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Forewarning…as these posts tend to be, this is another long one. Somehow they grow from being average sized posts to mega marathons……. My advice? Dont’ read standing up, take an extra five minutes and relax, grab a cup of coffee and hope you enjoy!

Good Wednesday morning to you. I am so enjoying the nippier air that has finally taken over,  have had a lot of rain which does not make for great hair days but I am loving this cooler weather…. the leaves in this part of town are just now starting to turn ever so subtly. I figure in a few weeks it will be in its prime. How about in your neck of the woods? A lot of different areas to cover today, so lets begin shall we! Do not forget to read all the way to the bottom where I provide all the details for one heck of an exciting giveaway!!

Thought this little Hermes tidbit was sooo interesting! You just never know what your local postman is up to in his spare time…lol!


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Hermes Scarves' Artist is Texas Postal Worker
Turns out the one behind the famous French fashion label’s limited edition scarves is not a trained Parisian artist, but a postal worker from Waco, Texas, named Kermit Oliver.

Oliver sifts mail during the day, and paints at night. According to the Texas Monthly, who recently did a revealing profile on the artist, noted that Oliver was discovered in the 1980s by then Hermes CEO Jean-Louis Dumas. He has since kept his job at the Post Office, preferring a simple and quieter life to one of fame and notoriety. His artwork, most well-known for its intricacy of design and depictions of flora, fauna, and exotic animals, is produced in limited edition. Over the past 30 years, he has designed 16 exquisite scarves for Hermes, each of which take anywhere from six to nine months to create. His exceptional designs are so sought after, that his scarves usually sell out immediately in stores, and if they do end up on eBay, sell for at least $800, according to the Texas Monthly. Hermes scarves usually sell for anywhere between $200-$500.

We’re off the to closest Michael’s crafts store to start getting creative ourselves!

I am sooooo excited and sooooo flattered to have gotten an email from Homegoods, yes as in that “mega  growing by leaps and bounds billion dollar company”, that Homegoods!! They emailed me to tell me I am one of their favorite blogs!! Imagine my delight, just drives home the point that you truly never know who is reading your blog! 

 Furthermore…..they also said that they were just launching their “stylescope‘ in which one can find out what their style is and for the classic choice, yours truly’s blog was the first choice for that category so The Enchanted Home will be a permanent fixture on their site!! It will be up any day now.
 I am  so excited and flattered…then to boot, we are going to be working on different things together. And to launch this new cozy friendship, they have so generously offered up my readers the chance to win a $500 gift card to any Homegoods in the U.S.! And you know that 500 big ones goes a long long way in their stores chock full of beautiful bargains! All details on bottom…thanks to my new bff I mean Homegoods!

Super excited to finally be getting our loggia flooring done! We were waiting for the ceiling to be completed and there were a few stone elements that weren’t done but alas they are done and the bluestone floor is in progress, VERY excited over this and I am ordering the furniture this week so hopefully we can enjoy a late fall/early winter cozied up next to the fireplace!! We chose Pennsylvania bluestone which is more even toned, less varied in the shading since we were going with a pattern, this made the most sense. Here’s a sneak peek of it in progress, hopefully by next week I can show you the big reveal!

In progress…….

A before…….

Always like to include recipes that I have  tried and loved  since I am believer in their magical powers…so have to share. Well friends, this is one such recipe. I promise you this is worth every chop, slice and hour that you put into it. Heavenly and the ultimate comfort food. I just made it and was hailed a hero.  Your family will deem you Julia Child worthy! Be sure to include crusty fresh bread……


  • About 3-4 tablespoons light virgin olive oil
  • 8 ounces bacon, chopped (1/2 a package)
  • 2 teaspoons garlic cloves, large chopped pieces (not too fine)
  • 1/2 cup Cognac
  • 1 bottle of good full bodied  red wine (ideally like Beaujolais, Cabernet or Burgundy)
  •  2 cups beef broth (I used Emerils box of beef stock which is a 32 oz box)
  • 1-2 tablespoons tomato paste
  • 2-2 1/2 pounds  beef cut into 1-inch cubes
  • Sea salt to taste
  • Fresh pepper
  • 1 pound carrots, cut to 1 inch (don’t use baby carrots, they are too soft)
  • 2 med.onions- thinly sliced
  • 1 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves (1/2 teaspoon dried) I used a bit more than the recipe called for
  • 4 tablespoons butter at room temperature, melted
  • 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 1 pound fresh mushrooms (cut off stems and discard)
If you have a nice heavy dutch oven, that is preferable otherwise a good stock pot is fine. I used my Le Cruset “weighs a ton” pot but it was perfect for this dish plus its French!  Heat the olive oil and add the bacon, cook on medium until fairly crispy. Remove and drain bacon. Add cubed beef (after they have been rinsed, patted dry and sprinkled with sea salt and pepper)  one layer at a time and sear the meat, this will take about 4-5 minutes, make sure its seared on all sides. Set aside with the bacon. 

Next, you will add carrots, onions, and either potatoes or turnips if you are using them along with salt and pepper to the fat in the pot and cook for about 15 minutes or until soft and onions are lightly browned. Then add garlic and cook for another minute or two. Next add Cognac…you then should take a match and light it right in the pot…STAND BACK while you do this and stare in awe at your budding creation! (This process burns off the alcohol) 

Next add the meat and bacon into the pot with the juices already in. Add the bottle of wine and beef broth, this mixture should pretty much cover the meat. Next add tomato paste and thyme. Simmer and then cover…at this point you can either cook it on the stove or transfer to a preheated oven (300 degrees) I cooked mine on the stove. 

After about an hour and a half, the meat will be fork tender. On the side, take 2 tbsp of butter and melt then mix with flour and add to stew. In a small saut? pan, melt additional 2 tbsp of butter and saut? mushrooms for about 5-10 minutes or until soft. Add to stew, bring to a brief boil and then simmer and cook for an additional 30 minutes. Season to taste. At the end, I add a few additional stalks of fresh thyme…get that baguette and wine ready and you are in for a divine treat!

Some store biz…..the napkin rings are the buzz word lately. Am up to my ears in these darling treasures, I just know they are going to become collectibles sooner than later. Very special pieces, click here to see them in my shop! Also met with a vendor who sells to names like Ralph Lauren, Martha Stewart, Ritz Carlton and many famous designers. I was able to buy  some of his gorgeous crystal and glass hurricanes, small vases,etc……they are really spectacular pieces and I am lucky enough to have a few already in my own home. They are very old looking which is why I love them but they are perfect because they are new! Mine are heavily discounted, and are available on a first come first serve basis. I have a limited quantity of a few crystal urns with tops, hurricanes and small crystal urns. Highly decorative and super elegant…take a look! Email me here if you are interested in any of these pieces. As I only have a few of each I am probably not going to be listing them on my online store.

This stands about 20″ tall and about 8″ wide

Gorgeous hand cut

The etching is all hand one….beautiful!

Very heavy and amazing quality.

And the darling napkin rings including a few newer ones…..

Also had been on the prowl for some chunky ginger jars that had a lot of white but had that antiqued look that is so desired well at last I found them…let me present the three newest family members to my growing blue and white family! How gorgeous are they? They are now up for sale in my online shop, click here to visit my blue and white porcelain shop.

And you might remember when I first opened my store, I had this  STUNNING very Herend like tureen, I sold out right away but am happy to say I just scored two more tureeens and some of the beautiful decorative plates and a few pair of lamps. LOVE this pattern, so rich and elegant!

As always feel free to email me with any questions regarding any of my products/online store or for anything you might be looking for but cannot find. Click here to email me.

Finally I know like me, you love to see who took top prize for my Which would you choose series….so here’s the top three results for both the handbag edition and the recent front door post. What can I say you all have truly superb taste!!
                                        Top three for the handbags…each one soooo beautiful!

And the front door post…here’s the top three! Several were neck in neck, but no losers here!
The first two tied for first place…..

This one was a close second…
And this one a close was fierce!
So did your favorite make it?

Still with me? Then read on about this amazing giveaway I am offering…….Want to win a $500 gift card from Homegoods? Its simple to enter….all you need to do is visit their newly launched Stylescope by clicking here. Come back and tell me what style you are. That’s it….you are automatically entered!  I will announce a lucky winner on Monday, Oct. 15th.

If you want a second chance, visit my online store, click here and come back to tell me an item that might find its way on your holiday list or you can let me know on Facebook.

 Remember all anonymous users, if you don’t put your first name and last name initial you are not in the running!! Ditto for those who use only a first name, I must have your last name initial to include you. Best of luck…some lucky winner is going to have one fabulous shopping spree. Thanks Homegoods! And thank you for stopping in…wishing everyone an enchanted day!

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Debby Steele on

First of all your outdoor area is AMAZING!!! I am not a bit surprised that you are one of Homegoods top blogs! Big big things are in store for you, my friend. I still am predicting your own HGTV show. Such an amazing giveaway!!! I NEED to win. Ha ha. It would make having to move out of my home a wee bit easier if I could buy some new things! Again, congrats, you go girl!!! xo

Debby Steele on

Oops. I forgot to tell you what style I was: Get this…Farm girl Glam. What a strange combination, huh? xoxo

Belle on Heels on

Oh Tina, that Beef Bourginon looks divine! I’ll have to test this one out. YUM!

I’m Classic with a touch of Boho πŸ™‚

And I know I always say the Staffordshire Dogs are my favorite in your store (because they are), but in the interest of changing things up, I wouldn’t mind adding the squirrel and acorn bowl to my holiday wish list!

Anonymous on

I am classic. Thanks for the chance to win $500 from Home Goods.


Anonymous on

The Artichoke Finial is on my holiday wish list!!!


Our French Inspired Home on

I love HomeGoods. Just picked up some great Ralph Lauren canisters this past week. You are right about the Le Cruset being heavy! I can hardly pick ours up when it’s full. Even though they are heavy, they are oh so worth it! I have used Julia Childs recipe for Beef Bourguignon several times and each time I say I could make and eat it every single day! Today, I am New Country on the HomeGoods stylescope. Have a great day! – Tonya

Susan B. on

I am a Classic – which is how I would have described myself! Thanks for the opportunity!

Bonnie on

I am Farmhouse Glam! So fun. I knew that I loved a farmhouse style, but I guess the Glam was from choosing the diamond.

