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Good evening!? I am back, and had such a GREAT time in gorgeous jewel like Palm Beach. Three full days just wasn’t enough which means I must go back and soon! I? took as many pictures as I could without looking like an obsessed tourist (which I was). And will share with you later in the week. But in the meantime…I am so happy to be visiting one of my favorite blogs tonight, the always beautiful TG Interiors, yes that pretty place that belongs to Julie and Danni. It is? where they post all about gorgeous interiors, many of which are their own droolworthy design projects. If you are not already a fan, I suggest you get over there pronto!

They asked me to do a guest post to talk about how I got started blogging, what my thoughts and advice are on the matter and then how things evolved to me opening an online store and my thoughts and suggestions on that as well. I was only too happy to share when they asked so I sure hope you will stop on over and visit us there!! Here’s a sampling of all the beauty that is de rigueur over at TG Interiors. See you over there……… here to visit.

I am sure these pictures have you wanting to head there now…so click here to be transported over! Thanks for stopping in and be back tomorrow! Thanks Julie and Danni!

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