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First things first, time to announce the lucky winner of the shoe ottoman…sure hope its going to someone who looooves her shoes:) So the lucky winner is (chosen via…….

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Maggie Rozinski January 19, 2013 at 5:33 PM
OOO! The Warner chair and ottomon really caught my eye! It would look perfect in my husband’s home office. I however, would LOVE the shoe ottoman for my closet. The Safavieh site is beautiful. thanks for sharing it with us. Maggie R.
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Congratulations, please email me to claim your prize! More fun giveaways coming up…Also if you missed my “last supper” over at Haus Design, you must see it! Click here.?

Sorry but I have added word verification temporarily to hopefully ward off these pesty anonymous solicitors…its driving me crazy! I must get 50-75 a day!?

OK whether you have been following along with me for a year or 2 days you know one thing, actually lets make it two. No, three. I love food, I love blue and white and I love chinoiseire! I am really excited to be just getting started on finally choosing it for my long neglected dining room. I am the kind of person that knows exactly what i want. If it means having to wait to get it…wait I will.I am not one to easily compromise, and feel that all great things come to those who wait. So in my travels…I have been pursuing lots of pictures of chinoiserie and have included some of my favorites here. Do you like it? Love it? I feel its so timeless. It was as beautiful 100 years ago as it is today and as it will be in another 100 years. Not too many things you can say that about! So lets take a look, have a fave?


And for anyone who cares to know the history of chinoiserie and its origins and namely how it became so popular and iconic, read on…(taken from Kravets website)


? The Western fascination with all things Oriental began in the mid 17th century with trade between Europe and China.Imported arts and crafts had an exciting and different beauty from those made in the west, especially Chinese porcelain and lacquer. In the early 18th century, the term ?chinoiserie? was used to describe the European fantasy vision of China and the Far East. It is actually a French word for ?Chinesery? or ?Chinese-esque.?
It is an invented fusion of Asian motifs and European sophistication created by designers and craftsmen in the West. Since they knew little about far-off Asian cultures due to limited exposure, early chinoiserie is characterized by the use of imagery of a China that could only be imagined with pagodas, fabulous birds, monkeys, dragons and figures in exotic costumes. Decorative scenes may show a mythological creature in an oriental landscape, or an elegant lady with a Chinese parasol and Parisian hairstyle. Chinoiserie is often eccentric but most of all it is a fun mixture of fact and fiction of what seemed incredibly exotic to the people of Europe.?
This new playful style was popularized when the French court of Louis XV found the curves and whimsy of chinoiserie integrated beautifully with Rococo architectural features. It soon spread throughout Europe and could be found in the interiors and gardens of the royal palaces.?


Stunning and elegant….Albert Hadley
Ahh, the blues do it every time.Miles Redd
A fun mix with an old classic, Miles Redd
De Gournay at its most elegant. Stunning!
This is what I call a happy bedroom! Nick Olsen
Grand, baby grand!Yves St. Laurent
Love the colors…..imagine at sunset! Chinoiserie Chic
Big fan of green! Miles Redd
Always been a fan of this gorgeous room in New Orleans….Alexa Hampton
Metallics bring the ultimate glam factor!


Elizabeth Dinkel used a gorgeous green to give a pop of color in this fabulous home
This soft gray/green remains one of my personal faves! Chad Thomas


Elegance personified. Patricia McLean
The soft golds are timeless and neutral….NSR
Really love this metallic…..spectacular!NSR
Even works in transitional rooms……
Stunning in this bathroom…talk about making a statement! Arch Digest
? OMG, for a blue and white lover like myself….this is seriously Nirvana!
Neutrals work with literally any color…totally timeless! Griffin and Wong
LOVE the handblocking detail…makes it feel old
So opulent and magnificent, don’t you think!
Adore this hallway, the neutral panels, the rich warm woods, the neutral soft billow drapes….perfect!!
And some of the ones I love and am considering…have a fave?
Always loved this one which looks tea stained from DeGournay….beautiful!
Love the softness and am a sucker for birds…..Stark
This is simple and understated, Stark
Adore this pattern, Kew Garden from Paul Montgomery
Long been on my “faves” list, Gracie
Paul Montgomery This one would work mighty well with my dining room rug, though I would opt for more open field and less leaves/blossoms……this would be beautiful handblocked.
This feels so fresh and alive, Paul Montgomery
?A more tonal approach, Paul Montgomery

?Well it this doesn’t make you a lover of it….don’t think its in the cards. I personally cannot get enough! So beautiful, grand, elegant, timeless…..loooove it! What do you think? Would you ? Could you? Or do you have it in your life? Love to hear your thoughts! Wishing you a wonderful day!


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patricia mclean on

Please add my name to my image credited to Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles.
So happy to be included but not without my name. That is from my 2010 Show House room.
Thank you very much,
Patricia McLean

patricia mclean on

Please credit my 2010 Show House room that was featured in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles with my name also. It is so nice to be included. I work closely with de Gournay and they want my name attached also.
Thank you,
Patricia McLean

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