Anonymous on

I am spa with a touch of traveler, surprising result!

Bonnie on

I am very tempted by the Staffordshire mini lamps! They would add just the right amount of light on the kitchen counter once the kitchen is shut down for the day.

Jana Y. on

Classic with a touch of boho here too! Not surprised at all by that analysis. πŸ™‚ What shocked me though is your first story about the Hermes artist from Waco. That’s where I live! May have to make a trip to the post office today to see if I can spot Mr. Oliver. And while we are talking about Waco, Homegoods people, could you please open a Homegoods here???? We do have a Marshall’s which is nice but a Homegoods would be awesome. Thanks for your consideration. πŸ˜‰

Jeanne Pfeffer on

I am Boho, with a touch of New Country!
Also hoping for the feather etched lantern!!!
jeanne p

jen.p on

Socialite with a touch classic…..interesting but I think it is more the other way around, classic with a touch socialite! Now off to your store to check out those napkin holders! Love those!

Coastal Cottage Dreams on

I am the Classic style. One of my favorite dishes is beef bourginon. I use Julia child’s recipe. Love reading your inspirational blog. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to enter the giveaway.

AimeeR on

I am classic.. which is what I love in both my decorating and clothing! (I do like a little bit of surprise thrown in too!) You have added so many items in your shop in recent weeks. All so stunning! I have a long wish list! It is a no surprise to me (and I’m sure many of your readers) that you have been honored by HG! Your sense of style, design, and texture inspire me daily! So, so love hearing from you each day.. a fun way to start my day with a cup of coffee in hand! Thanks for your constant inspiration!

Allie and Pattie on

Interesting! Classic with a touch of new country. I would have to agree!! Thank you for the opportunity to enter

Victoria L. on

Tina- what a full post of beauty! Congrats on the Homegoods score they know a great thing when they see it and I am not at all surprised. Your blog is a serious addition to many, can’t tell you how many I have turned your blog onto. Love it.

Your loggia is AH MAZ ING! I would spend every waking minute out there (and maybe some sleeping ones too) It is so gorgeous, I cannot wait to see it done. Love that Hermes story, what a surprise. Also LOVE every single item in your store and really adore those new crystal pieces, cannot wait to get my napkin ring order and that red tureen has my mother in laws name all over it.

I took the stylescope test and came up classic and boho, that was actually really neat. I love Homegoods and make weekly visits there so would be tickled pink to win this gift card, I assure you and Homegoods, it would be put to good and immediate use.

Thanks for the recipe, if I was more of a cook, I know my family would love it, unfortunately I have just mastered a baked chicken so I have a long way to go, haha. Thanks for the chance to win!

Penny K on

Classic! I look forward to my daily dose of The Enchanted Home.

the altered past on

Home Goods is one of my favorite! I’m a Farm House Glam. Thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous on

I am Sassy and a touch Boho, who knew???? Thanks for the chance to win the gift card it sure would come in handy!

Deb Eith

Amy I. on

I am Spa Life! Thanks for the chance to enter.

christy on

The covered porch…to die for! LOVE IT. And that Hermes story is so interesting, who knew!

Adore every single item in your store and actually am planning to buy a lot of my Christmas gifts from you, especially the monogrammed soaps and linens, pillows and the bread boards, which I love and use every day.

Homegoods is a regular hangout for me, we have one 10 min. away so I go several times a week, yes they know me there!

Would love to win. I came up boho with a touch of farm house glam, right on the money. Great post as always Tina!

LisaC on

What would we do without HOMEGOODS? I am classic with a touch of traveler-and I agree with the assessment! I am headed to check out your new blue and white! thank you for the opportunity!

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR on

Interesting…classic with a touch of boho! Congrats on being a new associate with HomeGoods! They could not have picked a better person! Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

Amy I. on

Napkin rings would be perfect in the Christmas stockings! Love them!

jkperea on

Congratulations on this honor. You are very deserving! I am classic, which I agreed with their assessment and suggestions. I adore the porch and renditions! Will look forward to seeing how your new team with Homegoods will play out! Great giveaway…..!
Joanne Perea

Lois on

Farm House Glam with a touch Boho. I’d love a Homegoods in West Michigan as well!!

Anonymous on

Apparently I am Urban Funk with a touch of Boho! Who knew??

Anonymous on

I am new country! and I still love your reclaimed wood trivets!Julie

Nana on

I’m a traveler, 100% …love Homegoods and your loggia! Ceiling is wonderful. Thanks!

Si on

My style is Classic with a touch of BOHO! What a fun site! Love Homegoods, and congrats to you!

Anonymous on

I’m a Classic with a touch of New Country.

Victoria on

My style — no surprise to me — is classic. I am a Homegoods devotee and am happy for you that you are now linked to their new blog. The loggia looks fabulous, and I am planning to make your beef bourguignon when my son visits next month. I love the new hurricanes, but the favorites from your shop are the napkin rings and the monogrammed towels.
XO, Victoria

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR on

For my second entry…I am looking at those stunning silver trays to add to my holiday list. Thanks for the chance to win!

Dotti on

My style is Classic…….no surprise there! That’s why I love your site πŸ™‚

jkperea on

I love a lot of your store items. The statuary was my first stop and loved everything there. I think my favorite thing that spoke to me was the canvas print of the piano teacher with student. I would love to have an antique piano and would love to wear clothes of that era to teach my students!
Joanne P

alliecat on

Classic,with a bit of boho.

Pat@Life At Lydias House on

According to Homegoods my style is Socialite but I’m not sure that I agree!! I would love to win the shopping spree regardless of my style!

Upscale Downhome on

My style is farmhouse glam. What a fun exercise! Good luck to all!

Anonymous on

I am CLASSIC with a touch of BOHO! Seems about right to me. LOVE LOVE LOVE Homegoods! I have to limit myself as to how many times I go!
Kim S.

carolyn bradford on

Wow, Tina! That is awesome about Homegoods! You should feel extremely flattered! Of course they asked you to do this! Your style is loved by all! Keep us posted on all of that! As for your flooring…I’m drooling over the entire loggia! It is a spectacular place and I for one would be out there all of the time! So beautiful! Hope you are doing well!

Dotti on

Dreaming of that 20 inch tall Dragon ginger jar, with the foo dog on top. So fab!

Anonymous on

Wow – what a fantastic give away! A Homegoods just opened here, so stalking them for items for our first bedroom makeover in 19 years of marriage! Love, Love, Love you beautiful home! Beth C.

Anonymous on

I am a Classic with a touch of New Country. Debra F

Upscale Downhome on

I love the pillows on your store site, especially the blue and white ones with the ginger jars!

Debbie Carter on

LOVE your home, love your style and love your blog so I am not at all surprised Homegoods selected you. You rock, so happy to have discovered your blog via pinterest a few weeks ago, its addicting.

The new ginger jars are making my heart beat faster, I am in love and NEED a pair. Going clue my husband in.

Please include me for the giveaway, cannot count the ways I love Homegoods. They are awesome for the fun everyday things, your shop is great for exceptoinally beautiful unusual sophisticated things. A match made in heaven!

Debbie Carter

Garden on the Ridge on

Thanks for another interesting post. I love when you talk about your home’s progress. Next, we’ll be into updates and renovations?

Please enter me in the giveaway.

Joan F.

Anonymous on

What fun – I will definately go back to the Stylescope. I am Classic with a touch Boho.

Down On The Farm on

Well, no surprise to me, my style is “Classic!” I absolutely LOVE Homegoods, and am fortunate to live near one. Thank you so much for the giveaway! And thank you for posting pictures of your gorgeous home! I wish I lived close enough to you for a visit! Have a blessed day!

JoAnn in Branson MO on

Never miss reading your blog….love it! I am classic with a touch of Boho…who’d of thought?….I love Homegoods but alas we have none in the Branson Springfield area except for Marshalls of course but can’t compare with a true Homegoods…love that store….Please open one in Springfield MO….

Lynne B on

I am classic. That was a fun quiz.
I also wanted to tell you Tina that I love the new photos of fall etc. on your front page.
My morning is so much better after reading your blog.

Anonymous on

Classic with a touch of Boho. Barbara R

blondiefromtexas on

I am Vegas Baby with a touch of New Country!

Tracy N. on

My Homegoods style is classic. I’ve been considering a couple of blue and white pieces from your store, either ginger jars or tureens/bowls to use for center pieces.

Anonymous on

Surprise I’m a Socialite…. what fun!
Thanks for such a fun and entertaining blog…
Enjoyed following the progress on your amazing home.. plus your recipes are very good…

Love Homegoods… can still remember the first time we found one while visiting friends…my daughters still talk about it.
Jill S.

Honey on

I’m a Socialite with a touch of Boho.

Dana Munoz on

Congratulations on your partnership with Homegoods! That’s amazing, but you are the best blogger!!
I’m “Classic”, and that’s the truth, pretty amazing how that works!

I love the new red lamp on your blog post, and I would love anything in your store actually , but I would love to have some of the pillows and a large round wood try.

Thank you,
Dana Munoz

Alison F on

I am classic. No surprise. Congratulations on your new partnership with Homegoods! You must have been thrilled!

Anonymous on

I am classic with a touch of Boho…glenda w

Sandy @ You May Be Wandering on

I am “Set Sail” – I guess I am still hanging on to that summer attitude! As always, I love your posts – your loggia looks incredible and the Beef Bourguignon looks delicious. Congratulations on your selection by Homegoods – although it doesn’t surprise me – you are my favorite blogger!!!

Jen on

I”m classic with a touch of boho πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

Can’t wait to try your beef bourguignon. Love your site! Thanks so much for sharing!! My second entry choice is any one of the works from the canvas art section. They’re just lovely. Barbara R

Rachel on

My style is Set Sail. No surprise, since we live near the coast. Love Homegoods!

Anonymous on

I’m a Set Sail with a touch of Spa Life. I think it suits me. Would love the gift certificate!

BethA in Houston

Anonymous on

My style is “Classic” and that’s right on! jlmorano

Anonymous on

Aaaannnnnddd, I LOVE the bread bowls in your store!

BethA in Houston

Joan R on

Congrats Tina! I was just at Homegoods last night! My style is “Classic.”
Joan R in Philadelphia

Bamagrl on

Hi, Tina! I am a “classic” with a touch of “new country”! Love your store selections! Beautiful!

