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Hi there. So how are you are things going in your world? Are you busy yet with the holiday rush? I have to say its really starting to “hit me” and that’s not a bad thing? just the reality and a reminder that its high time to get my gift buying done and wrap up my holiday decorating (which I am well under way with but its a work in progress).? I have been very busy but staying afloat though some days I really feel like I am gasping for air to just manage getting through the day and accomplishing all I set out to do! Lately I have really been burning the midnight oil…….lots to cover here, be back late Monday!

One very exciting thing happening at my house besides the holiday decor getting completed is that our patios/outside masonry work is well underway. Very very happy with how its coming along, so here’s a peek of things in progress, very exciting!

?Everything looks prettier on a misty foggy morning, don’t you think?

Lot’s more to come…its still very much a work in progress but getting there!

Sofinally ordering the window treatment for my husbands bath. He has been beyond patient with my ADD, “delay” in getting this done. So here’s the deal, I ordered a beautiful linen blend to do a tailored roman shade, (off white and neutral) and here’s my choice in tapes. This is narrowed down to four, all which go beautifully with the floor. Here’s where you come in,? I? would love your input, which do you like best for his bathroom? Love to hear your opinions!!

Here is the window for the tailored roman shade with a three sided tape……

I would love to invite my readers and fellow bloggers to submit a picture or two of your holiday decor. Please email me with your pictures of your holiday decor!? I LOVE seeing whats going on in your homes and plan to do a post featuring my readers holiday homes around Dec. 20th. So please send in your pictures, up until Dec. 18th, cannot wait to see what you come up with! Here’s a few beautiful pictures from a dear friends home…… come on now it’s your turn! Email me your pictures to [email protected]

Very pretty!

I think I might have to join Christmas decorators anonymous….I am on a kick now and its unstoppable. I am finally getting into the holiday decorating spirit and my approach this year is doing a little bit every day. You have to understand doing this first week of Dec is VERY early for me…..? according to? my calendar I am waaaay ahead of the curve ball people! Here’s a few snaps of the latest, I am going to do a whole post on it next week sometime. (taken with my iPhone so don’t judge)

OK I admit it, I am not a huge red person…..had to switch the bow (put the red plaid in the kitchen for now) I love this mossy green, one of my favorite colors and green and brown go together like caramel and chocolate……….

This is my “blingy” vignette….and I love the way it looks at night….all sparkly and festive

This green bow is just more “me”…..but I do think the red is very pretty, don’t get me wrong!

Yes, I am enjoying the process…now its time to get busy and concentrate on my tree!

Movies…Oh how I love a good movie. And just as I was saying how longs its been since I have seen anything really exceptional…along comes Anna Karenina. Boy, was it AMAZING. I loved it, wanted to jump in and be part of it and never leave (always say I was born in the wrong era) I just didn’t want it to end and just as it was ending, I was reminded that it was 2012, the land of big malls, soccermoms in velour sweatsuits, warehouse shopping, everyone with a techy gadget glued to their ear, it was like waking up from a beautiful dream that you don’t want to end. So yes I recommend it highly especially if you love period films like I do…….

Here’s the trailer…..

And another movie that looks really really good is the theatrical remake of the classic, The Great Gatsby. Leo looks perfect as a modern day Jay, check out the trailer… me a good movie season!

Store biz
……monogrammed everything is a super popular item right now, great holiday gifts and ultra fast turnaround. They make really fabulous gifts….I mean seriously who doesn’t? love to get something personalized!

Here’s a few new napkin ring styles….how cute are these? I think they make a great gift and several people have decided to start a tradition of giving one or two to their someone special and adding on at various holidays, love that idea!! These are under new arrivals in online store.

?Bear and beehive
Two cats playing over a plate of fish

?Little terrier on a park bench
Adorable golden and duck on a see saw
?Dachshund giving baby dachshund a piggy back ride

?Bear cub pulling cart

Got some new French tea/bar towels in, great styles, great holiday gifts. With a bottle of wine, what could be greater!? (These are all made in France) Under new arrivals in the online store.

And here are some GORGEOUS new porcelain pieces I got in…….

And you know the wonderful soap/candy dishes, well imagine my delight over finally getting it in blue and white, plus some other beautiful new patterns……..I think this given with a beautiful box of soaps or box of candy would make a wonderful gift, and in fact I will be giving it myself to a few.

And this was one of my favorite tureens of all time, it was discontinued but I just found one piece. A few had inquired about it but there weren’t anymore…so this was a nice surprise! It is stunning and up for grabs…contact me if you are interested! (Measures 13 x 11 x 10)

If you want to visit my online store…click on storefront!

?Oh and the giveaway! Oh yes…lets not forget. OK… light of the gift giving season, I am going to do a giveaway a week until Christmas!? I am giving away one box of monogrammed soaps customized to the lucky winner and one of my French bar towels to another lucky winner. Hey, a great and free way to score a Christmas gift on your list or let’s face it…and be real here, an early Christmas gift to yourself….please indulge me and tell you were thinking the same:)

To enter, just visit my online store, click here,? come back here and tell me something that could make its way to your Christmas list and that’s it! I will announce a winner Monday morning. Remember anonymous and those who post with just a first name, I need a first name AND a last name initial. Only those who leave a comment here will be eligible. (sorry but I get a lot of emails from readers but it is too hard to keep track ). You DO NOT need a blogger or gmail account to leave a comment. Drop down the menu once you click on “kindly leave your comment here” and you can just fill in your first name and last name initial. Easy peasy!

Enjoy your day, thanks for stopping in and pace yourself during this crazy (but magical) time! Ho ho ho……….


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