?parties, all kinds of chic?resources thrown in with a little bit?of travel and it goes on. I am always interested in hearing what she has to say. If you don’t know of Pretty Pink Tulips….you must visit! Click here to say hi to Elizabeth. Enough of me lets get started with this perfect summer day, Elizabeth take it away………
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Hi everyone! I’ve had so much fun imagining my perfect summer day for Tina’s series. To me, there’s just nothing that beats the ocean, so that’s where you’ll find me!

My perfect summer day would start at this time of the morning (or afternoon)…..

7 am because it is when I naturally wake up

The bedroom I wake up in would look something like this……

And my bathroom like this…….

A favorite beauty product I love to use during the summer……..

an oldie but goodie

And this is an ideal summer outfit that you might find me frolicking in…….a maxi dress

My view from my bedroom in the summer looks like this……

And of course this perfect summer day is located in………..

Cabo San Lucas at Las Ventanas

After I am showered, fed and?revved?up to start my day, I will…….Exercise first thing to get it done. Then, put on my bathing suit & coverup (always the cover up!) and relax poolside with a stack of magazines and books.

For lunch this is my absolute favorite summertime meal……

An afternoon snack might comprise of……..almonds. I love crunchy snacks!

My afternoon activity would be………Relaxing at the spa with a massage and facial

The ideal summer drink is……..

Club soda with lime before 5pm, then some rose champagne

This is what would be served for my ideal summer dinner……

And where I eat it might look like this…………….

A perfect summer ending to a perfect summer day would end……….outside, under the stars, by the pool and a fire

The best part of my summer day is………..Relaxing in the sun, looking out over the ocean

Thank you, Tina, for allowing me to indulge in a virtual fantasy escape. Now, I want to plan a trip like this for real!

Talk about dreaming…..please tell me that I can tag along, this is beyond dreamy OR how about a bloggers conference inspired by this perfect summer day! See, told you Elizabeth would hit a home run and boy, did she deliver. ?Love it all from that dreamy ocean view and her ?bedroom right down to her “back yard”! Then, ending the day just gazing out at the sea, feeling relaxed and sun kissed is perfection. ?Crunchy snacks? Bring them on! Doesn’t get better than this does it! ?Thank you Elizabeth for such a fantasy like post that has me dreaming too and for everyone for stopping in. Want more Elizabeth???Stop on over to Pretty Pink Tulips and tell her how much you enjoyed this! Wishing everyone a perfect summer day of their own:)


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