Anne on

Hi Tina! Love the new pieces! I’m Boho. Have to think about that one!
Anne Morck

Anonymous on

Tina, Thank Always! for sharing your passions with us! I personally take it all in and makes my life happier! God Bless! I did the quiz and I am a Vegas Baby! I gamble with design and get the biggest delight out of decorating! I would truly LOVE the Home Goods Gift Card!!!
Blessings, Sandra A. Ferullo

Lisa on

Tina- Love your blog. I tell everyone I know who reads blogs about it. It is so full of so much information and I cannot tell you how many great ideas I have gotten, thanks for the recipe. Your porch is the definition of heaven!

The new items, are GORGEOUS. Love the ginger jars, the red tureen. Need the 411 on them. Love Homegoods too, its far for me but I about once a month and always walk out with a shopping cart full. Great deals on fun things, furnished both my kids college dorm rooms with all Homegoods and they were the envy of all their friends!

Please add my name to the hat, would love to win with the holidays around the corner. Fun post. Thanks for your dedication, hard work and generosity.

Lisa A from Boston

Lisa A. on

And I am classic stlye from the stylescope which I expected to be. And my favorite item is those new ginger jars, the dough bowl and the floral etched bell jar lantern!

Anonymous on

My style is classic, Love your blog.
Gloria D.

Suzanne M. on

I am Socialite with a touch of Farmhouse Glam…how interesting! Congratulations in your partnership with Homegoods! Love that store and I love your blog. Look forward to reading your blog each day! The loggia is amazing I love the pattern of the bluestone!

Cheryl on

Congratulations to you! It is no surprise that Homegoods contacted you, as you have such great taste and style. I think I am classic but will check out Homegoods website. I just love love love your new ginger jars! Adding them to my wish list! Have a wonderful and cozy fall day,

Cheryl P.

missreneer on

I am Sassy!! Thanks for the wonderful, amazing, incredible giveaway and I must say your home is my dream home.

Renee Richardson
fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

Jacqueline on

I am a classic! Not a bit surprised. We are slowly restoring a historic home and trying to stay very true to the architectural style all the while realizing things have to be durable for our twin 2.5 year old little boys!

betsy on

I am “Set Sail” with a touch of “New Country” – exactly what I would have expected πŸ™‚ Cool site! LOVE LOVE LOVE Homegoods!

missreneer on

I would love to have the Long Dough Bowl. It is perfect πŸ™‚

Renee Richardson
fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

Anonymous on

Congratulations! I am Sassy and a touch of boho. Not sure where that came from. Peggy

Jacqueline on

I am loving the hunt/equestrian patterned pillows. We have a small room upstairs that I will paint cranberry and hang with dog and horse prints. Please bring me some of these, Santa!

Elizabeth Merry on

I am “Classic with a touch of New Country!” And they are right! Really loving those napkin rings.
Elizabeth Merry

mymosk on

Such exciting news. I am so happy for you. I just recently discovered HomeGoods and I am excited to go back soon! I am New Country with a touch of classic! Love how the loggia is looking. The pattern as others have said is amazing!

Henhurst Interiors on

Wow, that is an amazing story. I have quite a few Hermes scarves and never would have guessed that about one of the artists, congrats on the Homegood collaboration – that’s fantastic!, and thanks for the recipe. It is getting to be soup and stew time of year here and that looks tasty! And I love the new glass hurricanes – right up my alley. Love these long posts packed with great info!

deerhollow on

Me too! Classic and a touch of country. I so enjoy your beautiful blog. Congrats on the recognition from Home Goods! I would be thrilled as well – LOVE that place!! ~ Leisa Firth

Carol on

Fun. I am “Sassy with a touch of Classic”. Who knew?!

jennifer smith on

Hi Tina, that Hermes story is incredible! My parents live about an hour from there, go figure.

Your new crystal items and ginger jars have me brainstorming for where and how I can use them. LOVE THEM. My faovrite other item in your store is the entire monogram shop, the greek key lantern and the canvas art with the two dogs. I have several things from you on my holiday wish list!

Homegoods and I know each other well. When I hit it right, I do very well. You cannot beat their prices. Congratulatoins on this big honor, they certainly chose well. You are my favorite blog hands down. Its well deserved. Thank you.

jennifer smith on

I came up boho and classic, the classic I expected, the boho was an interesting surprise!

Ana Maria Monte Flores on

This is the absolute BEST giveaway ever!

I am a TRAVELER – Wow!

Thank you for entering my name is this giveaway, winning would make my Christmas shopping so much easier!

Yvonne @ StoneGable on

Wonderful post, Tina! So full of great tidbits… and a wonderful recipe!
Congrats for being chosen by HomeGoods to represent their classic choices in Stylescope! NO wonder you are one of their favorite blogs… you are one of mine Too!

I went to Stylescpoe and I am NEW COUNTRY! No surprise here!
Thanks for the great giveaway!

Ana Maria Monte Flores on

Oops! I guess you need my email address:

Thanks again!
Ana Maria

mymosk on

Second chance opportunity…I would have the long dough bowl from your store on my list! Thank you so much for this fun chance!
Mary Moskwiak

Terri on

I am a classic. I think I already knew that!
This was fun.
Terri C

merrymac on

I’m Farmhouse Glam! Hmmm, interesting. Thank you, Homegoods. Love the Pennsylvania BlueStone floor and the pattern is to die for. It’s gorgeous.

Anonymous on

Hi! Love your blog! I am “Farmhouse Glam” with a touch “Classic.”
Thanks! Valerie C.

Vickie Boyer on

Good morning. I m ready to “SET SAIL” at HomeGoods! Congrats on HomeGoods! Vickie

Ana Maria Monte Flores on

Hello again!

For my second chance: Visiting your Store is easy, choosing is much harder! I LOVE every item! The porcelains are fabulous, the outdoor urns and statuary are magnificent, the glass items are spectacular! What I wish would make it to my Christmas wish list is one of your lanterns – I need one of the larger ones – don’t care which one, they are all to die for!

Ana Maria

Tim on

I am set sail with a little farm glam. This really fits me because I love oceans, beaches and seafood.
Tim C.

merrymac on

Forgot the last initial! I’m merry z. and I’m farmhouse glam!!! Oh, thank you!

merrymac on

I’m Merry Z. aka Farmhouse Glam. I crave the pedestal urn from your store. I can just picture a pair filled with ivy and pumpkins and gourds. Heavenly.

Theresa N. on

I’m farmhouse glam.
Theresa N

Anonymous on

Love your blog, Love Homegoods,! I am a Socialite. Thanks for the chance to win a shopping spree…just in time for Christmas! Renee’ H

GiGi on

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Gail on

Well….I’m not surprised that HomeGoods contacted you….your blog is on my top 5 and I LOVE when I see “The Enchanted Home” in my “in box”! I did the HomeGoods style test and “BoHo Chic” came up! Well…I’m about as BoHo Chic as you are! I REALLY am classic…but I guess that just shows I can think outside the box!

Kate Abt Design on

Wonderful giveaway. Very excited for you. I’m classic with a bit of new country! Thank you for such a wonderful blog.

jerri on

I am a classic. Love Homegoods.Great giveaway.

Denise on

Classic witb…a touch of Boho! Classic, yes…touch of Boho surprised me! Regardless, congratulations on being chosen as a Homegoods favorite blog. I couldn’t agree more! Thank you for all the time you spend on your blog ~ it’s always a bright spot in my day!

Anonymous on

The Two Cherubs statue would be on my wish list. Can just picture it in my yard. Renee’ H

I Dream Of on

Congratulations on Stylescope! How very exciting, Tina. LOVE the new blue and white lovelies and am a secret Herend addict, so love those new additions to the line up, too. The loggia looks fantastic, what a gorgeous space that will be. Happy Wednesday – think I need to tie on a little Hermes today! XOXO

Leslie on

It’s classic for me and what a generous give away!

Beautiful stone for the outdoor area Tina! What a wonderful area to entertain. Love the Beef Bourginon and make it all the time in the winter. It’s the perfect comfort food with crusty bread and a glass of red wine.

Wow! Your napkin ring selection amazing – I like them all and need to get a set!

GiGi on

You have so many fabulous items from which to choose in your store. I have a weakness for pillows and I especially love the needlepoint animal print with green.
GiGi S.

mommaginny on

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Anonymous on

The new ginger jars are the prettiest I have seen in a long long time. Think I need those! And the red porcelains are very special too. Love most of all your loggia, what an incredible space it will be! You must something comfy out there so you can take naps πŸ˜‰
Homegoods is awesome, just wish they were closer! I go once every few months and always find something fantastic to brag about. Would to win. My favorite item in your shop is the monogrammed dinner napkins and the new ginger jars.

My style came up as classic with boho, that was a fun little quiz. Hope to win, thank you Tina and Homegoods.

Angela M.

GiGi on

I’m a Socialite with a touch Set Sail. GiGi S.

Anonymous on

Congrats! Love HomeGoods! Spa Life which surprised me! Thought must be a mistake, took it again and Classic popped up. I like Classic with a tranquility! Thank you for your blog – you have a beautiful home and a great entertaining style! Susan A

Anonymous on

My style is boho with a bit of classic! Love your blog!

Elizabeth Lundeen

Gail on

And for my second chance….REALLY? I have to choose just one thing? I love….love the blue and white porcelain, the garden statuary, anything monogrammed, and so much more…but I think for my Christmas wish list I’m putting one of your Bell Jar lanterns on it!

Donna in Potomac on

That was fun! I am Spa Style. Let’s see how calm and serene I’ll be if I win the $500 – ha!

No surprise HomeGoods likes your GreatHome πŸ™‚

Garden, Home and Party on

Congratulations on the much deserved notice.
Love the new ginger jars, they really do look antique.
The napkin rings are so darn cute, I may have to buy some just to use as a small sculpture piece on a table.
Karen B.

Anonymous on

Love your blog and HomeGoods! Sooooo many choices in your store but I love the blue and white porcelin and of course, the new napkin rings (all of them!). My results came up “SASSY”.

Carol Ann N.

JeanneW on

I just ordered a napkin ring for a Christmas present. Your new ginger jars are to die for. Now I just need to find a spot for them.

mommaginny on

I’m a Farmhouse Glam, with a little Classic added in. I just found your blog and just love it. Ginny P.

