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Happy Thursday evening to you. To all you dough bowl lovers, this is for you. I know several of you have emailed me about the small to mid size dough bowl which doesn’t always come around. I was going to post this tomorrow but couldn’t wait! So happy to announce I just got in a FABULOUS lot of dough bowls…might I even say my prettiest batch yet. I want to keep each and every one of them. I have a total of 10 pieces, assorted sizes, long and round.

The rounds are a great size and VERY hard to come by. I got three really big ones (all over 42″) one monster at 55″ (looks like a canoe) and 6 of the very hard to find mid to small sized. They are a rich beautiful brown, just got cleaned and? freshly waxed and these are seriously beautiful. Old and found in Belgium and Hungary. So first lets take a look at these beauties, email me if you are interested as always. This is what I got from this special lot, so likely they won’t go onto the online store as its a limited lot. If you have been waiting for one, trust me they do not get any prettier than this!

UPDATE- All dough bowls are sold. I will be getting in one more box on Monday which I think are the larger ones but feel free to email me on Mon. or Tuesday as I am hoping (fingers crossed) that there are a few more of the small/med. sized. Thanks for your interest, the response has been overwhelming…how I wish I had more!

They measure handle to handle from 15″ to 22″ long (approx. 12-16″ wide)


?I devote my post today therefore on how to decorate with a dough bowl and seeing them in all their many ways……..


My own is currently filled with a big batch of pears

?Stunning with holiday greenery and pinecones!! The old Painted Cottage

Love the idea of a dough bowl placed on a coffee table filled with candles…gorgeous!

Love the idea of filling one with seashells and placed on a coffee table….gorgeous! Allison Jaffe

Love the idea of adding pinecones and candles….stunning!

Beautiful way to display a bunch of dried hydrangea or any other flowers, Pink Postcard

Love the way this is done in all its Halloween finery, SandandSisal

Moss filled dough bowl
Gorgeous arrangement of moss orbs in a dough as a centerpiece is spectacular!

Filled with crusty fresh bread and a sprig or rosemary….oh yes! PB
Love the idea of one on a center table with greens, so pretty! The Old Painted Cottage

A no brainer to use on a mantle….for the holidays or any other time. PB
I put flowers in mine and have to say I love the look!?
So…what do you think? Like dough bowls? Have one? How do you like to use yours? I love them and have truly gained an appreciation for them as decorative objects, its so neat to have a piece of history in your home……just thinking of how it might have been used, where, by whom, 50, 100 years ago! Would love to know what you think of dough bowls. Thanks as always for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous evening and weekend!
For everyone in Hurricane Sandy’s path, hope you stay safe and out of harms way. It is a brutal storm and is predicted to bring tremendous rain and very strong winds. If we lose power I may not be on the computer for a few days (CANNOT imagine)!!! Lets hope that’s not the case! In any case, wishing you well and happy weekend!

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Hi there. I have recently gotten into dough bowls and must say I am obsessed! I have two smaller ones that I have decked out for Christmas and bought my daughter one also. Want to keep them going all year long so am pouring over Pinterest for ideas! Thanks for sharing yours.

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