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Hi there. Oh boy I am sooo excited to be over at my super cool friend, Michele’s blog. Yes you know the one and only, the fabulous Michele of Hello Lovely Inc. One we all know and love. I think we can all agree Michle, the super fly, extra hip, overly talented, rocker/singer/designer mama who always pens a witty prose like nobody’s business is a blogland darling.

?I so enjoy reading what she has to say every morning as much as I enjoy drooling over whatever she might be posting about. It could be her amazing?girls weekend at The Ritz in Chicago (to which I invited myself to the next one) or her featuring a fabulous new artist, sharing a decadent chocoholic lovers recipe for a sinfully good chocolate cake or gabbing about ?a magnificent meal shes made (talented cook/baker that she is) to featuring a few of her super cool vintage-y pieces of jewelry or showing us her incredible talent as a painter, the list goes on and on and on………am sure you get that by now:)

And as if this weren’t enough, this “too cool for words” supermama (who is also a writer)?also get this……. is the lead singer in a new garage band! How AMAZING is that? I for one, am in awe as there’s nothing it seems like she can’t do. Maybe you can sing at my next “big” birthday. That would be my big 3-0….hehehe. Add a 20 to that in a few years, yikes!?So, ?needless to say I am honored and very happy to be over at?Michele’s place today. Hope you will swing by for a peek, I know one thing, its going to be good.?

REAL good.

Click here to visit Michele and I. Wishing you a fabulous day.

A few pictures to entice you……….

These gorgeous paintings are Michele’s latest works, I rest my case…there is NOTHING she can’t do!

She did a post on her wedding recently and I had to share, are they a beautiful couple or what! She said they were referred to in college as the “Norwegian bookends”…I can see why.

And this droolworthy setting…her home. Did I mention she can decorate in a big way? Yep add that to her list of magical powers:)

And if this isn’t all enough to blow your socks off, just look at her…… so pretty and knows how to whip up a fabby meal too!

Yep this is my bud, Michele. When she said if she had a freaky Friday experience and could trade places with anyone for a day, ?she would want to be a surfer on the north shore of Oahu, I knew we were meant to be friends……..yours truly had her share of surfing days looking cute in her bikini on the beach watching her boyfriend riding the pipeline.?So come on over and visit, click here! Have a fabulous day!


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