Anonymous on

I’m “The Traveler”. I knew that. I just didn’t know I had a style. Roy Z.

Patty McAnally on

What an exciting opportunity for you at HomeGoods…Congrats!

What I could do with $500 to furnish our home in my “Farmhouse Glam” style πŸ™‚

Loving the glass pedestal urns…lovely!

Patty McAnally

cdm on

I am new country with a touch of boho, but when I took it again I was classic – fun to see the different styles. Yeah for the new partnership with Home Goods! You are both favorites of mine.

cdm on

I am always in love with those dough bowls…

Brandon @ Southgate on

When my favorite blogger and my favorite store pair up, how can I NOT enter? Apparently I am “Vegas Baby” with a “Touch Classic”…not sure I can totally agree with that, but I do like a bit of glitz. The loggia is looking awesome, as I knew it would. Love that you gave it all the detail you gave the interior spaces. I know you all will LOVE spending time out there.

AubreyLaine on

I am Farm House Glam!
Thanks for the chance.
Aubrey F
family74014 at gmail dot com

mwaxter on

Tons to comment on here, really miss visiting you and boy did I pick a great day to stop in. The loggia is just so beautiful, love all the detail and how great to see such attention to detail. Glad its still being done. What a great addition to your home.

That Hermes scarf story is crazy. My mom has a small collection so I must show her this especially since she has family in Texas, this will do them proud!

Love EVERY single item in your store and can vouch for the quality having bought several things but my new faves and must haves are the pewter napkin rings and the gorgeous new ginger jars! So pretty. Congrats on Homgoods and their selecting you. You are a perfect match, two great stylemakers, hope to win!

mwaxter on

Just took the quiz and it came back to me with boho and touch of classic, so interesting!

Anonymous on

Love following your blog and seeing your enchanted home coming to life. Just took the Homegoods quiz and turns out I am a Farm House Glam kind of gal. I am putting the monogramed soaps from your shop on my wish list. Carolyn H.

Dorothy Freeman on

Congratulations on the Home Goods’s no surprise to me as you have one of the most beautiful and timeless blogs out there! Thanks for sharing all your passions along with all the hard work that goes into each inspirational post.
I love the new Home Goods style sight..took the test and was rated as Farm House Glam…pretty close as I would consider myself more Cottage Chic Glam. I love all the white, gray and beige tones of the farm house glam.

Anonymous on

Classic with a touch of Boho.

Joelle C.

Dorothy Freeman on

I just visited your store and love everything there! I am especially swooning over your kitchen/bar towels and would love to have the whole collection. Thank you so much for the generous giveaway. I love Home Goods and buy everything I can’t make for my home there. If I win I will use a portion of it for Christmas and Birthday gift buying this year as Home Goods is my adult children’s favorite store also.

Anonymous on

I am BOHO with touch of CLASSIC . This was fun.

Lilianne R.

Toni on

I’m Farmhouse Glam……love the mixture of old, natural elements and new! I have a Homegoods just a mile from my home which is very dangerous!!! Love your beautiful home even though my style is different, I appreciate all looks!

mgeddis on

Farm House glam for me.I am literally in Home Goods at least once a week(ok,maybe twice).Love that they change it up so often…you never know what will be in there!
Thanks for a chance to win this great contest.Good luck with your new friendship

Krista on

Set Sail with a touch of Boho, apparently.

Toni on

I’m Farmhouse Glam……love the mixture of old, natural elements and new! I have a Homegoods just a mile from my home which is very dangerous!!! Love your beautiful home even though my style is different, I appreciate all looks!

Krista on

I think that the blue & white porcelain wastebasket–which I’m quite sure that I would use as a vase–could be on my Christmas list

Lauren on

Wow, two of my very favorite things Enchanted Home and HomeGoods, how exciting!!! I am Farm House Glam with a touch of Set Sail. Your loggia flooring is beautiful, I love the pattern! Thank you for this amazing giveaway!,

Lauren L.

Toni on

The Bell jar lantern light fixture in the either Deep Cut pattern or the Diamond Leaf pattern would be the perfect finishing touch to my kitchen remodel. I would LOVE LOVE that!

mgeddis on

Just visited your store.So many beautiful choices,although I am loving the topiary pillows.

Tricia on

I’m Farmhouse Glam. Congratulations, Tina! I’ve never been to a Homegoods but I always see ads for them on TV. It’s a store that if let loose, I’d be dangerous!

Anonymous on

I went to the Stylescope and I’m BOHO with a touch of Classic – I love Homegoods!
Liz B. from Miami

classic β€’ casual β€’ home on

Congratulations!!!! I love Home Goods. It’s one of my favorite stops! I am Metro something….I am going to take the quiz again…it was hard to narrow it to five items with things like lemon tarts and diamonds and sand and cityscapes…I am all over the place πŸ™‚ Delicious recipe! Pretty pottery and crystal. You find the best items!

therelishedroost on

Congratulations and continued success with this endeavor!!! I would love to see you consult on the accessories for Homegoods and give them a traditional edge, rather then trendy.. you are definitely the one who can accomplish this!!
The Relished Roost!!

classic β€’ casual β€’ home on

PS. So interesting about the Hermes scarves. My husband just gave me one…wonder if it was by him (has some tigers in the jungle).

therelishedroost on

Oh, forgot to say the Loggia is magnificent.. you have done such an amazing job with your house, love it.. and my style is Classic with a touch of Boho!
Happy Bloggin!!!

Lauren on

Your monogrammed soaps are definitely on my holiday shopping list! Several special people will be getting those this Christmas! Thanks so much for the opportunity Tina and HomeGoods!!!

Lauren L.

Marcia Kraus on

Your loggia is looking AMAZING!!!!! Congrats on all ends, the house, Home Goods, your blog, etc.

Keep up the beautiful and inspiring work.

Marcia Kraus
Pittsburgh, PA

Margie on

HI There,
What a great giveaway! I’m drawn to the simple classic white rose!!


Marcia Kraus on

Woops….I’m BOHO and a touch New Country.

Neat system!

Margie on

Hi There,

I would love anything silver! The trays are my favorite and on my x-mas wish list for sure!

KAM on

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GRC Ltd on

LOVE HOMEGOODS! I have found many treasures there…so glad to see you are associated with them now.
The new style selector is great fun and pretty accurate!
Thanks, Homegoods for the great giveaway.

GRC Ltd on

Tina, those monogrammed soaps are going to find their way into our Christmas stockings this year!!

KAM on

I am a classic with a touch of Boho. Love their store! will need to make a trip plan to go to Boise!
Kristin Freeman

I removed the original post because my last name was not included

janet Rose on

I am apparently a BOHO with a Touch of New Country. Very interesting little test. Nice giveaway.

KAM on

Just had a visit to your store…yummm I want to have the garland and flower planter left under the tree by Santa this year.
Kristin Freeman

Terri on

What a beautiful selection of silver! I love the fabulous showstopping large planter. I would put some old fashioned Christmas ornaments with some holly sprigs in it.
Thanks Tina for the chance to win.
Terri M.

Anonymous on

I’m Farmhouse Glam, which is not a surprise at all. Though I often find myself drawn to Classic and By The Sea as well, depending upon my environment.
Your blog is so delightful. When I first saw it, I instantly had to tell my mother. It is so her style and I even got her hooked. She would give anything to be able to decorate the way you do.

Melissa R.

Jaybird on

Thank you for the opportunity to join your giveaway.
I am “New Country”, but I am in love with the mirrored dresser in “Vegas”.
Again my thanks,
Jay B.
jbmusik at yahoo dot com

Melanie on

I am Classic with a touch of The Traveler! I have found many treasures for my home at HomeGoods. I am currently living in a furnished apartment (like a Residents Inn) due to a job assignment for my husband. What started out as an 11 month assignment has turned into a 33 month assignment. I’m only 8 months into it, and so need to make my new space feel like home! This giveaway sure would help!. Thank you for hosting it!

Tim on

Tina, I love your shop!
Especially the Ap 45 Stunning Oversized Round Blue & White Bowl. It was great to look at your great home accents collection.
Tim C.

Anonymous on

My style was Sassy. Enjoy your blog and your home is breathtaking. Wenda

Tracy Johnson on

The Stylescope said I’m CLASSIC with a touch of BOHO. Thanks!

Missi Smith on

This Sassy with a touch of Classic girl would love to win a HomeGoods gift card! Yay!

The Buzz Blog on

Congratulations – we’re not surprised your blog is read by all! We also knew that Bottega bag would win! The Stylescope said we’re farmhouse glam and how true.
C + C

Karena on

Tina of course everyone is reading your blog! More classic,beautiful finds for your boutique every day!

Homegoods you are wonderful!!
Do not enter me ( A Classic with a touch of Boho) as I have already won a Homegoods certificate from another dear blogger friend, Paloma!

Art by Karena

Cassie on

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Cassie on

Tina, I love your enthusiasm. I am excited for you that your blog is doing so well and can’t wait for the leaves to start to change here in GA. I am BoHo with a touch of Sassy. Gotta love color!

Cassie H.

Anonymous on

Mary Ann at:

Always check your post first thing every morning! so enjoy… I am classic.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns on

Hello tins,

I hope you are having a great day! What a great gift from home goods and handy for the holidays.

I am The Traveler…

I hope you have a great day! Elizabeth

Stacy Curran on

I came out Sassy with a touch of Boho. Who knew? πŸ™‚
Congrats on this – you are the perfect choice for Traditional. I’m very happy for you!!

Jody on

Farmhouse Glam for me!! Oh, I love HomeGoods!! I always shop there first when I am on a mission, or just bumming for the day. You just never know what treasure will be waiting for you. Thanks for the giveaway. I love your blog and enjoy watching your house become your home πŸ™‚

Nancy on

SASSY – with a touch of New Country. Love, Love your Blog!

Barbara@HausDesign on

Well Tina not even sure if you will read this with all of these comments but I am Spa Life! Does that mean I need to go to a spa, and soon? I hope so. Going to Home Goods is like therapy to me though. πŸ™‚ Congrats on the recognition!

Anonymous on

I’m Spa Life with a touch Classic. How fun!
Vicki G.

Anonymous on

No wonder I love your blog – I’m Classic with a touch of Boho!


Anonymous on

Love your blog! I’m Boho with a touch of Classic (=

Erica S

Jennifer R. on

Hi – Fun quiz to take! I am Classic with a touch of Boho!

Anonymous on

LOVE HomeGoods…LOVE your blog!!! I’m Farmhouse Glam with a touch of Socialite πŸ˜‰

Lindsay H.

Anonymous on

What a fun quiz. I’m a Set Sail.

Linda H.

Cathie on

To my surprise, I’m Boho! I never would have thought in a million years…rather classic. Thank you for your blog and this fun giveaway.

Cathie W.

Summers Cottage on

It turns out I’m a classic (not too surprised) and I subscribed to their pinterest board for “classics”! So thank you! And… I would definitely put the silver monogram necklace on my list!

Faith B on

Hi Tina,

I am Farmhouse Glam. Would love to win the $500 gift certificate to Homegoods. on

Seems I’m Classic with a touch of BoHo (?). Although I’m partial to the Farmhouse Glam too. I subscribed to their pinterest board. Cool app.

Linda S. on

I’m Classic with a touch of BoHo! Love your website. I check it out everyday.

Babs on

I’m a “Classic”…I think they hit the nail on the head! Thank you for the opportunity to win a $500 gift certificate from Homegoods. I’m CRAZY about that store! I bought the most darling Halloween decorations and everyone is raving over them!

The Captain's Daughter on

I am a Home Goods stalker! I’ve given up Marshall’s and camp out only at Home Goods waiting for the next truck load of goodies to arrive! πŸ™‚

I am CLASSIC… Just like you! Probably why I love the aestetic of your blog so much. I know you hear if often, but it should be repeated… Your home is stunning!

Thank you for the give-away!


Debra Lee on

I’m Sassy with a toch of Classic. Who knew?

Fashion-isha on

I enjoyed this post so much. First of all congratulations on the Home Goods things. They are really amazing. I one time posted something about them on my blog and they sent me a $50 gift card! I love Home Goods!! The story about the scarves was so cool too! Just goes to show inspirationa and artistry is everywhere. I was just thinking I wanted to get myself a vintage Hermes scarf! And your loggia is just amazing. I wish you only happy times there!

Anonymous on

Sorry if this shows up twice – not sure if I picked the right comment profile. Love your logia tile floor – especially the pattern. My style came up as “socialite with a touch of boho”. Thank you so much for this great giveaway. -Lori V.

Ashley on

I’m Sassy with a touch of Traveler.

hewella1 at gmail dot com

Ashley on

I like the monogrammed candles in your shop.

hewella1 at gmail dot com

Stephanie T on

I love Homegoods!!! Congrats on being chosen by them. I like their new Stylescope. I am classic with a touch of Sassy. I have so many projects I am working on, a gift card would be just what I need.

Stephanie T on

I still am wanting your wonderful wood carving board. I also LOVE the Staffordshire lamps, they remind me of my sweet Stella (Cavalier). Just love your store, you have AMAZING taste. Another great giveaway (-:

Judy on

Hi Tina I am classic. Oh My God thank you for such a fab chance at this giveaway. I am a Homegoods shopaholic. Congratulations on Homegoods recognizing your blog and you teaming up with them. I really really want to win this. Judy in Connecticut

michele on

i am farmhouse glam with a touch of classic.

who knew?

gift card, come to mama.


michele on

…and dough bowls are still my fav!


emcSquared on

I am Boho with a touch of Traveler! Thanks!
em9499 at gmail dot com

Anonymous on

Ha Ha, too funny. I’m Vegas Baby with a touch of Boho!
Patricia B

Anonymous on

Hi, I am classic! Thank you for the chance to win the gift card.
Beth C

Anonymous on

Love the needlepoint pillows. They are beautiful and the crystal you showed is lovely.
Beth C

Janet M on

I’m still smiling! I’m Farm House Glam with a touch of New Country. I never would have guessed, but I’m told it fits me. Well… I do have chickens in my yard lol. What a fun post this was today! Thank you for adding my name to the pot. Your home continues to amaze me, it’s been a joy to follow your blog.

Lauren R. on

So in love with the new blue and white ginger jars!! I will be emailing you about them and love all the crystal, you find the best things!
The Hermes story is fascinating, who would have thought!
That covered porch is fit for royalty! Love every inch of your home, blog and style. Love Homegoods too, so would love to win this gift card, would really help me get started with my holiday shopping.Thanks for the chance.

Lauren R.

Anonymous on

Hi Tina, I am Classic. Love Homegoods – what a great giveaway. Gina A.

KD on

Congratulations on being noticed by Home Goods, what a huge recognition.

I’m SPALIFE style, which cracks me up because my life is so not zen.

Kristina D

Susie H. on

Turns out I’m Classic with a touch of Boho. Classic I definitely understand, but Boho, I’m not so sure. Anyway, congratulations on being chosen by HomeGoods as their favorite blog. I totally agree. Thanks for this great giveaway.

Susie H. on

Second chance opportunity–I would love your pewter chargers and of course, the new pewter napkin rings. The squirrel designs are adorable. Thanks again!

Anonymous on

I am classic all the way! Homegoods is one of my favorite stores and it’s only 5 minutes from my house, which is a bit dangerous. I love your blog and thanks for the opportunity to win such a fabulous gift card!

Laurie P.

designchic on

Wow, wow, wow, I am THRILLED with your news – such well deserved recognition!! They are lucky to have you on their blog!! Love seeing the progress at your home – beautiful bluestone – just the perfect choice. And of course, as with everything else, I love the crystal vases…lovely!

The Captain's Daughter on

Honestly, ANYthing from your store could easily find a place in my home but it is your collection of European bread and cutting boards and elevated chopping blocks that I would use and adore forever!

Many thanks for the giveaway!

Tina W. on

Hi Tina! As you can see,I’m a Tina too!;) I’ve been ‘a long time listener,first time caller!’ for lack of a better description! I discovered your blog a few months after you began,and have followed you ever since! What’s surprising to me is how I find my taste has slowly changed in some ways since then! After post after post of seeing pictures of blue and white porcelain ,Ive become a fan! Even though I had noticed it before,I’d thought of it as too traditional for my taste.But you’ve showed such an array of pictures and your passion has convinced me ,it literally looks beautiful everywhere,with ALL styles! (I’ve bought my first piece and can’t wait to add to my new ‘collection’! My husband is already nervous! Like you,I feel ,I like what I like and it doesn’t have to be the latest trend,but it’s me,and usually is just classic. I feel I appreciate all different styles,cuz I just love PRETTY things,but I would have to say the Homegoods Stylescope pegged me right… A Socialite with a touch of New Country. I’d have to say my taste in fashion is more of the Socialite style,but my house is more subdued! Congratulations on the Homegoods thing,that is SO cool! I can’t imagine the feeling of being recognized by places like that, when you’ve just simply been writing everyday about yourself and your likes! I feel I kinda live thru you and all of other stylish bloggers out there,its something that sounds like so much fun, the Lord knows how much time I spend pouring over pictures in magazines and the web, it would at least justify it a LITTLE!!! Anyway, Thanks for letting us be a mouse in corner of your home,its addicting to follow what you’re up to,everything you do is so beyond! I really appreciate your attention to detail and identify with you on waiting to get what you really like or want! I’ve always said, its the culmination of details that makes the statement! Anyway,sorry for how long this got,you pry have SO many to read,its just that I’ve always wanted to comment or email and never have! I guess there’s nothing like the possibility of getting a shopping spree at Homegoods to bring us out of the woodwork!!

Maureen on

No surprise to me as I am a Classic! Love Home Goods so $500 will do me fine.

Love those napkin rings of the dogs! Contemplating a purchase but which one! So many designs that are so cute!

cheri on

Not surprised than I am a classic style, but sometimes I like to mix it up.

cheri on

Looks like the dough bowl will be on my Christmas list. Thank you for such a lovely blog.

Anonymous on

Farmhouse glam. Loved your post. Carol

International Decor on

this is pretty blog, i like it and wait for more πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

From Moyra L.

I’m Sassy. I love your Silver Replica Planter to dress up the holiday table!

Thank You!

All Things Domestic on

Urban Funk with a touch of Classic. Definitely wouldn’t have guessed that result!

Jane in Stratford, Ontario on

Love the Home Goods store when I visited my sisters in Ohio!! I am “Classic”!! I also love the “Home Sense” store here in Canada – Home Goods’ Sister!!

Love your Loggia!!

CSHDesigns on

Looks like I’m a “Classic” with a touch Boho! Who knew?!

Jane in Stratford, Ontario on

I love the Home Goods store when I go to Ohio to visit my sisters. I am “Classic” I love the “Home Sense” stores here in Canada – the ‘sister’ to Home Goods!

Love your Loggia!!

Jane H. in Stratford Ontario on

Love the Napkin Rings!!!

kathy b on

I LOVE your blog & your online store as well!
My style is Farmhouse Glam!! With a touch of Boho.

Kathy B.

Lauren on

Oh I would be so very excited to win!! We just moved to a new home and have many empty spaces. πŸ™‚ I am classic with a touch of sassy. You have a beautiful home and gorgeous taste. Thanks for letting us sneak a peek.

Lauren M.

Tammy F. on


Anonymous on

I am classic with a touch of boho Love the crystal pieces!!!!
Alicia c
from Cincinnati

Tammy F on

Bell Jar Lights are on my holiday wish list!

Anonymous on

Im Classic with a touch of New Country. Congratulations on HomeGoods finding you. Of course they love your blog as much as we all do!! Amazing story about the Hermes artist in Texas! I always imagined they were designs taken from some deep dark French art archive… haahah… kudos to the real artist and to Hermes for seeing his talent. I would love to know if I have any of HIS designs. Thanks Tina… !! Pam G.

Suzluvsflowers on

I’m Classic…no surprise there! Would love to win the give-away!

Suzluvsflowers on

Coming back for a second chance to win….would love to find one of your new muted blue ginger jars under my tree! Your loggia looks wonderful- love to follow your blog,

kellyr78 on

I am New Country with a touch of of Spa Life. I think it’s because I thought the horse was cute so I made it one of my selections, hah.


Tonya Sparkman on

I am classic with a touch of Boho. Love your blog and Love Homegoods!! Congratulations!!

Delloraine W on

Sassy, who knew? love the postal worker story. go Texas!

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone on

Hi, Tina ~
Many congratulations! That is quite the honor and very well deserved. And thanks for sharing the Hermes story….really enjoyed that. Okay, I am urban funk with a touch of classic πŸ™‚
Fingers crossed.

Heidi G on

Wow! What a wonderful giveaway! My style is Socialite.

karen on

spa life. that was fun to look at the ideas! thanks!

Anonymous on

Classic all the way. Thanks for the opportunity to win the Home Goods gift certificate. V. Michael

The Gilded Cherub on

Farm House Glam thats what I am!! Thanks Tina and Home Goods, that was a lot of fun and right on the money. Tina, thanks also for the wonderful post!! I just have to try that recipe, it looks yummy.


The Gilded Cherub on

Hi Tina,
I’m back from your online shop!! I love everything, again the silver is my favorite.. but I’m thinking I may just have to buy myself that adorable little cherub soap dish as a christmas present to myself. Sorry on the post above I forgot to put my last name. I hope I am still in the running for the wonderful chance at the Homegoods gift card.

Lorene C

Anonymous on

OK Darling…for some reason the photo of the bamboo was very interesting as the white rose was a close second. Anyway I am a classic style! Also love your loggia floor it is totally Beautiful! P.S. Homegoods is my Fav place to shop!
Cecilia H.

Chic Coastal Living on

Thats’ so exciting! Congratulations to being a featured blogger on the HomeGoods Stylescope!!! You’re a perfect fit!

Anonymous on

Well I am a SOCIALITE with TOWN AND COUNTRY how bout that. Hope the logia is ready for snuggling soon. I am so pleased that HomeGoods recognizes a winner, like you. Good job.
Melinda Bennett

Anonymous on

I am classic with a touch of Boho. Love your site and love, love homegoods. Thanks for the chance to win some homegoods fun.
Ann B.

Anonymous on

I’m classic with a touch of boho. Love anything classic for sure and I LOVE HOMEGOODS! What a great store…
Melanie O.

nylsor107 on

Hi Tina,
Loooove today’s blog! And I am certified “Farm House Glam”. Just perfect for me. We are finally getting a HGS here in Grand Rapids, MI! Thank you for this posting and giveaway.

jennifer smith on

Wow what a fantastic post. Your loggia is exquisite, what an amazing place to spend time with a roaring fire and a glass of wine, perfect!
Love all your store items, the faves are the darling napkin rings and beautiful blue and white collection. I just referred it to my good friend whose taste is like yours, she was so excited. I must get those napkin rings, do you have any pheasants?

Love the Hermes story…wonder how the French feel about a little postal worker from Texas being the inspiration behind all those wonderful French scarves, love stories like that.

Hope to win the Homegoods, it would help me get a jumpstart on my Christmas shopping!

jennifer smith on

PS I took the test and came up classic with a touch of boho.

Things That Inspire on

Your posts are legendary! My favorite ones to read while sipping a morning cup of tea.

Love how your loggia is coming along!

– Holly

The British Accent on

Classic, which makes sense. Thanks! Love HomeGoods.

Suzanne M. on

On my wish list…any of the silver trays or cachepots. I am in Homegoods at least once a week. Sometimes I visit 3 in one day just in my local area! I know….crazy!

Cindy Wilson on

I always look forward to your blog. Evidently, my style is New Country with a touch of Boho! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.
C Wilson

Castles Crowns and Cottages on

Oh dear, I got here way too late! TIna, you are a star.

How fabulous to find out that Homegoods reads your blog!!!!! You never, ever know who you are entertaining!

THAT FLOOR. OMG. This is going to be a fabulous space for SUMMER FUN!!!

Hugs to you dear one and see you on MONDAY! Anita

**Britney** on

I am Farm House Glam-

Britney Edwards

Anonymous on

Farm House Glam πŸ™‚

Rebekah A.

Teresa at Splendid Sass on

Urban Funk?! I’ll take it!
This is such a fabulous post. I AM IN LOVE with your floor! Perfection, friend!!
Your new products are so pretty as they always are. I love the new blue and white too.
It is a high of 84 here today, but no humidity! Too warm for me, but the morning are very cool.
Happy Thursday.

annechovie on

Wow, Tina, sounds like things around there are buzzing. Congrats on the Homegoods feature! Your beef bourgignon looks amazing and you have just inspired me to make it again myself. xx

jburk on

No surprise to me, I am a “classic” with a touch of “new country” … would love to have $500 to spend at Homegoods! So fun!

Julie Taylor and Danni Greenwalt on

Good morning Tina. Your patio floor is coming along nicely. Cant wait to see it when it is done. My style came up as a Boho girl. I cant believe you have 260 something comments. You go girl!

Kelly G. on

I am classic with a touch of country πŸ™‚ Love it!!

Amy Vermillion Interiors on

GORGEOUS LOGIA FLOOR!!! Great minds and all that with the Hermès…who knew? And I still love that Botega bag.
BIG congratulations on the Home Goods nod. I think your blog is so fantastic so this does not surprise me in the least.
Happy for you my friend.

ddLynn on

Farmhouse Glam girl here! Although throw in loads of Tuscany please!

Glad I stumbled upon your blog. Looking forward to meandering through some of your older posts.

DeeDee L.

Ellen on

love the frames especially FB05 Stunning jeweled enamel frame. i am “set sail”

trudi on

I am socialite. I’m not sure how true this is but I am sure that I love HomeGoods!
Trudi R.

trudi on

I am socialite. I Love Homegoods. Trudi R.

Karol on

Classic all the way.

Karol I.

Anonymous on

Apparently I’m “new country”, which seems about correct. It even referenced a blog that I read daily. Who knew… Linda (Phila burbs)

Karol on

I am Classic all the way. Karol I.

Barbara P from MA on

Hi Tina, Your loggia floor is just FABULOUS!!! Can’t wait to see it when it’s done- with furniture and all your special touches! Congratulations on being selected to represent classic style on the Homegoods website! You are a perfect choice! Icame out classic also but with a touch of new country! Still in love with your bell jar lanterns! Hoping Santa will check my Christmas wish list!

Cynthia on

Hi Tina! I LOVE your blog. So happy to have found it, and your home, there are no words! What a wonderful honor to be recognized by Homegoods. It is well deserved and you are the perfect choice for the classic style. I really do love every single item in your shop and its not often I say that, but its hard no make that impossible to pick a favorite. But the blue and white jars are above are gorgeous, love the monogrammed necklace and the jar lanterns.

I took the test and I am a classic with a touch of set sail. I would love to win but even if I don’t I am sure it will go to someone who will have a lot of fun in Homegoods. Thanks for a fun post.
PS Those napkin rings are BEAUTIFUL. I am going to narrow it down to a few and order some as a gift for myself, hehe.

Eliza on

Apparently I’m boho with a touch of classic. I’ve found some great things at HomeGoods over the years. Thank you (and Homegoods) for this fantastic giveaway!

Anonymous on

I’m Sassy! Who knew. – Kathy M. from Chicago

rsalo on

I love your blue stone. how did you source it? through your installer or did you purchase it directly. thanks

Anonymous on

I am Set Sail with a touch of Boho and I think it fits. Thanks for such a great giveaway. ECL

Linda on

i am Set Sail,all things beachy.

Anonymous on

Thank you so much for the chance for a HomeGoods shopping spree. I am BOHO – and I like it!
Debi H

Anonymous on

I am boho!!! Thanks for the chance to win.

Laura T.

Anonymous on

I am classic with a touch of boho. I would love to win this generous giveaway
Dorothy W.

Anonymous on

I love Home Goods because I am able to find some really beautiful decorative items and furniture at an awesome price. Things I know are so much more expensive elsewhere and I am still able to acquire them for my home. My email is

Francie on

I am Set Sail with a touch of Boho. Congratulations on your partnership with Homegoods and for the chance to win. — Francie M.

maggie on

I’m Farmhouse Glam with a touch of New Country.
The New Country is rather a surprise!
Loved this post with your mix of tidbits. The Hermes artist info is something of a shock!
I’m in love with your loggia. Total loggia envy!

zanetastyle on

Gosh Tina, I don’t know what it is about your blog being such addictive read(: but I am not surprised that HOmeGoods chose you! Congratulations.
Have to try the beef recipe, as I have been seriously struggling with a Czech Goulash recipe, that I can’t seem to make well, despite watching my mom make it lots and eating it lots…I am very discouraged with beef stews but perhaps will learn from yours to improve my goulash process, …it is about how one does things…not just the ingredients I find with Beef stews…((:

I had to try HOmegoods style calculator 2x! I could not help myself…I am new country first, and farmhouse glam second time((:

What are you Tina??

Your house is really progressing great!
hugs Z

ashley e on

I’m classic with a touch of boho! And homegoods…there all the time πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!

Anonymous on

Farm house glam! What a fun combo!

Great job on the blog and congrats on being recognized by Homegoods!

ashley h.

Nicole J on

I am Classic with a touch of Boho! And I LOVE HomeGoods!!!!

Nicole J on

I love the topiary needlepoint pillows on your store website!

Laura Lo on

What a great giveaway! From the Homegoods stylescope, I am a “Classic!” Surprise, surprise! What was your stylescope??

Laura Lo on

Here is my second entry. I would LOVE to have some of your planters to hold some little Christmas trees with little (tasteful) lights or small ornaments! Bet they would be wonderful!

Anonymous on

I’m Classic w/ a touch of Set Sail. Love your blog and have so enjoyed watching the progress on your home. Thanks for the opportunity.
Marcie R

Anonymous on

I’m back after “shopping”. It is very hard to pick just one item but I am in a monogram mood….and I love your soaps. Thanks for the opportunity

Marcie R

Nancy on

Not surprised that I am Classic! Very cool that a link to your blog showed up on that page! How cool is that??? (I am also a touch of the traveler or when I redid it a touch of set sail….but both times Classic!)

Nancy on

Not surprised that I am Classic! Very cool that a link to your blog showed up on that page! How cool is that??? (I am also a touch of the traveler or when I redid it a touch of set sail….but both times Classic!)

Nancy on

Love the tea towels and the needlepoint pillows! I also really love the picture on the far right of your blog header. It really says “fall” to me….something we don’t really experience in San Diego!
Nancy C.

Nancy on

I am a Classic! Surprise, surprise! I like how the site referenced your Blog! Very cool!
Nancy C.

gitana on

I recently found your blog, and I have to say, its fantastic!
My style is “the traveller” – which fits quiet well.

Anonymous on

Love your blog1 My style came up classic with a touch of boho. Thanks for the giveaway. ~ Melanie

Bridget on

I’m New Country with a touch of Classic! What fun!

Anonymous on

This may show up twice as well, not sure which profile to choose. Style came up class with a touch of boho. Love your blog, Melanie

Cheryl on

I am Classic with a touch of Boho…
Homegoods… my weekly haunt!
It is such fun, and I always find a treasure.
$500.00???? oh my!

Cheryl on

….and from your store, Lamp 077 or 556
I can’t decide as I love them both.
And nearly every thing from the European Kitchen.
My kitchen doesn’t have a lot of counterspace,
so I struggle with that one. Thus, no purchases yet!

Calypso In The Country on

I am “Set Sail” with a touch of “New Country”. Yes, I would say that is pretty accurate! What a fun quiz – and giveaway!

Robin on

Boho — and a touch Set Sail. Perfect for me!

Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

Patti E on

I would be so over the moon to win a $500 gift certificate from Home Goods! Please enter me in your contest. My email is Thanks!

HollyReed on

Boho queen with a touch of Farmhouse glam. They were right on the money! And I LOVE HOMEGOODS!!! I live about half a mile from one, and go every chance I get. There’s always a wonderful treasure waiting to be found!

jeanne durfee on

Love this…..traveler with a touch of spa, I have to admit I really liked almost all the pics. jeanne d

Anonymous on

I am not surprised but I turned out to “New country with a Touch of Classic! Gosh, I really hope to win that gift card! Jb

Anonymous on

I am boho with a touch of classy. Love the cintage Hermes scarf and I adore your blog. I can’t wait to wake up
every morning to read it. Love, love, love it.

Anonymous on

I’m Farmhouse Glam with a pinch of Boho…thanks so much,Treva B

Anonymous on

My style is socialite. Not surprised!
I can always find something I “need” at HomeGoods!

Anonymous on

Congratulations on your partnership with Homegoods! I’m classic which does not surprise me in the least. Thank you for the great giveaway!

Anonymous on

I love HomeGoods and love your posts. I’m a Classic with a touch of New Country! Sounds about right!
T. Erwin

Karen Slider on

Love your blog and love HomeGoods too!
I’m Vegas Baby: Vegas Baby is ready, willing, and unafraid to go over the top! She gambles with design. She gets the biggest bang for her buck. She mixes dark hues, animal prints, and sparkly, metallic accents. And, she is fun, fun, fun, and everyone that visits can’t help but get lost in the nightlife noir of her wonderfully wild world.

Anonymous on

I m a classic kind of girl. Thank you for the great giveaway! Brittany.

Seashells by the Seashore on

Those ginger jars are to die for!

I’m Set Sail… no surprise!

Amanda R.

JDeMizio on

My style is classic according to the Stylescope….and no surprise! Enjoy your blog so much! Have a lovely day!

jrsr516 on

I’m classic. Love your blog and your shop!

Susan on

I am Spa Life, with a touch of Classic. Thank you for the chance at the $500 Homegoods giftcard. I love shopping at my Homegoods store!

Susan on

I am Spa Life, with a touch of Classic. Thank you for the chance to win the $500 Homegoods giftcard. I love shopping at my Homegoods store! Susan T.

Anonymous on

Set Sail with a touch of Boho! Describes me to a T!

Marci on

I am BOHO – which I have to admit is probably right. I tend to like eclectic and a little bit of everything. Thanks for a great giveaway!

harrisone.marci at gmail dot com

Anonymous on

Love reading your blog each day and I also love Home Goods! My style is “The Traveler”. Thanks for the chance on the giveaway!


Anonymous on

I’m New Country with a touch of Classic.

Gail in Maine

Lisa S. on

I’m Farmhouse Glam! Congrats to you on your partnership with Homegoods. I love that store, in fact I may head there this morning. Really enjoy reading your blog.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here on

Hi Tina, I am Farmhouse Glam which fits my style perfectly! Love the tile floor and the cute napkin rings. Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous giveaway.

joanna on

…just a hello from this URBAN FUNK CHIC’ with a TOUCH OF CLASSIC. Who knew! That was fun. Thanks. Love you & your blog…it’s nice of you to share your dream come true with us.

Unknown on

My results were Farmhouse Glam with a touch of Classic! I would say that is fairly accurate! I love your blog – congratulations on your partnership with Homegoods.

Kristen S.

Cindy White on

I’m Farm House Glam!

Anonymous on

I’m Classic with a touch of Sassy (so true!). That new Ginger Jar #AP55 is my favorite!
Thanks for the giveaway and congratulations on your association with HomeGoods which is one of my weekly haunts! Kathy P. in Maryland

Mimi on

Love Homegoods!!! Just got 2 new ones in my area. To my surprise, I am Farmhouse Glam. Who knew??? Congrats on being chosen by Homegoods!!!

Michelle on

Oh my word, your new flooring is AMAZING!

My style is Set Sail. What a fun exercise. Thanks for posting this opportunity.

Michelle on

I visited your lovely shop. I would love love love to have to have the monogram pendant show up in my Christmas stocking!

Melanie R on

I guess I am a Vegas Baby with a touch of Classic. I love animal prints, hard wood floors, antiques, big windows, luscious lawns, crystal chandeliers, sterling silver, cut glass, the list goes on and on.
Love your logia. The tile puts it over the top!

Stacy L. on

I came up classic with a touch of socialite. Right on the money! Love the loggia Tina, what a fabulous space. You are going to get so much enjoyment out of that area, and I love that you put in a fireplace, how cozy! I can see you all snuggled up wtih blankets out there on a crisp fall day. We have a small covered porch with a firepit and live out there at least 9 months of the year, often have dinner there too.

Love Homegoods and am a regular shopper, think at least once a week. Have gotten so many great deals there, if Homegoods is listneing, please start to carry more traditional things! I have noticed a move towards much more modern transitional feeling things and I am not loving that, I know I am not alone. In fact make Tina your buyer…your sales will go through the roof!

Tina with your shop, which I love every single thing, I am hoping to find the phesants pillows, those new ginger jars, the crystal hurricane candle and the pewter napkin rings all under the tree with my name on them!

Hope to win, have a lovely weekend.
Stacy L.

Anonymous on

I’m New Country with a touch of Boho. -Cynthia S.

Coastalpines on

Sassy here…with a touch of classic! Thank you for hosting an awesome giveaway and the opportunity to win!

Anonymous on

My style is Farmhouse Glam–sounds good to me.
I love Homegoods and am a frequent shopper.
The story about the artist and the Hermes scarfs is a wonderful story and I am lucky enough to have one of his scarfs that he designed for the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. It is a beautiful scarf trimmed in yellow with animals of Texas.

Anonymous on

Shut the front door. I just love your blog and everything about it……. I guess I’m a Classic. At the same time I like a little of everything. I find great ideas for my home. A big than you:) Lisa,

Vicki on

Hmmmm…Boho. I didn’t think so at first, but after reading the description and seeing the pictures, I think they are right. PS. I want a HomeGoods in my hometown so I can go there more often!!!

Anonymous on

I’m not seeing my comment perhaps it didn’t take . I’m classic loving your blog and Homegoods!

Ann on

I’m a Classic with a touch of New Country!

Marlis on

New country!!!! Thanks for the chance at their wonderful gift card!!! xo marlis

Susan on

I am Set Sail with a touch of Boho!

Anonymous on

I love your blog! Its always so romantic and you feature such beautiful things!! Thank you for the chance to win a Home Goods gift card. This is one of my favorite places to shop..Apparently I am “New Country” Sounds fun and exciting..


trudi on

I am socialite. As always, love your blog!
Trudi R.

trudi on

I am socialite. Thanks so much for your great blog- love all the pictures. Trudi R.

Anonymous on

I have been in love with Homegoods for years! Great loggia, by the way. I turned out to be a “Classic”!!!

Sharon La on

Congratulations on your new venture with Home Goods. I am classic and enjoy your blog very much. Sharon La

Nancy on

Am “Farmhouse Glam”…which is amusing as I grew up on a midwest dairy farm, but am west coastal now…
Nancy S.
nsatur at gmail dot com

Constance Read on

I am a Classic!
Constance R.

Rae on

i’m socialite with a touch of boho. hmmmmm. not sure how accurate that is, but I would still LOVE the gift card. And I also love your new napkin ring collections.

Nancy on

Your shop is so tempting, have my eye on two of the NEEDLEPOINT PILLOWs, Item number P11B-20×20.
The blue coral is so pretty!
Nancy S.
nsatur at gmail dot com

Jayme and Mendi on

Love that flooring!!
I’m VEGAS BABY which I guess is fitting becuase I do love sparkles and metallics. πŸ™‚ That was fun and how nice is the giveaway! Thanks to HomeGoods and to you!!!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

Lori W on

I’m SASSY. Just can’t seem to keep away from color!

jkeppel on

I’m Set Sail with a touch of Spa… I can live with that! I spend waaaay too much at HomeGoods so $500 would be so lovely!

Anonymous on

I am a Socialite! How funny! Thanks for the great giveaway!!–Regina L./

jkeppel on

I have been eyeballing all of your blue and white ginger jars, I am LOVING the new ones you are adding to the shop!

Anonymous on

I am a classic. I love your blog. Everything in your home is so gorgeous. You have impeccable taste. I live vicariously through your wonderful posts.

Ruthanne on

I love Homegoods. My style is Classic, and I am not surprised by the answer. Love your blog.

R. McCaig

luv standard poodles on

Hi Tina! This was fun to play with and see the different styles. I am a modern metro, but so many could belong in a dream vacation home someday:)

Ruthanne on

I love Homegoods and I love your blog! I am a Classic, and not surprised by that answer.

R. McCaig

Anonymous on

I am classic with a touch of new country! That was fun and they nailed it!!

Barb Noble

Colleen Ahern Fortuna on

A “farm house girl with a touch of sassy” – I don’t know about that, but it sounds like fun! Great post – thanks!

Anonymous on

I’m ‘Farmhouse Glam with a touch of Boho’ thrown into it!!! Love your blog and follow it often…the things in your online shop are wonderful. Thanks so much!

Colleen Ahern Fortuna on

Farmhouse gal with a touch of sassy – while I am not so sure about that, it does sound like fun! Thanks for a great post & giveaway.

JC on

I’m Sassy and a touch of boho.
tcarolinep at gmail dot com

Rhonda Elliott on

A big congrats to you Tina for being chosen by HomeGoods–how exciting. Shows HomeGoods knows good taste when they see it. HG is absolutely one of my favorite stores (and many of my friends love it too).

I’m a Classic with a touch of Boho. I guessed the Classic part but how fun to learn some Boho is included–I’m definitely keeping that in mind when I go shopping!

Tina on

Hi.. love your site and of course HomeGoods!
StyleScope says my style is “New Country” which I would consider correct.

JC on

tcarolinep at gmail dot com

Maureen on

I am Classic! Nothing new to me but nice to be confirmed a Classic. $500 in HOme Goods would buy me so much…I would be like a kid in a candy store!

Anonymous on

I am Farm House Glam and a Touch Classic! I love Homegoods and I’d love to win!
Eva Falletta

Anonymous on

I’m a Farmhouse Glam with a Touch of Classic and I just visited your online store and want the PEDESTAL URN! I love it! I hadn’t see it before.

Eva Falletta

Mindy Simpkins on

I am a classic…no surprise to me! So happy that you are being NOTICED. You have wonderful style and flair..I notice a bit of the classic in your style as well! Best of luck in your future endeavors.

Coastal Cottage Dreams on

I just visited your lovely store and I am loving the grain scoop and want to add to my holiday list.

Juliana Weiler on

I am farmhouse glam. Love your blog! Juliana W

Anonymous on

New country with a touch of classic, the first time i did it I was new country with a touch of boho. I guess it depends on my mood!

Anonymous on

Hi Tina! My Homegoods style is sassy with a touch of new country. Congratulations! p.s. the women in our family LOVE your blog!!
Paige H.

Anonymous on

Thanks so much for a second chance, Tina! πŸ™‚ For Christmas, I would love a stunning bell jar like yours (tulip with etching!!)

Paige H.

kays on

Congratulations! Homegoods says you’re their favorite, well you’re mine too! Now I have another reason to like them. BTW I’m Farmhouse Glam, has to be wearing pearls and going barefoot-LOL Barb A.

Anonymous on

Hello…I love your blog and also love Homegoods. I am a “Sassy” decorator. Thanks…M. Palmer

Kate on

I’m a socialite with a touch of boho. HomeGoods is my fave!

Kateluvs2decorate at g mail (dot) com

Kate S. on

Oops, forgot my last initial… Kate S. πŸ™‚

pastsoon on

Your Bluestone is Just Stunning~ Homegoods thinks I’m classic ~ I believe they’re quite right, but with a twist~!!!! Thanks for your always informative, inspiring blog and a great giveaway, Terri F.
Fitz2aT (at) comcast (dot) net

pastsoon on

OOOPSSS ~~~~ Almost forgot ~ Your new header (?) on the blog with all the fall classics is really refreshing, the urn in the pumpkin, the winding road with autumn foliage ~ that gorgeous powder room….eye candy for the season! Alway enjoy your offerings, Terri F.

Anonymous on

Jeanne from Ohio

I am BoHo

Pat on

That was fun! I stayed and looked at all of them. I am classic, but I sure loved Glam Farmhouse, too! That’s a great website. Thanks for sharing.

awal.ny on

Alaina M.
I love shopping Home Goods. I am classic. Well of course I am, I shop with great taste. As for your shop, what isn’t there to like. If I had that same amount to spend in your shop, I would pick the garden statue and garden planters and then I would love to have some of those darling napkin rings you have.

Anonymous on

I am Classic – no surprise there! Love the flooring on your porch. So happy for you building your dream home – must be so exciting. My dream home would be on the beach. Christi B

Anonymous on

I’m a Traveler! how fun! I am crazy about your Blog-always look forward to your new posts. Thank you!

April Fletcher Photography on

Very surprised that I fall into BOHO with a touch of farmhouse glam. It’s nice being able to put a name to what I love! Thanks πŸ™‚

Anonymous on

First of all…I love your blog. It’s so nice how you share design info for all of us to enjoy, and offer great giveaways! My style was “classic with a touch of boho.” Your loggia will be beautiful like the rest of your lovely home. Cheers, Mary B.

Anonymous on

Hi Tina, Back for a second time for the Home Goods giveaway. The monogrammed soaps and disposable soaps are on my holiday wishlist for two daughters moving into new homes very soon. Thanks for a second chance. Cheers, Mary B.

pretty pink tulips on

Congratulations, Tina, on your recognition from Home Goods!!! That is just amazing. And, I haven’t worn my Hermes scarves in a while (not sure why), so will have to take a look and see if they match up to anything Kermit has painted. Amazing find!!

xoxo Elizabeth

pretty pink tulips on

Ok…so cool. According to Stylescope, I’m Sassy. πŸ™‚

You are in VERY good company….congratulations, once again!!!
xoxo Elizabeth

Anonymous on

I’m new country with a touch of boho. Love your blog! Liz C (lcasberg at gmail dot com)

April M. on

Awesome! I love my local Homegoods. I’m Farmhouse Glam and a touch of Country. And they are certainly right!

LL from KS on

I think I am a mix of things because I like a little of everything, but if I had to choose one it would be farmhouse glam. Love your blog!

BuffyPalomar on

I am Classic with a touch of New Country! But, since I am a designer, I love a lot of styles, and I love what I do!

Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this gift card from HomeGoods & congrats on your partnership with them. How exciting & validating!

Cathy Chapman

BuffyPalomar on

Bonjour Tina,
I visited your shop, wow, so many lovely things to choose from. I love the stretched canvas art, but that would be for me, also the dough bowls, but that would be for me, too, and the silver, beautiful…..but, that would be for me, too! Well, that shoots the Christmas list all to hell now doesn’t it! LOL

I do so enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing all things design & life with the rest of us! I’m a wanna be blogger…..maybe someday! But, you do inspire me to move on it, thanks!
Cathy Chapman

Leslie Whitehorn on

Hi Tina, being a newer reader of your blog, I can certainly see what all the fuss is about. And why Homegoods chose your blog. It is just amazing, I have had such fun going through many of your past posts and can see why you have many fans.
Great blog!

Love your store too, so nice to see everything that is my taste, timeless and traditional. LOVE the napkin rings, the new ginger jars and the bell jar lanterns. Hope Santa is listening….

I came up classic with a touch of boho. Love Homegoods and stop in whenever I am in the area and never ever walk away empty handed.

Your logggia is to die for, what a space!!! It befits your incredible home. Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win this generous giftcard.

barbaraboxell on

I’m classic with a touch of boho! Love your blog!!

barbaraboxell on

I’m classic with a touch of boho. Love your blog and homegoods!!

Tiffany @ Savor Home on

Can’t believe that story about the postal worker! You just never know who a person might be! Your loggia looks great. I could totally sit out there all day with a stack of mags and some tea. And this giveaway is AMAZING! HomeGoods is my second home, so I need that card! Stylescope says I am “Classic,” which is spot on!

Anonymous on

My style came back as classic, but then I knew it would be. I LOVE all things classic and I LOVE your blog! Sandy M.

Anonymous on

I visit your online shop often & lust after the European bread boards! Sandy M.

cherier1 on

I’m Sassy with a touch of Traveler.

Anonymous on

Good Morning, Congratulations on your recent venture with Homegoods !!! Homegoods had identified me as “Classic”.. how suiting christmas list keeps growing but would truly like the white stadfordshire dogs to place on our mantle..Thank you for all of your inspirations! Have a great day, ~DFE.

Mary on

I am New Country! Love your blog


Charles the first on

I’m Classic with a touch of Spa. shawna B.

Kate & Henry on

Your aesthetic is divine & HomeGoods recognizes a true “style-maker” when they see her!!

My style-scope = classic with a touch of boho.

Blessings & Many thanks. Katie W.

Susan Flynn on

Farmhouse Glam with a touch of classic! Sounds perfect since I grew up on a farm!!

Susan Flynn on

For my second chance at winning, I would adore anything from your silver line. Thank You!!

Sharee on

I’m a “Set Sail” all the way! I adore anything beachy!!

I drool over everything in your shop, but I must say my favorite catagory is the monogram! I want (and need) that classy clear ice bucket with tongs! Excited about the giveaway! Thanks!

Christina on

I’m set sail with a touch of sassy.

Love Homegoods, Love your blog.

cpligavko at gmail dot com

Donna on

Another classic style…love new tile flooring! Thank you for the fabulous give-a-way!

Me on

Spa life and thanks for offering a chance to win !

Unknown on

I think I am comment 435! I never win anything, but its worth a try! I am glad I found your blog via Pinterest. I was swooning over some kitchen pendant lighting of yours… beautiful. This new tool from Homegoods is awesome! so cool and pegged me right on!

I am Urban Funk and a touch of New Country — I think I straddle these pretty much 50/50… so good job Homegoods!

If you ever have a chance check out my sister’s blog… (I am a sometime contributor)– I will be back!

Anonymous on

Hi Tina,
Congratulations on Home Goods! I am classic with a touch of Boho.
Melissa K.

Anonymous on

Hi Tina,
Wonderful blog. I am classic with a touch of Boho. Karen S.

Anonymous on

Hi, congratulations! I am farmhouse glam with a touch of country thrown in. Thank you for the chance to win. Elizabeth M at

Anonymous on

I am Classic.
I love your blog !!!


Anonymous on

Hi Tina,
Love your floor! I am classic with a touch of Boho.
Melissa K.

Anonymous on

I think the Verbena Soaps might end up in a stocking or gift basket…
Melissa K.

Anonymous on

A candle would be the perfect gift for the holidays!
Karen K.

throuthehaze on

I’m Urban Funk with a touch of Boho

LAMusing on

Can I live at your house? Please? I’m Classic with a touch of Boho

Norma on

New country with a touch of Traveller
bingomamanorma at gmail dot com

mishebe on

I am a Socialite! Hmm. not sure about all that ! πŸ™‚

Teresa on

I’m Classic!


teresa_no at

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